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For the week of August 30 – September 5, 2021

The week ahead reveals wisdom and insight from the body that sparks some necessary shifts of adjustment and right alignment through our entire lower 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).   When we’re aligned within ourselves, we restore structural integrity.  When that alignment is attuned to the authentic essence and truth of the heart, we awaken our divine instrument.  And when we fine tune our instrument to the frequency of Divine Love, we become the active gateway of universal connectivity through unity and oneness, manifesting infinite potential through the limitless realm.


The key to realizing our vast limitlessness and creative potential is to awaken the lens of multidimensional wholeness, through the heart.  Understanding the holistic integration of our lower 4 body system is an important foundation, awakening and including all parts equally is necessary in order to transcend the historic limits of being human.  We can’t transcend anything that we aren’t willing to embrace or understand.  As we meet ourselves with Love, and embrace every piece and part of our innermost landscape, we liberate ourselves to transcend previous limitations.  Expansion occurs.


Expansion requires intimacy, and a willingness to confront our current beliefs, edges, and limits in order to stretch through and breakthrough….breaking down the old framework of patterns and definitions while shedding the attachments to old identities…pioneering new territory in the unfamiliar, unexplored potential.  Expansion requires trust and faith in the unknown and a willingness to dissolve (and sometimes rip apart) the old muscle fibers and habitual patterns while regenerating and reorienting to a new threshold for sustainable manifestation and creation.


Oftentimes we’re attracted to the perks of expansion, the obvious gains, without appreciating the holistic path and divine timing that births the opening.   The journey of sustainable expansion requires an incubation of experiential wisdom, oftentimes through the growing pains of discomfort.  When we’ve outgrown our current nesting situations and familiar comfort zones, the indicators of growth and necessary adjustments can become irritating and uncompromising.  Matching discernment with intuition, we uncover the subtle attunements and adjustments that make all the difference in moments of critical transition.  The path isn’t linear, it’s multidimensional.


How well we adapt through change is important, without losing our true nature and internal compass.  Maintaining structural integrity when there’s nothing to lean into or hold onto, in the midst of radical transformation and reinvention through a higher version can be tricky.  Structural integrity comes from within, finding alignment with the visionary voice of the heart, the inner navigation system and guiding light that can see through the dark, the un-manifested potential, consistent with the higher blueprint for divine design and evolutionary contribution.


Learning to feel our way through the cycles of change, even as the old is falling apart or stretching at the seams, honoring the ebb and flow of expansion and contraction that generates a much bigger stretch into the vastness of cosmic consciousness where every thought generates constellations of stars birthing generations of ripple effects and orbits through this multiverse of oneness.


Coming back to each breath, each thought, each note that arises from our instrument of manifestation and creation.  The current lens of consciousness we’re navigating from and living through matters.  When we’re holistically in tune with the frequencies of the heart, we manifest the highest octave and highest version of our blueprint…like divine architects and awakened visionaries.  When we’re out of tune, out of alignment, out of harmony within ourselves, we can play off key, generating turbulence or interference within and around our field.


It matters that we tune into ourselves, seeing clearly through the feedback loops and divine messages available from within and without as we consciously attune with a higher frequency of Love.  Self Love becomes an ongoing mindfulness practice of fine tuning our instrument through the unexpected ebbs and flows of life, cultivating resilience, wisdom, and mastery along the way.


The week begins on Monday 8/30 with a Mercury Chariklo manifestation, then Sedna stations retrograde, followed by a Black Moon Quaoar manifestation and Sun Ceres stepping stone.  As Sedna stations retrograde, our capacity to tune inward to access the greater cosmic crystalline library is amplified.  Tuning inward, clearing any distractions or personal distortions, we restore the inner atmospheric conditions that support purification, discernment, and wisdom.


On Tuesday 8/31, there’s a Sun Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury manifestation, and Mars Pallas bridge.  As we access higher wisdom and discernment, we can navigate any challenges or choice points with a refined sense of inner authority and integrity.  Our inner clarity becomes the filter that releases and eliminates any patterns or choices that aren’t in alignment with our truth and integrity.  The body reveals higher wisdom, and as we learn to uncover the messages and meanings from the body’s sensations, we can trust that inner partnership within.  The body is a record keeper and also a wisdom keeper and universal truth seeker.  As we learn to speak the universal language of Love, the truth is revealed and our bodies attune like a high frequency conduit of crystalline clarity.


Wednesday 9/1 is a Saturn Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo manifestation, then Black Moon retrogrades into Taurus, followed by a Mercury Quaoar stepping stone.  Today is the first day of September, a “9” vibration that signifies completion, wholeness, and the integration of wisdom.  Our relationship with endings as divine gateways to beginnings is important, and the willingness to enrich ourselves with the unbiased wisdom of our experiences is what elevates us to higher ground each time we start again.  The willingness to learn from experiences, no matter how things turn out, is a fundamental key to personal development and self mastery.  When we don’t see ourselves clearly in the mirror through the transitions and challenges, we can’t see the precious highlights and distinctions of transformation that are occurring moment to moment.  Life becomes a series of initiations and reinventions when we become good students (and good stewards) of our experiential journey.  Completion reveals and reflects the multifaceted complexity of where we’ve been, what matters most, the identities and attached beliefs we’ve been assuming, and the opportunities for expansion and developmental growth.


On Thursday 9/2, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Ixion, followed by a Pallas Vesta great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna communion, Mars Neptune bridge, Venus Pallas great eliminator, Sun Juno stepping stone, and Black Moon Haumea great eliminator.  Today’s Mars Neptune bridge reveals clarity and truth through the body.  The body doesn’t lie, however we can ignore the body, ignore our sensations, and pretend we don’t feel what we feel.  When the heart is open, our inner communion with ourselves uncovers the deepest truth inside our skin.  There’s a lot to uncover, reveal, and set free today.  The truth sets us free, so when we finally acknowledge the clarity within, we can eliminate the distress of confusion and avoidance, lightening up in our bodies, relaxed…coming home to our true nature.


Friday 9/3 is a Mercury Varuna resource, Venus Vesta new cycle, Mercury North Node (dharma) manifestation, Mercury South Node (karma) resource, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Venus Neptune great eliminator, Mercury MakeMake new cycle, and Mercury Salacia Light Bridge.  Today is full of expansion and transformation if we’re willing to see between the lines, beyond the veils, and into the invisible space of pure potential.  As we unstick ourselves from the current default settings, comfort zones, and blind spots, we begin to reorient to a new lens of multisensory vision.  If we’re committed to seeing through the eyes of the heart, that lens of vision reveals magical opportunities for expansion, in synch with universal diming and the higher laws of universal Love.  When we engage in that octave of oneness, on behalf of All with Love, the veils of separation are lifted and the Lights come on.


On Saturday 9/4, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Chiron, followed by a Black Moon Mars manifestation, Black Moon Venus great eliminator, Black Moon Neptune resource, Salacia MakeMake Light Bridge, Neptune Vesta great eliminator, Mercury Saturn manifestation, and Sun Orcus new cycle.  The enlightened heart distills any cloudiness, revealing clarity, alignment, and a higher purpose for the current unfolding.  When we can see with such precision, we are reminded of the infinite blessings that are vastly present, ongoing, always.  If our hearts are shut down, heavy or wounded, we can congest that precision with dampness.  The most beautiful gift is a raw vulnerable heart, sensitive and supple, opening unconditionally through any conditions that arise, permeable by Light, revealing the magic of the universe within and without.


And Sunday 9/5 starts with a Varuna South Node (karmic) manifestation, Varuna North Node (dharmic) resource, followed by a Mercury Ceres manifestation, Venus Pluto stepping stone, and Venus Eris bridge.  The cosmic lens of vision, the eye of the center or the eye of God, is manifesting with collective karmic patterns and roots.  When the eye of God meets anything karmic, there is transcendence, liberation, and freedom.  Elevated vision comes from an open heart, seeing through the illusions and distortions of duality and projection.  We begin to awaken when things don’t look right at first glance, then we take a second look, going deeper.  Today’s Venus Eris bridge is the invitation to go deeper…within ourselves, as we open to the world around us.  When we don’t understand the world around us, we must look more deeply within ourselves to find the Truth, opening with compassion, wisdom, and grace to see what’s below the surface, in the spaces between the obvious…and from there, look with Love.  When the friction below our skin gets uncomfortable or inflamed, we know something is arising, in order to be shed and released.


The practice this week is conscious integration of wisdom.  Find moments of completion, at the end of the day, or the end of any practice, and reflect on the wholeness of that journey.  Oftentimes we focus just on the end result, and the judgment of whether it was good or bad, right or wrong.  Every result reflects an entire journey, full of wisdom, lessons, truth, and vision.  As we make good use of every piece and part, we can see ourselves clearly in every situation, uncovering valuable insight and wisdom to elevate as we start again.  The wholeness of how we do anything reveals and reflects the hidden dimensions of patterns, beliefs, and potential that can be applied to how we do everything.  Clear off of the day by celebrating any wins (big and small) and looking for the nuggets of wisdom along the way that can add value moving forward.  Our evolutionary growth requires feedback/reflection, reconciliation with ourselves and our actions/results, integration of higher wisdom, and attunement to Love.  Learning to see through the eyes of the heart, we gain elevated wisdom that transcends the past and delivers a brand new possibility.


“For, after all, every one who wishes to gain true knowledge must climb the Hill Difficulty alone, and since there is no royal road to the summit, I must zigzag it in my own way. I slip back many times, I fall, I stand still, I run against the edge of hidden obstacles, I lose my temper and find it again and keep it better, I trudge on, I gain a little, I feel encouraged, I get more eager and climb higher and begin to see the widening horizon. Every struggle is a victory. One more effort and I reach the luminous cloud, the blue depths of the sky, the uplands of my desire.”
― Helen Keller, The Story of My Life




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