Weekly Navigation Report: July 15 – 21, 2024


Week of July 15 – 21, 2024

The week ahead delivers radical pivots and unexpected moments of Truth, calling forth right action from the heart.  Action from the heart is divinely guided from within, coming from an inner state of clarity and knowing, from a higher seat of divine presence.  When the awakened heart speaks, action follows.  Learning to trust the mechanism of the heart is key.


When we allow the heart to move us, we experience awakened action motivated from Love and Unity.   When we unconsciously react to situations or events from a state of fear, unrest, confusion, or chaos, we may not be fully aware of what’s motivating our actions or driving the show.  Waking up to the source of our actions is important this week; discerning right action from the heart, and trusting our inner navigation system.


As Mars and Uranus meet up for a new cycle on Monday, that conjunction can reveal patterns of stubborn resistance or defiance to Truth….however, conscious awakened presence is always available.  When Truth is revealed, do we trust it or do we refuse and push back?  It matters that we pay attention to what’s driving the show in our own inner operating system, and the consciousness that’s producing our thoughts and actions.  There will be wake up calls that take us into the lightning bolt of awareness.  Now is not the time to be defensive, resistant, or stubborn in our position.  The higher calling is for divine presence from the meditative mind/unified heart that restores trust, safety, and wellbeing.


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Weekly Navigation Report: July 8 – 14, 2024


Week of July 8 – 14, 2024

The week ahead delivers profound gear shifts and directional pivots, inviting an unattached equanimous lens of discernment and higher wisdom.  Change is in the air, and a higher calling is propelling the choice points as they appear.  Tuning into a higher navigation system matters, through the guiding Light of the awakened heart.  


Recognizing the patterns we’ve outgrown while shedding attachments (and orientation points) to old muscle memory, we begin to fully realize and embrace the path that’s calling us forward.  Change requires courage, and surrender through the higher lens of the heart.  When we can’t yet see the available options for the next new expression, the heart guides the way toward a higher vision.  Attuning to the Light in periods of confusion or darkness is essential.


As with any journey through a birthing canal, there are contractions that initiate and facilitate movement.  If we resist the discomfort or label it with divisive judgment, we may inadvertently hold ourselves back, stagnant within the very moment of deliverance.  When every instinct is calling for evolution, it’s time to grow. If we only allow ourselves to grow in the ways we’ve already accessed and developed, that growth produces more of the same.  A time for quantum leaps and conscious change can ultimately take us to new ground; higher ground manifesting from a higher vision.  



Weekly Navigation Report: July 1 – 7, 2024


Week of July 1 – 7, 2024

Get ready for a massive week of gear shifts and new beginnings, delivering higher consciousness through the pivotal crossroads we’re navigating.  Every intersection calls forth higher power, and every choice point requires an empowered perspective in order to see the bigger picture, recognizing our power in each conscious choice.


This week’s New Moon in Cancer, conjunct the fixed star Sirius, ushers the consciousness of the Ascended Masters from the brightest seat of elevated reflection.  When we take a quantum leap in consciousness, not only does the horizon change, we can see ourselves from an awakened lens, all the way into the heart of the matter, the core of our being, grounding through the greater grid system of Light that unifies all beings.  Any core issues that have been revealed since the last Full Moon, are rising up in order to clear the channels, allowing a higher power to fully awaken and circulate freely; nourishing the roots of our unified system.


The infrastructure of our personal operating system and personal/ancestral root systems are being fine tuned with/by a greater grid system of divine Light that is activating and awakening the heart of the planet.  Inner and outer alignment matters.  From the core of our being, we are nourishing (and being nourished by) the greater infrastructure of Divine Light on behalf of All.


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Weekly Navigation Report: June 24 – 30, 2024


Week of June 24 – 30, 2024

This week continues to highlight themes of power – more specifically, strengthening and fine-tuning our holistic seat of power.  The period of time between the recent 6/21 Full Moon in Capricorn and the 2nd Full Moon in Capricorn on 7/21 reveals 2 distinct Grand Power Crosses.  Our relationship with power is on the table, front and center.  Taking responsibility for the ways we own our power and the ways we give that power away, matters.


A holistic seat of power implies a conscious choice of personal empowerment – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The Grand Power Cross activates all 4 of the cardinal signs, which relates to the power of our 4 body system, and our capacity to integrate, unify, and embody.  Whether we feel empowered or disempowered by our circumstances is up to us, and that significant choice point can impact the fabric of our reality as well as the greater social fabric we’re all participating in.  We can’t always control the situations we find ourselves in, but we do always have a choice in how we see ourselves in each situation.  


When we feel disempowered, we may feel that circumstances and situations are bigger than us, limiting our capacity to see possibilities or chose anything different.  However, if we can choose to navigate our current events from a holistic seat of empowerment, we can meet ourselves and the moment, and call upon our divine greatness to navigate any challenges we may find ourselves in.  There’s nothing in this world we can’t face, embrace, or transcend when we choose to remember who we are, and the greatness of our soul.



Weekly Navigation Report: June 17 – 23, 2024


Week of June 17 – 23, 2024

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Get ready for a super powerful week that delivers an active Ascension Point (Summer Solstice) on 6/20 through the unified mind/heart Portal of Truth, preceded by the Mercury/Venus conjunction/new cycle at 0 Cancer on 6/17.    This potent calibration initiates the highest realization of yin/yang wholeness as the gateway to 5D consciousness, and the invitation for ascension.  


The Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere (Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) occurs as the Sun transits from Gemini to Cancer.  In the Cosmic Consciousness system, Gemini represents Conscious Wisdom, the wisdom that arises from the diamond mind, unified through the awakened heart.  Cancer represents Emotional Power, and the power of the heart that awakens anytime we choose to observe and witness our deepest emotions and feelings from that unified diamond lens.  When we unlock our deepest waters and observe (feel) the power of our emotions, that momentum flows like a river from the core of our being, activating our vertical axis of consciousness from crown to root and root to crown.  As the deepest dimensions of water become fully conscious, we begin to transcend and transmute any unconscious suppressed emotions, ultimately purifying (returning) to sacred holy water.  


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Weekly Navigation Report: June 10 – 16, 2024


Week of June 10 – 16, 2024

This week offers a transcendental bridge of evolutionary potential, exploring opportunities to build bridges that unify polarities.  We’re ultimately launching through the active gateway of higher wisdom that delivers a brand new experience of Unity, Oneness, and Truth. Our willingness to surrender ego attachments, positions, and fixed assumptions is key.


When we get attached to our position or fixed mindset, we can only see from that limited perspective, which is never fully aligned with the highest Truth. The more fixed we get in defending/proving our position, or pushing our own agenda, the more rigid and inflammatory we become, and the more convoluted a situation can become. It’s not always about proving a point or making sure others hear us; it’s about making sure we’re consciously living through a lens of awakened wholeness, especially through our own blind spots. If we can begin to recognize our fixed patterning as an indicator (and even an invitation) to open and attune to higher consciousness, we can begin to unveil and awaken a higher bridge to Unity.  Everything changes when we enter that field of Oneness.


That higher bridge (the high road) is transcendental. It’s not a linear “either/or” conversation, or a “Me versus You”, “Us vs Them” narrative, in fact, it’s not a binary bridge at all. The bridge to Unity is holistic, multidimensional, fractal, and experiential in nature. We can’t think our way through to solve a conflict, we must journey through the realms of perceived oppositional conflict within ourselves to find the doorway to higher Truth, then we become the medicine.  The conflict dissolves within us as we integrate and embody the wisdom.


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