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Fibonacci Spiral

Fibonacci Spiral Sequence and the Lower 4 Body System:

Energy manifests in a clockwise spiral (and demanifests counterclockwise), from Spiritual, to Mental, then Emotional, and finally expresses as Physical. By the time anything shows up in the physical dimension, it has already been resonating at a vibrational frequency through the other dimensions. We often think something doesn’t exist until we can see it, but energetically, everything already exists.  In the limitless realm of infinite possibility, or the Pisces realm of Christ Consciousness, all possibilities exist, as un-manifested potential. The moment we think a thought, we attract a vibrational response that reflects that quality of energy for us to be in relationship with. When we are conscious of our thoughts and responses, we activate Self Mastery and unlock our Divine Infinite Potential that is our divine connection. When we are unconscious of our thoughts and responses, or if we’re operating from a subconscious reflex to habitual triggers or emotional reactions, we remain on the wheel of karma, in repetitive motion, spinning the same story, through infinite expressions.  The characters and the content might change on the surface, however the universal thread of those repetitive stories continue to play out, again and again. We can move to a new city and buy all new things, but eventually we’ll find ourselves recreating the same story we just walked away from. Until we wake up to the karmic stories that are driving our thoughts and triggering the subconscious unresolved emotional residue embedded in our system. In order to complete the cycle and resolve the old patterns, we must allow the energy to come to completion, moving all the way through the physical expression, as we witness and calibrate our current experience with Love. It’s important to allow the energy to transmute and elevate to a new expression.
We clear our karma through the physical body and physical dimension, which means our willingness to hold a deep space of compassion and unconditional Love is crucial as we witness the unraveling of all that is coming to completion, within ourselves and the planet.  If we judge, resist from fear, react in anger, or impulsively try to change what we don’t like, we interrupt the process that’s underway, which delays ascension and creates more karma. Now more than ever, it’s important to be the conscious response of right action…Love in Action.
There is no “quick fix” on the spiritual path, because there’s nothing to fix.  We’re awakening…not fixing. Awakening elevates our vibrational frequency, bringing spaciousness between the status quo and the new perspective.  That spaciousness expands our current experience of reality to a whole new manifestation. Once we’re awake, we never go back to the same place of being asleep.  We can pretend to ignore and tune out, but we’ll never be unconscious again.
If we insist on chasing the quick fixes without doing the diligent work to be consciously awake, we become attached to something that always feels out of reach to maintain.  Our default setting remains the same, and eventually our operating systems break down with stress.  There are no short cuts on the spiritual path.  There are opportunities for quantum leaps in consciousness, however it’s important to remember that even a quantum leap requires discipline, patience, and courage to calibrate the shifts for sustainable integration.