We’re in the midst of the most radically transformative time in human evolution, crossing the threshold of awakening and into the Aquarian Age… and literally standing at the cutting edge of the New Earth.  There’s never been a more exciting and profound moment to be alive on the planet!  Our willingness to let go is what makes our experience either thrilling and inspiring, or seemingly challenging and difficult.   It’s important, now more than ever, to let go of our attachments to the status quo, in order to see what’s possible, beyond what we’ve known.  Change consists of death and rebirth, and every transition requires a letting go of what was, in order to liberate and transcend into a new expression…without disconnecting from the experience.  It’s a fluid passage that requires conscious surrender.

“In the end, what matters most is:
How well did you Live?  How well did you Love?  How well did you learn to Let Go?”
~ Buddha

If we insist on clinging to what’s been familiar, known, safe, or comfortable (which is a false sense of security and an illusion in 5D), our security blankets and hiding places will soon dissolve, which is actually a blessing!

What’s really dissolving is our attachment to external sources of power, the story lines of co-dependency, and the ways in which we’ve avoided taking ownership of our current reality.  What’s awakening is the power of our own mind to create sacred space for transformation and alchemy as we root ourselves into the New Earth. Finding the still point of the mind/heart connection is the new foundation, or home, that we can rest into for sustainable sanctuary…not just through the transitions, but ongoing.

The New Earth is here…birthed within our consciousness…and from our intentional thoughts, we begin to manifest and co-create our physical reality.   We must be congruent, holistically aligned and attuned to the frequency of Love. 

We may find it challenging initially if we’ve resisted our relationship with tangible physical results, and the intimate lens of personal responsibility and accountability required to live in ownership and integrity with those results.  By understanding the nature of physicality, and the law of karma (cause and effect), we can then transcend and evolve, liberating from the repetitive matrix. Leading by example, we must walk our talk, inside and out, with humility, grace and Love…and be willing to acknowledge our reflection in the mirror, with compassion.  We can’t just elevate up (escape or detach) through the higher realms and levitate our way through the resurrection and redesign of the new Earth.  This moment requires a willingness to plant our feet on the Earth, ground through the root system of our ancestral lineage with our awakened consciousness, and connect heart to heart through our multidimensional bodies (physical Love). Wholeness is key.

The new gateway is through the physical body. The lower 3 chakras are evolving and changing, unifying into the earth as the upgraded root system of the awakened heart, and our new physicality becomes the embodiment of the heart, expressed through the trifold flame.  We must be congruent, inside and out, with what we stand for and teach, and how we treat each other and ourselves.   We must be willing to take the road less traveled, the high road, while remaining in our bodies, feeling every emotion, bruise, and scar along the way, without falling victim to any of it.

“The wound is where the light enters” ~Rumi.  

The full bodied human experience is delivering the new expression of Light.  If intimacy, transparency, and authenticity have been uncomfortable for us, this is the time to surrender, let go, and learn a new way of being divinely human in our skin.  Discomfort yields freedom, liberation, and mastery.   That, to me, feels exhilarating…inspiring, and holistically refreshing.

As light workers, we’re being called to live wide awake…fully alive, fully visible, in 5D technicolor.  That might be difficult for some inthe beginning…but it’s the only way to live moving forward.  This is where spiritual community becomes extremely important.

If we’ve ever resisted our humanness or our divinity, it will be a new experience.  Finding the divinity of being human…practicing forgiveness with ourselves and each other…softening with compassion…and allowing our hearts to open wide and be touched by the divinity of the human spirit.  That’s a vulnerable place to live…yet it’s ripe with authenticity, and it levels the playing field for All.  No one is better or worse…we’re all a reflection of the same divine Love.

Thanks for opening the door to join the conversation.  Welcome to the sacred space…from my heart to yours.

With Love,