5D Coaching

Embodying 5D - 21 Week Course

Embodying 5D is a powerful 21 week course, delivered in 2 distinct parts that provide a solid foundation of the Cosmic Consciousness System and the key to transcending duality, unlocking creative potential, and embodying the 5D blueprint of awakened mastery.   5D is the lens of unified wholeness, the bridge to higher dimensions of consciousness and the gateway to ascension through the awakened embodiment of Divine Love - as a cellular frequency of resonance and communication.     

Part 1 - Integral Wholeness - 13 weeks of Holistic Transformation
Calibrating the qualities of consciousness found in each of the primary elements and zodiac signs, through the 5D lens of Cosmic Consciousness (including the 13th sign of Ophiuchus).  Unlock the multidimensional fluidity and connectivity of universal oneness through an embodied practice.  Experience holistic transformation that awakens and ignites creative potential at a whole new octave.

Part 2 - 5D Chakra Calibration Series - 8 week journey through the chakra system, calibrating 5D consciousness (Love) and fine tuning the harmonics of the tri-fold flame, unifying each chakra through the awakened heart, reconciling the transpersonal chakras of karma/dharma and activating the crystalline DNA structure.  Fine tune your instrument through the calibrated wholeness of your chakra system.     

This 21 week course is the pre-requisite foundation for the yearlong intensive Awakening Mastery.  During the yearly intensive, we will crack open each individual's unique personal birth chart through the lens of Cosmic Consciousness to explore, awaken, and embody unique patterns of potential gifts, wisdom, and mastery while reconciling and healing the distortions and misunderstandings of shadows and wounds, personal and collective. 

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5D Coaching

Awakening Mastery – Yearlong Intensive

Awakening Mastery is a unique yearlong journey of experiential transformation and holistic integration that awakens 5D consciousness - soul to cell.  Conscious embodiment and practical application are key.  The 5D birth chart is the roadmap - the blueprint and the hologram of the soul's fibonacci spiral sequence of this incarnation.  The birth chart also reveals the lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical bodies) and the energetic weight distribution of archetypal energy and patterns within that holistic system.  When we understand the authentic nature of our system as a divine instrument, we can fine tune our Selves (and our Cells), expressing and participating through this universal orchestration of Divine Love, through the lens of Unity Consciousness.  Our personal instrument becomes the active bridge to universal connectivity when we embody our practice, integrating our quantum leaps holistically, not just conceptually.

When the 4 body system calibrates at the frequency of Universal Love, the personal system becomes an instrument awakens and unifies with the higher dimensions.  If any of the lower 4 bodies are bypassed or disconnected, there can be disruption to the divine channel that unifies soul to cell integration.  Embodiment is key.

Using the Cosmic Clock as an overlay to the personal natal chart, we begin to unlock a divine template for evolutionary potential, revealing the spiral sequence of our evolutionary journey, and the embodied choice points we make on a day by day, moment to moment basis.  The choice to awaken and elevate, or repeat old patterns, cycles, and loops.  Attuning to Love, or collapsing through fear based patterns.   Every time we consciously choose to awaken and elevate, we activate and initiate our divine mastery and authentic expression.  When we learn to “tell time” from a 5D lens of divine timing and universal oneness, we can explore hidden pockets of potential previously unrealized.   As we orient our consciousness to the cycles and progressions of universal creation, we find ourselves navigating the cosmic flow of possibility, through the awakened mastery of our divine blueprint.

**Pre-requisites for this program are the 2 parts of Embodying 5D – Integral Wholeness 13 Week Series (working with the breath, the elements and signs), and the 8 week Chakra Calibration Series.  

This yearly intensive works with the astrological birth chart for a deep inquiry and reflection of Self, however this is not an astrology course.  If you’re not familiar with your chart or the terms in astrology, don’t worry at all (although you will learn quite a bit along the way).  And if you are a seasoned student/practitioner of astrology, you’ll elevate through the lens of 5D, applying the Cosmic Consciousness System.  This program is for anyone with the passion and desire for Self Realization and Soul Integration through this lifetime.  This is an organic, experiential course that unlocks and reveals the inner design and sacred geometry of Soul expressing and manifesting through this lifetime, fully embodied, soul to cell.  The birth chart is a portal for Self Awakening, Self Realization, and Personal Mastery.

When we know ourselves (and the divine nature expressing through our cells), we understand the infinite nature of the universe.  Everything “out there” is a reflection of us, embodied within us.  The cosmos aren’t influencing us, they’re reflecting us, like a mirror.  As we awaken, we see more and more, our consciousness expands, and we fine tune our lens of higher vision, making the corrections to the conditioned distortions in our filters.  That lens of higher vision is the lens of Universal Love and Oneness.  That lens is the eye of God, or the Awakened Heart.

Awakening Mastery is a unique journey, with an intimate group of conscious individuals.  As we all know, life ebbs and flows, and there can be unexpected curveballs as “life happens” through the course of a year.  Trust that this container can hold space for all of the organic unfoldings and spontaneous transitions, and life will be the facilitator for much of our work together as we weave through the Cosmic Clock and the spiral sequence of the individual birthchart.  Even though this program is an “intensive”, the pace is slow and steady, with spaciousness for integration and application.  For anyone with the commitment to awaken, evolve, and fine tune, this yearlong intensive can facilitate that, in the most unexpected and intuitive organic ways.

***This yearlong intensive includes a group retreat in Sedona for deeper connection and integration.      

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