Daily Calibrations

Elevate your daily practice!  Dial in LIVE each morning (365 days a year) to hear the daily astrological aspects and current themes, channeled through the 5D lens of Cosmic Consciousness.  Attune your cells to the frequency of Divine Love in the uniquely guided calibration session to embody the aspects for conscious navigation and integration.

The Daily Calibrations are offered LIVE each and every morning via Zoom Audio, and recordings post immediately to the members’ Audio Library each day.  Dial in LIVE, or tune into the recording at the end of the day to reflect for deeper integration.  It’s the daily practice you won’t want to miss!

Join the community of like-minded individuals, calibrating LIVE across the globe, grounding higher consciousness while awakening and elevating through the frequency of LOVE…at the cellular level.  Live participation is not required.  Audio recordings post daily in the Audio Library for members to access.

Membership is $44/month 

**This is a recurring monthly subscription and can be cancelled anytime through the members portal**

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