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For the week of May 3 – 9, 2021

Get ready for a week of deliverance through the awakened heart, and the activations of diamond consciousness that come online from a unified mind/heart presence…through the lens of Universal Love.


Anytime the heart awakens, we experience a profound deep dive – dropping into and then stretching through an expansive multidimensional presence, followed by an elevated leap in consciousness.  When we allow ourselves to soften the edges and stretch wide open, the heart can catapult us into unfamiliar territory of expansion, oftentimes beyond our familiar comfort zone or default settings.  That unexpected leap is the birthing point that ushers communion with our Awakened Self.  As the Light floods in, alchemy and transformation occur, at the physical cellular structure.


It’s important to remember that the heart is the divine keeper of Truth.  When the heart awakens, Truth is revealed.  When the mind is peaceful and still, Truth is recognized, and higher wisdom is available.  When we see things clearly, living in transparency and Truth, we eliminate the distractions, distortions, and illusions of misaligned energies.  That kind of clarity expresses as divine brilliance, calibrating a multifaceted lens of consciousness, activating communications through various channels, dimensions, and octaves that aren’t accessible when the mind is congested, fragmented, or spinning.  The highest form of communication is from the heart, through the universal language of Love.

Consciously disciplining our mind to tune in and trust the heart is key.  That foundation of trust creates a powerful inner equilibrium that reveals our divine I AM presence, which is sustainable unconditional Love.  This awakened presence shatters and dissolves the attachments of the lower mind, and activates the higher mind, the diamond mind, in resonance with the Universal Mind of Oneness.  That consciousness, spiraled through the personal system, transcends our experience of physicality and alters our embodied perspective.


This week, both Mercury and Venus enter Gemini, and Ceres enters Taurus.  The mind/heart union enters the sign of conscious wisdom, which is where we transcend the illusions of duality and elevate to a higher dimension of perception, through the awakened lens of Love.   That higher lens of Love becomes the birthing canal for new possibilities to appear as the new physical reality plants and takes shape before our eyes.    The birthing point of 5D consciousness into physical form is here, now.


The week begins on Monday 5/3 with a Venus Juno great eliminator, Mercury Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Saturn stepping stone, Mars MakeMake stepping stone, Black Moon Varuna stepping stone, then the Black Moon turns direct, and Mercury enters Gemini.  There’s an overarching grand power cross that initiates a divinely orchestrated calibration that flips the switch from linear storyline consciousness to elevated 5D consciousness, resulting in a brand new experience of embodiment.  That newness coming online is actually divine remembrance, as our greatest expansion requires the remembrance of who we really are, and that we walk our talk with clarity and Truth.   As we walk with clarity and Truth into the new dimension, the outdated forms and structures dissolve and lose their grip while new ones take root as higher ground.  Mercury’s ingress into Gemini is dignified, meaning Mercury is the dispositor of Geminin.  Our capacity for brilliant multifaceted communications comes online quickly and swiftly, and messages pour through the airstream of our higher mind.


On Tuesday 5/4, the Black Moon repeats yesterday’s stepping stone with Varuna, followed by a Mars Salacia stepping stone, Sun Great Attractor great eliminator, and Mercury Ixion great eliminator.  Higher vision is coming online as we continue to elevate through the mind/heart union.  We must consciously take a step to access higher ground, and as we do, the clarity of wisdom eliminates any distractions from past gravitational pulls.  Every step takes us to a new lens of vision, reclaiming our limitless nature and infinite potential.


Wednesday 5/5 is a dynamic 5:5:5 stargate, starting with a Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, Jupiter Ceres resource, Neptune Juno stepping stone, Mercury Varuna resource, and Mars Vesta resource.   Today is the 5th day of the 5th month in a “5” year…calibrating a dynamic manifestation of change and transformation of the highest order.  There’s a lot of movement today, and it’s best to allow any destabilization to occur while ushering in new potential that ultimately births our greatest expansion.  When the atmosphere destabilizes, there’s an untethering that occurs, and that freedom facilitates a greater reconfiguration, beyond what could be achieved in a linear logical plan.  Trust the process, and allow the changes to take root.  If we fear the temporary destabilization process of change, we will stop short before the actual transformation can complete.


On Thursday 5/6, the Black Moon manifests with Quaoar, followed by a Uranus South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Black Moon MakeMake great eliminator, Venus Pluto manifestation, Mercury Chariklo manifestation, Black Moon Astraea manifestation, Chiron North Node resource and South Node manifestation, Venus Galactic Center great eliminator, Venus Haumea great eliminator, and Black Moon Vesta manifestation.  Both Uranus and Chiron are involved with the Moon’s Nodes today, prompting an accelerated awakening of our higher mastery through any historic karmic patterns or loops.  Once we wake up and see ourselves clearly, grounding our higher truth into our cells, we eliminate the need to continue looping around the karmic wheel, cycling through again and again.  That completion is an elevation to a higher dimension of wholeness.  Every time we shed the old skin of previous karmic entanglements, we liberate ourselves for a higher manifestation of potential, beyond what we could even imagine.   That higher manifestation is divine remembrance, as our shedding reveals what has always been there below the surface, fully in tact.


Friday 5/7 delivers a Black Moon Mars resource, Mercury Quaoar great eliminator, Venus Sedna new cycle, Mercury MakeMake manifestation, then Chariklo stations retrograde, followed by a Mercury Salacia resource, and Black Moon South Node great eliminator.  Venus, the heart, reveals our Truth.  Sedna, the cosmic librarian, reveals the crystalline records of Truth at the universal level of Oneness.  This new cycle calibrates oneness through the heart, giving us access to the Universal Truth within our personal heart.  That’s a lot of conscious information to assimilate and digest, and yet it feels like we’ve always had access to it All, from our greater I AM Presence.


On Saturday 5/8, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy with Chiron, communes with Uranus, and manifests with Orcus, then Ceres enters Taurus, followed by a Venus Jupiter stepping stone, Sun Pallas resource, Mercury Vesta stepping stone, Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, then Venus enters Gemini.  Another incredible day of unveilings and awakenings, as Ceres ushers us into an even more profound state of presence within the heart.  As Venus enters Gemini, Mercury’s sign, there’s an affinity occurring within the reciprocity of the mind/heart partnership.  Recently Mercury and Venus formed a new cycle in Venus’s sign of Taurus.  Now they both move into Mercury’s sign of Gemini, and the Messenger leads the way.  In order to receive and interpret the available messages, we must find our seat in equanimity.  Neutrality is key for clarity in communications.


And on Sunday 5/9, the only major aspect is Uranus manifesting with Orcus.  After an intensely multifaceted week, the Uranus Orcus manifestation awakens a whole new dimension of connectivity.  The communion with our awakened Self, beyond the veils, reveals what matters most, and the importance of our full participation and presence here in the earthly story.  That revelation is a highlighted exclamation point to the week, unleashing a powerful harmonic of creative potential.


The practice this week is nourishment.  In order to expand, we must allow our vital energy to be nourished and fortified.  Nourishment can occur in various ways…physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Set the intention and follow through this week, without needing to control or manage the experience.  Nature is a powerful source of divine nourishment, so plug in however you can, and restore the potency of your own vitality.  Periods of change and transformation require stamina and endurance in order to keep the channels open, vibrant, and receptive.


“He learned the most important part of the language that all the world spoke–the language that everyone on Earth was capable of understanding in their heart. It was Love.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist



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  1. Thank you so much! I look forward to these every week……I plan my week by them and journal from them each day. Your gift and your wisdom is beautiful and I love that you share.

  2. So beautiful, Christine, thank you, every week, for reminding that it’s all about love. Namaste.

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