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For the week of September 18 – 24, 2017:

We are approaching the reentry point, about to be birthed from the wormhole, delivered into a whole new reality.  When navigating new terrain, it’s more important than ever to be fully present and mindful of the subtle transitions and sensations, within and without, while responding from an unattached place of emotional wisdom and discernment.   It’s always a good idea to enter new space with reverence, respect, and an open mind and heart, free from any assumptions or attachments.  Nothing is what it was 8 weeks ago.  Everything has changed.  And whether we realize it now or not, that change has occurred for the best.


The activations and downloads that occurred with the Solar Eclipse last month have truly cleared away the distractions and in-congruencies that have been overlapping and shadowing the authentic blueprint of our souls’ purpose.  For so long we’ve been buying into illusions of appearances on the surface, including our own perception of the events that have produced the deepest scars of suffering within our lifetimes.  The roots of our suffering, limitations, emotional triggers, and collective pain have been reverberating again and again, lifetime after lifetime through our ancestral lineage and collective DNA, and overriding (or at least influencing) most of our thoughts, actions, and beliefs.   Even as we consciously awaken to new thoughts, those old threads of attachments to the wounded stories have been holding subconscious muscle memory and causing nervous system sensitivity.


The highlight of this wormhole passage was the Solar Eclipse, the incredible download and reboot that awakened our divine truth and ignited our new spark of manifestation.  That download of light was like a lightning bolt straight to the heart of our consciousness.  The heart, and the entire lower 4 body system, has been calibrated and awakened to the truth of who we are, where we belong, and what matters most… beyond the story, beyond the ego, beyond the current scenarios that are playing out in the world around us.


We are light, and that light contains and reveals the specific frequency of divinity that we each are attuned to and that we came to contribute.  Together, we create a whole spectrum of infinite beauty.  Like a symphony orchestra, when each musician plays their part from a finely tuned instrument, with precision, integrity, love, and passion, there is magic, wholeness, and mastery.  There is a unified texture that is created that sends a collective manifestation of energy through time and space, that moves, inspires, and heals all who hear or feel that vibration of energy.


Sound and light are merging in an elevated relationship to manifest the new creative spark of divinity, the new expression of Unconditional Love that is manifesting the New Earth.  The eclipse passage has balanced, refined, and recalibrated our inner yin/yang balance, allowing us to elevate through the particle convergence that also took place with the Solar Eclipse.   With a new capacity to create, individually and collectively, we are ready to practice and integrate into our current reality.


The thing to remember with our newly calibrated manifestation capabilities is that we’re manifesting at the speed of light though sound and frequency.  Our thoughts create sound waves infused with the crystal clear precision of light.  Our current state of consciousness produces the frequency that our thoughts arise from, and the moment we think a thought, it’s sent in motion, like hitting the send button on an email.  It’s lightning fast.  If we’re firing off random emails in a thousand different directions aimlessly, imagine what the manifestation will be, not to mention the confusion and chaos from so much random activity.  It’s exhausting.  With a grounded and still mind, there is clarity, and our thoughts are fine tuned like crystalline threads of light.  The result is congruency, clarity, alignment, and harmony.


The week begins on Monday 9/18 with a Venus Quaoar manifestation.  Our hearts are harmoniously creating in resonance with our expansive new paradigm, the infinite realm of possibilities where any thought is possible to choose.  We can manifest the deepest truth in our hearts if our belief system can stretch wide enough to hold the space of possibility.  If we believe it, and it matches the resonance of our hearts, we can manifest it.


Tuesday 9/19 is a huge day.  Mercury recovers his shadow, Mars and Orcus start a new cycle, Haumea and Eris articulate the exact activation of the Light Bridge, Venus enters Virgo conjunct Regulus, and Mercury is in a bridge with Neptune.  Our mental body and operating systems are cleared, rebooted, and ready to integrate the recent updates through our entire multidimensional cellular communications, allowing us to interpret and navigate the new terrain as we move forward on new ground.  The new relationship between Mars and Orcus calibrates our physical bodies with the promise that we made to come back after a massive transformation or cycle of death and rebirth.  We no longer have to die completely and leave our bodies to experience the kind of death that delivers us to a profound rebirth, and this new cycle is activating our “coming back to life” or “coming back home” on our sacred path in this lifetime, now.


What’s super important today is the exactness of the Haumea Eris Light Bridge, which has been front and center for quite some time, although not in an exact bridge by the degree and minute.  This is a very intense activation, giving us all the opportunity to step up onto the high road, the light bridge, that brings all of us to Unity Consciousness, wholeness, and Unconditional Love.  From this bridge, anything is possible.  From this bridge, we are all standing together, united, hand in hand.  There is no separation from this perspective, no duality, only Oneness and Love.


Haumea is the archetype of 5D Wholeness, the higher octave of Virgo, and Eris is the great feminine awakener, the recognition from within that there is nothing missing, lacking, or separate.  As we awaken from within, we expand our consciousness infinitely to include All.  Wholeness begins with the Heart, and Venus moves into Virgo, purifying our hearts with emotional wisdom.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the purity of the virgin mother that births Christ Consciousness, which is Unconditional Love, and is the essence of the Pisces realm of infinite possibilities.  This theme of wholeness, activated by the Light Bridge, and integrated holistically by Virgo, is crescendoing towards the New Moon in Virgo tomorrow.


Mercury in a bridge with Neptune is significant because Neptune conjoined with the Full Moon in Pisces 2 weeks ago, and holds the fullness of our infinite reflection through Unconditional Love.  Our mental body gains crystal clear connection to that reflection and insight.  What’s even more intriguing and beautiful is the fact that Neptune is the ruler of Pisces.  Chiron is the ruler of Virgo.  Just before tomorrow’s New Moon at 28 Virgo the Sun and Moon are in a bridge with Chiron at 27 Pisces.  There’s so much integration, healing, wholing, and alignment occurring right now.  Never before have we had the opportunity to awaken to our truth with such clarity, unravel the karmic stories and blindspots, liberate ourselves, our ancestors, and future generations by tending to the roots of our repetitive suffering with Unconditional Love.  This is the alchemy that transforms and heals the planet, and it’s happening now.


Wednesday 9/20 is the New Moon at 28 Virgo, officially closing the wormhole passage.  And the Sun and Uranus are in a great eliminator, adding even more impact to the awakening of consciousness that’s available right now.  The wormhole passage began on July 23rd at 0 Leo, the purest degree of emotional Love, the sustainable light of joy and abundance that generates vital life force energy when offered in service to All.  We’re now completing the journey at 28 Virgo, the master degree of emotional Wisdom, the refined energy that births, wholes, and heals through pure Unconditional Love.


If we think back over the last 8 weeks, so much has occurred, so many opportunities to tend to the individual and collective pain and suffering from unexpected loss, extreme polarization, unprecedented change, and historic wounds coming to the surface.  For most of us, if not all, the ground we’re standing on now feels different than 8 weeks ago.  For some, that ground is completely gone or unrecognizable.  How we navigate the moments of breakdown and uncertainty, both personally and collectively, refines and reveals our deepest truth, our character, our spirit, and our light.


We transform through breakdowns, in the most extreme and unfamiliar environments, when there’s nothing to hold onto, no past stories to attach ourselves to or hide behind.  The shake ups serve to wake us up.  Period.  Whatever it takes.  And in the waking up, we confront ourselves, we come home to our hearts, and all the moving parts fall into right alignment and perspective.  We gain maturity, wisdom, and discernment through adversity, loss, and challenge.  We also catch a glimpse of our greatness in action.  Heros emerge in times of trauma and fear.  We take courageous action and revolutionary risks when there’s no time to think, and urgent response matters.  The New Moon in Virgo begins a new chapter of us owning our wholeness, honoring and integrating every aspect of ourselves, with clarity and purity, into the now.  We’re coming back home to ourselves, and bringing back to life all of the parts of us that have been buried, wounded, shattered, shamed, or silenced.  We need all of us, unified and whole, to move forward, together as One.  In Love.


Thursday 9/21 is a Sun Quaoar stepping stone.  Our personal consciousness steps up to a higher realm of potential through a limitless universal belief system.  We have free will, and our options have been infinitely expanded.  If we forget the vast buffet of opportunities, we will experience limitation, lack, and challenge.  But every challenge reminds us to elevate our consciousness to a higher perspective, and from there, we have access to everything.  Truly exciting and empowering.


On Friday 9/22, Mercury is manifesting with Pluto, and the Sun enters Libra.  We’re transforming and shape shifting our communications, which always takes us to higher realizations through our relationships.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of the mirrored self.   We experience our true power in the physical dimension when we realize that everyone and everything around us is a reflection of our consciousness.  I am you and you are me.  Relationships are our greatest teachers because we gain insight and perspective of ourselves in real time, in the mirror.  We get to see what triggers us to frustration and what inspires us to Love, and then take responsibility for all of it, so that we can stand empowered in any circumstance or environment.  This is the practice of conscious evolution.  Mindfully navigating relationships, and the foundation of any relationship is communication.


Saturday 9/23 has no major aspects.  There’s a lot to settle into today, so take some deep breaths and find your footing.  Be gentle with yourself in all ways.


And on Sunday 9/24, the Sun and MakeMake begin a new cycle and Mars is in a bridge with Neptune.  The greater cosmic law and order is showing up, we can see the higher order taking shape, literally through the physical dimension and our physical bodies.  Mars follows Mercury’s steps and bridges with Neptune for a crystal clear opportunity to align our mind/body connection with the higher enlightened perspective.  Remember, our mind body relationship is brand new now, and when the mind is clear, and rooted in Love, the physical body refines the expression of Love.  This is the beginning of the activation of our Light Body, which gives us a brand new possibility for embodying 5D.  Get ready for all that’s coming, because it’s truly breathtaking!


The practice this week is to be present, in your body, and breathe.  Sounds simple, and right now, simple is good.  Give yourself time and space to clear out the distractions for at least 10-20 minutes, close your eyes, and just breathe.  In that period of time, there’s nothing else more important, nowhere to go, nothing to fix or make happen.  Just breathe.  Every breath contains 4 parts – the inhale, the still point of fullness, the exhale and the still point of emptiness.  Connect with all 4 parts equally, and allow this practice to balance, align, and reboot your entire lower 4 body system – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  The breath contains every aspect of ourselves, the breath contains the full cycle of life and death, and the breath connects us all.  Allow yourself the time and space to get connected, find balance, and come home to your heart.  Nothing else is more important.


“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh


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