Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For the week of July 18 – 24, 2016

After the relentless waves of Eris/Uranus activity that have been shaking the world awake recently, we’re shifting gears and vibrations this week.  The Sun is moving out of the emotional water of Cancer and into the energizing and magnetizing fire of Leo.  Gratitude, service, and Love abound as we focus on the blessing in every moment, navigating the unknown with grace and courage.  We are delivering our Selves brand new through the chaos, and nothing is recognizable at times.  The more we can find refuge in the consistency of change, the sooner we can surrender and allow the new to emerge.

We’re all invited to take a deep breath in, lighten up our energy, and let go while dancing blindfolded through the uncertainty.   Expanding through the discomfort allows us to actually enjoy and receive the sacred gift of each breath, no matter what is occurring around us.  The result is abundant inspiration, which deepens our connection to spirit.  We’re grounding higher consciousness into the Earth, and it matters that we do so with the spirit of generosity, freedom, and Love.

Ceres enters Taurus on Monday.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the Tree of Life, ruled by Venus, which grounds that tree in Love.  The midwife of our cosmos is moving into our root system, holding space as we dig deep below the surface, beyond what’s comfortable or familiar.  Ceres becomes a powerful presence that feels like leaning against a massive redwood tree in the forest, feeling infinite wisdom, consciousness and support, channeled from the heavens into the ground below our feet.

On Tuesday, Mercury and Saturn are in a manifestation, followed by a Venus Saturn manifestation on Wednesday.  Remember that Mercury and Venus conjoined last week, a new cycle that produced a huge unification and balance of yin/yang energy within the masculine light of 5 Leo.  Mercury is now communicating that divine masculine heart centered energy with Saturn, revealing the new authority that leads with Love from the heart.   Leadership and power are no longer associated with force, harshness, or control.   True leadership is centered within the wholeness of male/female energy, inspiring and evoking vision, personal responsibility, authenticity and integrity.   When each person awakens and owns their authentic voice and power, we each become “at stake” for the world around us, and are empowered to make a change for the betterment of All.

Tuesday evening’s Full Moon at 28 Capricorn opens a powerful bridge with Varuna at 28 Cancer.   Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and Varuna is the 5D consciousness and enlightened vision of the all seeing eye.  This full moon provides a multidimensional opportunity to witness our relationship with authority, and see the opportunities for transformation from our deepest core.   As we start to explore the new possibilities of empowered and authentic leadership manifesting, the old paradigms become crystal clear, and it’s important to remember that we are the ones choosing our reality with our own thoughts, beliefs and actions, moment to moment.   The limiting and outdated structures dismantle when we give ourselves full permission to create something different and write a new story into existence.  We are the author, the projector, the screen, and the characters, and we can shift it all from a higher perspective, within ourselves.

Our awareness of where we give our power away, and in what situations we try to force or control our own selves into action beyond our intuitive instincts, has the potential to liberate us and set us free from the suffering we impose upon ourselves on a daily basis.   We can look outside to see where the obvious misguided authority issues exist in our world.   Now is the time to look deep within, at the core, beginning with our own thoughts, to see where we’re still operating from outdated misqualified aggressive practices of self control, self denial, self punishment, or self criticism in efforts to motivate inner change.   In the new operating system, sustainable change can only occur when it’s rooted in Love, beginning with Unconditional Self Love.

If we truly want to understand the root cause of violence in our world, we can start by looking at how we use our own authority to implement inner transformation when we know it’s time for radical change.  Often times, we change when it becomes too uncomfortable to remain the same.  The inner irritation and desire for relief can trigger harsh judgment against the old that ignites the urge to take extreme impulsive action.  Swinging the pendulum hard to force a desired result is extreme and abrasive.  We can’t change what we judge as “wrong”, that only creates more opposition and resistance within ourselves.   We create change when we open to the current experience from an equanimous perspective, connect to a higher vision, and allow our hearts to lead the way, moving us into right action through Love and non-violence.

Later in the week, Venus forms a Great Eliminator with Neptune on Thursday.  Mercury and Pluto form a Great Eliminator on Friday, then Venus forms a Great Eliminator with Pluto at 15 Leo on the World Axis.   We have a lot of opportunities to take the high road and let go of the old once and for all.   Whatever doesn’t serve us in the new world must be surrendered, we can’t hold on to dead weight and continue to evolve.  The heavy debris from old belief systems and emotional attachments becomes distracting interference, and must be surrendered and set free.   We can recycle that debris into the Leo fire, and harness that energy as fuel for transformation.   Fire purifies everything, leaving nothing behind, and Pluto reminds us that purification is alchemical, and we can transmute anything when infused with Love.

The practice this week is to focus on Unconditional Self Love.  Notice and release any thought patterns of criticism or judgment that may get triggered this week.   Sustainable transformation requires a safe container of acceptance and non violence.   Notice the energetic sharp edge that judgment carries, and make an effort to let go of the harshness, especially in the quiet inner dialogue and private communications.   Each of us has the power and authority to clean up our environment, and the environment of our thoughts is a great place to practice.  Judgment and criticism carry a distinct vibration that can be felt and sensed intuitively through time and space, especially in the ears and hearts of unity consciousness.   The act of self criticism in Unity Consciousness is received as collective criticism, and is felt by All.   As we focus on our Selves with Unconditional Love, we’re elevating the frequency for All on the planet.   As we step up as powerful leaders on the cutting edge of evolution, we are the generous givers of light through every thought, word, and action.   Our refined personal practices are the most contagious seeds of Love we can plant into the Earth right now!

“You may believe that you are responsible for what you do, but not for what you think.  The truth is that you are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice.  What you do comes from what you think.”  ~Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love:  Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles



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