Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For February 22 – 28, 2016


The Sedna Mars bridge this past weekend opened a major doorway into the record keeper of our physical bodies, providing the 1st of 3 amazing opportunities to synch the information encoded in our physical selves with our infinite Cosmic Self.  The messages being broadcasted from deep within the body reveal a higher truth, and a calling for awakening, purification, right action, alignment, and wholeness, which is highlighted with this week’s Full Moon in Virgo.

The theme for these next 6 months as Mars undergoes his massive overhaul and transmutation process is to review, purge, and align our inner records, and we’re prompted to do so any time a physical condition shows up. The body is a messenger for any record that needs attention or is up for review.  A physical symptom is never random, accidental, or just limited to the physical realm.  Everything physical reveals the whole, if we’re willing and able to receive the message from our higher consciousness.  Sedna’s connection to the ultimate cosmic records requires a higher consciousness and elevated perspective to access the clearest message of truth.  Mercury’s recent epic retrograde journey set the stage for this next chapter by completely rewiring our capacity to observe from much higher, multidimensional perspectives, revealing new insight and ground breaking revelations.

It’s interesting to consider that the body serves as a record keeper and also a messenger.  This is part of the fascinating mirrored perspective between Mars and Mercury…these 2 dynamic masculine archetypes are becoming interchangeable in many ways, working in partnership instead of opposing forces.  The entire mind/body connection is a polarity, an ever-evolving relationship illustrating the transcendence of duality into unity, partnership and wholeness, mirroring the same energy through different perspectives and experiences.  The mind ultimately precedes the body, and holds the leadership position, however anything unresolved in the physical body affects the mind and creates repetitive karmic cycles, until the higher mind can elevate to a new frequency, interrupt and purify the cycle, dissolving the chronic condition.

The mind/body connection is the key to demanifesting our current reality and allowing the space for our infinite potential to be birthed.  Mars is currently in Scorpio, which is the sign of deep transformation, transmutation, resurrection, shape shifting, and alchemy. This entire Mars retrograde journey is one of the highest order where we can experience radical shifts in our physical realm.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Mars in Scorpio also represents physical Love, Love manifested into form, connecting to the sacredness and the infinite empty space within all things physical, beyond illusion and surface level perceptions.  This is truly a time to manifest our highest vision, for ourselves and our world, with Love.  We are birthing and manifesting our new world…now.

The Full Moon in Virgo on Monday is especially profound for our personal healing, wholing, alignment and integration.  The more we zoom in on the messages broadcasted from our physical body (with an elevated perspective) the more we can fine tune and align all of our lower 4 body systems to create the ultimate vertical axis of consciousness that operates as a sophisticated antenna communicating directly with Source, with clarity, purity, and wisdom.  We’re in the final full week of February, the “2” energy month, and we’re still practicing the mirrored energy theme.  Mind/Body, Mind/Heart, Heart/Spirit, Spirit/Body, Masculine/Feminine, as above, so below.  Whatever is occurring in the body is also occurring in each of the other 4 body systems.  Whatever is occurring in the mind is also resonating through each of the 4 lower body systems.  Each part contains the whole, and the whole is mirrored in each of the parts.  Nothing is separate, random, or without meaning.  And nothing is what it appears to be at first glance.  A physical symptom doesn’t mean what the isolated symptom might historically indicate.  Follow the current trigger to access the deepest record, and review.  With every symptom, we must address the whole “holistic” relationship, and look with curiosity at all of the lower 4 body systems to see where the misalignment is occurring.  See the whole picture, read the entire record, and then act accordingly, with the focus always on Self Love.  The Full Moon in Virgo provides an opportunity to truly practice honoring the Self, coming from discernment vs judgment or fear.  Action based on discernment is neutral and unbiased.  No blame, no victim.  Ownership and empowerment leads to wholeness, and wholeness always creates spiritual wisdom (which is the essence of Pisces, the polarity of Virgo).

The most important distinction in the 5D “healing/wholing” process is that the focus is no longer on healing the symptom, eliminating the problem, or clearing the discomfort just to return back to “normal”.  We don’t want to return back to normal, we want to evolve and expand our consciousness through every discomfort, so the physical symptom now becomes our greatest catalyst for spiritual awakening.  The symptom is the awakener that gets our attention, it’s not the problem, it’s the gateway for our soul’s growth and for our return to the limitless realm.  The key to transcending our duality and our physicality is to allow ourselves the fullest experience of each moment and each physical sensation, no matter how big or small, pleasant or unpleasant, comfortable or uncomfortable, in order to receive the whole perspective of the message being delivered from that experience.

We don’t transcend our karma by simply getting rid of it, just like we don’t transcend any physical condition by merely eliminating it.  That 3D model is obsolete.  We transcend by allowing ourselves to be transmuted through the process of alchemy, purified into our highest state of being by experiencing every moment of our existence, without blocking, resisting, hiding, or ignoring.  Only then can we see the divinity in our physicality, the alchemy of our karma purifying us into our dharma through the perceived tension of duality that awakens us to our wholeness, which is pure light.  We come to this realization holistically only by experiencing this, through love.  Our purification process IS our alignment, integration, and refinement, which delivers us to the portal of truth and the highest realization that we are experiencing our Selves everywhere we go, and also that we are One.

The Sun just moved into Pisces and we’re swimming in the infinite realm, accessing limitless creative potential, unconditional Love, and unity consciousness.   All week long, we can expect more and more veils to lift as we align our heart, mind, body and soul with the infinite Oneness.   There are several aspects this week involving Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, as we continue to develop and gain clarity, insight, and new vision of the heart, mind, and soul.  As we begin to interpret and understand the invisible messages encoded in the empty space of our physicality, and as we further develop and trust our inner communications and intuitive abilities, we can truly pierce through the illusions and veils, opening a space for even greater realizations and insights.   The practice this week is to consciously remember that nothing is what it appears on the surface.  In any moment of reaction or judgment, pause, take a deep breath, and invite a new possibility to emerge in the empty space.  Feel what’s below the surface, and explore the “not so obvious” messages that are hidden in plain sight. 


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