Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For February 22 – 28, 2016


The Sedna Mars bridge this past weekend opened a major doorway into the record keeper of our physical bodies, providing the 1st of 3 amazing opportunities to synch the information encoded in our physical selves with our infinite Cosmic Self.  The messages being broadcasted from deep within the body reveal a higher truth, and a calling for awakening, purification, right action, alignment, and wholeness, which is highlighted with this week’s Full Moon in Virgo.

The theme for these next 6 months as Mars undergoes his massive overhaul and transmutation process is to review, purge, and align our inner records, and we’re prompted to do so any time a physical condition shows up. The body is a messenger for any record that needs attention or is up for review.  A physical symptom is never random, accidental, or just limited to the physical realm.  Everything physical reveals the whole, if we’re willing and able to receive the message from our higher consciousness.  Sedna’s connection to the ultimate cosmic records requires a higher consciousness and elevated perspective to access the clearest message of truth.  Mercury’s recent epic retrograde journey set the stage for this next chapter by completely rewiring our capacity to observe from much higher, multidimensional perspectives, revealing new insight and ground breaking revelations.

It’s interesting to consider that the body serves as a record keeper and also a messenger.  This is part of the fascinating mirrored perspective between Mars and Mercury…these 2 dynamic masculine archetypes are becoming interchangeable in many ways, working in partnership instead of opposing forces.  The entire mind/body connection is a polarity, an ever-evolving relationship illustrating the transcendence of duality into unity, partnership and wholeness, mirroring the same energy through different perspectives and experiences.  The mind ultimately precedes the body, and holds the leadership position, however anything unresolved in the physical body affects the mind and creates repetitive karmic cycles, until the higher mind can elevate to a new frequency, interrupt and purify the cycle, dissolving the chronic condition.

The mind/body connection is the key to demanifesting our current reality and allowing the space for our infinite potential to be birthed.  Mars is currently in Scorpio, which is the sign of deep transformation, transmutation, resurrection, shape shifting, and alchemy. This entire Mars retrograde journey is one of the highest order where we can experience radical shifts in our physical realm.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Mars in Scorpio also represents physical Love, Love manifested into form, connecting to the sacredness and the infinite empty space within all things physical, beyond illusion and surface level perceptions.  This is truly a time to manifest our highest vision, for ourselves and our world, with Love.  We are birthing and manifesting our new world…now.

The Full Moon in Virgo on Monday is especially profound for our personal healing, wholing, alignment and integration.  The more we zoom in on the messages broadcasted from our physical body (with an elevated perspective) the more we can fine tune and align all of our lower 4 body systems to create the ultimate vertical axis of consciousness that operates as a sophisticated antenna communicating directly with Source, with clarity, purity, and wisdom.  We’re in the final full week of February, the “2” energy month, and we’re still practicing the mirrored energy theme.  Mind/Body, Mind/Heart, Heart/Spirit, Spirit/Body, Masculine/Feminine, as above, so below.  Whatever is occurring in the body is also occurring in each of the other 4 body systems.  Whatever is occurring in the mind is also resonating through each of the 4 lower body systems.  Each part contains the whole, and the whole is mirrored in each of the parts.  Nothing is separate, random, or without meaning.  And nothing is what it appears to be at first glance.  A physical symptom doesn’t mean what the isolated symptom might historically indicate.  Follow the current trigger to access the deepest record, and review.  With every symptom, we must address the whole “holistic” relationship, and look with curiosity at all of the lower 4 body systems to see where the misalignment is occurring.  See the whole picture, read the entire record, and then act accordingly, with the focus always on Self Love.  The Full Moon in Virgo provides an opportunity to truly practice honoring the Self, coming from discernment vs judgment or fear.  Action based on discernment is neutral and unbiased.  No blame, no victim.  Ownership and empowerment leads to wholeness, and wholeness always creates spiritual wisdom (which is the essence of Pisces, the polarity of Virgo).

The most important distinction in the 5D “healing/wholing” process is that the focus is no longer on healing the symptom, eliminating the problem, or clearing the discomfort just to return back to “normal”.  We don’t want to return back to normal, we want to evolve and expand our consciousness through every discomfort, so the physical symptom now becomes our greatest catalyst for spiritual awakening.  The symptom is the awakener that gets our attention, it’s not the problem, it’s the gateway for our soul’s growth and for our return to the limitless realm.  The key to transcending our duality and our physicality is to allow ourselves the fullest experience of each moment and each physical sensation, no matter how big or small, pleasant or unpleasant, comfortable or uncomfortable, in order to receive the whole perspective of the message being delivered from that experience.

We don’t transcend our karma by simply getting rid of it, just like we don’t transcend any physical condition by merely eliminating it.  That 3D model is obsolete.  We transcend by allowing ourselves to be transmuted through the process of alchemy, purified into our highest state of being by experiencing every moment of our existence, without blocking, resisting, hiding, or ignoring.  Only then can we see the divinity in our physicality, the alchemy of our karma purifying us into our dharma through the perceived tension of duality that awakens us to our wholeness, which is pure light.  We come to this realization holistically only by experiencing this, through love.  Our purification process IS our alignment, integration, and refinement, which delivers us to the portal of truth and the highest realization that we are experiencing our Selves everywhere we go, and also that we are One.

The Sun just moved into Pisces and we’re swimming in the infinite realm, accessing limitless creative potential, unconditional Love, and unity consciousness.   All week long, we can expect more and more veils to lift as we align our heart, mind, body and soul with the infinite Oneness.   There are several aspects this week involving Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, as we continue to develop and gain clarity, insight, and new vision of the heart, mind, and soul.  As we begin to interpret and understand the invisible messages encoded in the empty space of our physicality, and as we further develop and trust our inner communications and intuitive abilities, we can truly pierce through the illusions and veils, opening a space for even greater realizations and insights.   The practice this week is to consciously remember that nothing is what it appears on the surface.  In any moment of reaction or judgment, pause, take a deep breath, and invite a new possibility to emerge in the empty space.  Feel what’s below the surface, and explore the “not so obvious” messages that are hidden in plain sight. 


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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For the week of February 15 – 21, 2016

After some unexpected shake ups last week, and several very surprising revelations, things start smoothing out this week, providing clarity and solid ground under our feet as we shift into a new gear and a whole new chapter.  Fasten your seat belts because this amazing week ahead brings us to the forefront of a whole new world (and dimension) where anything is possible, specifically through the mind/body connection.

On Monday, Mercury finally leaves his shadow and we start moving into the uncharted terrain of our brand new operating system.  Get ready to explore new dimensions and octaves as we fine-tune everything we think we’ve known before.  The more we discipline our minds to hold our seat in the highest observer’s perch, which requires neutral, objective, and unattached compassionate witnessing, the more limitless and sophisticated our capacity to communicate becomes.   As we elevate our perceptions, we release the old habitual reactions, judgments, and primal fears, and our physicality literally begins to shift and transform as a result.  Our experience of the physical body and physical reality mirrors the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and mental body.   Mars (physical body) is preparing for his big retrograde cycle in the upcoming weeks, taking us into the realm of physical transformation, transmutation, and transcendence as we experience the manifestation of the amazing shifts in consciousness Mercury has facilitated.  This entire retrograde journey will be complete in August.

Sedna and Mars are currently moving into position to form an exact bridge this weekend onSaturday 2/20 and Sunday 2/21.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Sedna is the outermost planet of our consciousness, the infinite cosmic record keeper, where all information is encoded like grooves on crystal, storing the wisdom of all existence (past, present and future).  With Sedna in an exact bridge with Mars (which will occur 3 times between now and August) it becomes clear that our bodies are also record keepers (encoding all information, subconscious memories, and past life records as frequency in our cellular memory) and through our physical body and the physical earth, we have access to all of the infinite cosmic wisdom (past, present, and future).   As above, so below.  Interesting to note, Sedna is the new archetypal ruler of Libra, representing the mirrored self, and the highest realization through our physical power.   We are embarking on a journey of awakening to the infinite power and potential of our own physicality.

What’s important to remember is that Sedna is a 5D planet, meaning we can only access this archetype through our higher consciousness.  If we’re in fear, anxiety, or judgment, we can’t see clearly, and we can’t even begin to grasp the full meaning of this Sedna Mars bridge.  The potential here is breathtaking!

In regards to the mind/body connection, the ancient Buddhist meditators practiced and believed that a purified mind yields a purified body.  The more refined and equanimous the observer’s mind becomes, the clearer the physical body reflects as the karmic roots of historical attachment are cleared and dissolved.   Our mental reactions and judgments cause impure (karmically dense) thoughts and limiting beliefs that trigger misqualified emotional reactions and manifest as physical density, continuing the karmic wheel of suffering.  The purified higher mind can witness this cycle without becoming attached or engaged, while being the response of unconditional love and compassion as the transformation occurs though time and space.   This purified mind/body connection literally moves us into alignment at the vertical axis of the Cosmic Clock at the completion of the hour of mental wisdom (at the root) and at the completion of the hour of physical wisdom (at the crown).  Purification at the root ultimately restores our ability to manifest directly from Source, as Source, where we create heaven on earth.  And as we purify our minds through our newly upgraded operating system, we gain access to our records, and can then expunge the karmic debris from our records, wiping the slate clean and clearing the decks, reactivating our vertical axis and Christ Consciousness.  We can’t erase the events that have occurred, but we can forgive and surrender the emotional residue and karmic entanglements that have kept us locked down in suffering for so many lifetimes.

Again, remember that Sedna is a 5D planet, and a lot of what we’re still experiencing in the 3D realm doesn’t apply or exist in the higher realms of consciousness, specifically physical conditions and perceived limitations.  We have the opportunity to truly unravel and transcend some old karmic health conditions through our willingness to observe ourselves and connect with our inner record keeper.  This theme will be significant between now and August as our physicality undergoes a massive transformation, and anything is possible.   Sedna also reminds us of the potential capabilities of our high frequency crystalline bodies, which will be activated several times during Mars’ retrograde cycle.

This is such an incredible time for awakening, self realization, and infinite possibilities!  The key to our liberation is the willingness to continue to forgive and release old emotional attachments to our past and allow our current emotional response to be unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance.  Our recent mental body overhaul is creating the potential for a whole new relationship with our Selves, each other, and our entire physical reality.

The practice this week is to pay close attention to your inner dialogue and the private communications occurring within your mind, especially when there is discomfort or uncertainty.   Everything is changing, change historically evokes fear or anxiety, and it’s important to be the consistent response of Love in every interaction within your Self, no matter what is occurring.  Turn up the volume on your inner communications channel, and pay close attention.   Any conversation that carries a lower vibration must be interrupted and elevated, with Love.  There’s a lot of unsettled energy still moving through as we’re collectively purging lifetimes of suffering, and it’s important to maintain sacred inner space to ground yourself each day.   When our minds are focused, still, and refined, and we’re holding our seat in the highest observers perch, we can access and embody our Christ Consciousness and I AM presence, activating our physical bodies with the light of consciousness.

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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly








For the week of February 8 – 14, 2016

Expect the unexpected this week as we step even more fully into the Aquarian energy field of awakening, transparency, and the dropping of veils, all in the name of human evolution, freedom and empowerment.  Chaos precedes transformation, and a single bolt of lightning can strike in a nanosecond, providing the epic game changer .  We’re becoming familiar with the recent climate of inner and outer disturbances and disrupts, and this week we begin to see in plain sight what the shake ups have been calling our attention to.  It’s time to keep our eyes peeled and stay focused.  The purpose is never to dwell on the past, but to boldly step into the unprecedented future vision, liberated and aware.

We see what we want to see, or we get accustomed to seeing what we expect to see, what’s comfortable to look at based on our own previous experiences, conditioning and belief systems, and oftentimes the reality of what’s occurring right under our noses is hidden in plain sight.  I can remember growing up in a family where we didn’t discuss certain topics, even though they were clearly playing out in front of us and affecting all of us quite profoundly.  We ignored the uncomfortable, ignored what we didn’t understand, and ultimately ignored the highest vibration of truth, for fear that we couldn’t do anything about it, weren’t strong enough to hold it, and didn’t have a clue how to feel it, heal it, love it, or forgive it.

Focus on what you want, be optimistic and hopeful, and pretend the pain isn’t really there.  That’s what many people believe the “mind/body” connection is all about, mind over matter, forcing our thoughts to change our reality.  But there’s importance in looking the truth square in the eyes, no matter how it might disrupt the flow…so that it can be released, forgiven, transcended, so that we can be liberated and transformed as we step into that higher vision.  Having a healthy relationship with current results means bearing witness to the full picture of reality, without twisting or adjusting reality to match our comfort zone, or the volume of truth we feel we can handle.

Transparency is neutral, just like the mirror itself is free from judgment.  The assessment of good/bad, right/wrong, acceptable/unacceptable, pleasant/unpleasant/ etc comes from a mental reaction to what’s being observed, an ego’s qualification based on comparison, preference, conditioning, and status quo.  Our higher minds aren’t intended for mastery of judgment or subjective analysis. Our higher minds are best used for a disciplined focus and the clear ability to perceive and experience the fullness of what’s occurring, at all levels.  In times of confusion, the best way to tune into the deepest truth is to feel it internally from within ones own Self.  In order to connect with our deepest truth, we must be willing to eliminate distractions and tendencies that keep us partially slumbering, dull, or checked out.  A highly developed sense of intuition requires non attachment to the messages coming in.  If we really want to know the truth, we have to be willing to sit with it, whatever it is.   If we really want to know our Selves, we must be willing to truly sit with our whole Self, uncensored, transparent, and fully revealed.  In 5D, there’s nothing to hide and nothing to fear, but we’re still untangling the conditioned 3D reactionary responses and judgments that make us turn away or flinch at the thought of seeing everything exposed in the fullest light.

In this 2 month of February, we’re focusing on the mirrored self and the mirrored reflection for the highest realization.  Our communications are heightened, giving us access to what we couldn’t see before, and if we have a healthy relationship with the mirror, we can see the highest reflection of truth and take responsible loving action with urgency and compassion.  If we’re still stuck in judgment and assessment, or denying what we don’t want to see, we can’t fully take ownership, activate our inner authority, and spark change.  Evolutionary change comes from awareness, not from resistance, fear, or ego.

The New Moon on Monday 2/8 is in Aquarius.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarian energy is the Great Awakener, and also the messenger of unconditional Self Love, Divine Love, intimacy, transparency, and revolutionary awakenings for the evolution of collective consciousness and service to humanity.   We’re planting the seeds for a revolution of collective awakening, and that awakening requires full exposure and transparency of the truth of what’s occurring, on every level, in each and every one of us.  The only way to stand naked and revealed in front of the world is to become masters of unconditional love, for ourselves and each other, and practice loving ourselves the way Source does…seeing the divine while allowing our perceived reality to dissolve and shift before our very eyes.  Seeing the divine light in humanity doesn’t mean we ignore and turn a blind eye to what’s happening in our world…it means we tune in, look closely, pay attention, and start taking appropriate action in alignment with the higher spiritual truths in the vibration of Love.   When we choose Love over fear, we’ll take the bold steps required to elevate our current world condition.

Venus and Jupiter create a powerful manifestation (trine) on Wednesday 2/10, giving us opportunity to expand into our newly elevated and highly sophisticated heart space as we continue to balance heart and mind.  Speaking of Mind, Mercury moves into Aquarius on Saturday, so our newly upgraded operating systems are fully activated, awake, and focused on the Aquarian New Moon.  When planting new seeds, we want our minds to be sharp and clear, aligned with a higher vision.  Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, so we feel at ease in the observer’s perch, and we gain access to the genius intelligence, masterful observation, and detached compassion that Aquarius is known for.  If we keep our eyes wide open and stay present, a lot will be revealed, boosting our ability to navigate the coming months with precision and clarity.

We’re waking up, in every way, and it’s so exciting!  Waking up to an elevated frequency of Divine Love, the Aquarian Theme and the Aquarian Age, requires a new level of maturity and collective responsibility as we shift the consciousness of our planet.  Intellectual knowledge alone is not enough…wisdom comes from experiential practice, application, integration, and embodiment.  We’re walking the path, hand in hand, inside and out.  No one is immune from the changes that are occurring, because we’re all One.  Our unified hearts and minds are the rudder for our boat, steering the course, in alignment with Truth and Universal Love.

The practice this week is to continue working to observe your own reactions, whatever they are, however they appear.  We all have them. A good way to practice this is to spend 10 minutes meditating in the mirror, with eyes open and a softened gaze.  Practice becoming the neutral witness, and see what you see, feel what you feel…without judgment.  Be curious about what you notice, and allow different dimensions to reveal themselves.  If it’s uncomfortable, keep sitting.  If you’re inspired to take action based on something you witness, do it with love for Self, not from aversion.  This is a week of reality checks and wake up calls that inspire courageous Love based response!




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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly








For February 1-7, 2016

Welcome to the beginning of February!  After an intense month of what felt like “surgery” on our mental operating system, we’re now emerging from the temporary disorientation and heading boldly into a month of integration, practice, and balance.  This is the week we begin to explore and experience the newly awakened and upgraded features of the higher mind.  Wisdom requires practical application, and that’s the theme of this week.

In the movie “Groundhog Day”, Bill Murray continues to repeat the same cycle of events over and over again and can’t seem to wake up into a new day, new reality.   Similarly, the karmic wheel keeps repeating and repeating, fueling itself with old mental attachments and reactions, both blind and obvious.  The only way to stop the cycle is to wake up to our Selves and choose the observers mind, the higher mind, and let go of any personal attachment to suffering and clinging.  The observer is neutral, balanced, refined, unattached and undefined…just as Mercury’s archetype is neutral, androgynous, highly evolved.

We have undergone a massive fine tuning and sharpening of our communications equipment and our ability to receive the most subtle sensations, vibrations, and frequencies…now our practice and integration requires equanimity, balanced non-attachment, and the letting go of old primal and instinctive thoughts and mental reactions, most of which are so hidden and buried below the surface that we don’t even realize they’re there.

When we observe ourselves in any event, we can study our relationship with our physical sensations, starting with the breath.  Any experience that elicits a reaction, no matter how small, activates a reactionary thought.  That reactionary thought evokes an emotional response, and the physical body manifests both as dense matter, karmic debris.  That karmic debris is the seed of our next manifestation, and is planted into our consciousness (often at the unconscious level).  Even if we are emotionally strong enough to respond from a higher consciousness and overpower our thoughts with our hearts, if our minds aren’t balanced and pure, we will remain on the karmic loop.  It takes a disciplined mind to remain quiet and still, without judgment, to simply observe the fullness of our own physical sensations and karmic patterns, especially when our egos are tagged, and allow the roots of old residue to come up and clear…without reacting.

Our new operating system gives us the enhanced opportunity to use all of our physical sensations to purify our minds, thereby purifying our physical manifestations, and purifying (and eventually eradicating) our karmic patterns and cycles.  When the mind becomes so focused and aware, it can actually serve as a karmic clearing device, or a sharp tool, to extract the old embedded subconscious visceral patterns.

The prime time to clear karmic debris is when it’s being activated, when it’s awake and engaged, like a live wire.  If we react, we invite that current of energy to plug in and it expands.  If we remain calm and balanced in the mind without reacting, the live wire may sting with discomfort for a moment, or even a while, but it can’t connect it’s charge, and eventually it diffuses.   When we choose to respond with compassion, love, acceptance, and patience at the emotional level, the root of the disturbance can be cleared from within at the deepest level.

Our minds have a new ability to explore and penetrate beyond the visible realm, and many of our embedded karmic roots are deeper than the conscious mind could perceive before.   We have access, but it requires neutrality and unconditional Love.   We cannot expect to clear the most painfully deep karmic attachments if our minds are spinning in judgment or gripped in fear, or worse yet, disconnected from the experience all together.

This week delivers some amazing aspects to support in our integration work.  On Tuesday 2/2, Groundhog’s Day, the Mars Pluto resource assists us in allowing the deepest unseen karmic roots hidden underground within our physicality to be fully seen and accessed.  This is a great day to become aware of those embedded and buried patterns that continue to replay over and over again for the purpose of empowerment and freedom.  We have the opportunity to recognize our shadow and not run away, but instead be liberated by our awareness.

On 2/5, Venus meets with Pluto at exactly the same degree where Mercury last did on 1/30, aligning and attuning herself with the same upgraded intelligence.  This translates to a highly sophisticated heart intelligence that’s capable of generating an even more mature quality of compassion and unconditional love at the purest frequency, in harmony with the purified and refined equanimous mind.  We will need this high frequency of balanced support as we pierce even deeper through the dense layers of karmic debris, the layers that are like solid bedrock below all the layers of soil and water.

On Saturday 2/6, the Sun Uranus resource brings the spotlight of our consciousness on an awakening event.  Remember, the event itself is irrelevant, though it may be uncomfortable.  It’s the opportunity for reaction that matters, or better yet, the opportunity to observe non-reaction and hold a space of compassionate love.  No matter what is occurring.

This is important because later that same day, the Mercury Jupiter manifestation creates exponential expansion from our mental frequency.  Make sure your mind is focusing on the frequency you wish to manifest from.  If the focus is on an uncomfortable outside event, that event will expand in your mind.  If the focus is within, on your Self, your own conscious awareness will expand.  And like clockwork, what comes next is a beautiful Venus Uranus stepping stone, an opportunity to take a giant step up into the newly calibrated higher heart space, and allow the mind/heart integration and balance to occur.   For those who are aware, ready, and alert, this is a moment for evolutionary breakthrough and balance.

Once again, like clockwork, Sunday 2/7 brings a Sun Mars stepping stone, bringing consciousness to the physical body in another opportunity to take a giant step up onto the higher road, up and out of the karmic trenches, transcending our physicality and stepping into unprecedented new ground…and preparing to step into the New Moon on Monday next week.   We end the week with a Venus Sun semisextile (intimacy) which feels like the sun kissing our hearts, and our hearts opening to receive the brilliant light of our consciousness.

The practice this week is to pay close attention to anything that elicits a reaction, whether the source feels internal or external, physical or emotional.  Remember that nothing can trigger a live wire unless that live wire is present within.  Take the focus off any external object, event, or person, and use the highest observer’s mind to go deep within in order to find the root of your own live wire.  As you do, practice holding a space of compassion, Love, and unconditional acceptance for your Self, whatever is there, no matter how painful or uncomfortable it may be, no matter how long it lasts.



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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For January 25 – 31, 2016

After navigating an intense week of spontaneous inner and outer storms, we finally slow down to enter Mercury’s Station, accessing a refreshing still point to pause, catch our breath, and take a good look around.   The word “profound” doesn’t even begin to describe our recent retrograde journey…we’ve just undergone a massive mental body renovation project with total removal, overhaul and re-installation of our brand new operating system…and it’s not done yet.  This weekend will provide the ultimate reboot and finalization of our enormous transformation.

The fact that we still can’t fully wrap our heads around what’s occurring is a good thing, we’re not supposed to be in our heads at all about this.  Communication of the highest order doesn’t come from the head, it comes from our ability to intuitively receive and interpret subtle frequencies and vibrations that are moving throughout the entire body.  Communication requires presence, which has to be felt and experienced.  Frequencies are felt through our senses, and the logical mind doesn’t feel, it can only process and think about a feeling in comparison to previous experiences.  We’re stepping into brand new terrain now, and every cell in our bodies carries the awakened intelligence and sensitivity to move us there.  It’s increasingly important to surrender the ego and the desire to understand in order to remain in the neutral observer’s perch at all times.  Our capacity to observe and receive messages is expanding exponentially, and t’s exciting to witness so many amazing shifts and changes just by breathing alone!

On Monday, Mercury stations at 15 Capricorn, accessing the Executive Director in a wide open channel with Source.  What a perfect opportunity to remain present and grounded while listening for inner guidance through the crown chakra.  When traveling by car through an unfamiliar city, we rely on the guidance of our car’s navigation system.  That voice of directive instruction is critical, and we tune out all other distractions in order to hear it clearly.   Now is the time to listen wholeheartedly for the voice of the Cosmic Self, and let go of all other distractions.  This is the start of a brand new relationship, and all relationships require impeccable communication.  Interestingly, we’re completing our 1st month of the new year this week and transitioning into February, a 2 month, which holds the vibration of relationship energy.  Every completion takes us into a brand new beginning, each segment builds upon the next, and every transition this year is calibrating and preparing for the full embodiment of our awakened Cosmic Self.  The roadmap is exquisite and the journey is evolutionary.

The entire week is leading up to the 3rd of 3 Mercury Pluto conjunctions, which occurs on Saturday 1/30.  This is the big one, the final reboot that brings us fully online and activates live communication between our 4 lower body systems, our Cosmic Self, and the infinite realm where all possibilities and dimensions are accessible.  This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We don’t need to physically cross over to resurrect and reunite with the infinite realm…this upgrade plugs us in here and now, allowing us access to everything, within and without, including the memories held deep within our physical cellular imprint that may have been disconnected or subconsciously suppressed in our bodies.  All of that information is coming available to us now.  The truth is, it always has been, but the layers of dense debris made communication challenging with our old wiring system.

Later on Saturday, the heart gets an extra calibration with a Venus Neptune resource in Capricorn and Pisces.  As we go live with our newly overhauled operating system, communication is brilliantly restored at the heart level and we’re able to clearly decipher messages that may have be buried or muffled from deep below the surface.  Our hearts are where our authentic voice resides, and our hearts are also calibrating at the 5D level in union with the infinite Cosmic Heart.  Now is the time to add our unique voice to the collective choir of awakened hearts as we joyfully sing the frequency of Love to each other, the planet, and the cosmos.

The week ends with a perfectly timed Mercury Uranus stepping stone,  a powerful lightning bolt prompting our immediate full mental body wake up, almost like a crisp snap of the fingers following a hypnosis session.  The mind has journeyed far and deep, and has been completely uprooted, upgraded, and rebooted.  Any disorientation, dizziness, or jet lag starts to clear as we’re ready to step forward into a new week, new month, and new phase of integration and implementation.

With such an increase in our communication and channeling ability, many are experiencing acute auditory sensitivity, dizziness, amplified sound disturbance, and static.  As we’re entering the infinite universal mind, we also have access to all thoughts, all conversations, all of the overflowing and overwhelming vibrations, textures, and background noises in our abundant universe.  We certainly don’t want or need to tune into all of that, so it’s important to intentionally choose the frequency we do wish to plug into.  If we don’t select a channel that resonates, we can easily fall victim to the loudest or most dramatic frequency that captures our attention.  Conscious discipline is critical right now, and a daily meditation practice is necessary.

We’re learning so much about frequency and the infinite potential to communicate via sound and vibration.   In 5D, Love is the Law, Love is the Language…and Love is the frequency of our universe.  The more consciously we attune ourselves to that frequency, we’re nourishing the relationship between our lower 4 body system and our higher self, in harmony with Cosmic Law and Order.  The vibration of Love is abundance, health, vitality, joy, creativity, expansion, unity, freedom, and peace.   The practice this week is daily meditation and daily calibration to the frequency of Universal Love.




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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For January 18 – 24, 2016


Everything has shifted, we are in the midst of a total rewiring process, and we are now just past the halfway point of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, We’ve made it over the hump and are gaining momentum towards a very big finale.  This week marks the climactic conclusion of the profoundly uncomfortable Eris storm of 2016.

This week will see a big final storm clearing with several major aspects.  Now is a good time to check in and observe…how do you weather an intense storm?  Do you have the courage and stamina to sit in the observer’s perch, in the still point of your heart, and trust that you are safe and all is well, while having faith that whatever gets blown away, uprooted, or wiped off the map was meant to be and serves a higher purpose to deliver you to higher ground?  Or do you white knuckle it, drenched in fear and sweat, begging the universe, God, or some external authority to take it easy on you and lighten up the intensity?


Without judgment, just notice how you’ve navigated this current storm system so far.  This is the time to let go and TRUST, to allow the storm to rage in order to clear away all the patterns and limitations that need to clear, to find the sweet spot of release and surrender in the eye of the storm, allowing the intense energy surges to amplify in momentum while patiently knowing that the path will be revealed soon enough. Remember that nothing can ever happen that isn’t meant to happen, and we never face any challenge that we aren’t fully prepared or equipped to handle.

The current storms are mirroring the places we’ve already been, the chaotic turbulence of the pain and trauma we’ve created and stored in our minds.  The winds of change are storming through, as forces of nature, calling forth our surrender to a higher calling, beyond our lower mind’s ego control.  In the path of a tornado or any unpredictable storm cell, there’s nothing a human ego can do to alter the course of events, other than surrender to the higher Self, in harmony with the entire infinite universe.  Resistance produces suffering. It is time to let go of all the lifetimes and the many ways that we’ve ever resisted or denied the truth of who we are, the authentic calling of our higher self, and our true nature.  This is the beginning of the grand return home to ourselves and our ultimate communion and reunion with Source…and we MUST allow it.

The week starts off with some HUGE energies on Monday the 18th.  Just after midnight, Venus and Jupiter form a stepping stone, which literally lays the foundation for the entire week ahead, establishing a context of expansive heart consciousness.  When we access this stepping stone, we place ourselves right where we need to be in order to experience the weeks’ events from the observer’s perch within a newly awakened and wide open heart.


In any major storm, there comes a point where we grab our loved ones and seek shelter.  Imagine this stepping stone as an elevation into our heart space, infinitely spacious and expansive enough to provide respite from the outer turbulence.  When we seek shelter and refuge in our own hearts, we can trust that all is well, no matter what occurs, we are safely held in Universal Love.  There’s nowhere to go outside of ourselves, and there’s nothing to fear when we reside in our hearts.

Monday is a busy day full of aspects: by 6am (EST) Mars and Neptune form a manifestation (trine) enlightening our physicality (body, home, environment, planet).  By 8am, Mars and Jupiter create some “stressors”….minor events that cause enough friction to activate momentum and awaken our sensitivity, rendering us deeply present as we expand even more into our physicality.  By 10am, the Sun and Saturn connect, and our inner guidance mechanism is activated.

The Sun enters Aquarius on Wednesday 1/20 and we experience a big collective shift in consciousness.  The focus is divine Self Love as we open unconditionally, allowing ourselves to be seen, fully revealed and naked to the world.  Aquarius energy is cutting edge, bringing forth the future, ushering in new consciousness, facilitating spontaneous awakening and transformation, in service to humanity.  We are moving from the Capricorn archetype of the earthy Executive Director into the free spirited, independent, futuristic visionary, highly intelligent Aquarian energy that also helps us to be emotionally detached and neutral as the great powerful observer.

Uranus is the dispositor of Aquarius, and Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, so the Mercury/Uranus stepping stone on Wed (the 2nd of 3) can be a hugely beneficial gift this week that feels very comfortable and familiar, bringing a sense of peace in the midst of escalating discomfort.  It gives us solid footing and powerful traction to navigate the unexpected shake ups.

Friday holds a Mercury/Pluto conjunction, the 2nd of 3 (the first occurred on Dec 19th that kicked off this cycle of 3)  The higher mind and all of our communication systems are undergoing complete resurrection and realignment right now, and we are right in the middle of the process.

Allowing the mind to go beyond any realm of familiarity, comfort or security, allowing it to reach the edge of known landscapes and cross over into the darkness while trusting in the calibrations that are taking place, without understanding or analyzing the process.  The mind continues to be challenged to unravel and let go of what feels safe and logical, as the ego flares up with bold desire to protect the illusion of sanity and safety that keeps us small.  It’s not logical to leap so far “out there” without knowing the measurable outcome or certainty of our return “back here”, and right now our mental bodies are not only journeying retrograde, towards Source (away from ego), but we’re also flirting again with what feels like the death and resurrection of the mind.  What is really dying is the ego’s control and limitations of how far and how much we’ll allow our mental bodies to calibrate and activate. (for much more from Christine on this topic, please click here).

On Saturday, Venus enters Capricorn at 3:30pm EST, and the heart steps into a position of leadership and authority, escorting us to the FULL MOON in LEO at 8:45pm.  We have an opportunity to reflect and respond with heartfelt gratitude and humble appreciation of the infinite blessings from this month’s journey, including the recent lessons, challenges, breakthroughs, and losses.  We are not who we were one month ago.


We’ve been recalibrated, our internal landscape has been radically redesigned, and our outer world is undergoing rapid transformation to reflect the upgrades.  Everything is moving at the speed of light, and this Full Moon is a perfect time to pause for a moment to hold sacred ceremony, acknowledging and celebrating all that has and is occurring.


Every period of transformation requires a letting go of what was in order to clear space for new possibilities and potential.  Even though we’re heading for higher ground, the choice to let go of our attachments to the past can be emotional, and this is a perfect time to create an intentional space of honor, compassion, and reverence for ourselves and each other.

Sunday is a quiet day providing some much needed stillness for reflection and integration.  Mercury is stationing, turning direct at the beginning of next week, Eris also begins her slow forward movement, and the storm is finally over.  Take a deep breath in, and let everything go.

The practice for this week is to remain fully present in the still point of the heart and find refuge within.  Do your best to keep your thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions aligned with the highest vibration of Love, and let your heart continue to expand and open as you find peace and comfort within.  No matter what is occurring outside, find shelter in your ability to trust and let go.  The storm will soon be over, and a whole new landscape will be revealed as we embark on the next exciting new chapter.



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