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For the week of June 20 - 26, 2016

Get ready for another HUGE week ahead as we witness the highest victory over the old paradigms of social consciousness, taking a giant step up into the new vibrational context of LOVE in the New Earth.  There’s no time to waste, this week is packed with powerful aspects, starting at 7am ET Monday morning…and in full throttle Eris/Uranus style, we definitely won’t want to hit the snooze button at all this week.  Now is the time to be present, awake, and deeply grounded in self care, with every cell resonating at the highest frequency of Unconditional Love.   Infinite possibilities are abundant, the future is being born now, and we are the pioneers of higher consciousness navigating it all.

We are all invited to wake up and greet the giant Full Moon Monday morning at 7am ET, and this particular Moon event is exceptionally powerful.   The Blue Moon, the 2nd Full Moon in a row in the sign of Sagittarius, brings us full circle from the transformative energies activated by the May 21st Full Moon and the Mercury/Mars bridge.   Individually, we’ve been in a deep space of mind/body purging and clearing, wiping the slate clean, and preparing for a brand new context of our social consciousness.   Monday's Blue Moon occurs at 29 degrees Sagittarius, activating the World Axis AND the Galactic Center.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is the highest victory, the truth seeker, clearing the decks and ending the game of illusion and karma, preparing to enter a much higher dimension and frequency of communications with Source energy.  The Moon goes void immediately after for 1 hour, providing an intense reverberation of this rich, potent energy.   Like a sacred cosmic gong sending out ripples of sound vibration, reseting and recalibrating our unified consciousness to the frequency of Source energy, Love.   This is a great time to meditate in silence and allow the fullness of the Blue Moon energies to be absorbed and calibrated at the cellular level.

Jupiter rules this Blue Moon as the ruler of Sagittarius, connecting us to the archetype of benevolence, expansion, and social consciousness.   No surprise that Jupiter is also conjunct the North Node (collective Soul Star Chakra), activating our collective dharma with the master degree of highest truth and victory.   As the illusions of karma disappear and the 3D game demanifests, we stand on solid ground of the New Earth, rooted through our hearts in a brand new relationship with the Divine, channeling light through our bodies and into the Earth.

Monday is also the Summer Solstice, marking a significant point of expansion of light.   For the northern hemisphere, we are experiencing the fullness of light available, while the southern hemisphere experiences maximum shadow, reminding us of wholeness by unification and balance of yin and yang, and the infinite presence of light.  When we connect through Unity Consciousness, we all have access to Light 24/7, no matter where we are on the globe.   Solar power can be harnessed anywhere, anytime, through our consciousness.

The Sun moves into Cancer on Monday, bringing the light of our consciousness deep within the yin essence of our divine feminine energy, the heart of the mother, emotional power.   As we nourish, nurture, and love ourselves and each other unconditionally, we restore and fortify our hearts and emotional body for stamina and vitality.   Cancer is divinely yin, which appears in the dark shadow side of a yin/yang sign.   It’s important to recognize that sometimes our hearts awaken to the deepest most profound expressions of love and nurturing energy through times of shadow, grief, or loss.   We are expanding our social consciousness, and any opportunity to access deep universal love and compassion is an opportunity to unify our collective awakened heart.   As we experience a wide array of emotions and connect socially through the emotional body, remember to be the response of Love and Truth, and allow any historic emotional triggers or reactions to purge and clear in a space of reverence and equanimity.

Mercury is in his dignified sign of Gemini, which represents Mental Wisdom and Love in Action.   Look for Mercury to activate higher perspectives through multiple dimensions this week as he makes some significant aspects to the all important Wisdom Cross almost daily.   On Monday, Mercury forms a Bridge with Saturn, followed by a Mercury Neptune Stepping Stone.  Our operating systems and communications network have access to some major fine tuning, definition, and adjustments that will open gateways and dimensions for our new social communications, if we can step across the bridge and connect.   Saturn is a social consciousness planet that creates contrast and contraction, and can feel limiting from a 3D perspective (especially in a bridge aspect), but in 5D, it gives us the structure, discipline, and traction that supports our integration of these new higher communications.   Without a little friction or opposition, we may not challenge ourselves to test the limits (or breakthrough the limits) and see what’s possible.   In 5D, all things are possible, always, if we can altar our consciousness and communicate with Love.  As we cross the Mercury Saturn Bridge, we develop strength to take a giant step up into a higher perspective of clarity in the Mercury Neptune stepping stone, allowing us to see above the confusion or chaos.   Whatever situation has been unclear or unknown can be navigated through our inner communications, thanks to Saturn’s lessons and definition.

Mercury then forms a bridge with Jupiter.  After the contraction, expansion.   Get ready for a major leap ahead as our higher minds are stretched and activated like muscles in a gym, and now we see what’s possible through that extra discipline and conditioning.   The bridge with Jupiter occurs as Jupiter comes together with the North Node (collective Soul Star Chakra).   As our individual higher minds are stretched wide open, the collective dharma is activated, and our minds become the disciplined servants maintaining focus on our Soul’s purpose on the planet.    When we remember and see clearly the bigger picture and the higher purpose of our Soul’s incarnation,  we won’t tune back in to the lower vibrational channels of chaos, drama, or distractions that keep us dulled down, asleep, and small.    Where the mind goes, the body follows, and our cellular bodies are listening and tuned in to the inner communications from our higher minds.   This is a significant alignment and fine tuning that alters the cellular physical manifestation of our highest vision, Love, and it’s collective.   Which means the communication of our collective dharma is going viral, and expanding (embodying) quickly!

The South Node (Earth Star Chakra) is approaching Neptune (which is now retrograde), and the two will come together in November at the all important 9 degrees Pisces.   This is where we’re ultimately moving towards, the enlightenment of our karma and the embodiment of Light in the collective Earth Star Chakra.  Amazing!!!

Wednesday begins with a void moon from 5am to 4pm, and inside that void moon Mercury and Jupiter form a Stepping Stone as Jupiter Bridges Neptune.   Again, stretching open our higher minds, accessing the essence of Love in Action as we step up into a higher perspective of the events around us.   The Jupiter Neptune Bridge also connects the North Node to the archetype of enlightenment.   The ways in which our historic social consciousness has been limited, disconnected, or conflicted around the lens of Unity are now being called forth to a greater capacity for connection and understanding through Unconditional Love.

On Thursday, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Pluto, as we focus in on the highest vision with clarity and purpose, and eliminate what doesn’t align.  The more refined and elevated our vision becomes, the more potent and pure the manifestation will be.

The week completes as intensely as it began with a full day of aspects on Sunday.   Jupiter and Pluto form a manifestation, expanding our consciousness through transformation.  Mercury forms a Great Eliminator with Mars, which is still in a bridge with Sedna.   The Great Eliminator removes something significant from our physicality that needed to clear, just as Mars stations and completes his retrograde journey.   This final physical body clearing comes from that recent Mercury/Mars bridge conjunct Sedna, which was activated by the May 21st Full Moon in Sagittarius.  We’ve been working diligently to recalibrate our higher mind/body connection, to purify our cells by elevating our thoughts to a higher frequency of Love, and this Great Eliminator is the result of that purification process…a powerful physical transmutation by alchemy through the higher consciousness of Mental Love in action.   This is what’s possible in the New World!!!

The Moon goes Void at 4pm, holding space for a Mercury Uranus Resource and a Mercury Eris Resource at 10:30pm ET, followed by a Venus Saturn Great Eliminator at 11pm.   As our highly refined communications operating system receive late night downloads of mind-blowing potential, the inner guru of the heart makes a powerful decision that unleashes the heart from any outdated definitions or limitations, coming into an empowered still point with awakened mind.

Chiron is preparing for his upcoming retrograde cycle starting next week on the 27th, and we’re all about to awaken to a whole new level of self mastery through wholeness!  What an exciting time to be alive and in contribution on the planet!!!

The practice this week is to keep your focus on nourishing your Self while opening to the abundant wisdom that is available in every moment and every breath!  If you’re a lightworker, you’re here to deliver the communication of Love through every cell and fiber of your being.  We are being stretched wide open and amplified with the highest frequency of Light, so take care of your body, take care of your self, and allow that communication of Love to go viral wherever you are!!!



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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For the week of June 13 - 19, 2016

WOW!!!  After a ground breaking week of revelations and awakenings,  we’re primed and ready to go even deeper.  It’s getting clearer and clearer that time isn’t linear, as last week revealed multidimensional layers upon layers of past, present, and future insights, clearings, and profound openings for new possibilities.   A minute can contain a lifetime, and a lifetime can be a slumber, depending upon our perspective and our willingness to stay awake and grounded.  When we are present within our Selves (and within our cells) we are intimately connected to All.

The week begins with Neptune moving from his station and beginning his retrograde journey.  In Cosmic Consciousness, a retrograde planet is moving clockwise, closer to Source, and up the spiral of conscious awakening.   Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, which represents Christ Consciousness, the vast infinite ocean of Unity Consciousness, infinite possibilities, and the hour of Spiritual Wisdom.  Neptune represents the opportunity for enlightenment.  The veils of illusion and confusion disappear when we choose to see through the highest lens of Spiritual Wisdom, delivering us to an all important portal of truth where we access our Higher Mental Body.    The fact that this planetary archetype is traveling retrograde just as we’re receiving the first of 3 massive awakenings, is incredibly profound.

What’s adding even more magic to the equation is Mercury, now in his dignified home sign of Gemini.  Get ready for an even higher level of intercellular and intracellular communications.  As Unity Consciousness of our lower 4 body system awakens at a cellular level, we have the opportunity to experience deeper levels of intimacy and connection internally, which enhances our ability to communicate via resonance and frequency from our higher minds through the deepest subconscious embedded layers of our cells, tissues, organs, and systems…including our immune and lymphatic systems.  This opens up doorways and portals into the hidden records and wisdom behind chronic health issues that may be unresponsive to typical communications and treatments.

Venus enters Cancer this week, bringing our emotional body into the deeply nurturing sign of Emotional Power.  As we continue to calibrate our minds and hearts together, balancing yin and yang, our minds become infused with the emotional power of Unconditional Love, and our hearts channel Mental Wisdom as the progenitors of Love in Action.   We are moved into action that deeply nourishes and mothers ourselves.  The more we tend to our inner world, the more the outer world flourishes and thrives.

Every particle and fiber of our being contains consciousness, and the more we zoom in our focused attention (Love) on our cells, the more we can make conscious contact to awaken, call forth, unify and balance ourselves holistically.  It is possible to awaken and gain access to the deep pockets of energy that are held within the subconscious realm of our bodies with our new operating system and communications features that Mercury has recently fine tuned.   This week, Ceres joins the Eris/Uranus energy with Haumea, contributing the intuitive divine feminine energy as we midwife the delivery of consciousness into our cellular bodies and into the Earth.   Ceres is the archetypal mother that was able to intuitively communicate with her daughter, Persephone, through the Earth into the invisible realms underground, thereby eventually rescuing Persephone.   While we don’t need rescuing in 5D, we can certainly own our inner power to communicate beyond the subconscious realms of energy that may be embedded or buried below the surface within our own bodies.  As we restore and resurrect our wholeness, we regain consciousness of the parts of us that have been dormant and hiding below the surface, and our overall vibrational resonance strengthens and unifies, allowing us to engage as even more powerful senders and receivers through the collective consciousness.

Since every cell of our lower 4 body system contains the holographic blueprint of the unified whole, and we’re awakening now to global and cosmic Unity Consciousness, then every individual cell also contains the blueprint of the infinite WHOLE.   We are embarking on a journey of unified communications that will allow us to intuitively channel every vibration of thought through frequency, networking with the micro to the macro, opening up the limitless field of spiritual wisdom.   The leaps in consciousness through communication and healing/wholing are mind-blowing….and they’re available to us Now.   It’s important now more than ever to discipline the higher mind to be a highly calibrated conduit of Unconditional Love, and to keep our focus on ourselves.

The practice this week is to meditate on the breath, and connect with the physical sensation of breath moving in and out of the nostrils.  Keeping your focus on your physical sensations with every breath, begin to scan the entire body from head to toe, observing and witnessing any and all physical sensations in the current moment.   With each scan through the body, you are threading your consciousness into each and every cell of physicality, establishing contact and being in relationship with each and every part of the whole.   With an equanimous mind attuned to unconditional Love, you are awakening and strengthening the channels of communications at a cellular level.  As you establish deeper communications, truths is revealed from below the surface, creating enlightenment and understanding, which restores wholeness and eliminates the chronic patterns of separation consciousness.

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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For the week of June 6 - 12, 2016

Get ready for the most profound week ever in human consciousness to date!  The epic meeting of Eris and Uranus, the 2 great awakeners, invites us all to wake up and unify our inner and outer worlds, starting Now.   Separation consciousness is a thing of the past, and Unity Consciousness is here now.   This week marks the first of 3 powerful conjunctions in a brand new cycle that is sure to rock our worlds and shake down the old paradigms and karmic attachments to duality.  Anything goes, and anything can happen in the blink of an eye…delivering us to that all important still point where yin and yang meet in the center of our heart and we find ourselves attuned and at one with ALL.
The week begins on Monday with the Sun and Venus in a superior conjunction and also a super conjunction, elevating the heart above everything else as we prepare sacred space for our new consciousness to ground.  The heart is the new root of our existence in the physical realm, and if we are to be in a body, we must be rooted in an awakened heart to navigate the new terrain.  Our new hearts are calibrated to perfect equanimity, giving us the most highly evolved and conscious navigation tools, allowing us to be moved into action through our bodies, as pure Love.
On Tuesday, Venus and Pluto form a Great Eliminator, and the Sun and Pluto also form a Great Eliminator.   We are undergoing double resurrection and resuscitation of the heart and of our higher consciousness by eliminating what we thought we couldn’t let go of, and finding that we actually experience new life and rebirth from a higher perspective through witnessing the dying off of our old attachment.   The ultimate "letting go" can provide the doorway to a spiritual resurrection and reconnection to the invisible realms, forever altering the course of this life.
Wednesday 6/8 is THE BIG DAY, the moment we’ve all been sensing, feeling, and preparing for.   For the next year and a half, Eris and Uranus will conjunct a total of 3 times in a never before experienced encounter of massive awakening, too big for any of us to fully wrap our heads around yet.  This is the moment when our global consciousness awakens, allowing alignment and integration to occur between the inner and outer worlds.  When yin and yang unify in the middle and hold a balance point of wholeness, ascension occurs.  This particular Eris/ Uranus conjunction is held in a bridge with Haumea, the higher octave of wholeness, healing, and integration.   Two extremes coming together in a unifying bridge, awakening wholeness.  In our wholeness, we find holiness, the sacredness of life on Earth, including all things physical.   As the vertical axis of our consciousness is activated, the crown chakra becomes a wide open channel flowing freely to the root, and our crystalline spines anchor that consciousness into the core of the Earth, ushering in the higher frequencies as a massive collective embodiment of light.
Thursday is the Mercury Mars Bridge, and Mercury is conjunct Sedna at 25 Taurus, meaning Mars (who is still retrograding) is also in a bridge with Sedna.   This is a HUGE bridge of mind/body recalibration, in a brand new relationship inspired by the ultimate cosmic record keeper.   Our bodies are the messengers and the record keepers of our past, present, and future, housing our consciousness for this incarnation, and now our bodies will also be linking us to all incarnations, all lifetimes, all beings, and all information.  As all things physical are awakened and infused with sacredness, everything physical becomes a gateway to the infinite.   When our operating system downloads the wisdom of the enlightened records into our physical bodies, we become the walking, talking, embodied reflections of the infinite Universe, and each of us has access to everything.   This access requires a high level of consciousness to operate, but we ALL have the capabilities.   The ones who diligently practice using their new operating systems, and who are rooted in Unconditional Love and Christ Consciousness, will harness this wisdom and share it with all.    The truth shall set us free, and all of us are destined to remember that we already ARE free.
Also on Thursday, Juno retrogrades into Libra at 29 degrees.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Juno is the archetype of Unity Consciousness, and sitting at the Master degree in Libra brings the mirrored self into a highly awakened realization of Unity Consciousness.   The collective consciousness begins to recognize itself everywhere, and awaken to the highest realization that I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME.   THERE IS NO SEPARATION.  So if even 1 soul is awake, then we’re all awake.   If 1 soul has access to Sedna’s consciousness in their physical body, then we ALL have access to that new consciousness.   There can be nothing withheld when we remember that we are one with everything.   If 1 person is operating at the frequency of Unconditional Love, and anyone recognizes that person, then we ALL are.  Billions of people having individual experiences at any given moment, and we have access to all points, all times, always.   This opens up a whole new portal of multidimensional communications between humanity that began with the Gemini new Moon last week.  We can now be global (or even Cosmic) in an instant through our realization of Unity Consciousness, and through our ability to dial in to multiple communications channels through our own inner still point.
On Sunday, Venus and Uranus create a resource of heart awakening inside the void moon, and Mercury moves back home into Gemini, where our higher communications systems are highly refined, dignified and in their proper place.  It’s time to see what we can do with these amazing gifts!!!  Neptune stations and prepares to go retrograde next Monday, and enlightenment is the name of the game.
A great practice for this week is the Sun/Moon breath.  Closing the right nostril, breathe in through the left for the count of 4, hold for 4, then exhale through the left nostril for 4.   Then close the left nostril and breathe in through the right nostril for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4.   And switch.  As our minds drop into our heart space, we balance our yin and yang energy inside the still point of our vertical axis.   This week is all about the union of masculine and feminine, bringing the pendulum of heart and mind into balance, which unites all things physical with the spiritual.  There’s nothing to resist, and nothing to “make happen”….it is occurring, and has already manifested.    Our job is to allow, surrender, and remain in our hearts.  Stay centered and keep your focus on your Self, and get ready for the ride of your life!!!

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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For the week of May 30 - June 5, 2016

Wow, what an amazing journey, and another thrilling week coming up ahead!  Never before have we experienced so much collective awakening and the recognition of divine beauty and sacredness everywhere!  The more we maintain focus on navigating the inner transformation that is occurring - owning our Light while still untangling and unearthing our karmic threads- the greater the level of personal responsibility we experience, and our soul blossoms and flourishes from the nourishment of our own attention and awareness.  The more we liberate ourselves from the historical conditioning and patterns of limitation, the more exquisite and illuminous we become, and that energy is contagious, inspiring, and highly attractive.

We’re moving into a 6 vibration of June, which is all about the divine feminine yin energy, nourishing, receiving, opening, and allowing ourselves to be the infinitely expansive conduits of unconditional Love.   Because we’re still in the Gemini portion of June, intellectual creativity is high as we harness our ability to visualize and imagine a world of Love through our higher mind, and integrate it through our brilliant operating system/ communications network, thanks to Mercury.   As we vividly hold the multidimensional vision of the New Earth and the frequency of 5D Love, our emotional response is inspiration, excitement, gratitude, and joy…which elevates the collective vibration of energy on our planet, nourishing the awakening that is already occurring.   

We are feeding and supporting the global awakening hearts with our individual capacity and commitment to Love.  As we hold anything in our consciousness with Love, it flourishes.   What we focus on grows.  Where we choose to send our energy is where we’re building our future.  The mind is a powerful tool for directing and aligning our consciousness in the flow of our highest vision.   When we believe and trust with every fiber of our being, we become the embodiment of faith.  Fueled with Love, anything is possible.

Monday is Memorial Day in the US, a day of gratitude, appreciation, honor and respect for the lives served on behalf of collective freedom.   We approach completion for the month of May with a Mercury/Pluto manifestation (trine), the final of 3 since Mercury moved into his shadow at the end of April.   Our refined, extra sensory communications plug into the invisible realm for a final upgrade and reboot, manifesting some amazing new potential that will support in our ability to receive guidance as we navigate the huge events just up ahead.   The more we listen and tune in, the more support we can receive from spirit and from our higher Self.  Transformation is always preceded by chaos, and sometimes the chaos can create temporary static interference in our communications.    This upgrade will redirect us to another “channel" in the event of temporary disconnect from our usual operating channels.

This particular Mercury/ Pluto manifestation is joined by the North Node (our collective Soul Star Chakra) in a Grand Manifestation, bringing our individual work to a much bigger playing field, taking this massive upgrade into Non-Local Consciousness.  Imagine the collective consciousness receiving direct communications (frequency) downloads from Source, from the infinite invisible realm, activating the portal of our collective dharma, in a way that transcends any and all karmic ancestral patterning, and transmutes our collective DNA, jumpstarting new potential for creative energy to manifest at a higher octave (dimension).    As we reflect on the lives of service who have protected the collective freedom in the US, let’s upgrade that vibration to global freedom, beyond any human patterns and conditions of suffering, to liberate all of humanity to the highest octave of unconditional Love and Unity.

Wednesday is June 1st, launching us into that “6” vibration with a huge void Moon lasting almost 12 hours.   Inside that void Moon,  the Sun and Neptune form a stepping stone, allowing us to take a step up in consciousness for higher insight and a clearer perspective on anything we’ve been perplexed or uncertain about.   Enlightenment is nurturing, and no matter what is revealed in that stepping stone, we begin to relax and breathe easier just by seeing clearly.

Thursday delivers a beautiful Venus Neptune stepping stone that builds all day long, as our hearts become the higher ground for insight.   When in doubt, take a step up into the heart for a pure perspective of truth.   The still point of the heart is home, and it’s where the deepest truth can be felt, with crystal clarity.   The heart knows, and the heart is where we find peace beyond any illusion or doubt.   Stay present and open for the clearest messages to be revealed.

On Friday, we gain access to a Sun/ Saturn bridge followed by a Venus/ Saturn bridge.  Bridges can appear like oppositions or conflicts at first, and Saturn represents authority and can feel limiting from a 3D perspective.   But remember that oppositions transcend into openings and opportunities that bridge extremes, creating unification and evolution.   We are traveling beyond limits, and recognizing that we are the authority with full permission to create amazing new potential with our own consciousness and with Love.   We are the ones paving the way and building the unprecedented bridges that unify perceived separation.  Any moment of struggle contains a doorway to a higher dimension.   Choose to be the bridge builder.

Get ready for movement and magic on Saturday!  The Gemini New Moon holds true to it’s multidimensional prismatic nature, taking us on a scavenger hunt, beginning with a Sun/ Jupiter stepping stone, followed by a Venus/ Jupiter stepping stone, a wisdom crossroad with Saturn squaring Jupiter (and Neptune), helping us to step right up to the New Moon.  And that New Moon is bridging Saturn, squaring Jupiter and Neptune, and conjunct Venus…WOW!    Typical kaleidoscope fashion of Gemini brilliance!!! 

According to Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is Love in Action, movement generated by the powerful still point of the heart.   Every stepping stone is approached from the heart, and as we step up to an expansion of consciousness, our hearts are equally expanded and opened, allowing us to access wisdom from our social consciousness, which moves us to plant seeds of a brilliant vision for humanity.  Love and Service, infused with mental wisdom.   We must take the steps to reach the highest dimension of our minds before planting those seeds, and as we do, we step into our conscious authority as Leaders of Love, in a brand new cycle that honors the response-ability of the heart.

The practice this week is to stay in the still point of the heart and be responsible for your energy and attention.   There’s enough activity to make anyone’s mind spin, but the real movement can only occur when we take our seats in the heart, and allow the heart to move us.  Keep bringing your focus back to your Self and remain tuned in to the brilliant messages and insight coming in through the heart.   The only way to travel multidimensionally is to stay deeply present…the more present you are, the more places you can go at once.  Enjoy the ride!!!  This is truly the most exciting moment to be alive!!!

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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For the week of May 23 - 29:

What an amazing Full Moon weekend, setting the stage and launching us powerfully into the upcoming Blue Moon event on June 20th.  We are in the most exciting and profound period of time ever in human history!  We are consciousness, operating as the frequency of LOVE, awake and in action, and that very Love based action is manifesting the New Earth.   Everything physical is transforming before our very eyes, and every breath contains infinite creative potential for resurrection, rebirth, and new beginnings.  Magic is appearing every day, and what once seemed impossible is now readily available in the blink of an eye.   When we believe it, we can see it, instantly.  It’s already there, always has been.  Time and space no longer have a hold on our realm of possibility thinking, we’re breaking limits and barriers like never before, manifesting miracles.
The Full Moon in Sagittarius (part 1) opened a doorway to a super conscious bridge of mental wisdom and physical wisdom, with all lights shining on the stationing Mercury and the retrograding Mars.  The brilliant light of the Gemini Sun delivered multidimensional upgrades (from Source) to our new operating system, and the communications instantly downloaded at a cellular level into our physicality.   From now until June 20, (part 2 of the Full Moon in Sagittarius), we are manifesting the highest vision of this transformation, shapeshifting ourselves and our reality with our brilliant minds, activated and animated by the light of Source.   We are standing at the cutting edge of evolution, a truly remarkable place to be!
As our higher minds awaken and develop the purest mental discipline to love unconditionally through our thoughts, we take our seats at the highest observer’s perspective and attune our mental frequency to Unity Consciousness (Non-Local Consciousness).  The physical realm can then rapidly shed the old karmic loops, release limiting attachments, labels and judgments, and resurrect to a higher manifestation that reflects our higher consciousness.  The more we discipline our minds, the more our minds become super antennas, channeling light from Source, like lighting rods through our vertical axis, grounded into the Earth and into our cells.  Our communications infrastructure is highly developed and in tact, thanks to Mercury, and is now ready for massive expansion.
Mercury is still in his station on Monday, holding the still point of the weekend’s activation on the World Axis point, preparing to move forward again, navigating the integration of our next phase of transformation.  Venus moves into Gemini on Tuesday in a bridge with Mars Retrograde, and our emotional bodies are also attuning to the charge of the Full Moon event.  When our hearts merge with the fully activated and upgraded Mercury still point, the result is Divine Love, from Source, moving our hearts into Action through all of our relationships, as seeds of contagious Love are carried and planted everywhere we go.  Mars is also calibrating that charge, embodying the frequency of Love based communication in our cellular structure, as Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio on Friday 5/27.
Once Mars steps back into Scorpio’s energy, it’s alchemy time.   Get ready for the unexpected, radical physical transformations and mind blowing makeovers and revelations.  Appearances aren’t real, nothing physical is “real”, so whatever meaning we’ve attached to historic identities, including our own, is about to shift.   The Full Moon in Sagittarius aligned our physical cells and DNA with the higher frequency of TRUTH, the vibration that ends the karmic cycle and reveals our soul’s authentic purity and light.   Get ready to watch the veils and masks coming off as the truth comes to the surface between now and June 20th.    What once was hidden, including our own brilliant light, is penetrating outward for all to see.  We are clearing the residue of ancient lifetimes of mistruths, misconceptions, and misqualified interpretations that have created the old limiting belief systems that shaped our physical reality.
On Thursday 5/26, Jupiter and Saturn complete their 3rd of 3 powerful stepping stones.  Jupiter is still in his station and Saturn is coming from the Great Attractor.  The fact that this is occurring at the end of a 9 month triple stepping stone series is so significant, marking the completion of a major manifestation.   Our social consciousness is being born anew after 9 months of embryonic preparation and culmination.  Jupiter in Virgo is expansion through wholeness and our capacity to integrate collectively through each individual part.   Virgo has access to the infinite collective consciousness through any and every point of contact, and as Jupiter elevates our ability to expand, we find that any one of us can amplify the whole with our own individual frequency of light.
We are all connected, nothing is separate, and as we awaken to new levels of personal and social responsibility, we are empowered to take action through our own authority, the authority of Love.   As leaders of Love, we recognize that by Loving ourselves and each other unconditionally, and tending to our own deepest needs, we ARE BEING the frequency of Love in Action that Loves and tends to ALL.  Love is the agent of alchemy, the divine Healer/Wholer, and all things are possible in the vibrational context of Love.   The more we access our I AM presence, the more we upgrade our social consciousness to LOVE and UNITY.  Saturn reminds us that we are the authority, the guru, the teacher.  As we own our power, we allow ourselves to be the ultimate contribution for our planet.   Not by doing anything different, just by making the connection through every ordinary love based action.
The weekend is quiet, providing nourishment and restoration as we integrate deeper and deeper.   Vesta is traveling with the Sun right now, adding a dimension of deep inner devotion to our consciousness.   Take care of the ordinary and quiet moments with great attention and devotion as the sacred is being revealed in all things.
The practice this week is to be diligent with the integration of loving All though every ordinary action and owning your I AM presence.   I AM LOVE IN ACTION, BENEFITTING ALL, ELEVATING THE FREQUENCY OF THE PLANET THROUGH EVERY THOUGHT, WORD, AND ACTION.  As you connect to your most cherished loved ones, expand that vibration of Love to include All.   As we connect with One, we are holding the hearts of ALL, and vice versa.   This is a week of integration yielding multidimensional expansion and transformation.   Keep your attention on your Self, and allow your still point of Love to hold the consciousness of All.

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Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For May 16 - 22, 2016

What an amazing and thrilling ride!!!  Whether we can see it or not (we’ve certainly been feeling it..) the old root systems have been clearing out, excavating and purging the debris of inauthentic perceptions, reactions and attachments, while elevating our frequency to attune to a much higher consciousness and mental operating system (Mercury).   Everything is recalibrating, everything is shifting.

This week delivers us to an amazing Gemini/Sagittarius bridge, activating the higher wisdom of our mind/body connection, and illuminating the brand new blank canvass we’ve just cleared for ourselves courtesy of the Full Moon in Sagittarius.  Although we may not know what’s coming next on that blank canvass, the fact that we have so recently been completely engaged with the powerful clearing fuels our faith in new adventures ahead, leading to a whole new reality.

Venus connects  with Uranus on Wednesday and Eris on Friday, awakening the emotional body and preparing for Venus' conjunction with Sedna on Friday 5/20, when the heart begins a brand new relationship with the wisest cosmic record keeper.   When the heart remembers the Truth, and falls in Love with the divine beauty of the soul, there can no longer be consideration for compromise, self doubt, diminished Self-esteem, or neglect.

Our hearts are receiving enlightened downloads, like an IV of new multidimensional light forms from Sedna, synching up records, and clearing away the old files of untruths and misinformation.  When the heart fully awakens, it will never go back to sleep.  As we open our hearts to perceive the reflection of who we really are, we will never even think of choosing to believe or behave as anything less.

The Sun moves into Gemini this week, which in Cosmic Consciousness is the sign of Mental Wisdom and Faith in Action, mental brilliance, and multidimensional state of the art communications.  Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and the Great Messenger has been traveling retrograde for the last several weeks, delivering even more cutting edge information and downloads to our new operating systems.

Our internal wiring systems continue to undergo massive overhaul and clearing, down to the physical structure (Mars) of these networks, for example, the auditory canals, our throats/sinus cavities, vocal chords, nervous system, the inner most lining of all of our lymphatic passageways and all visceral sensory outlets, including the ones deeply imbedded in our gut.  Everything is being upgraded for revolutionary quick speed communication and intuitive capacity to interpret and send messages, both internally and externally.   We’re becoming super conductors of brilliant high speed light, through every cell of our bodies.

As the Sun moves into Gemini and produces the Full Moon, Mercury stations direct at the world axis, and we gain access to a magical still point that reboots massive upgrades to our communications operating system.   The light of the Sun acts like a spotlight, highlighting the newest features available to our consciousness at this time.  We’re newly wired within ourselves and also joined up in a super network collectively.  Quite amazing!!!

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday May 21, conjunct Mars, offers a full blown opportunity to experience and respond to the highest truth of our soul’s journey, wiping the slate clean from all the karmic debris, and ending the game of illusion.  Depending upon how attached we’ve become to wearing a mask, hiding behind perceived limitations or repetitive karmic loops, this experience will either be liberating or painful….or both.

The light of this Full Moon reveals all of the karmic clearing we’ve undergone thus far in Mars’ retrograde journey.  The Moon represents our emotional response, which moves energy through the physical body into action.   As our emotional body is purged and cleared from the deepest roots of our old triggers, traumas, and reactions, we are free to move from the purity of our heart, creating the New Earth and our New Physicality with Love.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius creates a bridge with the Sun in Gemini, activating the all important Mind/Body connection, the polarity of Mental Wisdom and Physical Wisdom.   Mercury’s station reboots the new operating system, which automatically reboots and attunes Mars as well.

Like a tuning fork, Mercury sends the powerful resonance of communication through sound waves and frequency that calibrates through every cell of our physicality, interrupting and clearing whatever isn’t in alignment, and fine tuning the mirrored reflection to match.   Polarities are extremes of the same thread, and as one elevates in frequency, the other shifts automatically.   Both reflect the same frequency and the same consciousness.   We are bringing into balance the new mind with the newest manifestation of our body, with the light of our whole consciousness, Sun/Moon, Yin/Yang.

The practice this week is to allow every cell in your body to reveal itself, inside and out.  With every inhale, open and expand to receive the ultimate breath of infinite light, and with every exhale, imagine your cells and your physical body turning inside out, allowing the inner most core, innermost truth and Light, to be revealed and transparent.   Practice strengthening that muscle of transparency, move beyond the discomfort, and allow the inner to be congruent with the outer, and vice versa.   Nothing to hide, nothing to protect, allow your full Light to expand and radiate outward in all directions, all dimensions.   And let any debris of resistance blow away with every exhale, lightening up your inner space, liberating your Self.   Surrender any judgment or fear, let go of any desire to censor or edit…and set free the Truth of who you are!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the World.  There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.  As we let our own Light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”    

~ Marianne Williamson, RETURN TO LOVE

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