Weekly Navigation Report: April 15 – 21, 2024


Week of April 15 – 21, 2024

Welcome to a powerful week of awakened integration and deeper clarification/filtration from the recent eclipses.  Our presence matters, and our ability to take a seat in the stillness of the open heart is key.


There is sacred space within the open heart, always.  Regardless of the situations or circumstances we might be navigating moment to moment, and regardless of our current experience of those circumstances or scenarios, there is profound safety and stillness available within.  Oftentimes our human tendencies will have us react when the outer terrain gets unsettled, disrupted, or unstable.  If we think our safety depends upon outward circumstances being solid, we may find ourselves living in a reactive state, feeling unsafe or distrusting in the midst of change.


The nervous system requires a still-point to reset and recalibrate inner equilibrium, and the heart is the calibrator of the nervous system.  When we allow our system to be calibrated by external events or our own ego reactions of fear, we can actually break rapport with our own heart resonance.  We can even betray ourselves by not listening or trusting the heart’s frequency and our higher divine intelligence.  That breakdown in rapport requires conscious repair to restore safety and wellbeing within.  The awakened heart offers a stabilizer that is trustworthy, even in times of change or uncertainty.


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Weekly Navigation Report: April 8 – 14, 2024


Week of April 8 – 14, 2024

The week begins with a dynamic pulse-point activation like jumper cables to the heart of our relationship axis, with focus on Self Realization from the highest octave.  Nothing is more important than bearing witness to our Self in action – through the shadows and the Light – transcending the unconscious/subconscious patterning of wounded circumstances, cracking ourself open to harness the divine power and mastery of our pure creative potential.  As we unleash that awakened potential, anything is possible.  


When circumstances bring us to a familiar pain point (or the threshold of a breaking point) of historic limitation, we have choices:  collapse into the story of our past wounded patterns, avoid/bypass/disconnect the current sensations and pretend we’re not seeing what we’re seeing, or Wake Up and realize the patterns at play, be fully responsible for the patterns that we’re living in, and recognize our power to choose something new.  Our willingness to see beyond the edge is key.  That radical shift in consciousness shifts the story, changes the lens of vision, and forever alters the landscape and the terrain we’re navigating.  The breaking point unleashes the breakthrough, and liberation is realized.  


The power to choose is ours – no matter what we’re experiencing, witnessing, or feeling challenged by.  How we choose to see ourselves in any given moment is reflected by the greater lens of our world view and what we think we’re seeing/interpreting outside of ourselves.  The truth is, there’s nothing outside of our Self.  Once we begin to unify and consciously take responsibility for the patterns and algorithms we’re living into (or avoiding and ignoring), we begin to realize how powerful we really are, seeing clearly the storylines we’re choosing moment to moment, and the power of our own mind.


Weekly Navigation Report: April 1 – 7, 2024


Week of April 1 – 7, 2024

Get ready to deep dive this week into the activated still-point that unlocks infinite creative potential in all dimensions, through the potency of the awakened heart.  Mercury stations retrograde on Monday, and this week delivers us to the full blown Solar Eclipse next Monday 4/8.  Although it may appear that we’re moving backwards, we’re actually quantum leaping multidimensionally at lightning speed, and that “sling-shot” activation propels us into new territory in the blink of an eye.  

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During times of change, we often tend to look through that horizontal axis for the available options, which brings our quantum leap into the 3D physical arena of form and structure.  We can change our location, change our surroundings, change our role/title/position, or even change our relationships.  However, if we don’t realize the opportunities for vertical leaps in consciousness, we end up repeating the same stories and scenarios, no matter how much “change” we facilitate along the horizontal axis.  


True sustainable change (alchemical transformation) occurs when we have a shift in consciousness that forever alters and expands our awareness of Self, that takes us to higher ground where the landscape changes.  That kind of change is dimensional, not just structural.  In other words, we can move the furniture around a space for a new expression, but it’s still the same space.  When we awaken and transcend the space, we begin to access new spaces within our Self, which brings to light new possibilities and creative openings.  


Weekly Navigation Report: March 25 – 31, 2024


Week of March 25 – 31, 2024

This week begins with a potent Penumbral Lunar Eclipse/ Libra Full Moon at 3amET/ midnightPT, recalibrating our lens of reflection through the mirrored self, and reminding us to look up through the awakened heart in order to see our divine Light and infinite Soul reflected.  Get ready for a magnetic week of expansion, breakthrough, and radical realignments that have the potential to shift our reality forever.  


It’s important to remember that eclipses always offer the possibility for sideways elevator rides, the unexpected invitation that takes us places we never imagined, transcending our current grid system of consciousness, and accessing new realms.  Any opportunity can take us there, if we’re willing to trust, surrender, and have faith.  


In this Pisces wormhole passage, anything goes, anything is possible, all timelines exist, and we’re not bound to any historic labels, conditions, narratives, or even identities.  When we travel through soul consciousness, we find ourselves in the current moment as the divine expression of Love, uncensored and uninhibited, with freedom and authenticity to be as we are, however that reveals.  This kind of freedom to create and express is exhilarating, and deconstructs the inner agreements that have kept us bound and tight under the guise of safety and security.  


Weekly Navigation Report: March 18 – 24, 2024


Week of March 18 – 24, 2024

We’re in a dynamic week leading up to the first eclipse activation on Monday 3/25, the Full Moon in Libra/ Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse.  Between now and then, Mercury enters his pre-shadow phase on Monday 3/18 (preparing for retrograde 4/1 – 4/25), the Spring Equinox balance point calibrates on Tuesday 3/19 as the Sun enters Aries, and Mars enters Pisces on Friday 3/22.  Sparks are flying, options are stirring, and possibilities are endless.  What we do with all of this creative energy is up to us.


Where we choose to invest our mental body energy and attention is important, especially while traveling at warp speed through a Pisces wormhole/eclipse passage.  When we recognize the power of our thoughts and the power of our attention, we begin to wake up and hold ourselves responsible for what we’re choosing – especially in our unconscious/subconscious mind.  


When we are clear about our focus and attention, we become conscious creators.  With the limitless possibilities of the infinite realm flowing through us (as us) in any given moment in time, there’s nothing we can’t create, there’s nothing we can’t manifest.  When we’re unclear about our focus and attention – if we’re spinning in the unconscious realms or allowing our thoughts to go unchecked or undisciplined, we may find ourselves swiftly manifesting the very thoughts that we didn’t intend to say yes to.  



Weekly Navigation Report: March 11 – 17, 2024


Week of March 11 – 17, 2024

Welcome to the spring eclipse season, otherwise known as a wormhole passage!  From now until May 7th/8th (New Moon in Pisces to New Moon in Taurus) we’re traveling at warp speed through this wrinkle in time/space, a fold in reality that gives us unprecedented opportunities to travel outside the lines, beyond our familiar paradigm, and into a transcendental state of unity consciousness where quantum leaps are abundantly accessible.  All possibilities exist, and anything goes.


What normally could take a lot of linear time and space to realize can manifest in the blink of an eye, if we’re willing to play by the rules while traveling through the wormhole.

1.  Stay in the heart, let the heart lead the way.  Maintain an unwavering presence of the heart, let nothing compromise or shake that alignment and attunement.  Make the commitment to maintain a healthy relationship with mind/heart awareness, and let the rest unfold.