Weekly Navigation Report: August 7 – 13, 2023


Week of August 7 – 13, 2023

Welcome to the full blown activation of the Lion’s Gate portal this week on 8/8.  The intensity is palpable, and the downloads are off the charts.  Bookended by the Aquarian Full Moon and next week’s Leo New Moon, this passage is electrifyingly potent.  Our job right now is to release and surrender while opening our hearts to the fullest capacity of authenticity and divine soul expression.


When we open from within and allow the fullness of every breath and the fullness of universal life force energy to pass through us, in abundant communion with All beings, we recharge and renew the vitality of our heart.  As we recharge and renew the vitality of our heart, we calibrate the divine light of our Soul through our cellular structure, offering divine blessings of Light wherever we are, wherever we go, and wherever we’re called forth.  That exchange of vital life force energy flows as the current of divine Love, as the universe offers Light to us, through us, in circulation on the ground and through the atmosphere.


The key to vitality and abundant life force energy is to remain open, unconditionally, through the ebbs and flows, ups and downs, while attuning to the Light.  We can attune to the Light simply by sungazing with the morning sunrise each day, calibrating our system to receive the potency of full spectrum life force energy through the universal frequency of Love.  When we open ourselves up to receive this blessing, we benefit beyond belief – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Our cells feel nourished, aligned with our heart, and the mind attunes to the positive frequency of Light, illuminating the highest lens of vision and highest channel of connection and communication.


Light communicates Love, and Love fiercely meets us where we are, honoring the divine truth of our soul, revealing our true nature and distilling any cloudiness, fogginess, or misaligned energetics.  When we bathe in Light and gaze into Light from the awakened lens of the heart, we come home to our Source of vitality and the unyielding strength of our Soul, recognizing the Sun as our mirrored reflection.


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Weekly Navigation Report: July 31 – August 6, 2023


Week of July 31 – August 6, 2023

The Lion’s Gate portal is officially open, amplifying the increasing volume of Light this entire week, building potency through the peak on 8/8, through the closure on 8/12.  This week’s Full Moon in Aquarius on 8/1 reveals and reflects that incredible potency of Light, as the bearer of new consciousness awakening the hearts of All.   Electric, eccentric, and fiercely unapologetic…when lightning strikes, awakening occurs.


The mechanism/messenger of awakening is less important than the Light that’s revealed within each and every one of us when we wake up to our divine nature and embody our Light.  Whatever it takes – paddles to the heart, unexpected curveballs that get us out of our habitual slumbered state and familiar grooves, magnificent downloads of cosmic frequencies that wow us out of our status quo and into higher frequencies of Love – whatever it takes.  The moment of awakening is here.  There’s no avoiding or pretending when that lightning bolt strikes.  There’s only Light.  Massive amounts of Light.


When the lights come on, we start to see what’s been there all along, right in front of us.  That illumination reveals crystalline clarity, and can be a game changer to our day to day norms and trajectory of our current progression.  When we’re committed to sticking out the course we think is real, and suddenly get shaken off that path and delivered to a higher octave, the realizations become crystal clear, and the authentic alignment reveals wisdom.  There are moments in time when the universe nudges that alignment, whether we think we’re choosing it or not.  Our divine guidance mechanism delivers the attunement that facilitates the unexpected….and that unexpected experience is the medicine of awakening.  It doesn’t matter what it takes to wake up, what matters is that we do.  And the Aquarian Full Moon will unapologetically stop at nothing to get our full attention.  It’s time.


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Weekly Navigation Report: July 24 – 30, 2023


Week of July 24 – 30, 2023

Welcome to the journey of a lifetime, the full blown healing path of the awakened heart.  With Venus officially retrograde through 9/3 and Chiron now retrograde through 12/26, the heart is calling us into the fire (light) for the most divine authentic expression of our awakened Self.  What matters most is staying open through all that’s occurring, and tuning into the heart as the divine messaging system.   Whatever comes up during this time is an initiation, bringing us home and calling us forth….to embrace and embody our awakened mastery.  It’s time.


With the Sun newly in Leo, we’re calibrating the dignified aspects of the Sun within ourselves.  Leo is the fire sign of Emotional Love, the calibrating force of generative energy that shines as bright as the Sun – our authentic expression of sustainable Light.  When we choose to open unconditionally, we offer our Light to the world, without censoring or compromising the inherent frequency of Love that we are.  When we pull back, shut down, disconnect, or withdraw, that divine expression of Light becomes hidden within, and feels separate from the rest of the world.  True sustainability requires an open portal that allows the ebb and flow, the figure 8 pattern of the infinity loop, in constant motion, continuous expression.   Within and without, above and below.


The Sun shines 24/7 because it’s the nature of the sun to shine.  Not because it tries or pushes really hard, but because the Sun is a source of vital life force energy, sustainable fuel, inspiration, and Light that makes all things visible.  When we find our inner spark of Light that is unwavering and unconditional, the aspect of our Light that is unmistakably our most authentic expression, we find our greatest contribution and service on the planet.  When we offer ourselves fully, through the Light of our divine beingness – without needing to push, force, or try harder – we begin to tap into a sustainable current of generosity.  In order to remain unconditionally open, we must learn to navigate our day-to-day unfoldings with gratitude, looking for the blessing in all that’s occurring, even if we can’t see it on the outer surface yet.


Looking for the blessing in all situations means that sometimes We are the blessing in the situation, the organic manifestation of Light.  If we shut down because things look bleak around us, we forget that we’re the gift in that moment, and our open-hearted presence matters.  If we pull back, disconnect, or go on automatic pilot as a reaction to the denser scenarios around us, we forget who we are and collapse into the status quo of the situation.  Remember, the Sun shines 24/7, consistently, no matter what.  There may be clouds that cover the sky, creating the illusion of darkness or separations, however that Light is still present, Always.  When we honor our Light within, and look for the Light above, we become the initiation of Love in the situations around us.


Walking the planet with an open heart takes courage, honoring the vulnerability and transparency witnessed within each moment – within and without.  As Venus retrogrades through the sign of Leo, manifesting with Chiron retrograding through Aries, we’re all embarking on an epic journey of awakening.  The open heart becomes the portal of Self Realization, inviting us into the unexplored, unrealized expressions of Self – at the personal level, cosmic level, and Soul level.  The questions these days are esoteric and spiritual:  who am I beyond the labels, roles, narratives, and identities?  What’s awakening in me through the current challenge or healing crisis?  Who am I becoming in my most authentic expression?  Who am I in the world, and who am I as the world?

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Weekly Navigation Report: June 26 – July 2, 2023


Week of June 26 – July 2, 2023

Welcome to a dynamic week ahead, activating divine power through the emotional body as a mechanism for movement and elevated communication. With the Sun in Cancer, and Mercury entering the water this week too, there’s ultra sensitivity on tap. Our capacity to feel empowered by whatever we encounter in the water yields a rush of energy to harness through authentic expression and dynamic movement.

Sensitivity can be a gift, increasing our intuitive connection as we streamline through the liminal space between the moments of connection at lightning fast speeds. However, sensitivity can also be overwhelming or inflammatory if we react personally to what we sense or feel, running those sensations through our personal operating system, producing sensory overload and emotional burnout. The invitation is to elevate through a non-attached lens of equanimity as we honor the movement that’s occurring through all dimensional currents within the water. The gift of sensitivity allows us to be open to all of it, experiencing the rush of vitality as water moves, gaining momentum. When we get triggered, overly sensitive, inflamed, or resistant, we stagnate or congest the process, blocking the flow of water, holding back the river and losing steam.

If we use our sensitivity to try to filter everything from a personal perspective, we can exhaust ourselves, and bend the current of universal flow by running it all through our personal filtration system. When we alter our lens to equanimity, we can observe what’s in the water, without making it personal or attaching ourselves to the story within the flow. Noticing what’s in the water is insightful; harnessing the available power within the current is where the mastery lives. Dynamic action is possible in that flow, and our presence calibrates the entire body of water with Divine Love.

Honoring the flow (calibrating sacred space that allows any and all emotional expressions), supports the overall purification of water and the increase of momentum rising through the movement. Empowerment through any experience reveals the true power of the moment, through conscious movement. When our emotions take us out like a tidal wave, in an overwhelmed or debilitated state, we can lose our ground and lose power. Opening ourselves up as the vessel – like the pitcher of water with a wide opening to pour forth without blockage – the stream can flow with amazing ease, as we purify ourselves through the movement. The more open we are, the more movement we can facilitate.

This week highlights Mercury – the messenger and the overall intelligence of our inner operating system. The Messenger sends information through the holistic system that informs our actions, reactions, and non-actions, however if the information coming online through the messaging system is limited, disempowered, or stagnant, our actions may become stagnant, congested, or limited.

Freedom within the channel opens the joints and valves to allow for fluidity and supple expansion in our holistic system. Freedom is power, and true freedom requires personal empowerment. Actions that arise from the heart reveal authentic expression. When the mind honors and allows that current, we find freedom through any movement that comes from the heart.

Speaking of the heart, Venus is preparing for her upcoming retrograde journey July 22 – September 3. Everything that’s occurring now through the lens of the heart will be repeated and reviewed during the retrograde season. This week sparks a Venus Chiron manifestation, the 1st of 3, and reveals the necessary healing of the heart that’s required in order to fully embody our divine authentic mastery. Our greatest gifts from the heart require freedom, permission, and authenticity to fully awaken, embody, and express.

The awakened heart is the gateway to the soul, our divine blueprint, and universal connectivity. If we’ve been conditioned to suppress, hide, or deny the heart in any way, this period of awakening will stretch out the comfort zone of familiar programming, opening the heart unconditionally, and allowing the heart to lead the way with courage, vulnerability, and authenticity. The new leadership on this planet comes from the awakened heart, fully visible, and attuned to unity. Unifying by building bridges, connecting and communicating through the gateway of the heart. Actions taken from the heart inspire greater movement and momentum, increasing the dynamic flow through our shared oneness.

“Movement creates movement. When we move the body, we can move the mind, we can move emotions, we can move communities, and we can move mountains.” ~ Krista Petty Raimer

This week also delivers the “7” vibration month of July, in a “7” vibration year of 2023. The esoteric journey of spiritual evolution and transcendence is amplified this month. Going inward through the heart, the gateway to the soul and the center of the universe, we find the upward spiral to a new horizon. A whole new world is available when we find the portal of the heart and rise up to a higher dimensional frequency of Love. Everything changes when we see the world with new eyes. As we ride the waves, we harness dynamic energy in motion, elevating to higher ground for new actions and manifestations.

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Weekly Navigation Report: June 19 – 25, 2023


Week of June 19 – 25, 2023

We’re navigating a significant calibration point this week – the Solstice on Wednesday 6/21 officially ushers us through still point of extremes, the longest day of Light (for the northern hemisphere), and the entry point into our Cancer yin energy – bringing us into the heart of what matters most, at the deepest core of our being. When we get to the heart of the matter, we find our root system, our foundation, our core values. We find what’s important, release the rest, and recalibrate.

It’s important to remember, we are multidimensional beings. Moment to moment, we experience shifting lenses of perception, dimensions of consciousness, and converging timelines that can change our point of view in the blink of an eye. There is truth in all of it, however, our attunement with the consistent Light that shines through the heart and soul is what matters most.

The complex fabric of reality isn’t flat or linear, there are multiple threads in flux and flow. A shift in any dimension reveals a shift in the wholeness, and as we sift through the moving pieces and parts, we filter through our primary lens of the heart. Our attunement through the heart keeps us aligned with Truth, in the moment.

When we try to think our way through available options or choices, it’s easy to project our perception into situations from the mind’s logic eye to see what the outcomes will be, and determine if we like those experiences or not, without ever even taking a step. Oftentimes we find ourselves on a pendulum swing or metaphoric “fence”, with opposing sides and pros and cons. We can spend lifetimes in the mental body gridlock assessing the same conversation, or asking the same question, over and over again. When we bring the intelligence and wisdom of the mind into the multidimensional lens of the heart, we start to feel our way through the available options, in the moment. As we transcend the logic of “this or that”, we begin to find the current, trust the direction of the flow, and tune into the heart.

The solstice points (summer and winter) offer an opportunity to calibrate the extremes of yin/yang through still points of full expression. Only be embracing the fullness of our yang can we begin to appreciate and integrate the contrast of the yin. And only by experiencing the extreme accessibility to yin can we appreciate the contrast of yang. If we only live in the extreme of light, we miss the opportunities to balance with the contrast of shade, shadow, and restorative hibernation. If we only live in the flow of rest and receptivity, we miss the opportunities to initiate, take charge, and implement a new thought or direction. The fullness of each reflects the absence of the opposite, and yet the yin/yang wholeness is transcendental in nature, inclusive of both, and ever expanding.

In order to expand and transcend our familiar patterns and set points in the current fabric of reality, we must be willing to stretch through the polarities of yin and yang, while also integrating and complimenting the opposite through innovative wholeness. While we’ve been taught to avoid extremes, to find the middle path, there are times when we may find ourselves navigating and negotiating the line of extremes that can potentially take us over our “edge”. Resistance to the edge can be inflammatory; surrender through the edge can deliver us to a brand new dimension of awareness and conscious integration. That edge of deliverance is also an ascension point, where transcendence unifies and elevates to a new dimension of consciousness.

The edge we’re navigating through the is Summer Solstice calibration point is the merging point of yin/yang through mind and heart. Gemini brings the full blown active state of the multifaceted mind into Cancer, the power of the emotional body felt through the heart, the entrance to the feminine. Gemini invites us to think from the heart and observe our reality through the multidimensional lens of the diamond mind. Cancer invites us to feel our feelings, to go with the flow, honor the current, and nourish what matters most. If we’ve been taught or conditioned to bypass our emotions, override the heart, and only live in the mind, we might have a tendency to fragment from what matters most, pushing through our heart’s calling from the mind’s attachments or fixed beliefs. The merging point of mind/heart requires equal respect of both, and a willingness to explore the edges of both. “Only those willing to go too far can know how far they can go.” ~ T.S. Elliott

The parts of ourselves that have been kept separate, guarded or protected for fear of losing ourselves or crossing the line, are the very parts requiring attention, love, and complimentary grace. When we give ourselves permission to cross the historic lines of “too much”, we begin to connect in vulnerable new ways that reveal authenticity of the highest order. Being stretched too thin can feel like breaking down, however the breaking point of old muscle fibers reveals the potential for new growth, new expressions, and new possibilities….stronger than ever.

The truth is, we live in an ongoing cycle of inhale/exhale, increase/decrease, expansion/contraction…while continually evolving, transforming, and transcending the old narratives, reference points, and limitations. Our experiences aren’t linear, and aren’t defined by black or white fixed labels. As we navigate our experiential journey of wholeness, we begin to realize the movements that stretch us to the edge, breaking through to new ground, transcending what was available even a moment ago.

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Weekly Navigation Report: June 12 – 18, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of June 12 – 18, 2023

Get ready for multidimensional action and revelations this week, prompting opportunities for quantum leaps, in the moment. The New Moon in Gemini on 6/18 reveals a multifaceted new beginning for conscious wisdom and enlightened clarity. Saturn stations retrograde on Saturday 6/17, beginning a journey of boundaryless deconditioning and restructuring through November 4th , paving the way for evolutionary change in our social fabric. And Sedna enters Gemini on 6/17, bringing the crystalline record keeper into the sign of transcendental bridge-building for the next 43 years. Love in action is the name of the game as we pioneer new ground.

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Love builds bridges…awakening new possibilities, revealing wisdom through unity, and ushering the ultimate deliverance to higher Love (new ground). Seeing beyond the conditioned reactions that separate, polarize, or fragment in the face of opposition or challenge, it’s time now to unify, elevate, and bridge the oppositions through the realization of higher ground. The truth is, all roads eventually connect, all roots unify through their origin, and the idea of separation is an illusion, materialized through actions and results that embody separation consciousness. When we choose to unify the fragmented parts within ourselves, we begin to see the potential for unification and transcendence everywhere.

The most common experience of duality can be perceived through the relationship with mind and heart. In our own inner dynamic of yin/yang awareness and partnership, we can see the times when we fracture, fragment, or break apart from the oneness of our inner mind/heart union. When the mind separates from the heart, we may feel polarized, split in two, or shattered into a million pieces if we can’t reconcile the gaps. Anytime we find ourselves in a strong extreme of either/or thinking, we can see the threads of separation within our mental body structure. That repetitive patterning use can wear on us, causing mental body burn out and fatigue.

Where the mind goes, we project and encode, manifesting our fabric of reality. A fragmented mind sees the fragments of the world as unreconcilable differences, inflammatory responses that pull apart the fabric at the seams. A unified mind sees the world through a lens of unity and multidimensional diversity, honoring all pieces and parts, and seeing the brilliance in the wholeness of interconnectivity. Nothing separate, nothing isolated or disconnected.

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