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Weekly-AstrologyFor the week of August 27 – September 2, 2018

The Pisces Full Moon opened the floodgates for a massive unveiling of the heart, revealing our intimate connection through the limitless realm.  The etheric water has broken, and we’re moving through the birth canal.  In just 2 short weeks, the New Moon in Virgo will usher us home to the New Earth.  What matters now is that our hearts are wide open to all that’s available as we navigate the current transitions.

The eclipse events of this summer have facilitated an epic “rite of passage” for each of us to walk through fire, surrender our attachments, and purify our mind, heart, body, and karmic roots.  The metaphysical journey is coming to completion, and now we begin the holistic integration, practical alignment, and fine tuning that will change the game on Earth forever.

Change IS the name of the game for these next several years, and our ability to navigate and adapt with grace and agility will be refined and mastered like never before. The path of mastery cultivates diamond consciousness.  Imagine diamond light, the full spectrum of color, sound, and frequency that serves as the divine invocation and manifestation of 5D creation.  Every ordinary moment of diligent practice –  and every opportunity to elevate through the unpredictable challenges and discomforts of redesign and rebirth – support in the overall fine tuning of our expression of Light.

Each of us embodies a unique vibrational signature.  By calibrating the lower 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), we attune our unified frequency to the fullest harmonic resonance of wholeness, revealing ultra pure brilliance.  As humanity collectively “tunes” their holistic system, we can unleash a magnitude of full bodied Light, through our bodies and the Earth.  This is the awakening of Divine Love through the planet, recognizing our bodies as instruments for higher consciousness.

Our work now is to fine tune our instruments by aligning and calibrating the lower 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) to the frequency of Love.  As we do, everything shifts, at the cellular level, inside and out.  As we remember the truth of who we are, why we’re here, and the brilliance of our masterpiece, we quickly shed the old expressions, revealing our “new skin” of awakened Light.

This unveiling of Light is the greatest show on Earth right now.  There’s nowhere else to be but intimately connected through every breath, in our finest hour of creation as we consciously navigate the portals between endings and new beginnings.

The week begins on Monday 8/27 with the Black Moon conjunct the Earth Star Chakra, Neptune conjunct the Pisces Moon, Mercury in a great eliminator with Neptune, Saturn manifesting with Uranus, Mars stationing at 29 Cancer, and Uranus intersects with the Moon’s Nodes. Reverberating in the reflection of the Full Moon, we access a new beginning of empowerment and enlightenment through our karmic roots. Neptune – the ruler of the Pisces Full Moon – brings the fullness of the limitless realm into the grand water manifestation that expands and enlightens our social consciousness.  There’s no limits, boundaries, or borders today as we open to new possibilities never imagined.

The old definitions and limitations are interrupted, creating the spaciousness for something brand new to appear.  And that brand new appearance comes online with Mars’ forward movement at the Master degree of Capricorn, as divine power and authority takes action with unprecedented command.  Our awakening transcends the available options from a dualistic cause and effect pipeline, shattering the glass ceiling of our current reality, resulting in revolutionary breakthroughs.  Anything is possible, as long as we’re willing to let go of what we think we know, and be surprised by the unexpected outcomes.

On Tuesday 8/28, Mercury and Jupiter are in a stepping stone, and Sedna stations retrograde at 27 Taurus.  Our communications can elevate to a higher perspective, if we’re willing to listen from the heart.  Interesting that Sedna turns retrograde the day after Mars stations direct.  There’s a beautiful relationship between the record keeper of our physical body that holds the vibrational imprint of our actions and experiences…and the supreme cosmic record keeper, the grand matriarch of the cosmos, storing the vibrational imprints of every timeline and every thought – past, present, and future.  As we reclaim our divine power in our tangible earthly bodies, we’re synching up the files with the higher realms, manifesting from the sacred space of remembrance.

Wednesday 8/29, Pallas is manifesting with the Galactic Center.  Divine feminine wisdom is manifesting through the portal of truth at the origin point of Source.  This is a divine reboot that amplifies new creation with inherent wisdom.

On Thursday 8/30, Mercury and Pluto are in a great eliminator, Black Moon is in a bridge with Mercury, Vesta is conjunct Ixion, Pallas and Sedna are in a stepping stone, and Ceres is in a stepping stone with the Galactic Center.  Our communications may temporarily go offline or disconnect, which serves a powerful purpose to purge the lines and clear the air, and reveal something hidden.  If we remain centered and still, we can tune in through the silence and hear much more than could ever be spoken.  Our fire of devotion sparks a new beginning with our soul’s blueprint and purpose, calling us to step up into divine remembrance.  Remembrance gives way to the rebirth, as we return to the truth, and start again, from the heart.

Friday 8/31 holds a Black Moon Venus manifestation, a Ceres Sedna manifestation, and a Black Moon Haumea manifestation.  This is a full on feminine day, delivering the richest texture of intimate connection and wholeness.  As we commune from the heart, we birth more than we ever could in isolation.  Taking a risk to unveil the heart results in cosmic magic that’s written in the stars, waiting to be seen.

On Saturday 9/1, Venus conjuncts Eris and joins the Eris/Haumea Light Bridge, Juno is in a great eliminator with Haumea, and Venus is in a great eliminator with Juno.  This is a powerful moment of awakening that elevates the heart to 5D consciousness of Oneness and Wholeness.  We’re shedding our skin of separation, from the heart, letting go of any fears, doubts, and insecurities that have ever held us back.  The calibration of our heart to One Heart is part of the epic paradigm shift that’s changing the game on this planet moving forward.   We’re also entering a “9” vibration month, which is important for wholeness and completion, recognizing that any completion brings us back to a new beginning.

And Sunday 9/2 delivers a Sun Orcus conjunction, a Mars Pallas great eliminator, a Black Moon intimacy with Mars, Mercury leaves his shadow phase, Mercury and Eris are manifesting, Mercury and Haumea are in a resource, and Mercury and Juno are in a stepping stone.   Orcus reminds us why it matters to be here, in form and structure, and to manifest the promise we made in this lifetime.  That promise receives a massive calibration of integrity and alignment from the Virgo Sun, which supports in refining our thoughts and actions with empowered clarity.   When the mind is crystal clear and aligned with Love, our actions manifest Love, congruent with the heart.

The practice this week is to listen with the heart.  Beyond the words being spoken or unspoken, there is a vast ocean of Love that flows through the heart, delivering every message, vibration, and sound that exists in the universe.  See if you can hear frequency, color, texture, and vibration through the heart, and practice letting go of expectations, judgments, or attachments.  There’s nothing to judge, nothing wrong, and nothing to fix…just opportunities to open, to soften, and to see beyond the veils or walls of misunderstandings.  Equanimity is always the cushion to sit upon, planted in Unconditional Love as the universe reveals it all.

“When the stories of our life no longer bind us, we discover within them something greater. We discover that within the very limitations of form, of our maleness and femaleness, of our parenthood and our childhood, of gravity on the earth and the changing of the seasons, is the freedom and harmony we have sought for so long. Our individual life is an expression of the whole mystery, and in it we can rest in the center of the movement, the center of all worlds.”
― Jack KornfieldA Path with Heart

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  1. Hi Christine!! I love your new site. And thank you, as always, for your beautiful weekly guidance. It is a joy to wake up on Monday morning to these words, and to be able to reread them often throughout the week.

    This week sounds and feels like it’s going to be spectacular!!! It has just been a stunning summer so far. Thank you for all of it Christine. Looking forward to your new website and new journey 🙂

  2. Christine, my friend and I get together every Monday to read your beautiful words together. You always seem to put into words the energy that we are feeling bubbling up but could never express. Thank you for sharing your gift. You are such a blessing in our lives! A vast ocean of love to you!

  3. Thank you All for expressing so much Love. Truly beautiful to see your comments and feedback. Beyond grateful.. Excited to see what unfolds here as we expand our Light together! xo

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