Weekly Navigation Report: September 5 – 11, 2022


Week of September 5 – 11, 2022

This week unleashes limitless possibilities to create and expand, beyond our wildest dreams. As we open the floodgates of non-structured universal potential, flowing through our newly recalibrated and attuned 4-body instrument, the potential for mastery and brilliance is off the charts. Our diligent practice and conscious integration matters.

Mastery of anything requires practice, and practice includes the potential for breakdowns and imperfections, as well as the potential for brilliance that falls effortlessly from the sky like a magical shooting star, sometimes when we least expect it. How well we practice, and our disciplined equanimity in the ups and downs of experiential application and navigation, matters. If we react and judge ourselves or the process, if we resist the breakdowns and only embrace the success, we may discover a temperamental dependency on controlled outcomes and guaranteed certainties. That framework is limiting, and when stretched, can reveal chaos and congestion.

It’s time to expand and evolve, (not just horizontally, but also vertically). We may find ourselves at times being stretched in various dimensions simultaneously. Expansion will reveal the current edge of limitation in our standard familiar norms, challenging us to go deeper, finding new ways of responding and new ways of being. There may be historic patterns and structures we’ve identified with and attached ourselves to that now require reinvention, redesign, or full blown transcendence in order to create from a higher lens of vision. These challenges can be difficult to digest in the moment, and yet richly rewarding and enlightening on so many levels. Our relationship with challenge is what calls forth new expressions of mastery and refined brilliance. Mastery isn’t taught, it’s called forth and practiced.

Finding the sweet spot of surrender and grace, we can soften our mental body framework of attachments and expectations, gently inviting any limiting threads to stretch and reveal new possibilities, in the moment. Our practice of personal mastery lives in that sensitive space between higher vision/intention and manifestation/results. Within that gap of empty space, a universal field of possibilities can unfold. When we meet ourselves with unflinching equanimity and unconditional love, we can see through the current triggers, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs while honoring the potential that’s already being activated and called forth. As we forgive the density and return to Love, we consciously calibrate the sacred space of potential with nourishing support while integrating that potential into the fabric of reality until it manifests as solid ground.

Every thread of limitation in our current operating system has been holding weight in our belief system to keep us safe – from fear of failure, fear of success, fear of uncertainty, fear of rejection, etc. When we live within a tight or rigid framework that allows little to no permission for risk, imperfection, or breakdown, we also shield ourselves from opportunities to fully thrive and grow, uncovering hidden gems of brilliance within the creative unscripted spaces. Imperfection is a powerful teacher that reveals wisdom and insight that can’t be learned in books. Permission is the golden ticket that allows us to take leaps of faith into the unknown, un-manifested realms of magic. If we keep ourselves too earth bound, too structured, we won’t experience the leaps of faith that are available in every breath, in the sweet communion with the invisible realms. And if we only live in the invisible realm of imagination and possibility, we may not access the courage and discipline to follow through to completion, integrating possibility into tangible results through refined mastery of manifestation. Both the visible and invisible realms are important and necessary, and this balanced equality and unification is the new default setting for the new Earth.

Integration matters, at the cellular level of our earth bodies (and soul level of our infinite body of consciousness) in order to complete the circuit of wisdom, grounded and solid in our bones. Wisdom comes from experience, and our day to day practices create the experiences we learn from and manifest through. If we’re too cautionary and fear based, we might guard ourselves with barriers, limiting our chances for failure and optimum expansion, giving preference to the things we already know we can do well. As we learn to trust the heart and allow ourselves to be called forth and moved by the voice of the heart, we surrender those fears and take leaps of faith into the unknown.

That first leap of faith may not manifest immediate solid ground that feels steady, however every moment and every breath is fertile in the co-creation and manifestation process. That gap between visionary leap of faith and final mastery of solid result can take time to smooth out the edges, find smooth grooves of cohesive alignment as pieces and parts come together to reveal a new tangible structure. The inception date of anything takes time to incubate holistically, and that process is full of radical shifts, new growth, development of form and structure from the invisible realm of formless limitless potential. This process of creation and manifestation is a leap of faith, and the inner resilience to not lose faith through the uncontrollable variables that ebb and flow is key.

In order to surrender through the uncontrollable variables, we must learn how to refine and elevate the controlled variables, such as our attitude, thoughts, emotions, reactions, judgments. Negative self talk, judgment, and disempowered thinking can dampen or agitate the environment that’s birthing new potential and holding sacred space for that potential to take shape and grow. The most powerful vision can’t withstand incessant negativity from judgment and criticism that collapses the heart and disempowers the spirit. Manifestation requires the support of light, belief, and trust…without attachment or agenda. Manifestation and creation are collaborative efforts, within the universal realm of Love. Our free will to choose our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs moment to moment can make the difference between clarification or congestion in that field of potential. Moment to moment, our responses and reactions are either helping to clear and elevate, or congesting and dampening the space, contributing to confusion or delay.

As we calibrate the balance of mind/heart union, we also find the balance of spirit/matter union. In order for the highest alignment of results to manifest, we must have faith and belief in the infinite possibilities within the invisible realm. Otherwise, we’ll only gravitate towards what we know, what we’ve done before, or what we’ve been conditioned to stay safe in.

This week delivers a Full Moon in Pisces – the invisible realm and limitless ocean of unconditional Love. That Full Moon reveals 2 finger of god aspects, both involving Neptune in Pisces; the potential for enlightened clarity through the limitless realm has never been more accessible. The space where dreams take shape, from the formlessness of a possibility, to the solid ground of a framework to stand upon and live into, is ripe and sensitive. The delicate balance of intention, calling forth while letting go, practicing equanimity, matters. Also this week, Mercury stations retrograde, bringing our mental body operating system through an explorative journey, recognizing limiting threads and doubts, and transcending those threads into awakened portals of potential within the structure of our own mind. Our belief in possibility is everything. Our belief in the un-manifested potential is a golden key to manifestation. The bridge between vision and result is within our minds. And the fully integrated structure of our holistic system is what grounds possibility into matter with precision and mastery.

The week begins on Monday 9/5 with a Venus Ixion manifestation, Mercury Salacia bridge, and Pallas enters Cancer. Venus newly entered Virgo overnight, bringing the heart into alignment with the purest service and integrity of the soul, with the potential to manifest from the highest blueprint and clarity of intention. The Messenger unifies with the limitless realm to remind us of our true nature. Any threads or thoughts of limiting beliefs that arise today have the potential to cross that bridge of possibility when we remember who we are and where we come from. There’s wisdom moving through the heart as Pallas enters Cancer, and wisdom in our bones and in the root system we call home.

On Tuesday 9/6, the Sun manifests with Albion then forms a new cycle with Orcus, followed by a Sun Great Attractor stepping stone, Saturn Ceres bridge, and Black Moon Mars resource. The Virgo Sun conjunct Orcus restores alignment with the reason why we’re here, the promise we made, from the heart, to be here, now. That heart song is the essence of our soul that moves through all that we do, in all that we are. Today’s Saturn Ceres bridge is the birthing canal for the awakened delivery of our highest vision. Our greatest expansion comes online as we reinvent the structures and agreements we’ve been subscribing to and/or limiting ourselves by, in order to birth the higher contracts and soul agreements that are calling us forth. There’s a life defining birth that’s occurring as we awaken to the truth of who we are and why it matters.

Wednesday 9/7 starts with a Sun Juno bridge, Sun North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Sun South Node (karmic) resource, followed by a Pallas Ixion bridge, Black Moon Mercury resource, and Sun Chiron great eliminator. The Sun is active today, offering alignment and integrity like a tuning fork of light to clear old debris from wounds and traumas, and find resonance with the unwavering presence of the heart that knows how to navigate each moment with mastery, wisdom, and grace. When we allow and trust, the potential for alchemical transformation is off the charts. When we lose faith and try to control, push, or force our agenda, we witness a narrowing of possibilities and brittleness in our foundation. Suppleness is restored as we take a deep breath, open the heart, allow, and have faith in the brilliant discernment and integrity of the heart.

On Thursday 9/8, the Black Moon manifests with Salacia, finds resource with MakeMake, and Venus forms a great eliminator with Chariklo. The heart calls forth new boundaries and filters that offer support and stability to the elevations that are occurring. If we’ve been clinging to outdated boundaries that don’t support, elevate, or refine the sacredness of the heart, it’s time to shift and recalibrate. There may be temporary uneasiness in the shifting of old structures, but the new support will allow for multidimensional expansion and quantum leaps in harnessing visionary potential.

Friday 9/9 reveals a Black Moon Varuna communion, Venus Quaoar manifestation, Ixion Sedna great eliminator, Venus Jupiter great eliminator, and the Mercury stations retrograde. Mercury’s retrograde station occurs at 9 Libra, and for the next 3 weeks, our inner operating system will receive radical feedback with the potential to shift limiting patterns and narratives, restoring holistic integrity and inner alignment with the higher frequencies of the heart. Mercury travels retrograde 3 times a year, like clockwork, giving us the opportunity to self reflect and gain insights and upgrades in the overall functionality and evolution of our mental body and inner technology. As with any technology, when we’re receiving insights and downloads of epic proportions, the overall system might run slower than usual or experience technical challenges during that period of time. Once Mercury stations on 10/2, there will be forward movement that reveals the new features and capabilities available through our inner operating system. Taking this time to review and reflect, even if it slows us down temporarily during the process, can catapult us through higher dimensions of clarity and wisdom in the long run.

On Saturday 9/10, the Black Moon manifests with Jupiter, followed by the Full Moon in Pisces, then a Juno Great Attractor stepping stone, Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, and Black Moon Chariklo bridge. The Full Moon at 18 Pisces occurs at 6:01am ET, and is conjunct Neptune, Astraea, and Juno. Neptune is the dispositor of Pisces, and this Full Moon is extremely dignified and potent in our capacity to cut through illusions and see clearly what’s within us and around us. If we’re too congested and weighted down with judgments, criticisms, fears and doubts, or unworthiness, we won’t believe what we’re seeing. When we project our fears and doubts into the congestion, there’s confusion and distortion, and a lack of discernment to cut through and fine tune.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents divine wisdom and the limitless possibilities that live in the infinite ocean of unconditional Love. When Love (as a frequency) is our state of consciousness, we are at one with all beings and all possibilities. There is no separation. Nothing missing, nothing broken, nothing lacking…in ourselves, others, or the situations we find ourselves navigating. When we buy into the illusion of separation, we start to believe that we’re not enough, or that there isn’t enough time, resources, Love, support, etc.

The truth is, we are limitless, beyond comprehension. When we align ourselves with the heart, and choose to live in accordance with the purest frequency of the heart, we open the universal birthing canal to manifest from that limitless ocean of possibility. The invisible realm of Pisces contains every possible thread of creative potential that ever was and ever will be. The divine essence of the universe flows through that ocean, and that ocean flows through our hearts, as the authentic expression and divine service we embody.

This Pisces Full Moon offers a full blown reflection of the holistic integration of Light, possibility, and creative potential that lives within us, through every cell, in the empty spaces between and within us All. As we gaze at that reflection from the wholeness of our cells, we can be blown away by the magic, abundance, and cosmic potential that we are. Filtering that cosmic potential through our holistic system, we can integrate and synthesize formlessness with discernment, in a way that inspires practical application through everyday living. Walking our talk as beings of infinite cosmic potential, calibrating alignment and integrity with all that’s possible in every moment. Restoring belief in the invisible realm, belief in the magic of possibility, and belief in ourselves and the timeless wisdom and Light that we are, beyond time and space. Cellular integration of the infiniteness of our Soul.

There are 2 finger of god aspects including the Pisces Full Moon. As the Virgo Sun points to the Moon, Neptune, Astraea, and Juno, there are 2 great eliminators with Chiron/Eris in Aries and Saturn/Vesta in Aquarius. And as Ceres points to Saturn/Vesta, there are 2 great eliminators with the Full Moon, Neptune, Astraea, and Juno all in Pisces, along with Pluto in Capricorn. That’s an unbelievable potential for not only transformation, but alchemical transcendence of historic limitations in a way that awakens and restores the highest remembrance and alignment of the integrity of our Soul…fully integrated through our lower 4 body system. What a quantum leap in the embodiment of our limitlessness. The mantra “Anything is Possible” is becoming our realized state of awakened embodied living.

And Sunday 9/11 offers a Sun Uranus manifestation and Venus Salacia manifestation. As the Sun and Uranus manifest, there is an epic flash of awakening that sends lightning through our holistic system. If we choose to believe in limitations, our system will quickly remind us of the truth…that we are infinitely limitless, always have been and always will be. There may be situations and circumstances that take us to our edge of capacity, or even take us to our knees in surrender, however the more and more we practice believing in what we can’t yet see, believing in what we know to be true (the infinite ocean of Love), our experiences will reveal the sparks of magic and universal abundance that appear in the most surprising and delightful ways. The way to navigate the cosmic ocean is with trust and faith. When we’re trusting, we’re open. When we practice faith, we become faith in action, manifesting Love in every step, revealing wisdom in every breath.

The practice this week is faith and trust. Notice any opportunity to meet your current edge of limitation in any challenge you’re navigating (whether that’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual). Surrender through any sensations of discomfort, soften the edges with Love, and allow for a greater expansion to organically stretch open, revealing the portal of possibility. Sometimes we have to soften the edge physically when the body tightens up or becomes agitated with stress. Oftentimes we must learn to soften the edges of our own mind, letting go of attachments and holding compassionate loving space in the inner atmosphere of our minds. Remember, the frequency of Love is the universal language of creation. When we slip out of that frequency, we misalign ourselves with our true nature and the potential for divine manifestation. When we choose to elevate and recalibrate, we find alignment with the universal law of Oneness, and all things are possible, through Love.

“You yourself are your own barrier – rise from within it.” ~ Hafiz


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