Weekly Navigation Report: September 26-October 2, 2022


Week of September 26 – October 2, 2022

Welcome to the Fall eclipse/wormhole passage! Yesterday’s New Moon in Libra officially activated the wormhole passage that will take us through 2 upcoming eclipses on 10/25 and 11/8, ending on 11/23 with a New Moon in Sagittarius. Eclipse/wormhole passages are always powerful events that usher incredible opportunities for radical shifts, unexpected pivots, and quantum leaps. These 2 eclipses are oriented towards the Scorpio/Taurus karmic and dharmic nodes, which means the potential for alchemy and transformation are extremely high. Things are changing, and our presence is required.


In any period of change, we experience transitions – sometimes subtle, sometimes dynamic or extreme. How we navigate those transitions matters. Our willingness to be fully present – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – matters. If we check out, disconnect, or avoid any aspect of the journey, we give our power away. In the precious moments of redesign, we have full creative potential to access new realms, new dimensions of possibilities, if we’re present and awake.

Meeting the current moment without judgment is important. When we can be with the current unfolding of every moment, without flinching, we can see what we need to see, receive the necessary feedback and inner guidance available, and respond from an empowering seat in a way that manifests conscious creation. Instead of reacting to what just happened, we can consciously choose to elevate through the heart to manifest what comes next. So often, we can get triggered by the surface level appearance of our situations or relationships, and those triggers can snowball into ripples and waves of emotions and past patterns. If we follow those waves, or get swept by the surges of past narratives and memories, we may find ourselves recreating the past while transitioning through opportunities to manifest a new chapter.

Moment to moment, we are at choice. There is incredible power in the seat of this current moment, regardless of our current situations or circumstances. Our personal power is not dependent upon where we find ourselves moment to moment; personal power is activated anytime we meet the moment with an open heart/open mind and consciously choose our response, the next expression. From that mind/heart union, we can see what we need to see, awaken, and choose. In such a time where anything can manifest, on a dime, it’s important to keep an open mind and allow new possibilities to be revealed, oftentimes when we least expect it. If we assume that we know everything, if we ignore the limitless realm of creative potential, we can end up blocking ourselves from the expansiveness that lives within and around us.

The recent Libra New Moon activated a bridge with Jupiter in Aries, which represents the expansion of our horizontal axis, the relationship axis, and the mind/body relationship. When we expand our horizons, we see more than we could’ve imagined before. New possibilities emerge as that horizon unfolds, letting out the slack from our historic limitations or outdated beliefs, unfolding and shaking loose the blinders, and letting the vastness of the universe in through our lens of vision. There’s a whole new world waiting to be explored, and if our minds can allow that expansiveness to reveal, we can take a step into a new dimension. The fabric of our reality is not fixed or stuck or binding. It’s fluid, malleable, changeable…and created within the mind, in the moment. As we stretch our minds and awaken our hearts, we prepare for the journey of a lifetime that can alter our lens of vision that allows a whole new world to manifest in the blink of an eye.

The week begins on Monday 9/26 with a Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone, Ceres Haumea resource, Mercury Venus conjunction, Sun Jupiter bridge, Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone, and Venus Galactic Center stepping stone. The mind/heart union activates a powerful partnership of equality through our inner yin/yang balance. Interesting that the Equinox on 9/22 calibrated a powerful yin/yang balance point just before we entered the wormhole/eclipse passage, and now we find the Mercury/Venus conjunction in Virgo, the sign of alignment, attunement, and holistic integration. These two archetypes will meet again on 11/22 in Sagittarius, just 1 day before the ending of the wormhole at the Sagittarian New Moon. When we stand on equal ground with our yin and yang energies, and when we integrate and practice that template of wholeness, we calibrate balanced wholeness within our cells, within our relationships, and in the world around us. The attunement of equality on the planet begins with our own conscious integration of yin/yang harmony and partnership. As we bring the mind into resonance with the heart, we fine tune our holistic system to the universal frequency of Love, which restores alignment at the personal and cosmic level.

On Tuesday 9/27, the Sun manifests with Chariklo, followed by a Mercury Pluto manifestation (2nd of 3), Black Moon Pallas conjunction, Black Moon Juno manifestation, and Mars Saturn manifestation. Our mental body operating system is undergoing massive shifts and updates through this Mercury Retrograde cycle, and the manifestation with Pluto signifies the transformation journey we’ve been living through. Shedding the old skin from limiting thoughts, labels, identities, or attachments so that the mind can open to receive the full resonance of the heart, and align with the highest truth of our Light. When the mind is in tune with the heart, we become impeccably in tune with our highest potential, and nothing is off limits or out of reach. Mercury will station direct later this week on Sunday, and will repeat the manifestation with Pluto on October 6, just before Pluto’s station on October 8. This recalibration is the catalyst for our upcoming journey of resurrection and reinvention that prompts an even greater experience of metamorphosis. Our structures and forms are shifting, including our cellular expression…not by force, but by nature of evolutionary transformation. When we shift the frequency of the mind towards harmony with the heart, a whole new expression starts to take shape…in our cells, and in the world around us.

Wednesday 9/28 starts with a Black Moon Astraea manifestation, followed by an Orcus Great Attractor stepping stone, Sun Quaoar stepping stone, Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) resource, Black Moon Orcus resource, Black Moon Sirius communion, Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, Pallas Juno manifestation, Ceres Sedna stepping stone, and Venus Sedna manifestation. There’s a lot of unveiling today, layers peeling back, light shining through, illuminating what hasn’t been seen before. As always, our job is to see through the lens of the heart, allowing that diamond lens to slice through illusions and distortions to get to the heart of the matter, to see Truth. It doesn’t matter if we like what we see, what matters is Truth being revealed. When we see clearly, we can choose to respond with clarity. Healing can occur, misunderstandings can clear, and course corrections can manifest, taking us to higher ground. If we react to what we see, we project those reactionary waves of triggered emotions into the space, congesting and confusing what’s possible. Remember, Love distills the confusion and restores clarity in a heartbeat. Stay aligned with what matters most, see the situation clearly, and respond with discernment, not attachment.

On Thursday 9/29, Venus enters Libra, Ceres enters Virgo, followed by a Black Moon Uranus resource, Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, Venus Ixion stepping stone, Mercury Eris great eliminator, and Black Moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect. As Venus enters Libra, the heart enters familiar territory, thriving in the sign of relationship with other. The heart is the mirror that allows us to see ourselves through relationship, and allows other to meet themselves in the mirror of Love. As we allow our hearts to motivate our actions, we find ourselves in a love exchange with the universe, through all situations and scenarios. Ceres in Virgo brings the midwife into an aspect of divine integration through healing, wholing, and alignment. Any transition we’re birthed through offers wisdom that can be integrated holistically, if we honor the transitions and honor ourselves in the process. The birthing canal holds the space for our deliverance, and that space calibrates the attunement of our highest blueprint and divine purpose as we move through.

Friday 9/30 begins with a Sun Varuna resource, followed by a Sun Salacia bridge, Black Moon Neptune manifestation, Black Moon Mercury resource, and Black Moon Eris stepping stone. Seeing through the highest lens of vision, we remember our limitless nature and the nature of the universe. As we recalibrate the scales of inner/outer, we find the spaciousness within that matches the infinite outer space. Nothing is separate, nothing is lacking, all is available and all is within. The Black Moon activates another grand power cross with Pluto, Eris, and Arcturus/Haumea over the next 2 days, and it’s important that we remain empowered by all that’s awakening within us. Truth reveals the path, like a river flowing, carving through the Earth.

On Saturday 10/1, Ceres manifests with Ixion, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Pluto, followed by a Sun MakeMake conjunction/new cycle, and Venus Jupiter bridge. There’s an element of divine timing and divine law and order today that can’t be ignored, as the heart reveals the bridge to expansion and creative potential. When the floodgates open, it’s time. If the floodgates aren’t open yet, it’s not time. All is revealed in divine timing, and the heart is always in tune with that universal resonance. We can’t push or force expansion to occur and have it be sustainable. Sustainable expansion occurs organically, in harmony with the laws of the universe. Once that bridge is revealed, we’re free to take a step.

And Sunday 10/2 is a Black Moon Haumea stepping stone, then Mercury stations direct, followed by a Black Moon Sedna resource as the Black Moon enters Leo, then a Sun Juno great eliminator, Venus Chariklo manifestation, Chiron Orcus great eliminator, and Black Moon Ixion great eliminator. Today’s Mercury station is in a bridge with Neptune, calibrating enlightened vision through our inner operating system. The Messenger has been traveling retrograde since September 9, and these 3 weeks have allowed for a beautiful deep dive of reflection and purification through our inner lenses and filters that make up the mind. When the mind is attuned to the heart, we see clearly, enlightened vision. When the mind is attached to agendas, judgments, or perfection, we lose the capacity to see Truth with an open heart. Mercury’s station in Virgo, just after a meeting with Venus, gives us a new default setting of balanced partnership and yin/yang equality that we can integrate through our own nervous system, through our inner landscape, and through the way we live and embody. This is a significant attunement that can elevate us to a higher resonance within ourselves and the greater unified field.

The practice this week is a candle gaze meditation. Light a tealight candle, and set a timer for 10 minutes. Take a sheet of paper and pen. For those 10 minutes, hold your gaze on the flame, attuning to that source of light. Anytime your mind wanders or gets distracted, gently bring yourself back and start again, and make a hash mark on the paper. Every time you start again, make a hash mark on the paper. Every time your mind wanders away, disconnects, or checks out, come back and start again. Be in the active practice of attuning towards the light of Truth, from the heart, while strengthening the mind’s ability to focus in a deeper practice of equanimity. Every hashmark represents the choice to come back and start again, to get current, interrupt the distractions, and come back into focus. It’s not about how many marks are on the sheet of paper, the hashmarks are simply the interruption and the correction to come back and start again. Let go of any judgment about whether you did it well or not so well, and just be in the active practice. Every moment is a choice.

“Be here now.”
― Ram Dass

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