Weekly Navigation Report: September 25 – October 1, 2023


Week of September 25 – October 1, 2023

The week ahead is dynamic and complex, as we continue through the epic wormhole passage, newly calibrated by last weekend’s Equinox balance point, and now moving into the Aries Full Moon on Friday 9/29.  Sparks are flying, engines are activating, and change is in the air.


Dynamic change is ignited when the need for change is realized.  Oftentimes we realize the greater need for change when confronted by old limitations or patterns of injustice.  When the current limitations won’t allow or support our greatest expansion and growth, it’s time for radical change.  Not just surface level change of outward appearances, but holistic sustainable change that takes us into new possibilities and manifests new ground.  That kind of change can be a holistic overhaul, down to the studs.


Change of any kind requires a letting go of the comforts and conveniences of where we’ve been, in order to free up our full potential to make a quantum leap in a new direction.  Pioneering new possibilities, initiating new potential, consciously creating a new fabric of reality.  If we react to what we don’t like, or get caught up in the knee jerk reactions of what’s not working, we can confuse the potential that’s awakening in this moment, which is revealing opportunities to revisit and redesign the old repetitive loops and patterns by applying new consciousness and choosing from there.



This week’s Aries Full Moon gives us an opportunity to see ourselves clearly from a front row seat of Self Realization.  When we confuse ourselves with old wounds, and repeat the spin cycle enough times that we begin to think that’s who we are, that’s normal, or that’s the way it is and that’s all that’s possible for us in the world, we begin to find a very narrow minded and disempowering lens of vision.  When we can see ourselves clearly despite the circumstances and situations we’re navigating, and access our divine consciousness from a blank slate of possibility, we begin to tap into the limitlessness of our divine nature.  We are free to choose, as powerful creators, free thinkers, and divine manifesters.


Aries represents the spark of divine creation, and the need for Self Discipline within the Mind, making sure our thoughts come from a loving place, aligned with the divine essence of the heart and our true nature.  Our perception of reality is a mind game – it matters where our mind is tuned, and the lens of consciousness we’re living through.  When our mind is attuned to fears, doubts, insecurities, or the projected imprint of our historic wounds, we not only live into that blueprint, we become that expression through our holistic embodiment.  The thoughts we think become the skin we’re living in, which manifests the scenarios and experiences we’re living into and reacting to.  When we consciously choose to elevate our mind to a higher dimension of possibility, remembering our true nature and limitless capacity to create instead of react, we unleash incredible potential for brand new beginnings.  The choice is ours.


The most common everyday injustice is the misuse (or refusal) of our own personal power….the power to choose our own thoughts, and therefore choose to shift and elevate the fabric of our reality – which greatly impacts the overall expression of our health and wellness (for ourselves and the planet), and the available choices for action that exist before us (and within us).  When we’re stuck in a triggered state of fight/flight/freeze, we’re living into the trauma patterns of past experiences (personal, ancestral, and collective), experiencing unconscious/subconscious inflammatory reactions to the current stimulus, and never fully getting ahead of the curve (or out of danger, out of fear, out of debt) to find our seat as a powerful creator.   We can’t wait for things to fully resolve before we begin to make the shift into personal power and personal responsibility.  The interruption and redirect of our conscious attention must become a priority, a personal choice, moment to moment.  That new choice creates a shift in the wave pattern, eventually creating new neural networks in the grid system, elevating from the old algorithms and revealing new possibilities.


It takes fierce and loving discipline to remain in the practice moment to moment.  It’s easy to manifest big dreams when there’s no competing conversations within the subconscious realm of the mind causing gravity, sabotage, or polarized confusion.  It’s easy to experience health and wellness when there’s no competing conversation within a chronically challenged immune system encoded by previous trauma conditions.  However, it’s our personal responsibility to detox the mind, re-educate and recondition the inner programming of our personal matrix.  Whatever we’ve inherited or acquired from our current culture, climate, or biology can be purified and fine tuned as we make it our business to take inventory, to see the inner landscape and harness the power within to make the necessary adjustments and shifts.


When we become the pioneers and architects of our own mind, we begin to revitalize and review the scaffolding from our experiential awareness.  We change the game from passive participant to conscious creator.  The biggest revolutionary quantum leap right now is occurring within our own minds, and anyone with the commitment to disciplined and refined personal mastery will elevate the most.  It’s not a game of who gets there the fastest, but a recognition that for All of us to evolve and expand, we must look within ourselves first.  That’s where the change occurs.  If we wait until change happens on the planet first, or if we wait until someone else gives us permission to feel safe or feel smart or remember what’s possible or show us a different future, we’ll be waiting a very long time.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and the time is now.


The week begins on Monday 9/25 with a Mercury Albion manifestation, Mercury Jupiter manifestation, Jupiter Albion new cycle, followed by a Sun Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Juno subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Venus subtle intimacy aspect, then a Mercury Orcus new cycle (3rd of 3 conjunctions) and Black Moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect.  Our channels of communication are awakening and expanding, broadening our bandwidth for communication, from the inside out.  When we get used to hearing the same conversation over and over again, we can forget that there are other available possibilities to dial into.  When we get used to listening to the voice of our limitations again and again, it can take a jolt of electricity to awaken out of the old familiar groove, tuning into a higher frequency of Love.  The adjustment and fine tuning to our inner channels of communication are important today, revealing the higher blueprint of our Soul and the reason why we’re here and why it matters.  If we’ve become numbed out or closed off from the possibilities we came to manifest, it’s time to wake up and believe in the highest possibility of our divine nature and soul essence.


On Tuesday 9/26, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Vesta, followed by a Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, Venus Mars resource, and Black Moon Mercury communion. The invitation today is to step up and elevate to a higher calling, from the heart.  When our actions come online from that higher calling, we find attunement with the frequency of our Soul.  There’s a helpful supportive connection today from body and soul, communicating through the open heart. As we consciously choose to open instead of close, that messaging system gets louder and clearer, and our actions feel organic as the mirrored expression and divine embodiment of Love.  When we participate in the world from this frequency of consciousness, we become change agents of Love on the planet, in action.


Wednesday 9/27 begins with a Chariklo Salacia resource, Venus Juno new cycle, Mercury Chiron great eliminator, followed by a Black Moon Orcus communion, and Pallas Quaoar stepping stone.  There’s a stabilizing frequency in the atmosphere that reminds us of the vastness of our heart space and the limitlessness of that divine channel of communication.  The heart is the gateway to our Soul, and the portal of oneness with the Universal Heart and the Source of all creation.  That frequency is Love, and it’s the solid ground we’re choosing to stand upon every time we remember who we are.


On Thursday 9/28, the Black Moon manifests with Jupiter, and the Moon eclipses Neptune before entering Aries in the evening.  In order to see with fresh eyes what’s right in front of us (and within us), its important to stretch our lens of consciousness and allow truth to be revealed.  The occultation of Neptune by the Moon in Pisces is the last aspect to occur before the Full Moon in Aries activates at 5:58am ET tomorrow.  When Neptune is involved, we can become mystified by our own fantasies, or awakened from the dreamy state into a reality check of accuracy and clarity.   When we bend the lens to only see what we want to see, we can manipulate ourselves into thinking and pretending that the universe is aligned.  A healthy dose of clarity can fine tune our filters and awaken us to a powerful seat of personal responsibility and discipline, which is what the upcoming Full Moon in Aries offers.  We don’t see the world as it is, we see things as we are….our fabric of reality is a reflection of our inner matrix of thoughts, beliefs, and attunements.  When we confront our “reality” we come to the truth of the reflection in the mirror, and the power to choose responsibly.  By seeing our Self clearly, we reclaim the power to choose our next thought, action, and contribution, which sends ripple effects through the fabric of our reality.   Change begins within, and manifests infinitely beyond.


Friday 9/29 delivers the Full Moon in Aries, along with a Venus Uranus stepping stone, Sun Quaoar stepping stone, then Mercury leaves his shadow recovery phase.   The Full Moon in Aries occurs at 5:58am ET, before sunrise across the US, revealing a dynamic illumination that can’t be ignored.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the fire sign that expresses as the divine spark of creation.  Mental Body Power, Self Realization, and the recognition of our individuality through our capacity to choose our own thoughts.  Coming from the unified field, the infinite ocean of limitless possibilities, it’s within our Aries consciousness that we realize ourselves as individuals, with the power to think, and the power to choose.  Nobody else has dominion over our inner thoughts and private conversations unless we give that power away.  If we go unconscious and leave our mental body space unchecked, we become susceptible to external conditioning and programming from our environment, our biological inheritance, social narratives and social norms.


Aries represents the pioneering leader – the original, the source of something new.  Whether we’ve ever seen it before or not, whether an idea or a thought has ever been considered before or not, whether a creative idea has ever been realized or not, we are the birthing canal of anything that arises and initiates through the open space of our open creative mind.  If we can believe it, if we can imagine it, it’s possible.  If we meet the fresh ideas with negativity, limitation, or judgment, we shut it down before it even has a change to take shape.  The discipline of our inner mental body space is what keeps the landscape sacred.  If we buy into the limitations, we ignore or bypass the creative spark of new possibility.  If we validate and celebrate the creative spark of new possibility, we allow it to follow through with action, creating ripple effects in the greater cosmic ocean of Oneness.


The Aries/Libra axis represents the relationship axis, our horizontal axis, and the lens of our world view.  How we see ourselves is how we see the world.  What we believe about ourselves and the world is mirrored through our perception of reality and through all relationships we engage in and manifest from. Nothing can change “out there” until we take ownership of ourselves “within”.  We are powerful beings, beyond measure, and the lens we choose to live through dictates the available options and choices we can navigate through our horizon.  Nothing is set in stone unless we validate the pattern with our current choices and actions.


Aries also represents the reactive patterns that we engage in when old wounds get activated, usually through inflammatory triggers and trauma responses.  The body is a record keeper, storing all of the information encoded within our muscle memory and cellular bandwidth.  When that information gets activated and released, we can find ourselves taking action from historic patterns, repeating past cycles without even thinking.  The choice point is to wake up, get current, and be responsible for what we’re creating in this moment, regardless of the circumstances or situations that are unfolding.  In other words, we’re either reacting to the situations and conditions that take us back to old patterns and sensations, or we’re owning our power to choose to create what matters most in this moment.


The Aries Full Moon activates a 5D Light Bridge with MakeMake and Salacia, intersected by another 5D Light Bridge with Quaoar/Ixion and Astraea/Vesta, forming a dynamic Grand Power Cross.  We’re at a significant crossroads:  the choice to elevate, unify through Love, and restore balance and justice by honoring and choosing the equality of yin/yang, mind/heart, spirit/matter, inner/outer, above/below.  As we make it our business to elevate the horizon, we find new options and available actions, new solutions and new thoughts, revealing new outcomes and results that shift and alter the fabric of our reality, both personal and collective.  If we don’t elevate the horizon of the playing field, we can only make the same moves we’ve made before, from the same consciousness that created the past, experiencing more of the same.  An evolution/elevation requires ownership of our personal seat of power within, to be responsible for the thoughts we’re thinking, the attitudes we’re living into and investing energy through, and the inner horizon we’re navigating moment to moment.


Mars (the ruler of Aries) conjunct Arcturus activates a bridge with Eris, including the nodes (dharmic and karmic), intersected by Pluto, holding the fulcrum point to massive transformation and sustainable change.  The potential for awakening is so palpable in every moment, every interaction – we can literally feel the energy being activated.  Whether we’re perceiving the global situations or our own intimate personal relationships, every situation and every experience holds the potential for inner awakening, elevation, and evolutionary change.  As with any of the fire signs, Aries can feel inflammatory and abrasive, especially when the inner awakener (Eris) sparks the higher calling for change.  How we react or respond matters.  How we interpret the moment matters, and what happens next is completely up to us.



On Saturday 9/30, Mercury manifests with Uranus, Uranus forms a stepping stone with Juno, followed by a Mars Uranus great eliminator, and Black Moon MakeMake subtle intimacy aspect.  Mercury recovered his retrograde shadow overnight, moving into brand new territory for a moment of truth that awakens and fine tunes our entire inner operating system.  If there’s been any doubt, confusion, or congestion in our thinking recently, today is a day of crystal clear activation that awakens new possibilities through the higher alignment and attunement with our highest calling, purpose, and promise.  When we find that alignment within ourselves, our actions become crystal clear.  The inner messaging system speaks clearly through the heart, prompting actions that manifest from clarity vs confusion or distortion.  Right alignment leads to right action, and we seamlessly find coherence with the universal movements of divine timing and the laws of nature.


And Sunday 10/1 reveals Black Moon great eliminators with Chariklo and Salacia, Black Moon subtle intimacy aspects with Varuna, Pallas, and the Sun, followed by a Ceres Quaoar resource, Sun Pallas new cycle, then Haumea enters Scorpio.  Next is a Sun Varuna resource, Black Moon Ceres resource, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Eris great eliminator, Mars Juno resource, and Sun Salacia bridge.   Lots of activity today, shifting and fine tuning while releasing and eliminating through our newly calibrated crystalline filtration system.  Haumea’s entrance into Scorpio brings our holistic experience of oneness into the realm of alchemical shapeshifting and transformation for the next 27 years, which is almost the duration of an entire Saturn cycle.  The stories and narratives on this planet are shifting, alchemizing and elevating to higher ground, revealing a much higher version and highest lens of vision.  Anyone alive on the planet during this time has a role to play in that greater birthing process, the creation and manifestation of a whole new world.  It matters even more that we All find our seat of personal power and personal responsibility to choose Love and to consciously choose to create the highest vision from the intersection of past, present, and future.  No matter where we’ve been or what’s occurred in the past, we have infinite capacity to choose a new outcome, now.  Without any evidence or proof that it’s possible, we are the pioneers of a new possibility, manifesting the New Earth with Love.


The practice this week is a candle gaze meditation.  Find a small tea light candle, and sit in meditation for 10 minutes.  Gaze at the flame, the spark of creation, the illumination of spirit.  Hold your gaze through your undivided attention, focusing on the infinite possibilities of that flame.  Keep your mind and heart open.  Anytime your mind wanders, bring your attention back to the flame, get present, think a positive thought, and start again.  Be in the practice of mental body discipline, choosing to come back each time your mind wanders, and choosing to think loving thoughts with every redirect.  Be in the consist practice of choosing.  There will be times when the mind wanders, distractions come up, or reactions to external conditions rise to the surface.  Stay present, and choose again.  Start again.  It doesn’t matter how many times the mind wanders or gets distracted…what matters is the disciplined practice to come back, accessing the choice to start again.  Every redirect builds power and resilience, and every conscious redirect through Love is an investment of Love in the horizon.


 “Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”
― Ramana Maharshi


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