Weekly Navigation Report: September 19-25, 2022


Week of September 19 – 25, 2022


This week is truly off the charts, delivering an incredible balance point that equalizes and recalibrates the scales while fine-tuning the mirrored lens we’re looking through in this physical earthly dimension. Awakening our unique perception of reality, we realize the power to shift or transform anything lies within. The Libra New Moon on Sunday activates the entry point for the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage from 9/25 through 11/23. How we enter this dynamic portal matters, and the Equinox calibration on 9/22 offers nothing short of a divine blessing with harmonic resonance as we approach the entry point of this epic journey.


As with any wormhole/eclipse passage, it’s important to remember that anything goes, and quantum leaps are possible in the blink of an eye. This path is not linear; we’re off-roading and trail blazing beyond our normal orientation points of spatial relationship and linear timelines. If we judge, react, or pull back, we separate ourselves from the greater movement that is designed to transcend timelines and our perception of physical dimension limitations. The best way to journey this profound passage is through the heart; surrendered, equanimous, and free.

Letting go of attachments and agendas, we can allow the journey to deliver us home to the truth that sets us free. Our freedom lies within us, not outside of us. When we realize the power that exists within our inner belief system and current lens of consciousness, we become empowered (and responsible) to alter the narratives and situations that produce suffering and limitation, shifting gears by finding resonance with universal truth that transcends the illusion of limitation. The only way out is through, and this wormhole/eclipse passage is an opening that takes us through.

Like threading a needle, we’re being threaded through this opening, and the vehicle of transportation is our awakened heart. Through the heart, we can trust, surrender, let go, and allow. Through the heart, we slice through illusions and distortions, seeing beyond surface level appearances. Through the heart, we transcend time/space, and find oneness with the infinite realm and the limitless ocean of possibilities. We are not bound by any situation, narrative, or circumstance, and if we’re willing to experience our true power in the physical dimension, we can ride the quantum wave, balancing inner and outer, above and below, surfing while flying, grounding while floating, manifesting while dreaming.

The key to mastering the physical dimension is in our inner template for yin/yang balance…not as a fixed rigid set point, but as a context that allows for fluid motion through dynamic relationship. Ebbing and flowing without separating, maintaining cohesive partnership through the rise and fall, up and down, in and out, staying connected. When we disconnect, fragment, or separate, we break the cohesive flow of oneness. That primary template for partnership is within ourselves, expressed and realized beyond ourselves in relationship with the greater oneness.

If we have a preference or a tendency towards one or the other, if we operate in a context of either yin or yang, left or right, right/wrong, good/bad, we establish conditions that fracture the wholeness and disturb the flow. That interference creates confusion. When we can be with all that is unfolding, all that is before us and within us with unconditional Love, equanimity, we begin to see the patterns clearly, listening through the clarity of an awakened heart. Within the patterns, distortions can repeat, creating interference that consistently shows up in our physical dimension as measurable results in the tangible realm. The only way to clear the distortions is through a neutralized and equalized lens of Love, that doesn’t react or judge or flinch. That neutral equanimous lens allows us to see clearly the patterns of interference and incongruence that repeat through our cycles.

If we focus on trying to change the results that feel out of tune or out of alignment, we miss the opportunity to address and shift the pattern itself that produces the result. If we go to war with the world around us, or the reflection in the mirror, we continue to project misqualified or misinterpreted energies onto our results, confusing our lens of perception. Like a house of mirrors in a clown house, we can spend lifetimes confused by what we think we’re seeing, not realizing we’re projecting the misaligned interference, and then believing that mirrored reflection without questioning the calibration of our lens of reality. Not every reflection is accurate, not every source of feedback is clarifying.

The Aries/Libra axis forms the horizontal axis of our world view, also known as the relationship axis. We can only really know ourselves through relationship, and we can only see the world as we see ourselves. It’s a tricky dynamic to understand, until we realize the power lies within us, not outside of us. How we bring ourselves to the table, how we bring our formless consciousness into the world of form, matters. We’re not just observing form, we’re creating and influencing the form as we’re observing it. Anything is possible, and yet at times we can feel limited or defined by our physical results, scenarios, and outcomes.

The Equinox on 9/22 offers a potent still point, an opportunity to balance and recalibrate our inner template of yin/yang, as well as our relationship axis and our world view lens. The year 2022 is significant for that balance point integration of yin and yang, as the triple two’s signify an unprecedented opportunity to manifest and create from that new template, the new foundation of equality, equanimity, and balanced partnership. That new foundation of equality is also the foundation of the New Earth. What grows and takes shape from that foundation of the New Earth is up to us. The distortions that clear and eliminate from the imbalances we’ve carried and walked with can shift on a dime, offering the course correction that restores alignment and reveals the highest potential, the manifestation of the highest vision.

That recalibration can occur in the blink of an eye, literally in a nanosecond, prompting radical redesign and a massive shift in awareness and perception of everything else we’re experiencing and observing. Quantum leaps are not contemplated but realized, in the moment. It’s important to be holistically embodied through this journey, and to walk our talk and be the integration of wisdom that is revealing in each moment. What comes next depends upon the lens we’re looking through, and the vibrational frequency we’re embodying through our yin and yang qualities of consciousness. Not just in the mind, not just in the heart, not just in the cosmos, not just in our skin. All. In wholeness.


Remember that wholeness isn’t a set point of fixed proportion, just like the yin/yang symbol isn’t a fixed image on a sheet of paper. Our wholeness is a dynamic relationship, through a multifaceted complex body of consciousness that infinitely zooms in and out, spiraling up and down. Our yin/yang balance is the harmonic resonance within ourselves, and in the relationship between ourselves and each other, ourselves and humanity, ourselves and the elements, ourselves and the cosmos. That relationship axis and lens of world view allows us to see ourselves clearly, and therefore see the world clearly, in our limitlessness and possibility, as well as our current expressions and results. Who we think we are in this world, what we believe is possible (or not possible) for ourselves, for humanity, and for the world, is up to us. Anything is possible, and anything can shift on a dime.

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The week begins on Monday 9/19 with a Black Moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, Sun Galactic Center stepping stone, and Venus Uranus manifestation. Venus is a major player this week as the heart inspires movement in the physical dimension. The Venus Uranus manifestation is an awakening of the highest order, through the heart. Like lightning to the heart, there’s no way to ignore or deny what’s coming online and the movement that occurs as a result. When the lights come on, there’s clarity, truth, and Love. Any old wounds, fears, doubts, or scars transmute in a nanosecond.

On Tuesday 9/20, the Black Moon manifests with the South Node (karmic) and finds resource with the North Node (dharmic), followed by a Black Moon Sirius communion, Pluto Ceres great eliminator, Black Moon Orcus resource, and Venus Saturn great eliminator. Venus again is on fire, eliminating old narratives, dissolving old labels and identities, in order to reinvent, redefine, and recalibrate from yesterday’s moment of truth. There are new possibilities ready to birth. When the patterns shift, a new weave in the fabric of reality starts to emerge. As we untether the old attachments, the threads dissolve, revealing spaciousness to manifest and create from a blank slate, the infinite realm. Higher consciousness is pouring through the empty spaces today, like gentle waves churning; the activation of universal potential in motion. Everything is available, nothing is off limits. We’re reminded of the soul contracts that delivered us here, and the golden opportunities to course-correct if we find ourselves disconnected from that highest purpose.

Wednesday 9/21 offers a Jupiter Chariklo resource and Black Moon Astraea manifestation. Our greatest expansion might require a renegotiation of the current structures and boundaries that we’ve been living in. In order to grow and thrive, we may realize a calling forth for higher frequency structures than our status quo is able to offer. Trusting in our capacity for reinvention, we can manifest abundance through the unfamiliar transitions that take us to higher ground and divine expression of our greatest potential. Leap and the net will appear, say Yes to the highest calling and the foundation will shift in response.

On Thursday 9/22, the Black Moon manifests with Juno, followed by a Mercury Ixion stepping stone, Ceres Galactic Center manifestation, Sun Sedna manifestation, then the Sun enters Libra at the official Equinox calibration point. This equinox balance point is a sacred calibration that resets the scales to holy ground as we enter the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage on Sunday. Like a ceremonial offering, today’s equinox is of the highest resonance that restores harmony, within and without. As the Sun enters Libra, we move into the sign of Physical Body Power, accessing the mirrored self for crystal clear feedback in the mind/body connection. Seeing the world as our reflection, we become empowered and fully responsible for what we’re projecting and the meanings we’re making. When we learn to see the divinity within ourselves and the world, we balance the scales to divine Love. When we learn to see Truth instead of focusing on the distortions and illusions, we walk the planet with clarity, honor, and wisdom. When we learn to see through the lens of the heart, we see all beings with Love, including ourselves. Compassion softens our gaze, and our capacity to find relationship with anyone and anything is elevated. When we can sit with our own reflection and find peace, we experience world peace. When we live with inner conflict, we see that conflict everywhere we look.

Friday 9/23 is a Pallas Salacia stepping stone, Sun Mercury conjunction, then Mercury retrogrades into Virgo, followed by a Mercury Sedna manifestation, Sun Ixion stepping stone, and Venus Vesta great eliminator. Today marks the mid-point for Mercury’s retrograde journey, right at the portal of Libra/Virgo union. From the mirrored lens of physical body power, the Messenger returns to Virgo, the sign of holistic integration and attunement with the heart. The heart is a gateway to universal oneness, and a portal to the cosmic librarian and wisdom keeper. Equanimity is always the key to accessing higher gateways of wisdom, truth, and Love. As we practice equanimity in any form or fashion, the mind/heart union is nourished and strengthened as a dynamic partnership that transcends any patterns of separation. Threading the mind through the heart, then allowing the mind to observe from the inner spaces within the heart, seeing through the diamond lens of the heart, we gain access to crystalline codes and downloads of Light. Our access to the higher channels is being fine tuned.

On Saturday 9/24, there’s a Pallas MakeMake stepping stone, Venus Neptune bridge, Black Moon Pallas communion, Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone, Black Moon Salacia stepping stone, and Venus Eris great eliminator. Today’s Venus Neptune connection is the bridge of Love that unifies polarity and transcends duality. When we’re not coming from Love, that bridge is cloudy, congested, even invisible or hard to access. When we’re attuned to unconditional Love as a frequency of consciousness, we find bridges everywhere as the mechanism for Unity and oneness through Love. The heart reveals another moment of truth today, from within. An inner moment of awakening bubbles up like a volcano that can’t be held back or ignored. That moment of the heart is important, and sacred. There’s a grand power cross coming online today, and in divine timing, all things are brought to the light for awakened review and deeper reflection. Whatever comes online through the awakened heart is what we journey with through the wormhole/eclipse passage that welcomes us tomorrow.

And Sunday 9/25 begins as the Black Moon turns direct, followed by the New Moon in Libra, the official activation of the wormhole eclipse passage, and a Venus Pluto manifestation. The New Moon in Libra occurs at 5:54pm ET, and is the active entry point for the wormhole eclipse passage that delivers us through the New Moon in Scorpio/ partial solar eclipse on 10/25, the Full Moon in Taurus/ full lunar eclipse on 11/8, and completes with the Sagittarian New Moon on 11/23, disposed by Jupiter, exactly as Jupiter stations direct. Within this fall season, Pluto stations direct on 10/8, Saturn stations direct on 10/23, Mars stations retrograde on 10/31, Haumea enters Scorpio on 11/13, and Jupiter stations direct as the wormhole ends on 11/23. A new moon is always a new beginning, an activation or initiation of sorts, that will reveal the full harvest through the fullness of the next moon. This particular new beginning holds the intention and context for what’s to come within the eclipse passage, which journeys through the entirety of the physical body dimension. In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign of Physical Body Power, and the highest realization that I am You and You are Me; our relationships with others, and with the physical dimension, are mirrors that allow us to meet ourselves, see ourselves clearly, and open with Love to see Truth. When we live from the heart, the world becomes our mirror, finding connection and unity everywhere we look. Nothing is separate, nothing is outside of us, we can relate to anything if we look close enough through the lens of Love. When oneness is the reflection, we are home; within ourselves and in the world. In classical astrology, Libra is referred to as the scales of justice. When the scales are balanced, there is peace. If the scales are tilted or distorted, that misalignment alters the foundation of social justice and the overall calibration of peace in our world. In 5D, Libra represents the mirror, calibrated with equanimity, that allows us to see our reflection, receive accurate feedback from our lens of perception, and access the power within to shift anything that needs to be course corrected or altered in order to match intention with result. Our relationship with feedback is essential to understand ourselves better, to see clearly the spiral sequence of cause and effect, and to choose again. When we honor the dance of relationships, when we attune ourselves through our yin and yang energy equally, life becomes greater dance, and we are both the initiator and the responder, in every situation. Our lens of responsibility and accountability elevates through the Aries/Libra axis as we see the power of our intentions, the power of our thoughts, and the power of our actions that materialize in this world of form and structure. Libra is ruled by Venus in classical astrology, and disposed by Sedna and Astraea in 5D. As a powerful mirror that reveals crystal clear feedback, Libra is connected to the heart, the crystalline cosmic record keeper, and also the new consciousness that restores the balance of justice from the higher dimensions. Recognizing the body as a record keeper, and the physical dimension as a gateway to accuracy and truth from the crystalline frequency of Love, accessed through equanimity, we can also access higher lens of justice by owning the reflection in the mirror and choosing to elevate any situation we observe. We are not bound to or limited by the physical dimension of form or structure; on the contrary, the physical dimension is a powerful mirror and a gateway to accessing higher realms of consciousness. When we integrate the feedback from the physical realm, we can harness the power within to awaken mastery through self realization, finding peace in the unfolding of our current reality, moment to moment. When we resist what’s showing up, when we react or push against, trying to change it, fix it, fight it, or avoid it, we find conflict in our relationship with the mirror. By accepting and allowing what is, we can remember what matters most and hold ourselves accountable for bringing that into the relationship with all that we see. We learn to listen, to respond, to lean in, to hold space, and to forgive and let go, with Love. We learn the dance in the Aries/Libra polarity, which is the relationship axis and our world view lens. The practice this week is a mirror gaze meditation. Take a seat in front of a full length mirror, and set a timer for 10 minutes. Soften your gaze, and bring your undivided attention to the relationship with the mirror. Without judging, resisting, or avoiding, be present with your reflection. Notice the tendency to judge, criticize, find flaws, or disconnect. Imaging sitting in front of the infinite universe, a sacred being, a cherished loved one. The ways you lean into intimate conversations, the ways you hold space for cherished loved ones, even the way you witness and observe moments of challenge or discomfort. See yourself clearly as you sit with yourself, and notice what you see. We can’t fully take ownership of what we’re bringing to the table unless we can see ourselves clearly in the mirror. If that mirror is coated in judgments, insecurities, or limiting beliefs, the reflection will reveal distortion. Windex the mirror, clear the limiting beliefs, and look through the eyes of the heart to see what you can see. Then take your practice into the world as a walking meditation, and see yourself through the elements, nature, the sunrise, humanity, and the stars.

“We are the mirror, as well as the face in it. We are tasting the taste of eternity this minute. We are pain and what cures pain. We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours. Soul of the world, no life, nor world remain, no beautiful women and men longing. Only this ancient love circling the holy black stone of nothing. Where the lover is the loved, the horizon and everything within it.” ~ Rumi


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