Weekly Navigation Report: September 18 – 24, 2023


Week of September 18 – 24, 2023

We’re fully calibrating within the wormhole/eclipse passage, and last week’s Virgo New Moon activated the divine attunement that’s now being digested and integrated holistically within each of us through the next 8 weeks.  While the journey is personal (and therefore unique) to each and every one of us, the overall universal conditions are ripe for quantum healing, radical awakening, and profound transformation. Trust the process, trust the inner awakening, and honor the journey, however it unfolds.   This week’s Equinox balance point offers an additional calibration that unifies yin/yang within the wholeness of our experiences, within and without, above and below.  Anything can elevate and awaken through this unified balance point, the filtration of the purest heart.


Oftentimes when we set out on a journey, we think we know where we’re headed, and we compare the moment to moment experiences with our expectations and agendas.  What matters most right now is not the content, but the context.  How we bring ourselves into this journey, how we calibrate the highest intention and invoke the highest possibilities, matters.  Letting go of attachments to what the path looks like on the surface, we liberate ourselves to be fully available to each moment’s experiential medicine.  There is wisdom in every experience, and there is an activation to be found in every organic unfolding.  As we open unconditionally to meet the parts of ourselves we’ve forgotten about, or the parts of ourselves we’ve disconnected or disassociated from, we send a higher calling through our cells to wake up and come home.


With open arms and open heart, we welcome the pieces and parts of ourselves that we’ve lost touch with.  Through our infinite lifetimes of experiences – both pleasant and unpleasant – our holistic system has responded in a variety of ways.  Uncomfortable pain sensations may have triggered inflammatory responses, or a tendency to bypass or ignore sensitive conditions.  Trauma sensations may have triggered coping mechanisms or avoidance styles that we’ve assumed were part of our inherent nature, part of our personality.  Joyful experiences may have validated or anchored in attachments and expectations that we believed would deliver joy, as if it’s a formula to rinse and repeat.  We’ve been conditioned by the conditions of our life experiences.



The opportunity now is to decondition – to unearth and unlock the holding patterns of the inner matrix of conditioned choices and programed responses as we activate the awakened observer within, witnessing it all in action.  As we watch the algorithms and programming play out on the big screen, we can see it all in slow motion and high definition, while consciously de-manifesting the limited programming from our actions, and harnessing the momentum into conscious creation.  It takes an equanimous meditative mind to witness ourselves in action at that level, and Mercury’s recent retrograde journey has prepared us for this quality of clarity, discernment, and wisdom.  Like a heat seeking scanner, our awakened mind can observe the patterns triggered by inflammatory thoughts, noticing the ripple effects that perpetuate the fire into undesirable outcomes.  The awakened mind can also elevate through the heart to choose a new thought, a new option, to facilitate change through the wave patterns, harnessing the fire as inspiration for divine creation and manifestation.


It doesn’t take much to shift our thoughts out of automatic pilot.  It doesn’t have to be a drastic pendulum swing through polarized contradictions.  It can be a slight adjustment, an attunement, that activates a higher lens of consciousness, shifting the frequency and altering the outcome.  Not by force, but by an elevated choice.  We may not have a choice in the conditions around us, however we can choose to alter our lens of consciousness that’s producing the thoughts and motivating the actions that perpetuate the fabric of our reality.  Any subtle shift can alter the fabric and recalibrate the wholeness of any situation, big or small.


When we conserve energy – instead of riding the big pendulum swings that create massive waves of dramatic consequences, to a more subtle fine-tuning with conscious precision – we access inner mastery.  Mastery can’t be taught, it must be activated and practiced within.  Practice comes from applying ourselves through the ordinary moments, bringing our fully awakened consciousness to the table each time.  We may find ourselves in similar situations day in and day out, however every breath facilitates an opportunity to refine mastery by meeting every moment as if it were brand new.  The question is, what are we practicing, and what are we mastering?  If we become masters at numbing out, bypassing, or disconnecting from the unpleasant experiences, we may notice certain strengths on the surface, but the potential for quantum leaps and divine healing become suppressed below the surface.  When we become masters of being present, or masters of Divine Love, we find a refinement within ourselves to choose the elevated observer’s perspective through the highest frequency of Love.  Life offers us opportunities to practice, the question is what are we practicing, and what are we mastering?  The next question is, what are we creating?


This week reveals a beautiful grand water manifestation involving Astraea, Vesta, Ceres, and Saturn.  That multidimensional movement of water inspires creativity beyond anything we’ve ever imagined, accessing deeper currents of momentum by diving below the surface and into the mystery.  In the mystery, we uncover the parts of ourselves we’ve forgotten, ignored, or suppressed.  When navigating big movements of water, it’s important to honor the ebb and flow.  Learning to surf the current while staying present and aware of the everchanging composition of the water, learning to feel the movement within, accessing profound intuition, and taking action when moved from the heart.  Intimately observing the wave patterns without being swept away or taken by the water itself.  Water brings us into the feminine aspects of ourselves, and water brings us more profoundly into the memory of our wholeness.


In order to awaken and embody our full potential, we must learn to swim in the unfamiliar waters and reclaim our wholeness.  Every dimension of our Light, our mastery, our divinity lives within that water, both conscious and unconscious.   To bring the full blown spotlight into the depths of our water makes the water conscious, and liberates the magic for the purpose of alchemy and manifestation.


The week begins on Monday 9/18 with a Sun North Node (dharmic) great eliminator, Saturn Ixion resource, Saturn Pallas great eliminator, Pallas Ixion stepping stone, Mars Great Attractor resource, Black Moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect, and Black Moon Orcus communion.  The crystalline filters are activated, and the purification process is in flow.  As we decondition the old programming from our form and structure, we return to the flow of wisdom and limitless potential.  Through the process of elimination and filtration, what remains is the clearest activation of our divine blueprint, the star pattern of Light within our cellular and molecular structure.  This blueprint reminds us of why we’re here and why it matters, and calibrates our holistic system with purpose and intention, all the way into our bones.


On Tuesday 9/19, the Black Moon manifests with Jupiter, then forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Venus, followed by the Sun Neptune bridge, Mars Albion great eliminator, Mercury Salacia great eliminator, Mercury Chariklo great eliminator.  Then the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Juno, followed by a Mars Jupiter great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, and Quaoar stations direct.   Today’s Sun Neptune bridge is exact from last week’s Virgo New Moon, and offers the potential alignment with clarity and truth…or the dysfunctional misalignment that creates confusion.  If we find ourselves trying to bend our lens of vision to match what we want to see, we end up distorting the holistic fabric of reality to accommodate our preferences.  By the same token, if we project our fears and doubts into the lens we’re looking through, we will see a distorted view of reality.  When we honor the wholeness of each moment, exactly as it is, and access the courage to keep our hearts open as the response of Love, we expand and fine tune our lens of vision to see our current reality in divine perfection.  Whether we like what we see or not is irrelevant.  If we want to access the available potential in each moment, we must be in relationship with the wholeness of each moment, not just the parts we like or agree with.  Holistic vision opens doorways and dimensions of possibility otherwise closed off and ignored.


Wednesday 9/20 begins with a Sun Galactic Center stepping stone, Saturn Ceres manifestation, Ceres Ixion resource, and Sun Pluto manifestation (completing the grand earth manifestation from the recent Virgo New Moon).  Transformation and transmutation are possible through our willingness to let go of attachments to old forms and structures, ideas and beliefs, in order to see what’s possible beyond what we’ve known before.  Taking a leap of faith into uncharted territory, we allow ourselves to be delivered to new landscapes and new perspectives.  If we cling to what we’ve known before, we remain stuck in the limitations of our past instead of flowing through the current into the next expression and evolution.  The evolutionary cutting edge is fluid, not linear.  Inspired by the past, we can integrate the innovation of the ancient while birthing new possibilities that transcend what we’ve known in the past.  That composite spiral sequence is forever updating and refreshing moment to moment within the current.


On Thursday 9/21 Salacia and MakeMake form an exact bridge,  then the Black Moon manifests with Uranus (as the Black Moon recovers the degree of the recent Virgo New Moon), followed by a Chiron Juno manifestation and Saturn Vesta manifestation.  When we let go of attachments to the limitations of time and space, we find ourselves moving cohesively through the vastness of divine timing, in accordance with divine law and order, through the universal orchestration and progression of events.  This wormhole passage takes us through a wrinkle in time, offering an accelerated path towards our highest alignment and soul integration, however that journey requires full blown surrendered trust and faith in the fluidity and organic timing of each event and opportunity.  It’s important not to force or judge the rate of motion or surface level appearances right now, and let the journey unfold.


Friday 9/22 reveals the Astraea Saturn manifestation, Chariklo MakeMake manifestation, and Vesta Ixion bridge, then the Black Moon turns retrograde, and Astraea forms a bridge with Ixion.  The manifestation with Astraea and Saturn is revolutionary, if we can elevate from our outdated narratives and see with fresh eyes.  Remember, Saturn is retrograding through Pisces, deconditioning the old structures and the old systems.  Astraea delivers justice from a higher lens of consciousness, from the Divine Feminine activation of purification and balance.  Any injustice due to an imbalance of equality and power is up for renegotiation now, and the Divine Feminine activation of consciousness reveals the possibility of higher ground.  When we let go of the fight for power, transcending the consciousness of power struggles and the need for inflammatory war, the world changes.  From an elevated lens of unity and oneness, we find ourselves in the calibration of divine equality, that elevates the planet to higher ground for maximum expansion and expression.  When we unify to higher ground, we calibrate an elevated expression of wholeness, finding our footing on a higher dimension of equilibrium.  When we operate from an imbalance of any kind, including imbalance of power or imbalance of equality within our own yin/yang relationship, we find symptoms of dis-ease that makes the system un-well.  The cure is to see ourselves through all perspectives, all points of view, and calibrate ourselves through the mirror to restore peaceful alignment, unity, and integrity.


On Saturday 9/23, the Sun enters Libra signaling the Fall Equinox calibration, then Venus manifests with Chiron for the 3rd and final time, followed by an Astraea Vesta conjunction/ new cycle, and the Sun manifests with Sedna.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra represents the mirrored Self and the ultimate realization that I am You and You are Me.  We are One.  If we hold an imbalance of power on any side of that equation, there is an experience of injustice that must be fully seen in order to be corrected.  The correction is not a harsh pendulum swing, it’s a wholistic elevation of the entire system, sometimes calibrated with a slight adjustment or attunement.  When any imbalance is restored, there is health and well-being in the larger system that includes and reflects the individuals.  Today’s final Venus Chiron manifestation reveals the awakened mastery of the open heart.  Walking the planet with an open heart requires courage, vulnerability, and a fierce unwavering commitment to being the authentic expression of Love as a frequency, the authentic response.  That kind of commitment will stretch the heart beyond our normal capacity, and in that expansive state, new possibilities emerge.


And Sunday 9/24 starts with the Black Moon Uranus manifestation (repeat from 9/21), Mars Chiron bridge, Mercury Great Attractor stepping stone, and Sun Saturn great eliminator.  Today’s  Mars Chiron bridge reveals the impact of our wounds on our actions.  Unresolved wounds perpetuate through future actions.  The conscious evolution from wound to mastery initiates a new story, a new expression, a higher vision.  If we ignore the wounds and imbalances on our planet, we perpetuate the inflammatory response into the future.  Those wounds hold stories that reveal higher wisdom.  When we awaken to our potential for mastery through any hurt or injustice we’ve ever endured, we begin to thrive and expand, into new horizons.  Our stories become medicine for transformation and transcendence.  The fabric of our currently reality can elevate and shift when we reclaim the power to choose our thoughts and choose our lens of consciousness.  Personal responsibility is key for evolutionary change to occur.


The practice this week is a mirror gaze meditation.  Take 10 minutes to sit in front of a full length mirror.  Be present with your reflection as you soften your gaze, and connect through the heart.  Practice equanimity, letting go of attachments, projections, or judgments of what you think you’re seeing, and be in the present exchange from the heart.  Find equality and balance, breathing in the frequency of Love and expressing the frequency of Love as your conscious response.  Let the mirror calibrate to Love, offering the clearest reflection of Truth, from an open heart.  Oftentimes we love what we see when it matches our expectations.  When we don’t see what we want to see, we can lose sight of Love, and collapse into a lower frequency response.  We judge in others what we don’t love about ourselves, and we Love in others what we judge as Loveable from our personal lens.  Clear the attachments, recalibrate the lens and the mirror, and see from the eyes of the heart, from the One Eye of Love.  Unconditional.


“The pure heart is a spotless mirror in which images of infinite beauty are reflected.”  ~ Rumi



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