Weekly Navigation Report: September 12-18, 2022


Week of September 12-18, 2022

Get ready for a powerful week ahead that awakens and inspires right action, from the heart. When we remove judgments and limitations, the heart speaks clearly like a fine tuned instrument, calling on higher wisdom, and prompting action. When there’s no time to think, the heart responds, with grace, clarity, and truth.

The voice of the heart is unmistakable, pure, and potent…and yet if we’ve been conditioned to over-analyze, judge, or override that innocent clarity from within, we might not recognize the discerning qualities of conscious wisdom that are available. Moment to moment, the heart attunes by listening and tuning in to the wholeness of our events and situations, without judgment and beyond time/space circumstances. Listening through the unified field, the infinite realm of connection and oneness, the heart is always in tune. The heart knows the way, oftentimes before our minds can fully comprehend or compute.

When we honor that voice of the heart, and allow it to call us into action, we experience the potential for right relationship within our own seat of higher power and wisdom. Being guided by the heart, motivated by the heart, and embodied as the heart, our actions speak much louder than our words. Sometimes the best intentions of love and kindness can dissolve and lose traction if actions fall short.

The completion of any cycle or pattern is found in the manifestation of actions and results. When we find discrepancy between intentions that live in the heart and movements of embodied action, it’s important to look to the empty space in between. That limitless field of infinite potential is where dreams either fly or fall, and best intentions either manifest or lose momentum. Our state of being, our holistic state of integral oneness with the heart as Love, is the wind beneath our wings that allows us to fly.

This week’s Venus Mars stepping stone is part of a greater wisdom choice point and wisdom cross, involving the Great Attractor and Astraea. The opportunity to choose from the heart, and take action from that awareness of wisdom. If we can’t hear the clarity of our own heart, or if we’ve been living out of alignment or out of tune with ourselves, this week delivers possibilities to awaken from within, and notice what’s calling us forth. The wake up calls and inner moments of truth are consistently palpable all week long. If we ignore, deny, or check out from those precious inner messages and stimuli, we may find ourselves missing opportunities to connect the dots and make the difference when it counts. This isn’t about forcing an outcome or pushing an agenda, it’s about honoring what’s moving through the heart, and trusting that movement while taking a step.

What moves the heart, moves the soul; and that music is the unspoken language of universal creation, in active flow. When we allow ourselves to be moved through that current of Love, from the unified field of oneness, we become Love in Action, on behalf of All. The wisdom of the heart moves us forward, in a divinely timed crescendo that transcends the logical reasoning that cautions us to hold back, play small, or wait for better timing. The heart moves in universal flow, non-linear timing. Right timing is now, when lightning strikes the heart and the heart responds. Sometimes that flash of lightning may not be personal, but our willingness to respond when called is a calling for divine service of the heart. If we pause to assess before responding, we may miss the moment.

While the ego mind tries to plan and prepare, strategize and feel certain before taking a leap, the heart can move mountains in a single breath, if we’re present, in tune, and aware. Our hearts are not limited to our own personal use…our hearts connect through the higher channels of the limitless realm and the ocean of unconditional Love. If we’re out of tune or out of touch, we’ll miss the cues, the signals, the calling. When we honor our alignment, not only can we hear clearly, our capacity to respond holistically without delay is impeccable.

The week begins on Monday 9/12 with a Juno Orcus bridge, Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, then Black Moon retrogrades into Cancer and forms a resource with Sedna, followed by a Sun Saturn great eliminator and Black Moon Haumea stepping stone. The Great Unveiler re-enters Cancer, swimming through the intuitive empathic sensitivities of the emotional body realm. Anytime we swim through those waters, it matters that we choose to be empowered by what we’re feeling and sensing. When emotions get heavy, or when our recall from past emotional experiences becomes heavy on the heart, it can be difficult to move. Empowerment is an active choice that restores buoyancy from the water, allowing us to embrace and reclaim all that’s present in that current of water. If we collapse into the weight of our emotions instead of floating through the ebb and flow of divine expression and movement, we’ll create more resistance than is necessary. Choosing empowerment, we can ride the waves while staying connected, allowing the current to flow with ease while letting go and feeling supported. Every river has intention, direction, memory, and music. When we honor the movement, we can appreciate the music.

On Tuesday 9/13, Salacia forms a bridge with MakeMake, the Black Moon forms a bridge with Pluto, and Vesta finds resource with Eris. The fluid structures of divine timing and divine law and order take us back to our roots of limitlessness, beyond time and structure. There is alchemical potential in everything within that formless state. When we remember our true nature of infinite potential, we can allow our experiences to ebb and flow, without fear of letting go. Any letting go is a homecoming that takes us back to our formless state of oneness with everything. The Black Moon’s bridge with Pluto is part of the Grand Power Cross that reminds us to remain empowered through every door that closes and opens, through every transition from darkness to light. When we remain empowered, we remain open and conscious while navigating the important transitions.

Wednesday 9/14 starts with a Black Moon Eris stepping stone, Black Moon Vesta great eliminator, then Ixion stations direct, followed by a Black Moon Neptune manifestation, Mercury MakeMake conjunction, Jupiter Quaoar stepping stone, Mars Juno stepping stone, and Mercury Salacia bridge. Clarity is revealed today as historic blind spots and confusing patterns dissolve. The ultimate purification of the heart restores the lens of truth. Today’s Mercury MakeMake conjunction is the 2nd of 3, soon to activate a new cycle of the Divine Messenger. When we find what’s been hiding in plain sight, right in front of us all along, the truth is revealed and made visible. Like a time release capsule, we come to the awareness of all things when it’s time, and not a moment sooner. The blind spots that keep us separate from that clarity are buffers that keep us in our familiar holding patterns and grooves until it’s time. In a moment of truth, the blinders dissolve, birthing us through the open lens of a whole new possibility. We can’t force that realization; we can only trust that all things are made clear in divine timing.

On Thursday 9/15, Venus forms a bridge with Juno, followed by a Neptune Ceres great eliminator, Mars Orcus stepping stone, Mercury Varuna resource, Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, Venus Albion manifestation, and Pallas Chariklo great eliminator. A lot is clearing today, and that release feels like a birthing process; letting go of what’s been covering up, congesting, and limiting our full blown vision of the heart. Once the heart sees clearly, the universe reflects the heart’s truth in everything we see. Like falling in love, and realizing that Love is literally present everywhere, inscribed like a handwritten note. The validation of an awakened heart feels similar to the way thunder validates the lightning strike. In case we were wondering if what we felt was real, it is.

Friday 9/16 starts with a Venus Orcus conjunction/new cycle, then Mars Great Attractor bridge, Ceres Vesta bridge, Black Moon Uranus resource, followed by a Venus Great Attractor stepping stone, Venus Mars stepping stone, Sun Neptune bridge, Venus South Node (karmic) resource, Venus North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Jupiter Pallas stepping stone, and Sun Vesta great eliminator. With so much awakening through the heart, we’re being reminded of why we’re here and why it matters. That revelation of purpose calibrates our cells like a universal network of tiny satellites, and the body becomes intimately receptive to the messages of the heart. When the heart speaks, the body moves. When the heart awakens with the frequency of Love, we are moved into action, as Love. When our purpose is fine tuned through the grid system of our own cells, that action is intentional, with purpose. Our holistic attunement with the infinite ocean of unconditional Love calibrates a bridge of limitless possibilities through Unity Consciousness. When we honor our purpose, and honor the messages coming online through the heart, we can be moved by the heart into divine action, on behalf of All. We can be the response of Love in action through spontaneous miracles unfolding, anytime we receive the call from the heart, and say Yes. There’s a greater movement in that cosmic ocean of Oneness, and when our hearts are dialed in, we’re participating.

On Saturday 9/17, Venus forms a great eliminator with Chiron, followed by a Ceres Eris manifestation, Mars South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Sun Eris great eliminator, Pallas Quaoar bridge, Mercury Pallas stepping stone, and Mars Chiron resource. Eris is the inner awakener through discomfort, and she’s been activated all week. Today is the birthing canal that sheds the old skin and sets us free, honoring the release that allows inner truth to be revealed. What’s been there all along is free to breathe, free to express, and free to be seen. When we spend lifetimes holding back what longs to be set free, that moment of truth can birth radical transformation, of the highest order. The potential for healing through wholeness, acceptance, and realization of Self is breathtaking.

And Sunday 9/18 delivers a Black Moon Venus resource, Mercury Quaoar stepping stone, then Quaoar stations direct, followed by a Mercury Jupiter bridge, Sun Pluto manifestation, and Mercury Chairklo manifestation. Today’s Sun Pluto bridge is the final activation from last weekend’s Full Moon in Pisces, completing a grand Earth manifestation with the Sun, Uranus, and now exact with Pluto. The lightning bolt of awakening from last Sunday reveals the alchemical shapeshifting today, and a higher vision is revealed. When we allow the highest vision to manifest, we realize a whole new world being birthed from the current moment. Nothing to force, nothing to fix, simply allowing the moment to unfold as it is. When we judge surface level appearances or make assessments prematurely, trying to fix, manage, or interfere with cosmic grace and divine timing, we find ourselves in the struggle. When we allow, trust, have faith, and honor the greater movement of the heart, we find ourselves dancing in the alchemy of Love in Action, manifesting a brand new world.

The practice this week is seeing from the heart. Find moments throughout the week to close your physical eyes, let go of the lens of physical vision that sees surface level appearances in spatial relationship with form and structure. With eyes closed, engage the other senses. Feel the texture of energy, resonance, and vibration. Notice sounds, patterns, smells, and sensations that move you, that stir your curiosity, that elevate your lens of consciousness, or stimulate your awareness. Learn to see beyond the physical dimension, in order to access the truth that lives within all things, including yourself. Practice seeing the world as music, as art, as beauty, as Love…and honoring the divine current flowing through All.

“This being human is a guest house. Every morning is a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor…Welcome and entertain them all. Treat each guest honorably. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” ~ Rumi

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