Weekly Navigation Report: September 11 – 17, 2023


Week of September 11 – 17, 2023

The week ahead offers significant gear shifts, unexpected adjustments, and higher attunements calibrated by the Virgo New Moon on 9/14.  This High Frequency Lunar Event welcomes us into the fall wormhole/eclipse passage from 9/14 through 11/13.  What occurs in this portal of accelerated timelessness is nothing short of quantum alignment and divine integration, at the cellular level.  As with any wormhole/eclipse passage, anything is possible and anything goes.


In any healing attunement or calibration, the clearing that unravels as a result of the initial activation can generate a temporary healing crisis response that eventually restores and elevates optimal health and wellness through the holistic system, upgrading the entire system.  When a higher frequency of Divine Love is the calibrator through the holistic system, anything that’s been resonating at a lower frequency must release and let go, either to be purified or alchemized through the new attunement, the new adjustment.  The entire process provides an incredible elimination, filtration, clearing, and the ultimate revelation of what remains through the higher attunement.  What remains is Love.  The alignment and the attunement are always Love.


The healing process itself is not the desired outcome; it’s a mechanism for transformation, purification, and alchemy.  The temporary symptoms of a healing crisis are not the final outcome; they’re the movement and filtration that allow a new expression to take shape and manifest.  Finding the inner discernment to know when the symptoms are temporary inconveniences vs when the symptoms are urgent messengers or calls to action is important.  A call to action requires immediate attention.  A temporary inconvenience needs to be honored, regardless of how uncomfortable, until the process resolves and restores health and wellness.  Trusting the process is always important.



Transcending the temporary discomfort in order to honor the greater process.  Holding the highest vision from the heart while allowing any misaligned or incongruent expressions to dissolve, dismantle, detox, and decondition.  Letting go of control, honoring the experience, whether it feels good or bad, messy or smooth, predictable or unpredictable.  Finding comfort in the temporary discomfort while allowing the highest vision to take shape and fully manifest.  These are ways to navigate the temporary healing crisis as the highest attunement integrates holistically.  Any birthing process of deliverance can be unpredictable, messy, and uncontrollable at times.  Honor the wholeness of the process, while staying fiercely committed to what’s being birthed, what’s coming online.


When the tuning fork activates, the holistic system responds.  The necessary release begins, as the attunement intensifies.  When the tuning fork is of a soul frequency, activating the Soul Blueprint, crystalline DNA, and solar codes that bring the 4 body system into direct communion and expression as Soul, quantum leaps can occur.  Quantum healing results when the entire operating system of the lower 4 body takes a quantum leap through the diamond mind, finding a non-local orientation point that transcends any of the struggles or limitations that have been acutely present from the local lens of consciousness.


When we identify ourselves as the wound, or when we identify ourselves as being held within the limiting circumstances or interpretations of our past wounds, we hold ourselves in that belief system, and that consciousness informs the 4 bodied expression, including our available thoughts, words, experiences, and actions in the moment.  Not much is available beyond that matrix of reality when we choose to identify ourselves in that fabric, within our own skin.


However, when we find the opening and choose to elevate by attuning the mind through the heart and unifying our 4 body system through new thoughts, new possibilities, and new states of consciousness, we suddenly find the bridge to liberation and transcendence, beyond the wounded limitations.  The experience of the wound delivers an invitation for wisdom and mastery, however we must transcend the wound itself by applying that wisdom in action.


This upcoming wormhole passage is an invitation into the healing vortex of Divine Love.  What gets activated, flushed up, purified, released, and set free is only part of the journey.  The revelation of higher wisdom and the integration of Light is what remains, and ultimately what delivers the new possibilities and new fabric of reality.  We’re birthing while being birthed, and anything is possible.


The week begins on Monday 9/11 with a Mercury Chariklo great eliminator, Mercury Salacia great eliminator, and Sun Chiron great eliminator.  With 3 great eliminators, the focus today is filtration and elimination.   When navigating any significant choice point, the choice itself prompts a release of anything misaligned.  There’s movement that affirms the alignment, and a necessary clearing and filtration of what’s incongruent.  Clearing the mind of limiting thoughts or incongruent patterns of thinking allows the mind to fine tune, open, and expand through spaciousness.


On Tuesday 9/12, Vesta manifests with Haumea, followed by a Black Moon Moon communion, and Juno Great Attractor manifestation.  The Moon enters Virgo overnight.  The inner fire of devotion is in an active state of creative expansion, resonating at the purest frequency of alignment and integrity.  We can trust the passion that’s resonating through our cells, and it’s important to honor that movement and allow it to build.  Outer events mirror our inner devotion, so pay attention to what inspires, elevates, and nourishes that inner fire today.


Wednesday 9/13 starts with a Pallas Vesta stepping stone, then the Black Moon manifests with Eris, followed by a Black Moon North Node (dharmic) manifestation, Black Moon South Node (karmic) resource.  Then Pallas enters Libra, Vesta enters Cancer, and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Neptune.  Massive gear shifts today and opportunities for revelations (and elevation).  When we awaken from within, we can shift our perspective and elevate the lens of consciousness we’re currently living through, revealing a new configuration of possibilities and revelations in the fabric of our current reality.  The choice is ours.  Every pivot is like a click to the kaleidoscope lens, revealing crystalline clarity and divine wisdom with every adjustment and fine tuning.


On Thursday 9/14 Juno forms a stepping stone with Albion, followed by the Ceres Haumea conjunction/ new cycle, the Venus Jupiter manifestation (3rd of 3), Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, Pallas Sedna manifestation.  The New Moon in Virgo occurs at 9:40pm ET, followed by a Jupiter Juno stepping stone.  The Virgo New Moon offers an incredible attunement that restores our wholeness (and our divine holiness).   Every piece and every part, calibrated in resonance with the heart.   This calibration invokes a healing journey, prompting purification and elimination through the holistic system, eventually elevating the 4 body system in communion and in service to the Soul.  Soul to Cell integration.  As we embody our Soul’s awakened consciousness, we become a fine tuned instrument that manifests Divine Love, through our authentic experiences, trusting the process and honoring the application and daily practice of walking our talk, embodying our Light.


The Virgo New Moon occurs at 9:40pm ET, and disposes the entire wormhole/eclipse passage from 9/14 – 11/13 that takes us through 5 significant lunar events, each one prompting a specific attunement that supports in the overall acceleration and alchemical transformation that occurs within a wormhole passage.  As with any wormhole passage, it’s important to remember the golden rule…. anything goes.  No rules, no boundaries…just the highest attunement with the heart and Soul.  Honoring and allowing the ultimate deliverance that restores our soul’s blueprint, fully integrated through the 4 body system, in action and in service through this moment in time.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo represents the Divine Mother, the purest heart that births Christ Consciousness, and the limitless ocean of infinite possibilities through Unity Consciousness and Awakened Love.  The attunement comes from Virgo.  The birthing canal is activated through Virgo.  When we honor that alignment, and honor the frequency of the heart, anything is possible.  Our inner alignment becomes the rudder and the discerning filtration as we navigate the limitless ocean of infinite possibilities.  It’s important that we surrender all judgments, criticisms, or limiting beliefs in order to honor the integrity of our heart, and the the highest calling of the heart.

In 5D, Virgo is ruled by Chiron, the wounded warrior who becomes the Master Healer/Teacher.  Wisdom from experience develops Mastery within.  Our experiences birth us into our most refined Self, as we integrate all of the pieces and parts that have been fragmented or severed along the way.  The healing journey is a journey of wholeness, and Chiron represents the Rainbow Bridge that allows us to unify the current experience with a greater Soul connection, prompting purification and integration.  This Virgo New Moon is manifesting with Uranus, calibrating the awakened frequencies of Love like lightning grounding into the Earth, restoring the structural integrity of our trillions of cells through the crystalline frequency of Love.

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Friday 9/15 reveals a Black Moon Haumea resource, Black Moon Astraea resource, Black Moon Ceres resource, then the Black Moon enters Virgo, Ceres enters Scorpio, followed by a Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Black Moon Sedna stepping stone, and Mercury stations direct.  Then Astraea enters Cancer, Ixion stations direct, and the Sun manifests with Uranus.  Mercury’s station occurs within the wormhole passage, after traveling retrograde since 8/23.  The mind’s ability to efficiently process, digest, and metabolize our experiences from the highest filtration of wisdom, Divine Love, and grace allows us to begin this epic journey of healing and soul integration.  When the mind is attached to judgments, comparisons, and limiting fears, it can be challenging to fully digest all that is occurring moment to moment.  Eyes and heart wide open, with our filters and lenses purified, fine tuned, and elevated, we’re able to see things we’ve never been able to see before, as we embark on a journey of radical Self Realization that ultimately includes quantum healing and transcendence of old stories, interpretations, and expressions.   With fresh eyes to see from the awakened heart, we can distill our experiences into refined wisdom, and apply that wisdom in the moment as we take right action moving forward.  Ceres’ ingress into Scorpio is magnificent, and the birthing canal is wide open in the metaphysical realms of alchemical transformation and multidimensional rebirth.  Every human experience offers the potential for a quantum rebirth as we integrate and embody Soul to Cell.


On Saturday 9/16 Venus forms a stepping stone with Albion, followed by a Ceres Sedna great eliminator, and occultation of Mars by the Moon.  Every awakened elevation of the heart offers higher perspective in our organic experiences.  When we make it our business to tune up, to elevate the conversation and open with curiosity to what’s awakening through the higher channels, we are delivered through our crystalline frequency and attunement of Divine Love.  When we see ourselves in action – noticing the current lens of consciousness that’s interpreting events, the meanings we’re making and the actions we’re choosing (conscious and unconscious), there is divine wisdom to shift in the moment.  Any adjustments we make in that moment of higher observation has the power to unplug the old messaging system and install new code into the anchors of muscle memory.  Moment to moment reflection allows us to shift on a dime, elevate our game, and choose something new.  That available redirect is medicine for the old anchors and repetitive cycles.  We gain traction and agility in these moment to moment opportunities to shift and adjust.


And Sunday 9/17 activates the final Venus Jupiter manifestation, Sun Eris great eliminator, and Ceres Vesta manifestation.   The heart has been on quite a retrograde journey of reflection through healing and expansion, stretching beyond the limits of comfort and conditioning, in order to access this incredible opening that takes us into new dimensions.  The key to healing and transformation is having the courage to stretch the heart open, to ourselves and to others, with Divine Love and Grace…especially when we want to close off or shut down.  The choice to open instead of close is the most powerful choice we can offer humanity in the journey of healing and wholeness as we manifest the next unfolding, moment to moment.


The practice this week is reflection from the heart through our holistic system.  Take the time to elevate your awareness through the filters of the spiritual body, mental body, emotional body, and physical body.  Notice your current lens of consciousness throughout the day, and notice what makes it change.  Do you get disempowered by certain situations and collapse your consciousness into a wounded state?  Or do you remain open through the heart to experience all events through the lens of Divine Love?  Does your lens of vision change according to your comfort zone?  Make the choice to calibrate your holistic system to the heart, and then observe yourself in action throughout each day.  Let go of any judgement or criticism towards yourself or others, and just observe the wholeness in each scenario.  Allow the wisdom to fully integrate as you elevate through each experience.  Let the daily events provide the organic opportunities to practice, and see what you can see through the process.  This week initiates us into the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage, and anything goes.  Trust the process, calibrate your filters, and allow the journey to deliver you home to your refined wholeness and integration, from Soul to Cell.


“The next time you lose heart and you can’t bear to experience what you’re feeling, you might recall this instruction:  change the way you see it, and lean in.  Instead of blaming our discomfort on outer circumstances or on our own weakness, we can choose to stay present and awake to our experience – not rejecting it, not grasping it, not buying the stories that we relentlessly tell ourselves.  This is priceless advice that addresses the true cause of suffering – yours, mine, and that of all living beings.”  ~ Pema Chodron



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