Weekly Navigation Report: October 9 – 15, 2023


Week of October 9 – 15, 2023

Welcome to an epic week –  we’re headed towards the Libra New Moon/ Solar Eclipse on Saturday 10/14.   With the entire lower 4 body system actively shifting and adjusting, the opportunities for quantum revelations and leaps in consciousness (and quantum collective healing) are off the charts.  Anything goes…this is where the wormhole passage gets interesting.


Because this is a Virgo Wormhole passage (initiated by the Virgo New Moon on 9/14), our holistic integration and whole body expression is involved for the purpose of healing – personal and collective.  When we think about “fine tuning” our instrument, we can think about cohesively elevating the physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body through the frequency attunement of the awakened heart.  That frequency, or “note”, calibrates and attunes the lower 4 bodies into alignment, restoring integrity and excellence in our overall health and wellness through all dimensions of embodied consciousness.  That attunement also elevates the 4 body system through the open gateway of the heart in unified communion with the infinite, including the Soul blueprint and higher calling, which transcends the surface level stories at play within our cellular biology of just this incarnation.  When our actions and expressions are informed and inspired by that higher Soul communion through the heart, we find ourselves in an active state of Soul embodied expression.


If we find ourselves out of tune, or out of alignment with the heart, it’s important to recognize the indicators, pay attention to the feedback, and take appropriate action to realign, recalibrate, and restore our authentic resonance.  Any actions taken from a misaligned expression perpetuate the misalignment, reinforcing the old narratives that hold incongruence or distortion.  Our thoughts create form and structure in the energetic field of Oneness, and our actions produce ripples and wave patterns through the cosmic ocean of Oneness.  Our thoughts matter, and our actions matter.  Most importantly, the consciousness of the thoughts motivating the actions is key.  As we shift into heart motivated action, we become the embodiment of our awakened heart, and the frequency behind our actions is Love.



If we take action in the current moment from a triggered state, the past information (and trauma patterns) overlay with the current moment, whether we’re aware or not.  In a triggered state, it’s important to tend to the inner trigger first, before taking new action from an inflammatory state of consciousness.  Taking the time to breathe, find spaciousness within our thoughts, sensations, and actions, can be the key to profoundly navigating a healing crisis instead of perpetuating the old stories and old patterns into inflammatory escalation.  The consciousness of the past can’t change the past.  New consciousness must be activated in order to experience a radical shift.


Anytime we shift out of automatic pilot, we can begin to explore the spaciousness within our thoughts and actions, and the available ocean of choice points that exist moment to moment.  Shift any thought and it changes the kaleidoscope image of the fabric of reality.  Take any action, and the wave patterns in motion begin to produce an exchange, generating feedback and response in the mirrored reflection.  Think a conscious thought, and the crystalline integrity of sacred geometry begins to illuminate.  Allow that sacred geometry blueprint to resonate into embodied action, and now the universe is alive and in motion through our cells.


The interesting gear shifts and converging timelines that unify this week are quite mind-blowing.  A few dates and themes to consider as we approach the upcoming eclipse/new moon event:  Last Winter Solstice/ Capricorn New Moon between 12/21/2022  – 12/23/2022 initiated a fulcrum choice point, an invitation to tune in and up through the gateway of the heart – a sacred inward/upward journey into the year ahead, 2023.  That choice point revealed the gateway to new horizons, new possibilities, and divine deliverance of a new lens of reality not yet available from the status quo lens of consciousness.  There was a Jupiter/Ceres bridge at 00 Aries/Libra, activating the horizon, the relationship axis, and the lens of our world view.  That Capricorn New Moon intersected the bridge as we calibrated a new chapter, a new cycle with power and intention….higher power and divine intention.  The Nodes are now in Aries/Libra, and this upcoming Libra New Moon/ Solar Eclipse bridges Chiron and also Eris and the North Node in Aries.  The reflection of the core wound offers an opportunity to awaken through the current experience and choose a higher attunement, to manifest a new possibility.  And the reflection of the crystalline blueprint offers an opportunity to see Self, crystal clear, as we awaken and reveal our authentic nature.  We are not the wound, we are not the story; we are the crystalline blueprint and divine expression of Light, ever present and ever conscious.


When we see ourselves accurately in the mirror, our cells resonate in the truth of who we really are.  Our lower 4 body system begins a holistic calibration and integration process, elevating to that attunement and establishing the new orientation point as the divine stability within our inner operating system and grid system, and in communion with the larger universal grid system.  It’s a long journey home to the truth of our Soul (Love) and once we meet our Self in the mirror (and in our cells), our fabric of reality and lens of world view shifts through a radical awakening that forever alters the game.  When Love becomes the default setting in our cellular expression, Love becomes embedded in the grid system of the planet, on behalf of All.


Learning how to meet ourselves in the mirror is paramount.  Establishing a healthy relationship with our current reality and the feedback being offered by the mirror (our physical universe as a reflection) is power.  When we can sense and discern where the incongruences and misaligned expressions are, we can choose to elevate and recalibrate to authenticity, through the heart.  If we ignore the symptoms and sensations, we find ourselves in an intimate conversation with our inner resistance, until we shift consciousness, find the higher lens, and see our Light reflected in the mirror.  Moment to moment, we can choose to see what’s missing, what’s wrong, what’s broken – within ourselves and others – OR we can stay attuned to the Truth, which is divine wholeness and beauty, even through the random chaos and unplanned breakdowns.  Wherever we go, the Source of Light within us is always present.  Never separate, never missing, never gone.  The constant of who we are is the Source of our Light, Divine Love.  When we remember this, we can recall and reorient to that constant, and allow the temporary sensations and experiences to filter through and find healing, fine tuning us through every challenge and every resilient breakthrough.


“Within sorrow is grace.  When we come close to those things that break us down, we touch those things that also break us open.  And in that breaking open, we uncover our true nature.”  ~ Wayne Muller


Every wound and every misaligned expression facilitates an opportunity to purify, to integrate and heal, to reclaim our wholeness through power, love, and wisdom.  The journey to wholeness is evolutionary and revolutionary, from the inside out, Soul to Cell.  Cosmic Consciousness realized through our cellular expression.  The process can take lifetimes, and yet it’s all right in front of us, within us and reflected through the mirror, in plain sight.  Our journey is to wake up, shift the lens of consciousness we’re living through, and choose Love as the unwavering constant.


The other interesting activation coinciding with the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse this week is a Venus Saturn bridge at 1 Virgo/1Pisces.  Back in January of 2023, the New Moon in Aquarius and the Uranus station ushered in the Venus Saturn conjunction for a new cycle at 25 Aquarius, which also manifested with Mars’ station and the fixed star Arcturus.  That new cycle held the new agreements, new contracts, and new vision for higher consciousness of Divine Love through our social fabric into a new social structure.  The fact that Venus just completed her retrograde cycle through Leo, and newly entered Virgo, the bridge with Saturn is a calibration that offers filtration and discernment through the purest heart that births infinite possibilities.  In order to realize the highest vision, we must be willing to release any attachments or agendas associated with the lower lens of consciousness and the status quo horizon.  The future is here, in every choice we’re currently making.  The New Earth exists in visionary potential, ready to take shape.  Our belief in the visionary channel of the heart is most important.  Our willingness to embody the heart and unleash that potential is everything.  Walking our talk, applying our faith in action, we begin to weave new consciousness into the social fabric of our reality…step by step, choice by choice.


The Black Moon slows down this week, only covering about 5 degrees of space between 25’30 Leo and 2 Virgo.  She facilitates a great eliminator with Neptune on Monday, and another great eliminator with Saturn on Saturday.  A hidden finger of God aspect connected to the January 2023 Venus Saturn new cycle completes the pattern.  What appears to be invisible holds a powerful seat of visionary intention, not to be ignored.  As we begin to realize all of the pieces and parts have been in motion for quite some time, we can start to see the hidden dimensions unlocking potential and emerging before our eyes, with the template for the new ground that we’re manifesting now.  Any event that remains unresolved, unreconciled, or unconscious is calling out for attention to be healed, purified, and elevated.  All timelines converge in the current moment, giving us access to all dimensions, through the open gateway of the heart.  This journey of healing is collective, ancestral, universal, and deeply personal.  Any loss affects the whole.  And any awakened heart can begin to shift the collective wave pattern to Love.


The week begins on Monday 10/9 with a Venus Sedna stepping stone, Mercury Varuna resource, Mercury Salacia bridge, followed by a Mercury Chariklo manifestation, Black Moon Neptune great eliminator, and Venus Saturn bridge.  As Mercury steps onto the 5D Light Bridge today and tomorrow, we have access to our limitless nature and highest universal lens of vision, which unleashes our authentic voice and divine leadership.  When we can see things from a universal perspective, from the eye (I) of God, we see the highest purpose and intention of all that’s unfolding, and the highest calling for the response of Love.  As we remember who we are, we find our voice, and tune into a higher Source of communication, the Divine Messenger.  It’s important to own the power of our voice, as an awakened leader participating in the unfolding of our current expressions and events.  If we pretend we’re not connected to all that’s unfolding around us, we ignore our relationship with the current reality, and give our power away.  Today’s Venus Saturn bridge opens our hearts to the current challenges we’re facing, so the heart can inform and inspire the new possibilities for new creation.  Anytime we attune to the heart, we attune our personal system through the universal gateway of One Love.  The heart reminds us to have faith and trust in what we can’t yet see, and continue walking our talk through the consistent practice of Love in Action.


On Tuesday 10/10, Mercury and MakeMake conjunct for a new cycle, followed by a Juno Galactic Center manifestation, then Pluto stations direct, and the Sun forms a bridge with Chiron overnight.  Pluto’s station holds a dramatic still-point in the overall unfolding and dismantling of current systems, structures, and belief systems that allow for a massive resurrection and period of reconstruction and rebuild.  Pluto pulls the veils back and shows us what’s still currently operating below the surface, in the shadows of the unconscious/subconscious realms.  If we can’t see it, we can’t bring Light into it.  Whatever is being revealed or brought to Light is meant to be metabolized, healed, transmuted, and alchemized for a new expression, a reinvention.  Pluto stationed retrograde on 5/1 at 00 Aquarius, and after today’s station, will begin journeying back into Aquarius by 1/20/2024.  It’s important to remember, the resurrection and reconstruction occurs in Aquarian consciousness, which is new consciousness not yet realized in our current status quo.  Aquarius ushers us into the future, into a higher octave of Divine Love.  Don’t look for the highest vision in the current chaos….look within the awakening heart.  There is a need for healing in the current status quo, and the medicine is always Love.  Love is the facilitator of alchemical transformation, beyond what the mind can comprehend.


Wednesday 10/11 begins with a Varuna Salacia manifestation, followed by a Venus Ixion manifestation, and Mars enters Scorpio.  As Mars enters Scorpio, prepare to deep dive below the surface level appearances, into the mystery.  When we access the courage to go beyond our comfort zone and explore the hidden realms never before imagined, we begin to tap into hidden potential that otherwise is unavailable.  When that potential awakens from within our own skin, we find the magic of alchemy at the tips of our fingers and the depths of our gut.  We become transformed by our experiences – good, bad, comfortable, or uncomfortable.  There’s a higher vision unfolding and manifesting, from deep inside each of us.  That highest vision is the blueprint of our Soul and the expression of our authentic Light.


On Thursday 10/12, Mercury and Pallas conjunct for a new cycle, followed by a Mercury Jupiter great eliminator, Mars Haumea new cycle, Pluto Juno great eliminator, Mars Sedna great eliminator, Jupiter Pallas great eliminator, then Mercury Great Attractor resource and Mercury Albion great eliminator.  The inner Messenger is very active all week, and especially today.  There’s wisdom in the air – past, present, and future. Our willingness to integrate that wisdom into our current thoughts leads to massive expansion.  Every moment is a choice point to take a deep breath, elevate, and expand our awareness of possibility.  New Choices lead to new horizons, and today is a pivotal moment of new beginnings and powerful shifts.



Friday 10/13 is a Mars Saturn manifestation.   Only 1 aspect, and it’s huge.  With Mars newly in Scorpio, the possibilities for alchemical transformation are incredibly high.  It’s important to ride the waves of the current challenges instead of resisting, fighting against, or going into fear based thinking.  Let the momentum awaken and deliver a higher vision, and let the movement that’s stirring within unlock hidden dimensions of potential for newly inspired action.  If we take the same actions we’ve always taken, we know where that leads.  When we open to the mystery within and allow the current to inspire deeper movement, we begin to truly unlock the magic for alchemy.  Bring Love into any shadows that arise, and let Love be the stronger current moving you forward.  Be willing to go outside the lines, beyond the comfort zone, and against the grain in this unconventional expression.  What matters most is being unlocked and unleashed within us.  Let go of the rules, and let Love facilitate the movement.



On Saturday 10/14, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Pluto, followed by an Occultation of Mercury by the Moon, then the New Moon in Libra/ Solar Eclipse at 1:55pmET, followed by a Mercury Chiron bridge, Pallas Great Attractor resource, and the Black Moon enters Virgo.  Today’s New Moon/ Eclipse is truly revolutionary and ground breaking, if we can allow new consciousness to come in, and release any attachments to outdated projections or misaligned patterns.  Our relationships are key, and restoring a healthy relationship with our Self through the mirror is priority.


In 5D, Libra is the sign of Physical Body Power, the Mirrored Self, and the highest realization that I am You and You are Me.  When we operate from separation consciousness, it appears that the world exists outside of our self, separate from us.  We may be influenced at times, but the lens of separation consciousness keeps anything within our own skin separate from the rest of the world.  It’s easy to get caught up in “me vs them” or “us vs them” conversations and scenarios, that eventually become engrained in the consistent fabric of our reality.  It’s important to remember that the Aries/Libra axis represents the relationship axis, the horizontal axis, and the lens of our worldview.  If we come from a lens of separation consciousness, we become limited in  the available thoughts, actions, and outcomes we can choose for ourselves.


When we elevate our lens of consciousness and access Unity Consciousness, we find Oneness within our holistic system, within our skin and through the shared multidimensional connectivity around us.  Nothing is separate.  The Cosmos is reflecting us, not influencing us.  World events are not separate from us, or even influencing us.  When we look in the mirror of Oneness, we can see the greater stories and patterns at play, the divinity and the distortion, and we can see  that our response in each moment matters.  Anytime we choose Love, on behalf of the universal lens we’re living through, we choose Love for All.  No exception, no resistance, no conditions.  Love is a universal frequency that unifies All.  Love is the calibration that restores integrity and clarity in the mirror, allowing us to see our divine blueprint and see the higher calling for healing, wholing, and integration.


When we become conditional about our sense of identity and our sense of relating, we forget that we are the infinite universe experiencing our Self through the multidimensional fractals of expression, moment to moment.  When we meet a pattern of distortion in the mirror, the invitation is to bring Love into the mirror, instead of resistance, judgment, or fear.  Anytime we choose Love, we become calibrators through the mirrored Self, awakening the highest vision and highest version, through Love as Love.


If we find ourselves holding back, judging the world “out there” as a crazy messed up place, we’re forgetting that we are a part of that place, and anytime we choose Love, we become responsible for elevating the situation, and altering the reflection of the mirror.  We have a voice, we have a vote, our presence is powerful, if we choose it.  Unity Consciousness is the active gateway that recognizes our universal connectedness to everything through 5D wholeness.


When we repeat the same cycles and patterns of limitation, distortion, and incongruency through our actions and results, it’s important to take a healthy look in the mirror, to see the feedback through divine messaging that we need to see/hear/feel.  If we don’t wake up to the messages being revealed in the mirror of our repetitive patterns, the suffering continues until the price tags get too big and it matters enough to finally pay attention.  This is the resounding wake up call, the moment of Truth, the moment of Oneness, and the Invitation to Love.  On behalf of All.  A distortion anywhere perpetuates distortion everywhere, until there is a conscious shift that makes the correction.  The correction is always Love.  Love is  always the response, Love is always the attunement.  Anything other than Love is part of the distraction.  Love is the answer.  Love is the bridge that unifies extremes and shifts the horizon, revealing new potential, new landscapes… a new Earth.



And Sunday 10/15 begins with a Pallas Albion great eliminator, followed by an Occultation of Mars by the Moon, Mars Ixion resource, Sun Uranus great eliminator, then the Jupiter Ceres bridge, and Venus Vesta resource.   Today’s Jupiter Ceres bridge is an amazing deliverance to the available expansion when we choose Love and Unity.  A shift in consciousness alters the horizon, and recalibrates the lens we’re looking through and living through.  That one pivotal shift is life changing and earth changing.  The Sun Uranus great eliminator offers a filtration for old attachments and old paradigms that no longer serve us, and are no longer compatible with the elevating consciousness on this planet.  When we catch the momentum of a new wave of change – the wave of Love – we see the world around us beginning to shift and transform, at quantum speed.  The choice point is inner, personal.  The power is within us, not outside of us.  We must be willing to make the shift within, in order to see the world with new eyes.  That new vision becomes the roadmap and the grid system we take action from.


The practice this week is to find spaciousness – between the moments of intensity, between the thoughts and actions that feel triggered or inflammatory, and within each day as a daily practice.  Spaciousness allows for the untangling and unearthing of old patterns and stuck points of view.  Find the pockets of empty space, breath into the spaciousness, and expand with the inhale, then clear out the debris with the exhale.  That spaciousness is the cosmic ocean of Love.  This week requires a commitment to silence, inner spaciousness, and inner repair, in order to bring the highest response of Love into the mirror of Oneness.  Anything other than Love that’s being triggered into expression is only revealing the need for healing, the need for wholeness and integration, a calling for Unity, and the elevation to Oneness.


“I offer you peace.  I offer you Love.  I offer you friendship.  I see your beauty.  I hear your need.  I feel your feelings.  My wisdom flows from the Highest Source.  I salute that Source in you.  Let us work together for Unity and Love.” 

~ Mahatma Gandhi



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