Weekly Navigation Report: October 31 – November 6, 2022


Week of October 31 – November 6, 2022

We’re in the midpoint of the wormhole passage, in the week between 2 eclipses. While everything is changing below the surface between the dimensions, one thing that remains unchanged is the inner blueprint of the heart, from the soul’s lens of vision. It’s the blueprint of the heart that’s calling us forth, birthing us through this time of alchemical transformation as we fully awaken. What we think we know, and our attachments and interpretations to surface level appearances from a physical scope of vision, are about to be interrupted. Learning to navigate from the heart, we attune to the highest alignment of our soul’s vision, and from there the world is brand new.

Now that Mars has officially stationed retrograde, we’re embarking on a journey of transcendental awakening, without leaving the body. If we’ve historically thought we needed to leave the body in order to achieve transcendental states of higher consciousness, this Mars retrograde is ushering us into the cellular library of conscious wisdom, accessed through the multifaceted diamond mind (through the heart). When we crack open our own code of unique patterning and design, we can see clearly that nothing is outside of us, nothing is hidden or out of reach. That code is held in the matrix of our physicality, which historically has been used as evidence of separation from divinity. It can be appear as a quantum paradox, until we see clearly and decondition our mind from our ego’s attachments and preconceived limitations.

When we operate in separation consciousness, we experience fear, lack, scarcity, unworthiness, and even helplessness or defeat in certain scenarios. When we subscribe to those experiences, buying into the thoughts and interpretations, we become attached and embedded in the very narratives we’re trying to break free from, and those story lines become the patterning of our inner connective tissue, embedded in our muscle memory and visceral tissue. When we embody an inauthentic expression of limitation, we can feel even further fragmented from ourselves (Soul), and the separation consciousness continues.

Mars represents our physicality, and the actions we take (or don’t take) in the physical dimension. We can only take action in accordance with our belief system, and if our belief system is limited by separation consciousness, our actions and states of being will reflect that. Our experience in this physical dimension can become limited by the inner conversations that control and affect our actions. Saturn’s recent retrograde from 6/4 – 10/23 awakened us to our current relationship with power, authority, and freedom, noticing the ways we give our power away and the ways we fight for freedom, even within ourselves and the inner narratives we live into and attach to. At the end of the day, we are the only ones who can fully empower our freedom or take it away. The permission is up to us, at the personal level. There’s a new social template for relationship and community based on individual empowerment, accountability, and responsibility, from the higher laws of love and oneness, beyond the illusion of separation.

When we take what we’ve learned from Saturn’s recent retrograde journey, and take action on those higher laws of Love and Oneness, we meet ourselves at the table, able to see clearly through the current configuration and inner matrix, unleashing our full potential for embodied expression. Understanding at a conceptual level is one thing; taking conscious and committed action to live in alignment with our knowing is another. When we start to see the ways in which our actions are incongruent with what we know to be true, we have a choice. Our greatest teacher is the wholeness of our own experiential actions. By examining the actions we take, and the inner patterns that motivate and drive those actions, we can be liberated from the duality within our own system, finding freedom in truth as wisdom is revealed. Grace, compassion, and equanimity are essential.

The truth is, we can only see the world as we are, and we can only take actions that align with our belief system about ourselves and the world around us. When we start to challenge those beliefs, including the interpretations and identities we’ve been living into through our physical expression and embodied persona, we see the opportunities to awaken, course correct, and choose something new. Noticing the ways in which we fragment from our inner blueprint of the heart, we can awaken to the patterns of historic blindness and see clearly the higher path, the altered state which unlocks our divine truth.

The recent Mars station (Gemini) activated a grand air manifestation with the fixed star Arcturus (Libra) and Vesta (Aquarius). When Saturn completes his retrograde shadow phase on 1/23, he will revisit that Aquarian seat within the Grand Air Manifestation, in a new cycle with Venus. The forms and structures we’ve been living in, including the thoughtforms and beliefs we carry about ourselves, the world, and the available possibilities in every moment, are being challenged, awakened, and transformed. There is a new contract coming online for our evolutionary embodiment, and that new contract may be distinctly different than the ones we’ve been previously living in and identifying as. There’s unapologetic freedom in the revelation of our divine truth.

The contracts we make from our personal ego lens of interpretation carry the codes of previous limiting beliefs, and outdated norms from social conditioning and social norms. As we examine, awaken, and review, we have the opportunity to reinvent by honoring our divine Nature, shifting our gaze towards truth. In order to maximize this reconstruction/reinvention phase, we must be willing to humbly observe ourselves in action, from the highest visionary lens of Love, to awaken through the process. There’s nothing more important than waking up to the old programming we’ve been living in that keeps us separate and fragmented from our divine Self. That moment of awakening changes everything…including our cellular configuration and embodied expression.

As we activate the new cellular configuration and embodied expression, it’s important to consciously observe the new patterns and frequencies that are coming online. Conscious Wisdom is available through these new cellular expressions. The body becomes the teacher, and the mind the awakened student. This dynamic requires a humbling of the mind to open to what it’s never before seen or imagined. All eyes are on the body… not the superficial surface level appearances, but in the magic unfolding and communicating within the empty spaces, below the surface. The universe is speaking through our cells, and there’s so much to receive. Light is emerging from our cellular structure, and there’s a brand new configuration taking shape.

The week begins on Monday 10/31 with a Sun Juno manifestation, Sun Astraea manifestation, Black Moon Ixion bridge, and Jupiter Haumea great eliminator. After last week’s still point and deep reflection, the Black Moon covers a lot of ground this week, starting by unveiling our 5D blueprint and soul’s promise. Creative energies are manifesting through the unified field of oneness, on behalf of all. There is expansion in the air, and as we connect the dots to see the whole picture, we find the choice point that invites us to let go of historic limitations that have suppressed or held back. When we come from a win/win attitude of limitless possibilities, we elevate and expand our horizons on behalf of All. When we come from a win/lose opposition or struggle, we collapse the vision, shrinking into a distorted lens of limitation and scarcity. We must be willing to let go of any fears or doubts in order to step forward with faith and trust in the possibility of expansion that benefits All. New solutions are available, if we can open, allow, and surrender the need to know how.

Tuesday 11/1 starts with a Mercury Chariklo stepping stone, Mars Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, and Mercury Quaoar resource. The Messenger finds stability and traction in the esoteric waters of hidden dimensions and altered states of consciousness. When our personal inner operating system finds resonance with the higher octave of the universal mind, we gain an elevated approach and crystal clear perspective through a lens of non-attachment and non-judgment. The higher mind (diamond mind) can see beyond our personal scope of vision, which might be confusing and disorienting at times in this Scorpio water. The higher mind is attuned to Universal Love, and that frequency distills and dissolves illusions and density, illuminating the darkest of spaces with the clearest tuning fork of transparency.

On Wednesday 11/2, there’s a Black Moon Quaoar bridge, Venus Albion bridge, Black Moon Mercury manifestation, followed by a Venus Chiron great eliminator, Black Moon Salacia stepping stone (grand power cross) Ceres Great Attractor stepping stone, Jupiter Sedna resource, Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect, Mercury Salacia great eliminator, Venus South Node (karmic) new cycle, Black Moon Juno manifestation, Black Moon Astraea manifestation, Juno Astraea conjunction, and Mercury Varuna stepping stone. The activations are off the charts today. The Black Moon initiates the first of two grand power crosses this week, involving Quaoar, Salacia, and MakeMake. As emotional sensitivity runs high, remember to be empowered by all that is stirring. When we hold our seat as the empowered observer, honoring the fullness of the experience without getting swept away or overwhelmed, we can see clearly through the active flow. There’s much to be seen and witnessed in that current, if we can allow ourselves to observe with equanimity and Love. The heart holds space for the liberation and resolution of old suppressed emotions and patterns, and as that release valve flows freely, there is crystalline clarity and transparency, transmuting the shadows into Light.

Thursday 11/3 starts with a Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone, Black Moon Sun manifestation (activating a grand water manifestation with the Moon in Pisces), followed by a Mercury Astraea manifestation, Mercury Juno manifestation, Neptune Pallas manifestation, Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) resource, and Venus Ceres resource. The heart delivers us to freedom, in divine timing, with divine wisdom. No matter the situation we find ourselves in, there is a higher octave of intuitive deliverance at play. As we surrender to the flow and trust in faith, we can allow the flow to move us to higher ground. In moments of uncertainty, trust the heart and allow the current to move freely. When old core wounds get triggered, ride the wave to a higher octave of wisdom and mastery, and choose to find the elevated expression instead of identifying as the wound. Every wound refines our capacity to gracefully surf and elevate through our experiences, honoring the wisdom from experience, and celebrating the wholeness of our experiences.

On Friday 11/4, the Black Moon communes with Sirius and forms a resource with Ceres, followed by a Venus Orcus resource, Black Moon Orcus resource, Black Moon Venus manifestation, Ceres Orcus new cycle, Black Moon Uranus resource, Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, and Sun Albion bridge. The available consciousness today is off the charts, reminding us of the highest promise and potential of our soul and why it matters. As we allow ourselves to be fully delivered by that divine promise, we can choose to commit to that potential, feeling empowered to honor the calling of our awakened heart. It’s a gift and an honor to be on the planet at this time, and our full participation is requested.

Saturday 11/5 reveals a Sun Chiron great eliminator, Black Moon Neptune manifestation, Black Moon Pallas communion, Sun South Node (karmic) new cycle, Venus Uranus bridge, Black Moon Eris stepping stone, and Black Moon Arcturus stepping stone. There’s a significant awakening from the heart today that can’t be ignored or denied. The lights are coming on, wisdom is being revealed, and any hidden dimensions of suppressed potential are illuminating and coming fully online. As we gain access to the deepest truths within ourselves, it’s time to say yes and fully surrender. When Light awakens from within, we can’t hold back or diminish that force of nature.

And Sunday 11/6 begins with a Black Moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Pluto bridge, Black Moon Vesta great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Albion bridge, Mercury Chiron great eliminator, and Mercury South Node (karmic) new cycle. The Black Moon completes the 2nd grand power cross this week, involving Eris, Arcturus, and Pluto for an awakened transformation that reveals the full blown resurrection of our empowered heart. When we give ourselves away, suppress or hide our true feelings and expressions, we die off parts of ourselves that ultimately accrue within the density of our inner hidden dimensions. When we breathe life into those dimensions, reclaiming and fully resurrecting, we become whole and our inner vitality flows with power and momentum. That contagious expression of vitality is the key to our resurrection and reinvention as we transcend old patterns of suppression and give power to the Light within.

The practice this week is to surrender the overactive ego mind and allow the body to reveal higher wisdom through experiences. Like taking a walk in nature, the mind eventually quiets to observe and appreciate the divine cosmic wisdom and beauty being revealed through landscapes and uncensored expressions of authenticity. Moment to moment, the body is communicating and revealing cosmic consciousness and messages from the unified field, if we can quiet our minds enough to witness and receive, from the lens of the heart. There’s more to be seen, more to realize from our day to day unfoldings and events.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few personal nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” ~Einstein


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