Weekly Navigation Report: October 30 – November 5, 2023


Week of October 30 – November 5, 2023

We’re in the home stretch of this wormhole passage, in the final 2 weeks.  Coming home through the heart, awakening the highest lens of vision, healing the roots of the past while clearing the path of our spiritual root system, returning to the seat of our Soul.  It’s integration time as we asses where we are, what’s shifted from the 2 eclipses, and what lies within us and before us as a result.  Everything has changed, and the ultimate deliverance now is the manifestation of the new consciousness we’ve allowed into our holistic system.


Last weekend’s Full Moon in Taurus/partial lunar eclipse provided an epic opportunity to eclipse the roots of old distortions, misaligned frequencies, and inauthentic expressions within our foundation (both conscious and unconscious) from the mind/body connection….while finding our deepest seat of presence in the heart, as Love.  As the unwavering presence of Love, our lens of vision shifts, allowing us to see clearly through the diamond lens of the heart.  Nothing hidden, nothing out of sight, no confusion or distortion, simply the clarity of Love.  In that frequency of Universal Love, there is nothing to resist, nothing to push or force, and nothing to judge.  Love is a sustainable frequency, a lens of consciousness that reminds us through whatever is occurring, wherever we are, that we are home within the center of our heart, and all is well.  There may be actions required, however that action is inspired and motivated from the heart, on behalf of a higher vision than the old knee jerk reactions from fear, scarcity, or separation.


When we begin to see the world through the awakened lens of the heart, we see into the historic situations that have caused suffering or distortion, all the way into the root, the origin.  Our presence grounds the frequency of Love, which facilitates alchemy through our roots, and the transformation/transmutation process begins.  If we’re not deeply present – if we’re avoiding, disconnecting, hiding, or pretending – we can’t fully get to the root of our current situations that are rising up to be seen, to be met with Love, to be healed and integrated.  If we’re not fully present, we can’t awaken the consciousness of Love through the roots of repetitive wounds and suffering.


Through our presence, we cultivate trust and safety within ourselves, so that we can see the things we need to see and honor the wholeness of our experiences, reclaiming the pieces and parts of our brilliance and our mastery.  The ultimate unearthing of historic limiting beliefs and limited perspectives and paradigms begins to occur, revealing a whole new world, the sacred ground we’ve always had access to, but couldn’t fully recognize – until now.


As we patiently allow this alchemical transformation to occur, through the holistic nature of our embodied system, we begin to realize that everything has changed.  The orientation and perspective of how we see our selves and how we relate to the world around us begins to elevate through Love.  Even our biological expression and cellular structure can shift through the integration of  the higher consciousness of Love.  When our awakened presence eclipses the misaligned frequencies that have been running the show, suddenly a higher version begins to unfold – layer by layer, dimension by dimension.


When we’re fully present, in our seat, at home, grounded and awake within our holistic system, we begin to recognize there’s nothing separate from our Self.  When our presence is the sustainable expression and embodiment of Love, all is held in Love, met with Love, seen by Love.  When we own our seat on the planet in this incarnation, our presence of Love becomes part of a greater grid system of Love on the planet, and the larger container of sacred space, trust and safety begins to emerge with resounding clarity and integrity.  On behalf of all beings, Love becomes the status quo, the constant, the resilience in the atmosphere and in the roots.  The integration of our holistic 4 body system and our greater I AM Presence is the divine integration of Soul to Cell embodiment, and the awakened realization of our Cosmic Self.


The week begins on Monday 10/30 with a Black Moon Ceres resource, Sun Quaoar resource, Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, then Mercury forms a bridge with Albion, and the Sun manifests with Vesta. The Sun Vesta manifestation stirs the waters of our heart’s desire and deeper passion.  As Vesta prepares to turn retrograde this week, we’re all preparing to deep dive into the unknown pockets of potential within our inner fire of devotion.  When the fires are stoked, alchemy reveals the highest vision, unlocking the necessary potential to nourish and grow to full manifestation.  When we get out of our own way, we begin to feel the deeper calling that moves us from within.


On Tuesday 10/31, the Black Moon communes with Orcus, followed by an Astraea Jupiter resource, Uranus Pallas great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury resource.  Then Venus manifests with Uranus, followed by a Black Moon Mars resource, Sun Salacia great eliminator, and Mercury Orcus resource.   There’s new consciousness integrating through the mind/body connection from the recent eclipse that supports our greatest expansion.  As the heart awakens today, we experience the original attunement that initiated the wormhole passage on 9/14, and the greater calling and invitation for healing – personally, collectively, globally.  The heart is the instrument that delivers the response to any healing crisis, and when we wake up and bring our presence through the open heart, anything is possible.  The ultimate purification and re-calibration of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of our Self and our environment is possible.  The holistic integration of our inner earth, water, air, fire, and ether elements restores wholeness and oneness within our cellular expression and through our shared collaborative fabric of reality.  When one awakens and chooses healing, the entire collective wholeness benefits, whether conscious or not.  To recognize the wholeness within is to also recognize the greater oneness and holistic integration beyond the personal.  We are not separate from each other or from our environment; we are a part of each other and a part of the oneness.  A call for healing is a call for wholeness, and when that wholeness is calibrated through a higher frequency of Love, all benefit.


Wednesday 11/1 begins with the Sun intersecting the Varuna Chariklo Light Bridge, followed by a Black Moon Astraea resource, Mercury Chiron great eliminator, Mars Albion bridge, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, Black Moon MakeMake subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Sun resource, and the Moon enters her dignified sign of Cancer.   This Scorpio season is ripe with alchemical transformation and shapeshifting, dancing at the intersection/balance point of a 5D Light Bridge that offers the highest vision and the stability to stand upon that visionary bridge.  It’s important to remember, the highest lens of vision shows what’s possible when we access the hidden potential within us.  It takes courage, trust, and faith to plant firmly on that bridge of  higher vision, manifesting a possibility that doesn’t currently exist  in physical form, yet.  When our dreams manifest as our current reality, we can see the full blown integration of the invisible realm of creative potential and the materialization of that dream through form and structure.  Our consistent willingness to choose, and to plant ourselves on that higher visionary bridge is key.  Whether we can see evidence or not, the vision remains possible.  When we take that stand and choose to believe in the potential we see, our actions birth from that possibility, awakening potential in the moment.


On Thursday 11/2, the Black Moon is busy today in a great eliminator with Chariklo, subtle intimacy aspect with Varuna, great eliminator with Salacia, resource with Vesta, and manifestation with Quaoar.  Then Vesta stations retrograde, followed by a Black Moon Juno communion, and Sun Jupiter bridge.  The radical unveiling is off the charts today as Vesta stations retrograde.  It’s important to allow all to flush up and be seen while honoring the inner calling and inner movement of devotional energy that stirs within the heart.  What’s stirring within us at the deepest level is a higher calling for change, transformation, and new growth.  We transform in the hidden dimensions, in the darkness, and we grow and take shape in the Light.  The deepest calling towards transformation facilitates the alchemy within, activating the sweet spot and choice point of our greatest potential for expansion.  If we resist or hold back in the invitation to transform, we cling to our comfort zone and familiar edges of our default settings.  When we surrender fully to that calling, and surrender to the inner fire of devotion, our leap of faith takes us to higher ground and new dimensions of possibility, unleashing our greatest potential.


Friday 11/3 is all about Venus, starting with a Venus North Node (dharmic) great eliminator, Venus South Node (karmic) subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Venus Eris great eliminator, and Venus Neptune bridge.  The heart is awakening, and in each moment of Truth, there is clarity emerging.  Sometimes gentle and subtle, and sometimes fiercely potent and unexpected.  Be willing to honor it all.  Anything that has the capacity to open the heart is a gift, whether the event itself is comfortable or uncomfortable.


On Saturday 11/4, Saturn stations direct, then the Moon enters Leo, followed by a Juno Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Ceres conjunction/ new cycle, Mars Orcus resource, Mercury Uranus bridge, and Uranus Ceres bridge.   Saturn’s station is incredibly important in this wormhole passage, offering the deliverance to a new chapter that manifests our deepest potential.  Saturn (a social consciousness archetype) has been retrograding through the sign of Pisces, the infinite ocean of oneness and limitless possibilities.  As we dissolve and release the boundaries, narratives, labels and identities that we’ve oriented to and operated within for so long, we free ourselves for a new story, a new identity, and a new expression.  The temporary confusion of not knowing what’s possible in the unwritten territory is about to shift; Saturn will begin to move direct from 0 Pisces, and anything goes.  Our dreams can become reality if we have the courage to own our power as conscious creators, and be responsible and accountable for what we’re choosing – individually, collectively, and globally.  This is an epic pivot point where the tides start to shift and a bigger social movement begins.


And on Sunday 11/5 starts with a Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Mars Chiron great eliminator, Juno Vesta resource, then Venus forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center. The need for healing in our actions is important today.  If we take action from wounded consciousness, our actions repeat past wounds, inflaming and escalating that conflict with every new occurrence.  When our actions come from the heart, we experience innovation that can take us to new outcomes, new expressions, and new horizons of possibility, if we can withstand the discomfort of redesign.  The choice is ours, moment to moment.  We’re either reacting to what hurts us, or remembering who we are and consciously choosing what we’re here to create.  Creative potential is awakened with every reaction that is harnessed into a higher expression.


The practice this week is belief.  Moment to moment, ask your Self what your highest belief is in each situation that’s unfolding.  Listen to your perceptions and interpretations of the current scenarios you’re navigating.  Pay attention to what you actually believe is happening, and what you believe is possible.  Make the choice to elevate through a higher visionary lens to see the potential, and take action from there.  Oftentimes our perceptions of what’s happening is confused or distorted by past wounds and triggers.  It might take a leap of faith to find spaciousness between what we think we’re seeing vs the potential that’s actually present, so find the space to breathe and expand with curiosity before choosing the next step.  Get off of automatic pilot with the inner narratives and interpretations, and find a higher lens of vision to explore.  There’s hidden potential waiting to be unleashed, and that potential is often the game changer.


“Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis. If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae,’ there will never be a butterfly. The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.”
― Alejandro Jodorowsky


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