Weekly Navigation Report: October 3 – 9, 2022


Week of October 3 – 9, 2022

The week ahead delivers epic unveilings and divine metamorphosis, shedding layers in order to reclaim and resurrect the highest potential for manifestation. Now that Mercury has completed his retrograde cycle, the brakes are off and we’re moving forward, integrating a brand new upgrade to our inner operating system and holistic messaging system. Not only are we recovering the hidden dimensions of our light, we’re also alchemizing old shadows into wisdom and mastery that takes us to higher ground. With a courageous open heart, we have the fierceness to embrace it all.

Pluto stations direct this week, which is a significant turning point for the Pluto Return in the US. It’s important to remember that Pluto represents the death and rebirth of anything that’s ready to manifest a higher vision. The key to traveling any Pluto energetic with ease is to surrender and allow. There is necessary shedding and exfoliation that must occur in order to get to the deeper layers of vitality and truth. Being willing to release attachments to our status quo situations and/or physical dimension belongings and identities, we can enter the metamorphosis process that recycles and renews all things.

In any period of loss, there is regenerative growth and creative potential. How we build and resurrect is important. If we’re coming from attachment, we may try to recreate exactly what we experienced before, manifesting a mirror copy of the past, without realizing that everything has changed. If we’re coming from a higher vision, we can manifest brand new potential that wasn’t available in the past, bringing us into the cutting edge of the present, and wiping the slate clean from any obsolete or misaligned expressions from the past.

The gift in any moment of transformation and recycling is the possibly for rebirth and deliverance. Being set free from the limiting conditions or situations, and delivered to a brand new chapter with quantum potential. When we build upon outdated structures, no matter how awakened we might be, the structures we’re building upon still inform and inspire what’s possible with that new growth. Sometimes structures need to dissolve in order to build a new framework from a higher frequency of consciousness. The process of dissolution can be scary and unsettling in the current moment, and can evoke the fear that something is wrong, that there was a mistake. However, when we allow the process to unfold, without resisting or clinging to what was, we can experience the greater deliverance of new possibility.

Pluto invites and ushers us through the portal of death and rebirth, reminding us that every ending is an open space for deliverance and new beginnings, through a transitional realm of profound sacred space and limitless potential. How we travel through that portal matters. That bridge between loss and new creation reveals a full spectrum of emotions, requiring courage, faith, and trust to navigate. Along that bridge, we may encounter a wide variety of experiences, navigating the contrast between grit and grace, agony and ecstasy, beauty and chaos. All of it is sacred; the wholeness of our journey is holy and alchemical.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and our transiting Karmic node is currently in Scorpio, which means Pluto is the dispositor of this karmic nodal transit and the upcoming eclipses (along with Uranus – the Great Awakener). In 5D Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio represents physical body Love, and the transformational shape-shifting that occurs when the frequency of Love is infused into anything physical. We are not bound to anything in this physical dimension, and it matters that we realize the physical dimension as a gateway to our higher Soul integration, at the cellular level. Death is only experienced in the physical realm, however at a soul level, there is no death, only transformation, transitions, and alchemy. As we bring a higher octave of Divine Love through our embodied consciousness, we experience a transcendence of karmic debris – not by checking out of suppressing it, but by including it in the greater alchemy of awakening Love.

Awakening occurs when we bring Light to the darkness, activating the potential within the mystery, then allow the greater deliverance and highest manifestation to be revealed. Anything that was previously hidden, invisible, unconscious, or misunderstood becomes infused with Light. In that moment of illumination, there is a release of the misunderstood or misqualified energies, as all is returned to Light, calibrating Truth, and setting it free. We can only awaken to what we’re unwilling to see clearly. Our willingness to allow and accept whatever rises up in any given moment is key. If we bring judgment, criticism, or resistance to the table, there’s no room for the shadows to reveal hidden potential within; we end up suppressing the very movement that’s coming up for cathartic release. If we operate at the surface level of our experiences, fearful of the shadows or the underground hidden dimensions, we limit the full potential of our experiences.

In order to activate alchemical transformation, there must be an atmosphere of trust and safety. The current transiting Dharmic Node in Taurus reminds us that trust and safety are established within ourselves, not dependent upon external situations or attachments. When we find trust within ourselves, we come home to our heart as the divine mechanism of inner navigation and clear directive. We can navigate the unfamiliar territory and weather the storms of alchemical transformation, tuning into the voice of the heart and trusting in the messages received. There is peace in that network of communication and connection. When the nervous system can relax and trust, there is an opening to follow our inner guidance and experience the deliverance that is occurring – inside and out.

The Aries Full Moon at the end of the week offers a full blown activation/initiation of Self Realization as we heal through wholeness and take responsibility for the beautiful breathtaking Light that we are, as Conscious Creators. We may not be able to change the current situations, but we can choose our response in each conscious moment, and that choice is the power to create from higher ground. As pioneers of the New Earth, it’s time to manifest and create from a higher lens of vision, with Love. Everything is changing, we’re in a moment of radical transformation and evolution. How we navigate these epic transitions, matters. It’s not about holding onto the past; we’re pioneering through the current experience, building bridges into a higher dimension of Love.

The week begins on Monday 10/3 with a Black Moon Ceres subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Venus Quaoar stepping stone, and Black Moon Jupiter manifestation. The birthing canal is being revealed, and gently stretched open for this week ahead of deliverance. Today’s power choice point comes from our capacity to choose an elevated approach with an open heart, seeing the divine path from our higher lens of non-local consciousness. When we get too attached to personal feelings and emotions, we can narrow our perception of the birthing canal we’re traveling through. The key is expansion, beyond our personal preferences and agendas, accessing the universal lens of higher power.

Tuesday 10/4 reveals a Mercury Eris great eliminator (3rd of 3), followed by a Chiron Great Attractor manifestation, Black Moon Chariklo bridge, and Venus Varuna resource. Now that Mercury is moving forward, reclaiming his retrograde shadow, the opportunities for inner awakenings and moments of truth abound, resulting in the release and letting go of old attachments, agendas, and structures. Once we see clearly from an elevated lens of Truth, there’s no going back. Sometimes it takes several wake up calls until we finally realize what’s been there right in front of us, crystal clear. Today reveals a bridge to a new horizon that offers stability and new ground…higher ground. Our lens of vision is supported by a higher octave of clarity, allowing us to see from the heart.

On Wednesday 10/5, Venus forms a bridge with Salacia, followed by a Jupiter Ceres great eliminator, Vesta stations direct, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Quaoar, and Venus forms a new cycle with MakeMake. The heart reveals our limitlessness, and reminds us of the truth of who we really are. As Vesta stations direct, there’s a newfound reinvention of our inner fire of devotion, waking us up gently as a new beginning calibrates through the heart, in divine timing, in divine order. Through the heart, new beginnings emerge.

Thursday 10/6 starts with a Venus Juno great eliminator, followed by a Pallas Albion resource, Sun Albion great eliminator, Sun Pallas stepping stone, Sun North Node (dharmic) great eliminator, and Mercury Pluto manifestation (3rd of 3). Today’s final manifestation of Mercury and Pluto offers a new message from the hidden dimensions of the heart. Behind the veils, between the dimensions, the voice of Truth emerges, and everything else falls into place. Integrity is restored when the heart speaks. The resonance of the heart offers a holistic attunement that reorganizes and recontextualizes the rest of the story, and divine wisdom is revealed.

On Friday 10/7, the Sun forms a bridge with Chiron, followed by a Pallas South Node (karmic) manifestation, Pallas North Node (dharmic) resource, Sun Great Attractor resource, and Black Moon Varuna conjunction/communion manifesting with Salacia. The rainbow bridge offers an incredible opportunity to find healing and wholeness in a way that reveals our greatest mastery and personal power that has been initiated and awakened by every experience we’ve ever lived through. When we choose to stand fully empowered by our life situations, and fully responsible for our actions and reactions, we realize the power within us to consciously create a brand new possibility. We are not bound to our past, we are not bound by the stories of our wounds or historic limitations….we become pioneers when we give ourselves permission to choose our narrative, choose our attitude, and choose our next response.

Saturday 10/8 starts with a Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone, followed by a Chiron Pallas stepping stone, then the Black Moon turns retrograde, Pluto stations direct, Pallas forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor, and Ceres forms a great eliminator with Chariklo. Today’s Pluto station is a significant still point in the threshold/merging of the visible and invisible realms, the physical dimension and the spiritual dimension, and the infinite space that lives between the dimensions. When we get attached to the physical dimension, we lose sight of the divine magic and mystery in the spirit within all things physical. Pluto pulls the veils back and invites us into that mystery, asking us to surrender our attachments to physical form and structure, in order to access our greatest potential and creative beauty.

And on Sunday 10/9, Juno and MakeMake form a great eliminator, followed by a Black Moon Varuna communion, Pallas Orcus resource, then the Full Moon in Aries, followed by a Black Moon Salacia manifestation, and Venus Albion great eliminator. The Full Moon occurs at 4:55pm ET, conjunct Chiron and Eris, activating a finger of God with Neptune and Uranus. In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries represents Conscious Power, and the mental body discipline to choose love through our thoughts; think with the heart. That conscious choice is the single most important doorway to unleashing our greatest power, at the individual level. The power to choose Love through the mind is universal, not bound by or dependent upon any external authority, rules, or regulations. When we reclaim our personal power to choose the context of our innermost thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and interpretations, we gain the power to create and manifest a world without limits.

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The Aries/Libra axis is the relationship axis, the beginning of the mind/body connection, and the activation of our lens of worldview. How we see ourselves, how we see the world, the meanings and interpretations we make from our personal lens of consciousness that reveals the available choices and outcomes that we can align with and allow to manifest. When we bring our undivided attention into that sweet spot of power, we can see clearly where we limit ourselves, and where we expand into freedom and empowerment. When we think the power struggle is “out there”, it’s important to look within to examine our thoughts, attachments, inner narratives, and beliefs about ourselves and the world to see if we’re playing out old storylines and dramas. Self realization and self reflection are powerful practices that allow for limitless choices and outcomes, beyond the knee jerk reactions from feeling stuck or disempowered.

The Aries Full Moon offers a full blown reflection of our unique, authentic expression of Light that we came to manifest in this lifetime. Aries is the original, the pioneer, the fire of creation, and the spark of potential. Intention matters, consciousness matters. The lens of consciousness we’re living into and creating from is essential to the outcomes and manifestations we witness and observe around us. If we want to change the world, we must first start by seeing ourselves clearly and being the highest version of ourselves, with words and actions. When we check out, go unconscious, get triggered into reactionary patterns of historic wounds and limitations, we limit ourselves and the available outcomes. By being fully awake and responsible with our Light, we can consciously create something brand new, beyond what we’ve ever known before. If we leave things up to past narratives and scenarios, or refuse to challenge our own assumptions and beliefs about ourselves and the world, we may find ourselves repeating the past, going backwards instead of elevating to new ground.

Aries is ruled by Mars, who is about to go retrograde on 10/31 until 1/12. Mars represents the actions we take, and the consciousness that motivates those actions. When we get triggered into reactionary cycles of unconscious muscle memory, our actions can get inflammatory and heated, or cold and withdrawn. When we take action from the heart, we move into new possibilities, aligned with a higher vision, moving to higher ground. The choice is ours. The outcomes we experience in this physical dimension are up to us. And while we can’t change certain events and circumstances, we can choose to be conscious as we navigate the terrain, taking each step with an open heart, with trust and faith in a higher vision. When we go unconscious, we realize the pricetags and limitations of giving our power away.

The practice this week is to consciously choose Love – as a lens of consciousness, as a vibrational frequency. When we go into fears, doubts, insecurities, and negativity, we slip into our wounded consciousness that breaks rapport with the heart. The heart is hardwired for possibility, truth, and oneness. If we find ourselves feeling fearful, small, or limited, take a deep breath…follow that breath in through the heart, awakening the high heart, and into the center of the universe, where all possibilities exist. From there, exhale and release any attachments, fears, or doubts. Focus on the inhale, ushering awareness through the heart, elevated through the high heart, to the center of the universe. From there, let everything else clear, recalibrating the holistic system in resonance with the heart. That mental body discipline, practiced daily, is the path to liberation and freedom.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ― Rumi

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