Weekly Navigation Report: October 24 – 30, 2022


Week of October 24 – 30, 2022

We’re stepping into a dynamic and active metaphysical week, including the first of two eclipses and the Mars retrograde station, not to mention significant gear shifts for both Mercury and Jupiter. Transformation is guaranteed, but perhaps not in the usual places or spaces.

We all have our preferred areas of expansion and elevation when given the chance to transform or elevate. What’s being awakened now is coming from the mysterious underbelly of deeper dimensions, the hidden potential we’ve been “trying” to tap into or “break ground” for lifetimes. This is truly a ground breaking week, if we can allow it. Allowing is key.

When we try to force a transformation of the things we resist, oftentimes we can find ourselves engaging in battles within ourselves and our attachments, pushing or forcing dynamic change without getting anywhere. The process can be exhausting, and even frustrating, sometimes propelling us into old narratives of old wounds. Anytime we apply our ego’s attachments or agendas onto a current result or expression, thinking we can change what we don’t like, we activate resistance.

When we have the courage to meet ourselves and our current results with a steady presence of Love, we activate the potential for shapeshifting. Alchemical transformation becomes organic in the presence of Love, unlocking a higher vision. When we consider the relationship between Scorpio and Taurus consciousness (the current transiting karmic and dharmic nodes), that partnership reveals the magic of alchemy, and the requirement of sacred space as a prerequisite for transformation and manifestation of the highest vision. In order to tap into hidden pockets of potential, there must be sacred space and a solid presence of Love that can hold space without flinching or collapsing. That kind of unwavering presence provides safety in the space, and in an atmosphere of consistent safety, radical transformation can occur in the blink of an eye. Not by force. By nature.

Through the frequency of Love, anything is possible. Through the lens of Love, everything is free…free to shift, free to transform, free to let go, and free to elevate, thrive, and shine. When we embody the divine nature of Love in our unyielding presence on this planet, we become agents of alchemy, awakening and unleashing hidden pockets of potential that otherwise might go unnoticed or unseen, lying dormant in the shadows. The presence of Love calls forth greatness, expansion, and evolutionary awakening. Anything other than Love can suppress, hold back, control, or even force outcomes that may not be congruent with our divine nature.

When we come from Love, we come from a capacity to Listen, observe, and be in relationship with all that is…whether we like it or not, agree or not. The space is open, ripe. Cultivating an equanimous presence of the heart is what calls forth quantum leaps in the world around us. When we walk the planet with an open heart of respect, compassion, and acceptance, we bring Love to the table in all that we do, and with anyone we meet. The presence of Love at the table is the force of nature that unlocks potential, sees between the lines, and sees into the heart of humanity and the heart of the moment. That kind of presence is required to see beyond illusions and distortions and manifest new possibilities through sustainable partnership and connection.

When we infuse Love into anything, transformation occurs. By nature, the universe is always expanding, and so is our consciousness – if we allow it. Love as a frequency can take us to higher ground, unlocking hidden dimensions, and revealing a higher lens of vision. When we become the embodiment of Love, our cells resonate with the frequency of Love, our physical expression unlocks and elevates to a higher vision, and our actions express and manifest as that. When Love is the consistent response through our thoughts, words, and actions, we become the awakened potential of the universe, in action…limitless through the metaphysical properties of shape shifting and alchemical redesign. Nothing is off limits; we find freedom in the fluidity of our physical dimension, and all expressions are available.

This week offers a dynamic eclipse on Tuesday 10/25 with the New Moon in Scorpio, as well as Mars stationing retrograde 10/30 through 1/12. Never before has the potential for radical transformation at the cellular level been so accessible and digestible. As we experience quantum leaps in consciousness, we also experience quantum leaps through the frequency of Love, which unlocks our human potential at the cellular level, revealing new dimensions of embodied consciousness never before explored or imagined.

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The week begins on Monday 10/24 with a Venus Ixion resource, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, Sun Ixion resource, occultation of Mercury by the Moon, and Chiron South Node (karmic) great eliminator. A helpful reminder of our higher 5D blueprint is offered today. Any of the core wounds that we’ve come to master and transcend might reveal hidden dimensions never before seen or considered. Remember, the wound is where the light enters, and the purpose is to heal, transform, and transcend through the wholeness of our experiences. Sometimes the light reveals deeper currents of unexamined potential, and our willingness to remember who we are through the course of every unfolding is key.

On Tuesday 10/25, the Black Moon manifests with Venus and the official New Moon in Scorpio at 6:49am ET along with a partial solar eclipse, followed by a Vesta Eris resource, occultation of Venus by the Moon, Mercury Neptune great eliminator, and Black Moon Ixion bridge. Today’s Scorpio New Moon offers an unprecedented opportunity to access hidden dimensions within ourself, to see clearly from the diamond lens of the heart, and dance with the mystery of the unknown darkness. Remember, darkness is the opportunity for Light to awaken and reveal Love. The unexamined, unfamiliar landscapes invite exploration into the unmanifested potential that’s waiting to be seen. Nothing is as it appears at the surface, we must be willing to take a closer look, oftentimes a deep dive into the mystery, in order to find a whole new world of possibility.

The partial solar eclipse will temporarily unplug our source of external Light that allows us to see through the physical dimension. Like walking through a dark room, we must learn to feel our way through, letting the heart guide. When we remove our sense of physical sight, we free ourselves from the imposed limitations and projections of time/space reality…giving us permission to move through the limitless realm beyond the veils, beyond the dimensions and belief systems that normally keep us confined with familiar certainty. Only by letting go of what we think we know, can we move into uncharted territory and fully embrace all that lies beneath the surface, between the lines, and within the empty spaces of all things physical.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio (traditionally a “fixed” sign) becomes a calibrator of Love through the physical body dimension. With the infusion of Love into anything physical, alchemy can occur, shape-shifting and transformation are possible. When we resist or judge what is, if we stop short at surface level appearances, we miss the opportunity to unlock deeper meaning and we limit the available potential to manifest. When we meet everything unconditionally with Love, we invite potential to awaken, alchemize, and facilitate metamorphic manifestation. There’s active fluid potential within this “fixed” sign, and that potential is reflective of the consciousness we bring to the table.

Because Scorpio relates to the physical body dimension, there’s a beautiful synchronicity with Mars. We can either use our Mars energy to force outcomes, manipulate results, or resist and fight against what we don’t like based on surface level appearances….OR we can use our Mars energy to honor the divine nature in all beings, and explore the organic potential that lives within the empty spaces within all forms and structures, allowing the magic of organic chemistry to unfold and reveal deeper meaning and higher ground. Nothing is fixed or set in stone in the physical dimension; in fact, the physical dimension is 99.9% empty space. What lives within that empty space is the atmosphere of the invisible realm, the limitless ocean of cosmic potential, just waiting to express, waiting to take shape and manifest. If we limit ourselves (and our creative potential) to only participate in the world of form/structure from a superficial lens of vision, we miss out on 99.9% of universal creative potential to harmonize, redesign, and shape shift. That’s massive! When we remove our blinders by removing our attachments to surface level appearances, suddenly a whole new world emerges that’s always been there, right in front of us. It’s mind blowing and breath taking.

Wednesday 10/26 starts with a Mercury Eris bridge, followed by Mercury Vesta manifestation, Mercury Arcturus conjunction/new cycle, then Venus Chariklo stepping stone, and Mercury Mars manifestation. As Mercury finds the bridge with Eris, there’s an inner awakening through the inner horizon of our mental body/operating system. These moments of Truth that awaken from within can be uncomfortable at first, however the Truth sets us Free to explore a new world of possibilities. If our mind can stretch beyond what we think we know, we can access that world of freedom to pioneer and create new possibilities, never before imagined. The conjunction with Arcturus can deliver high frequency solutions and innovative ideas that forward our evolutionary growth and potential, for ourselves and the entire planet. This conjunction is manifesting with Vesta and Mars, activating a Grand Air manifestation of forward moving, progressive thinking that elevates our human experience to a higher octave of consciousness. As Saturn recovers his retrograde shadow on 1/23 in a conjunction with Venus, he will re-join that Grand Air manifestation, giving new form and structure to the new narratives and higher laws of the awakened heart. This is an exciting evolutionary upgrade in our mind/body awareness, connection, and realization of embodied Cosmic Consciousness.

On Thursday 10/27, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Pluto, then the Black Moon turns direct at 0 Cancer (just shy of a stepping stone with Jupiter), followed by a Sun Chariklo stepping stone, Venus Quaoar resource, Haumea Sedna great eliminator, and Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces. Today’s Mercury Pluto stepping stone activates profound transformation and shedding of skin within the inner dimensions of the mind after yesterday’s revelations. When the mind is supple, there is room for expansion. When the mind is rigid, there is resistance and limitation. Jupiter moves back into Pisces, the infinite realm of limitless creative potential. It’s important to remember, our creativity stretches and expands relative to the suppleness of our mind.

Friday 10/28 starts with a Venus Salacia great eliminator, then a Sun Quaoar resource. A lighter day today, with expansiveness through the limitless realm, accessible through the heart. The heart reveals the center of the universe, and the heart also awakens the diamond lens that cuts through illusions, distortions, and limitations; reminding us of the truth of who we really are, from the higher octave of Oneness. There’s nothing off limits when we remember our divine nature of Love, as the embodiment of the awakened heart. Wherever we go, we see through the highest vision of Divine Love.

On Saturday 10/29, Venus forms a stepping stone with Varuna, followed by a Mercury Sedna great eliminator, Venus Juno manifestation, Mercury Haumea conjunction/new cycle, then the Black Moon turns retrograde again at 0 Cancer, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Jupiter before entering Scorpio, Mars enters his station in a great eliminator with Pluto, and the Black Moon turns direct after pausing at 0 Cancer. Again, the higher visionary channels of the awakened heart reveal the center of the Universe, through the eye of God. Our inner operating system calibrates this wholeness and unity through our inner network of communications, taking our personal sensory channels to a higher octave of visionary channels, connecting the dots to Truth. As Mercury enters Scorpio, the mind takes an alchemical deep dive, below surface-level appearances and illusions, awakening the potential for magic. Remember, the mind body connection is powerful. To awaken the power to shape-shift, we must allow the mind to swim in the deeper waters of mystery through trust and faith, letting the heart lead the way. When things are not as they appear, the mind can be convinced otherwise. It takes a fluid mind to allow the fluidity of the physical dimension to reveal hidden records of truth. The Black Moon literally pauses into a still point for a double take, in order to take it all in.

And Sunday 10/30 starts with a Black Moon Mercury manifestation, Sun Salacia great eliminator, Mercury Ixion resource, then Mars officially stations retrograde, followed by a Chiron Ceres great eliminator, and Sun Varuna stepping stone. The big highlight today is Mars, and the initiation of his retrograde journey through January 12. Mars represents the physical body, and the actions we take in this physical dimension…more importantly, what’s motivating and driving those actions. When we get reactionary, whether we’re coming from fear, lack, scarcity, or judgment, our actions can inflame the situations we’re navigating. When we get triggered by muscle memory into unconscious behaviour, we give our power away and subscribe to patterns beyond our control. Only by being fully present, from the heart, can we take conscious action that has the power to transcend duality and manifest new potential, taking us to new ground. Our actions matter, and the inner communications from our nervous system, cellular connectivity, and impulsive response also matter. When we allow unconscious knee-jerk reactions to run the show, whether verbal or non-verbal, we can find ourselves repeating the past, or escalating unresolved situations. Mars stations in a beautiful manifestation with Arcturus, which completes a grand air manifestation with the degree of Saturn’s recent retrograde station. The themes we encounter in this Mars retrograde cycle will require applied practice and integration of the lessons learned from Saturn, and our relationship with power and authority. The potential for evolutionary redesign and quantum leaps is off the charts. It’s a whole new world when we use our power to create instead of react. When we create, we own our power. When we react, we oftentimes feel powerless to the situation.

The practice this week is to soften our gaze and see through the eyes of the heart. Let go of any attachments to what you think you’re seeing in the physical dimension, and soften your gaze to see what you can see between the lines, in the empty spaces, behind the veils, below the surface. Notice any knee jerk reactions based on initial assumptions, and take a moment to breathe, soften, and release those attachments to see what else is there. This is an epic period of time that requires our presence, and our higher lens of vision from the heart. Don’t get caught up taking action based on assumptions…take the time to see clearly and feel your way through until the heart moves you into action. Sometimes, the pause of silence deconditions the situation and reveals something completely brand new, without needing to force, push, or move.

“When we think that something is going to bring us pleasure, we don’t know what’s really going to happen. When we think something is going to give us misery, we don’t know. Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all.” – Pema Chödrön

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