Weekly Navigation Report: October 2 – 8, 2023


Week of October 2 – 8, 2023

We’re in a dynamic and active week, sandwiched between the recent Aries Full Moon and the upcoming New Moon/ Solar Eclipse on 10/14.  Gears are shifting, filtration is activating, and our metabolic rate is increasing.  It’s important to honor the process, honor the release, honor the wholeness…and celebrate the development of mastery through it all.


This week, Mercury enters Libra (after recently recovering the retrograde shadow), and Venus fully recovers her retrograde shadow on Saturday, then enters Virgo on Sunday.  There’s also a Mars Eris bridge that includes the South Node (karmic) and North Node (dharmic).  That means this week is personal in nature; all of the personal planets are being activated, and not necessarily in a comfortable way.  The rulers of our mind, heart, and body are in an active state of change and integration, and the actions taken this week are being called forth and filtered through a higher octave of consciousness.


When our actions come from an unconscious state, or automatic pilot, we produce more of the same, nothing changes…which means we can predict the future based on the past.  However, when we wake up, tune in and elevate through the heart and listen through our highest divine presence, there are new thoughts coming online that inspire new actions, new possibilities, new ways of being in the world…inspiring new outcomes and manifestations.


That newness facilitates an elimination and purification of the old options, the old matrix, the old “habitual responses” that became encoded in our fabric of reality, through the threads of our existence, and even in our cellular design.  The current possibilities for cellular redesign, and even DNA purification and repair, are endless.  As we reclaim the power within to choose our thoughts and shift our frequency, we open ourselves up to a higher expression of divine presence, which activates and calls forth a new cellular patterning and embodiment.  The ripple effects are endless.


Because we’re in an active state of holistic digestion and metabolism, there are old responses churning within the new frequencies, sifting through and letting go while filtering, purifying, and refining through new consciousness.  Our compassionate diligence of taking good care through this full-bodied alchemical process is important.  The old mantra “chew your food before you swallow” applies this week.  Take the time to slow down, consciously digest what’s on your plate, and what’s coming up for clearing and elimination, before making assumptions or taking action.  The metabolic clearing can change the horizon, revealing new possibilities and options for action.  Take the time to breathe, and mind your heart.


Reactions can run high when the system gets overloaded, sensitivities are enhanced when we’re overstimulated or stretched thin.  It’s important to relax and not jump to conclusions in any extreme moment of activation.  When the system is busy flushing, filtering, and processing, there can be a tendency towards inflammatory congestion.  Find the opening, expand into the spaciousness, and honor the release.  Then look to see what’s coming online, what’s available in the newness.


Remember, our inner operating system is newly upgraded and updated to crystalline efficiency.  As the downloads of new information come online fast and furious, we’re still clearing and releasing the outdated algorithms, patterns, and responses that have either expired or are simply inaccurate.   Don’t confuse the flushing out of old stories with the activation of new consciousness.  Let the dust clear, let the waters rise in order to filter and rinse, and let the heart breathe deeply.  This is a pivotal week of cellular integration and holistic cleansing before the actual eclipse activations begin the following week.


The week begins on Monday 10/2 with an overnight Sun Salacia bridge, Pallas Varuna resource, Sun Chariklo manifestation, Black Moon Astraea resource, and Mercury Neptune bridge.  Venus manifests with Eris for the 3rd and final time, then Venus manifests with the North Node (dharmic) and finds resource with the South Node (karmic), followed by a Black Moon vesta resource, Jupiter Great Attractor great eliminator, Sun MakeMake conjunction/new cycle, Pallas Salacia bridge, and Pallas Chariklo manifestation.  That’s a lot to chew on.  In 5D, oppositions and polarities become bridges that unify extremes, so find the unification in any extreme events or situations that may be unfolding.  Today’s Venus Eris manifestation stirs creative energy through any outbreak of disruption or discomfort through the heart.   Pay attention to whatever stirs the heart, and let the greater movement facilitate momentum for creativity and inner awakening.  Through discomfort, we discover the opportunities to grow, to expand, to innovate, and make sustainable change.  Don’t get caught up in the reactionary feelings of discomfort, stay tuned to the truth that’s awakening within.


Tuesday 10/3 delivers a Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Black Moon Saturn bridge, Mercury Pluto manifestation, followed by a Venus Neptune great eliminator (3rd and final), and Pallas MakeMake new cycle.   There’s clarity arising through the heart today.  Allow for any previous congestion or inflammation to filter through, and pay attention to what remains after the clearing.  Let go of any attachments and trust the process.  Communications today reveal deeper meanings previously ignored or suppressed.  Listen to what’s coming online, and find discernment within the clearing of the heart.


On Wednesday 10/4, the Black Moon retrogrades into Leo, Mars forms a bridge with Eris, followed by a Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy aspect, then Mars conjuncts the South Node (karmic) for a new cycle, Mercury enters Libra, and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Pluto.  Today’s Mars Eris bridge is epic.  Remember, discomfort is the facilitator for awakening today, so don’t let the discomfort itself cause excess irritability or frustration.  When we listen to the messages firing up from within – the truth that’s awakening from within – there’s power.  If we try to tune out, disconnect, or bypass the messages that are shining like a neon sign or erupting like an inner volcano, we only delay the awakening.  Any delay or resistance only intensifies the mechanism of discomfort.  Lean into the discomfort, open with curiosity, and explore the hidden meanings from within.  There’s nothing wrong…it’s just time to wake up and take new action.  That action can’t be avoidant or reactionary in nature; it must be aligned with the heart, with purpose and authenticity.


Thursday 10/5 begins with a Mercury Sedna manifestation, Juno Eris manifestation, Black Moon Venus communion, then Venus manifests with the Galactic Center (3rd and final), followed by a Mercury Saturn great eliminator, Mars Neptune great eliminator, and Ceres Varuna stepping stone.  Venus is completing her retrograde shadow these next few days, and the filtration that’s occurring at the heart level is of maximum importance (and is operating at maximum capacity).  Let the unveiling occur without fighting it.  Let the heart soften in order to expand and reveal what’s shedding and releasing.  Most importantly, witness the revelation of the sacred womb of creation within the heart.  The heart is the portal and the gateway to the soul, and our connection to the greater oneness through unity consciousness.  As we reclaim our seat within the heart, we begin to take actions motivated and inspired by the heart.  Our embodiment of heart consciousness is key, and restores higher vision, divine clarity and universal wisdom.


On Friday 10/6, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Ixion, followed by a Black Moon Mars resource, Ceres Salacia great eliminator, and Black Moon Neptune great eliminator.   It’s time to step up into our highest blueprint and most accurate template of divine expression.  Anytime we elevate from the matrix of our personal limitations to the vastness of universal potential, we begin to unearth ourselves from old sticking points and remember our true nature.  Being birthed back to our infinite soul, our orientation shifts, and we remember who we are.  All is made clear, and any distortions or misaligned expressions are eliminated and purified.


Saturday 10/7 reveals a Black Moon Juno communion, Sun Jupiter great eliminator, then Venus leaves her shadow phase at 28 Leo 36’, followed by a Neptune Juno great eliminator, Sun Great Attractor resource, Mercury Vesta stepping stone, and Mars Galactic Center resource.  Then the Black Moon turns direct, and the Sun forms a great eliminator with Albion.  Venus entered her pre-shadow phase on 6/19, stationed retrograde on 7/22, stationed direct on 9/3, and now fully recovers her retrograde shadow.  That journey is complete, and at the same time, it’s just now beginning.  As the heart leads the way, it’s important to trust the inner messaging system of the heart through the diamond lens of crystalline clarity as we navigate the next chapter of awakening.


And on Sunday 10/8, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Quaoar, Mars forms a stepping stone with Pluto, Venus enters Virgo then finds resource with Haumea.  Today’s aspects are personal in nature, involving our mind, heart, and body.  The choice to elevate from our personal mind to the universal mind is key.  Physical appearances reveal more below the surface, and the choice to see through the veils and take action from a deeper current of motivation is important.  If we act based on superficial surface level appearances, our actions will be limited and misaligned.  Authentic action comes from the heart, and the heart sees through illusions and surface level appearances.  As Venus enters Virgo today, get ready to walk our talk and embody the wisdom of the heart.  Virgo brings precise application into our daily practice.  We’re being invited and delivered to our wildest imaginings and highest potential if we can exercise the discipline and discernment to honor the heart in all dimensions, in all ways.


The practice this week is digestion and metabolism.  Take the time to fully integrate and fully let go.  With all of the shifting pieces and parts, there’s a lot of alchemical activation occurring behind the scenes and within our own cells – some of it based on old unconscious habitual patterns, and some inspired by divine heartfelt awakening.  Take the time to fully allow the discernment and attunement before committing to action that may not be crystal clear, yet.  Nothing rushed, nothing forced…allow the wholeness to reveal the potential…and let it rise from within.  We’re in the midst of epic change, inspired by inner awakenings and pivotal shifts, and our patience and presence matters.


“Don’t crave immediate results. Take the difficult route which puts your patience under fire and upgrades your lionheartedness.”
― Hiral Nagda


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