Weekly Navigation Report: October 16 – 22, 2023


Week of October 16 – 22, 2023

We’re in the week between eclipses, in an incredibly potent Virgo Wormhole passage.  This week is extremely sensitive and ripe with multidimensional opportunities to integrate new consciousness through our holistic system, facilitating radical shifts and quantum leaps in the moment.  Presence, grace, and non-attachment, are key as we travel this corridor, meeting our awakened Self along the way.


In any healing crisis (which occurs within any epic passage of transformation), there’s an initial activation that calls forth higher consciousness, not yet seen in the current status quo.  This activation is an attunement, striking fast and deep like a bolt of lightning, unleashing the wake up call – shaking up the status quo from the inside out in a way that can’t be ignored.  The attunement reveals a higher calling, from Divine Love.  The cellular response resonates and stirs from deep within the wholeness of the system, at the core, at the root, and at the heart.  The healing crisis emerges as old patterns, attachments, expressions, and rooted narratives begin to uproot, untether, and let go…flushing up to the surface to show what’s been there all along, behind the veils.  Those deeply embedded particles and waves become free moving, flushing up in an active state to be filtered through and purified, released and resolved.  What remains is a new beginning.


The temporary state of chaos or turbulence can be uncomfortable to navigate…however the breakthrough comes just on the other side of the discomfort.  We must be willing to stay present, stay awake, practice grace, and allow the temporary chaos to recalibrate and reconfigure our wholeness through the calibration of Divine Love.


As the original wound gets activated or sensitized in a healing crisis, we have a choice point.  If we meet ourselves and each other with the same consciousness of the wound itself, the feedback loop gets re-triggered, re-traumatizing an already active state of agitation, inflaming the gravitational spin cycle.  The same stories, labels, and identities flush up, ancient muscle memory becomes the current stream of consciousness, informing and broadcasting into the future.  The spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical reactions can take a heavy toll, deepening the anchor weight of the original wound.


However, as we begin to crack open through the sensitivity, if we can allow new consciousness to awaken, there can be a new choice – an interruption to that repetitive spin cycle, and an elevation through the heart to higher ground.  The interruption dissolves and breaks up the old patterning, revealing higher potential and a higher vision.  Two things happen next: the old active patterns begin to dismantle and lose traction while new patterns initiate and activate, informing the creative cycle of manifestation.


As we begin to fully access the dharmic potential of our transiting Aries North Node, we find ways to fully own our power as conscious creators, choosing from an elevated seat of conscious discipline.  Conscious creators pioneers new thoughts, originate new ideas, and channel higher consciousness from the heart, sparking new possibilities into the fabric of our reality, shifting the narratives and changing the landscape.   It’s important to recognize when we’re opening to new consciousness, and when we’re getting re-triggered by out-dated information, repeating the stories of where we’ve been in a never-ending feedback loop.  That spin cycle is the current glitch in our fabric of reality that’s coming up for healing in this moment in time.


Moment to moment, we’re manifesting the next chapter and the next expression of our reality, including our inner state of health and wellbeing.  If we’re not clear about what we’re choosing as powerful creators – through the intention of our thoughts and actions, and the outcomes and karmic pricetags – now is the time to tune in and listen.  The wake up calls are astounding, the clarity of divine messaging is unmistakable, if we’re willing to listen.  In order to receive the universal feedback being offered, we must meet ourselves and our current situations with an equanimous lens of unconditional Love and non-attachment.  The more attached we are to fixed judgments and opinions, the more inflamed and disconnected we become to what’s actually available in any moment through the unified field of limitless possibility.


Finding the spaciousness to breathe, digest, fully release and let go of attachments, we can begin to see more clearly, and open our mind/heart to a higher octave of consciousness in the current moment.  This is the sweet spot of any healing crisis, the spontaneous alchemy when Light enters the wound, integrating all pieces and parts back home to Love.  Love is the medicine, the cure, the answer, the response.  If we get too flustered by the healing crisis itself, we may stop short from the breakthrough and available potential on the other side.


The week begins on Monday 10/16 with a Venus Quaoar manifestation, Haumea Sedna great eliminator, Black Moon Vesta resource, Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Venus communion, and Astraea Salacia resource.  The heart is manifesting with the universal mind, revealing the vastness of our diamond consciousness that takes us beyond our current emotional attachments and into the higher realm of limitless possibilities and crystalline clarity.  When we get triggered through the personal heart, our heartstrings activate that local lens of vision, which can be limited.  As we stretch through the heartstrings to harmonize our personal heart with the high heart, we begin to explore the universal lens of vision from the awakened heart, which is limitless.  That’s the golden key to finding unified communion through the personal story (local) with the universal story (non-local).


On Tuesday 10/17, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Salacia, followed by a Black Moon Astraea resource, Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Chariklo great eliminator, Black Moon MakeMake subtle intimacy aspect, then Juno enters Virgo.  Mercury and Uranus form a great eliminator, followed by an Astraea Varuna resource, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, and Astraea Chariklo great eliminator.  There’s a lot filtering through today… revelations, deeper reflections, and higher perspectives starting to illuminate if we choose it.  There are shocking messages and wake up calls available, and if we’re willing to clear out the distractions and debris, we can hear those message loud and clear, from a state of non-judgement and non-attachment.  Juno enters Virgo, bringing the unified reflection of Oneness into the holistic attunement of filtration and integration through the heart.  Whatever has been out of tune, out of alignment, or out of integrity begins to find elevation and refined clarity.  It’s time for healing, wholeness, and purification.


Wednesday 10/18 begins with a Black Moon Ceres resource, then the Sun forms a bridge with Eris.  Juno and Sedna form a stepping stone, followed by a Venus Salacia great eliminator, Juno Haumea resource, Black Moon Orcus communion, Sun South Node conjunction/ new cycle, Venus Chariklo great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, Mercury Eris bridge, and Sun Neptune great eliminator.  Our sensitivity takes a quantum crescendo through the disruption of the inner awakener.  Today’s a day to lean into the discomfort and allow the deeper messages to be fully revealed.  If we hold back, pull back, try to control or suppress, we eventually blow up like a volcano.  Honor the release, honor the inner disruption, and open with curiosity to see what needs to be seen, heard, or witnessed.  It’s coming, whether we like it or not, so it’s best to embrace and welcome it all.  Watch the opportunities to choose something new instead of repeating old patterns of reaction or resistance.  Anytime we choose to open, and find spaciousness in the moment of discomfort, we realize our choice to integrate what matters most and create the next beginning.


On Thursday 10/19, Mercury conjuncts the South Node (karmic) for a new cycle, followed by a Saturn Juno bridge.  Then Chariklo stations direct, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Neptune, followed by a Black Moon Uranus manifestation, Ceres Albion bridge, and Vesta Quaoar bridge.  Today offers a stabilizing force of energy in the newly awakened consciousness, if we can elevate to higher ground and settle into that new visionary space.  If we flinch at every moment of change or discomfort, we give our power away to the circumstances and collapse into old grooves and familiar patterns.  Our communications can be fuzzy when we collapse, but fine tune when we elevate.  The choice is ours.  We may notice a temporary flux and flow in between states of consciousness, until we fully integrate the new and make the commitment to remain in that state of Divine Love.


Friday 10/20 starts with a Black Moon Eris great eliminator, followed by a Black Moon North Node great eliminator, Black Moon South Node subtle intimacy aspect, then a Sun Mercury conjunction.  The Black Moon forms a bridge with Neptune, followed by a Mercury Galactic Center resource, Sun Galactic Center resource, Black Moon Sun subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy aspect, Mercury Pluto manifestation, and Black Moon Pluto manifestation.  The Sun Mercury conjunction delivers an integration point to download new consciousness through our operating system, and get current on all that we’ve been experiencing but couldn’t yet articulate.  Thoughts and concepts begin to find traction and meaning as we begin to shed light on all that’s occurring within us right now.  As we find our voice, we find clarity in our journey, and begin to participate in the unified field as awakened and inspired leaders.


On Saturday 10/21, Chiron forms a bridge with Pallas, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Pluto, followed by a Venus Jupiter manifestation and Mars Quaoar resource.  The Chiron Pallas bridge is extremely relevant today, as the core wounds are up and activated, and the calling for divine wisdom is intense.  Rumi said it best with “The wound is where the Light enters”, and it’s time to let the Light in.  When we call forth and allow that Light (Love) to deeply penetrate and treat the wound all the way to the core, we begin to experience radical expansion from the heart and motivated action from a much higher dimension of universal consciousness.  Any wound that’s up for review in an active open state is hungry for the divine consciousness of Love.  What results is alchemy of the highest order.


And Sunday 10/22 begins as Mercury enters Scorpio, followed by a Mercury Sedna great eliminator, Mars Vesta manifestation, Mercury Haumea new cycle, then the Black Moon turns retrograde at 29 Virgo 57’, followed by a Mercury Saturn manifestation and Ceres Orcus resource.   Mercury’s ingress to Scorpio leads the way for the Sun to transition tomorrow.  Scorpio energy unleashes the potential for alchemy, shapeshifting, transformation, and transmutation.  When we’re willing to look below the surface, explore the hidden potential, have the difficult conversations and navigate polarities through the triggered states of turbulence, the result is a rich metamorphosis and reconstruction.  The process can look messy at the surface, but the results deliver the highest vision, the highest version.  It all starts with our willingness to confront what scares us, open to the mystery of what we don’t yet understand, and bring Love into the places that we can’t fully see.  It takes courage to walk the planet with an open heart, and it takes courage to deep dive into the shadows and the hiding spaces that we tend to ignore or bypass.  That deep dive is the key to our greatest awakening and realization of visionary potential.


The practice this week is patience and presence in the sensitive moments in order to fully navigate all that’s stirring and awakening.  Let go of any attachments to expectations or agendas, and allow divine timing and divine unfolding of events to clear the air and clear the space when it’s time.  There’s so much building and integrating behind the scenes that needs some space to fully communicate and manifest with clarity.  Find grace in the messy moments of uncertainty or unfamiliarity while a higher lens of consciousness is developing and refining.


“And I found that I can do it if I choose to – I can stay awake and let the sorrows of the world tear me apart and then allow the joys to put me back together different from before but whole once again.” – Oriah Mountain Dreamer


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