Weekly Navigation Report: October 10 – 16, 2022


Week of October 10 – 16, 2022

Get ready for an incredible week ahead of rapid acceleration and radical insights. It’s as if we’re seeing the world and ourselves with new eyes, and the information coming online is progressive and cutting edge.

By the end of this week, Mercury will have fully recovered his retrograde shadow, delivering us into brand new territory within the mind. As we explore new horizons within our inner mental body landscape, we begin to discover new available options, accessing potential, opening new dimensions. When we see the world through a flat linear lens, unchallenged and unawakened, we may know the lay of the land and every single groove, however we limit ourselves to repeating the past over and over again. With fresh eyes, with a freshly expanded mind, the world appears brand new.

Anytime we step outside of our comfort zone, we stretch ourselves to new ways of operating, new ways of thinking, and new ways of responding. Our comfort zones might hold a perception of safety, yet they shelter us from our greatest expression of mastery, and keep us limited in ways we may not fully realize until we break free and break through. Any temporary moments of discomfort can yield lifetimes of awakened mastery waiting to be accessed, integrated, and embodied.

When we stretch our imagination, we start to see things through a more expansive, multidimensional lens of possibility that transcends conditioned limits or perceptions. As we start to dream from the awakened lens of the heart, magic is revealed, and inspiration moves us like the sound of a drum. The conscious choice to live from the awakened high heart is an empowered choice to dream, dance, participate, and collaborate with the greater energies and divine spirit within and around us, always.

Our holistic experience in each moment depends upon the lens we’re looking through and living through, and the quality of consciousness we’re inviting and embodying moment to moment. At any point, we can shift on a dime. At any point, we can limit ourselves or expand our horizons. At any point, we can choose to elevate and altar our experience (lift to the altar of higher ground) or flatten, diminish, and collapse into old patterns, fears, or doubts. The choice is ours, and there’s incredible power in that choice.

The week begins on Monday 10/10 with a Venus Chiron bridge, Venus Great Attractor resource, Mercury Sedna manifestation (3rd of 3), then Mercury re-enters Libra, followed by a Mars Vesta manifestation, and Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator. The Venus Chiron bridge allows the high heart to usher us across the rainbow bridge into multidimensional wholeness and divine integration with our soul, elevating to a new horizon within our lens of consciousness. Any of the old historic wounds or limitations unify through the heart to reveal mastery, wisdom, and higher truth that brings us home to ourselves at the highest octave of realization.

Tuesday 10/11, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Ceres, followed by a Sun Uranus great eliminator, Venus Pallas stepping stone, Black Moon Chariklo bridge, Mercury Ixion stepping stone, Sun Saturn manifestation, Ceres Quaoar manifestation, and Mars Neptune stepping stone. The birthing canal is unveiled as we experience a highlighted moment of truth that releases us from old interpretations and narratives while fully allowing a new form and structure to express through our cellular expression. Loosening up the threads of our outdated stories and attachments, we are free to explore the limitless realm and imagine new possibilities that take us to higher ground and fully embodied expression of Truth.

On Wednesday 10/12, Mercury forms a bridge with Jupiter, followed by 4 Black Moon connections: resource with Mercury, manifestation with Jupiter, great eliminator with Ixion, and resource with Sedna after the Black Moon retrogrades back into Cancer. Today’s Mercury Jupiter bridge is the open invitation to expand our minds and expand our lens of reality. That horizon is not fixed or set in stone…it is fluid, expansive, and multidimensionally brilliant. Any time we stretch our minds beyond the current default settings, we experience the vastness of possibility that reveals new options, new perspectives, cutting edge ideas, and creative potential. Jupiter is still retrograde until 11/23, so anytime we meet the edge of historic limitations, it’s important to remember that we always have the choice to transcend, birthing a new expression.

Thursday 10/13 starts with a Black Moon Haumea stepping stone, followed by a Venus Uranus great eliminator, and Mercury Chairklo manifestation. The Black Moon is repeating the Grand Power Cross this week with Haumea/Arcturus, Eris, and Pluto, revealing hidden dimensions within ourselves, opportunities to restore, reclaim, and whole the pieces and parts that have been previously fragmented. When we feel empowered by the current moment, we can call forth and re-integrate the parts of ourselves that have been lost, shattered, or broken. From a higher lens of vision, nothing is ever lost, nothing is separate, all is accessible here and now, if we’re willing to look through the awakened eye of the heart.

On Friday 10/14, Venus manifests with Saturn, then the Black Moon forms an exact bridge with Pluto, Chariklo stations direct, followed by a Mercury Quaoar stepping stone, and Black Moon Eris stepping stone. New structures from the heart restore the integrity of Love, compassion, and unity….awakening freedom through the inner landscape of empowerment. Any moment of discomfort yields an opportunity to awaken to higher Love, finding new ground below our feet. That new ground offers stability for a new dimension, and a whole new world.

Saturday 10/15, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Vesta, followed by a Black Moon Neptune manifestation, Black Moon Sun stepping stone, Mercury Salacia bridge, and Mercury Varuna resource. The veils are thinning as Light reveals Truth. Enlightened vision is simply the willingness to sit with truth, without flinching, avoiding, or reacting. When we master the art of equanimity, we begin to see clearly through the veils of our own conditioned mind, and all is revealed, crystal clear. As we surrender our agendas and attachments, the higher lens of vision is restored. We may not always like what we see, but as we learn to maintain our inner equilibrium through a healthy mind/heart union of yin/yang equality, any distortions or illusions can be distilled and revealed through the atmosphere of Love.

And Sunday 10/16 starts with a Ceres Salacia great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Juno great eliminator, Black Moon Venus resource, Sun Neptune great eliminator, Sun Vesta manifestation, Mercury MakeMake new cycle, and then Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow. As Mercury fully recovers his retrograde shadow today, we’re calibrated through divine timing, divine law and order, and divine Love. When our inner messaging system and inner operating system calibrates to the higher laws of nature, we become seamlessly integrated in that universal orchestration and the spark of divine creation. As we see clearly through our new lens of vision, the universe unfolds and reveals the mystery and divinity of every moment.

The practice this week is surrender. Notice the times when the mind/body connection gets triggered into a reactionary state, and find the opportunity to open and allow. When we fuel the triggered reactions, we can find ourselves in a pin-ball machine, bouncing off of the past and reacting to cycles and narratives already experienced. When we pause to open and allow, we can soften our attachments to old muscle memory, wipe the slate clean, and consciously choose from the spaciousness of possibility. There is infinite potential within each moment, and higher ground is accessible when we dismantle the reaction and elevate to a new space within ourselves. That choice point requires mental body discipline and a willingness to navigate through the heart.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”

― Helen Keller

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