Weekly Navigation Report: November 21 – 27, 2022

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of November 21 – 27, 2022

This week reveals a significant transition point, an awakened doorway or birthing canal of deliverance, offering transcendence through divine Wisdom, Truth, and Love. The truth sets us free and delivers us to new horizons, beyond what we’ve ever known before, or even imagined. In order to access this portal of transcendence, we must elevate through Love and access the higher dimension of gratitude in the current moment. In the current moment, anything is possible.

Transcending old patterns of repetition and limitation, we find ourselves liberated and set free from the gravitational orbit of past karmic experiences. Launched into new dimensions of possibility, we’re free to explore that potential, stretching beyond where we’ve been, and accessing new horizons. Expansion requires a softening and letting go of the old reference points and holding patterns, the edges we’ve become labeled by and perhaps even stabilized by; in order to experience what lies beyond those edges and labels of meaning and interpretation.

In the boundary-less realms, where nothing is off limits and everything is possible, we meet ourselves through our awareness of the current moment. Our true nature is unlimited, undefined, and unwritten. Anything is possible as we witness the divine unfolding.

This week’s New Moon in Sagittarius represents the official deliverance from the fall wormhole/eclipse passage that began on 9/25/2022. In mirrored partnership with last spring’s wormhole/eclipse passage of 4/1 – 5/30, we’ve undergone a transformational journey through the mind/body connection, and our horizontal axis. This overall transformation (divine overhaul) has altered our lens of vision, shifting our horizons and our world view – the way we see ourselves, the way we see and interact with the world, the possibilities we see (and believe) for ourselves and the world, and the available choices and actions we take from an awakened lens of the heart.

When we operate from unconscious programming or attachments to unexamined status quo paradigms, we repeat the past, again and again, without realizing the available options for something new, or the indicators that everything is changing. When we awaken from the repetitive motion of unconscious programming, we start to see the available choices at every transition, every breath and step. That awareness reveals the power to choose something new, from a higher lens of consciousness, in a way that elevates and transforms where we’ve been, revealing the infinite freedom and empowerment of where we are now. Without needing to “get anywhere”, our horizons shift when we elevate to higher ground and explore new terrain from that elevated lens of vision.

Anytime we consciously elevate to a higher frequency of Love, on behalf of All, we realize available options to manifest and create. Without needing to change the moment, we are forever altered by the moment of transcendence, and a whole new world begins to emerge and take shape. Fine tuning our vision through the eyes of the heart, we begin to see what’s been there all along, and attune to the empty spaces of possibility and new growth. Letting go of the past, we stand fully in the present; and the past becomes the portal of awakened awareness that delivers us here, at the threshold of every new choice, every response, and every action. When we choose Love, as the default setting of our inner operating system and mechanism for participation, we align ourselves with the universal frequencies of creation and manifestation.

Conscious practices like gratitude, ceremonial thanksgiving, and shared expressions of divine Love are contagious amplifications of creative universal potential. We can transcend the past by embodying gratitude in the current moment, elevating to a new dimension of Love, and unifying past/present/future into a new fabric of reality. Without changing the past, we can transcend the limiting narratives of the past, and unleash the potential for radical shapeshifting on the planet, from the heart.

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The week begins on Monday 11/21 with a Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, Black Moon North Node (dharmic) resource, Venus Salacia manifestation, Vesta Haumea manifestation, Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, Mercury Salacia manifestation, Sun Sedna Light Bridge, Black Moon Juno manifestation, and Mercury Venus conjunction manifesting with Varuna. The Mercury Venus conjunction is a calibration of the mind/heart relationship as Mercury takes the lead for the next month. On 12/28 Mercury stations retrograde, and Venus takes the lead once again, moving towards an important new cycle with Saturn on 1/22. This entire year of 2022 is about the manifestation of partnership through yin/yang equality and balanced wholeness. Allowing this template to calibrate through our own mind/heart relationship is key. As the Sun activates a Light Bridge with Sedna, we gain access to the crystalline alignment of our highest vision and potential, above and beyond surface level appearances or fixed expressions. There’s so much magic in the fluidity behind the scenes in every moment, and those with eyes to see, and a balanced yin/yang horizon, can unlock and unleash that hidden potential.

On Tuesday 11/22, the Sun enters Sagittarius, the Black Moon manifests with Astraea, forms a stepping stone with MakeMake, and great eliminators with Mercury and Venus, followed by a Mars Ceres stepping stone, and Sun Vesta stepping stone. Today is a powerful 6:6 gateway activating the vibrational template for mastery through 22/11/22. The Sun shifts gears, and we can feel it elementally. From the deepest complexities and alchemical properties of Scorpio’s water, to the ceremonial bonfire of Sagittarius that transmutes and transcends any shadows, limitations, attachments, or illusions…setting us free through the clarity of Truth. In that revelation of truth, there is expansion, freedom, liberation, and new creative potential. All is set free in a moment of truth, there’s nothing left to struggle with or fight against. The completion of the struggle sets us free to explore new horizons, elevating to new ground through the highest lens of Universal Truth. The element of fire transmutes and releases attachments to physical form and structure, even narratives and patterns that hold limitations or restrictions. That release offers liberation and a brand new expansive beginning; anything is possible.

Wednesday 11/23 begins with a Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect, followed by Mercury MakeMake resource, Black Moon Salacia stepping stone, Venus MakeMake resource, Black Moon Quaoar bridge, then the New Moon in Sagittarius at 5:57pm ET, followed by Jupiter’s station 5 minutes later. Today’s New Moon in Sagittarius signifies the official completion of the wormhole eclipse passage. As with any completion, there is immense wisdom to be uncovered and integrated from the entirety of our journey. Every twist and turn, every unexpected curve ball, every experience (beyond any labels or judgments) has delivered us to this moment of truth, the pivotal threshold to a brand new beginning. How we navigate this transition matters.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius represents physical body wisdom, and the ceremonial bonfire that consumes and metabolizes any density of form and structure, releasing the divine essence of spirit from any fixed patterns, labels, or identities associated with the old expression. When we place an object in the bonfire, there is a celebration and honoring of the sacredness of that object, and a releasing of spirit, surrendering any threads of attachment or binding chords. Ashes and dust are returned to the earth for recycling, and spirit is returned to the universe as pure creative potential, limitless and vast, undefined and unlimited.

When we allow ourselves to be placed in that metaphorical bonfire, we surrender our wholeness to the altar of transcendence. Letting go of all attachments to form and structure, remembering our divine limitless nature, setting ourselves free to birth anew, from the vastness of our inherent nature as spirit, as Love. The Sagittarius/ Gemini polarity represents the ultimate clearing of karmic patterns and loops, the transcendence of duality, and the ultimate victory of freedom. We clear our karma through the throat chakra, and through the body. Once we experience the ultimate completion, we surrender, release, and allow the deliverance of a brand new cycle of intention, and divine manifestation through new forms and structures.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a social consciousness planet that embodies expansion, adventure, freedom, and liberation. When we meet our edge, and transcend any attachments to labels and identities associated with that edge, we liberate ourselves to a new reality of freedom, creation, and expansion. There is wisdom in every unfolding, every transcendental experience, and there are new doorways and new horizons available within every journey. Today’s deliverance from the wormhole passage reveals an invitation to a new journey, transcending the old narratives of where we’ve been, stretching beyond our current comfort zone and belief system, we have access to infinite potential and limitless possibilities.

On Thursday 11/24, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Chariklo, and Mercury forms a stepping stone with Juno. Today is a day to uncover and unveil the new foundation of awareness and divine Love. When we choose to operate from a higher lens of vision, we begin to see clearly and consciously elevate, on behalf of All. It’s important that we see ourselves in All, and choose to embrace the oneness with all that surrounds us. Nothing is separate. When we elevate through universal wisdom, we altar the lens of consciousness we’re living through and manifesting from…on behalf of All. If we choose to believe we are separate, we experience the fragmentation of duality and the cycles of suffering. Oneness, gratitude, and unconditional offerings of Love on behalf of All, restore clarity, peace, and universal harmony.

Friday 11/25 offers a Mercury Chiron manifestation, Neptune Ceres bridge, Black Moon Sun great eliminator, Venus Juno stepping stone, Mercury North Node great eliminator, and Venus Chiron manifestation. The bridge to enlightened clarity is available and open; faith and trust are the keys to recognizing that bridge. When cloudy confusion sets in, take some deep breaths and allow the situation to deliver clarity in divine timing. When the mind spins, trying to figure out, plan ahead, or strategize a higher outcome, we may find ourselves spinning in old core wounds of fear, worry, insecurity, or doubt. When the mind relaxes, clarity arises, and the nervous system becomes supple, expansive, and open. The heart reveals inner mastery in this supple, expansive state. All is well, and all will be revealed, always. The high road is always available, and enlightened clarity is delivered on that high road of faith and trust.

On Saturday 11/26, Mercury conjuncts the Great Attractor, followed by a Black Moon Ixion bridge, Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Venus North Node great eliminator, and Mercury Orcus stepping stone. More is being uncovered and revealed through this week’s transitional doorway. Our willingness to step into the unknown, uncharted, un-manifested potential is what allows the unexpected possibilities to emerge. When we remember why we’re here and why it matters, we find alignment with the necessary attunements and adjustments.

And Sunday 11/27 starts with a Black Moon Haumea manifestation, then a Sun Chariklo manifestation, Vesta Ixion resource, then Black Moon retrogrades into Gemini, followed by a Venus Great Attractor conjunction, Mercury Uranus great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna subtle intimacy aspect, and Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone. The Black Moon reenters Gemini, past conversations are being flushed up for deeper reflection. As we find stability in the new terrain, we can listen and observe from a new octave of awareness and orientation. It’s important to listen from the heart, observing from the sacred silence between the lines. As we calibrate equanimity, we can hear, sense, and see all things clearly, awakening and uncovering Truth.

The practice this week is to live as Love and embody Gratitude. Counting our blessings at the end of each day, connecting with gratitude and heartfelt appreciation, make a conscious choice to live that gratitude into full embodied expression through current actions and ways of being. Living our gratitude puts action behind the feelings in a way that continues the flow, generating momentum, the movement of generosity that calibrates abundance. The best way to say “thank you” is to become the living embodiment of gratitude, in a way that benefits All.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John Kennedy

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