Weekly Navigation Report: November 14 – 20, 2022


Week of November 14 – 20, 2022

We’re in the final countdown of the fall eclipse/wormhole passage, and this full week delivers some extraordinary gear shifts and realignments that support in the transitions ahead. Reflecting back to September 25, 2022 at the initiation of this epic journey, we can see how far we’ve traveled – multidimensionally – covering a lot of ground while also traversing the deeper currents of water, revealing hidden dimensions and unmanifested potential.

Wormhole passages activate from the new moon preceding the first eclipse, and deactivate with the new moon following the last eclipse. The period of time in-between reveals a wrinkle in time; an opportunity to transcend linear time/space and find the fluidity in our fabric of reality. All timelines and dimensions converge in the current. What might normally take months, years, or even lifetimes to accomplish or manifest can be realized, harnessed, and transcended in the blink of an eye within this potent alchemical passage. Quantum leaps and massive shifts are possible as we surrender to the highest alignment and navigate with trust and faith. The moment fear or doubt kicks in, we can unconsciously stagnate or interrupt the flow, delaying the destined outcome (but never avoiding it).

This week reveals the deeper reflections upon our journey, from start to completion. Our relationship with endings and new beginnings is key. How we exit this wormhole passage, transitioning through the birthing canal into the next chapter and new cycle, matters. With an open heart and wisdom in tact, we can fully integrate the wholeness of our journey into the first few steps onto new ground, pioneering new territory not yet realized. Our intentional practice and conscious attention will reveal the new horizons and opportunities for expansion.

Both Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius this week, shifting signs from the deepest currents of the hidden mysteries within water to the fire sign of truth and victory that liberates and dissolves old karmic loops and cycles, delivering higher ground and a whole new world. The fact that the mind/heart partnership is transitioning together is significant. The new template for conscious creation, evolution, and higher ground is within the wholeness and equality of yin/yang, calibrated by the heart/mind union. When the mind is aligned and rooted within the heart, the diamond lens of vision awakens, revealing Truth and Wisdom. We can see everything crystal clear from that perspective. It’s a whole new world, and as we apply the template of equanimity, wholeness, and yin/yang equality to everything within and around us, we begin to manifest a higher vision. That adjustment or attunement makes all the difference.

If we go on automatic pilot, projecting and assuming past situations and conditions onto the blank canvas, we’re bound to repeat past scenarios and cycles, even though everything has changed. Only by being current, equanimous, and open minded, can we begin to see the truth of where we’ve been, what’s new and what’s calling us forth.

This week offers a multidimensional reflection, allowing us to see through the eyes of the heart, and observe through the awakened presence of the mind/heart union. Like standing before a reflecting pool and gazing softly into the mirror, we can choose enlightened clarity which alters and elevates the horizon moving forward. Or we can choose to tune out, ignore, and avoid…repeating the cycles again and again. The choice is always ours, and the choice is happening now.

The week begins on Monday 11/14 with a Black Moon, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter grand water manifestation, followed by a Venus Vesta stepping stone, Mercury Pluto resource, Sun Neptune manifestation, and Black Moon Pluto bridge. There’s a lot manifesting through the water this entire week, revelations and deep dives that uncover truth and eliminate shadows. Anything that feels unfamiliar or mysterious holds the opportunity for illumination and clarity. From clarity, there’s expansion, and truth is revealed. The Black Moon re-activates the Grand Power Cross today involving Pluto, Eris, and Arcturus. The key is to choose empowerment while navigating the emotional waters of transformational alchemy. Empowerment allows the highest attunement to manifest.

On Tuesday 11/15, Saturn forms a great eliminator with Ceres, followed by a Venus Jupiter manifestation, Venus Sedna Light Bridge, and Sun Mars great eliminator. The heart is leading the way through the ending of this eclipse passage, and today offers a heart-stretching expansion that reveals the bridge to crystalline clarity…the high road to divine Love. The only way to access this divine high road is through the 5D heart, the lens of vision that awakens from the high heart. Love is the frequency, the attunement, the medicine, and the answer. Transcending personal attachments and agendas, Love builds bridges that unify the higher dimensions, grounding into the new earth.

Wednesday 11/16 begins as Venus enters Sagittarius, followed by a Black Moon Pallas communion, Sun Eris great eliminator, Mercury Vesta stepping stone, Mercury Jupiter manifestation, Mercury Sedna Light Bridge, and Black Moon Sun manifestation. As Venus shifts signs today, the heart moves from the unknown mystery of deep shamanic waters into the bonfire of transmutation. Through fire, all is set free, truth is revealed, and spirit is unearthed. Through the ceremonial bonfire, the karmic residue is dissolved, gravity released, and the threshold of deliverance is made clear. As the wheel of karma releases its cycles, all are set free and a new octave of manifestation becomes possible. There’s a moment of awakening today that ignites deeper transformation, expanding the mind and accessing the bridge to higher ground where new horizons and options are revealed.

On Thursday 11/17, Mercury enters Sagittarius, followed by a Black Moon Arcturus stepping stone, Black Moon Eris stepping stone, Sun Pallas manifestation, and Black Moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect. Today the messenger enters the ceremonial bonfire, purifying and distilling the old filters and default settings of misaligned meanings, interpretations, and narratives. As the mind clears the karmic density, there’s an unveiling of new potential. That potential has always been there, just overlooked through the limitations of old filters and lenses. With a fresh clear lens, truth is revealed crystal clear and a whole new world is possible.

Friday 11/18 starts with a Black Moon Neptune manifestation, followed by a Vesta Sedna stepping stone, Sun Pluto resource, and Black Moon Ceres resource. More unveiling of hidden potential as the lights come on and clarity is restored. If things appear confusing on the surface, elevate through personal empowerment and see what emerges from that lens. Disempowerment collapses into murky water that distorts the truth and creates confusion. Empowerment elevates the frequency of the water, finding a higher vibrational expression that distills confusion and purifies the crystalline codes. Trust the flow, and be responsible for your preferred lens of vision. It makes all the difference.

On Saturday 11/19, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Saturn, then a Mars Neptune stepping stone, Venus Chariklo resource, and Mercury Chariklo resource. As the water begins to elevate and purify, the cellular arrangement and construction begins to reflect that clarity. Take note of motivation behind actions today. If emotions are unclear, take a few deep breaths until clear vision emerges behind the actions. Unconscious actions can produce fragmentation and polarization. Conscious action can transcend duality and elevate to new ground and higher vision.

And Sunday 11/20 delivers a Black Moon Uranus resource, Black Moon Orcus resource, Vesta enters Pisces, the Black Moon communes with Sirius, Astraea forms a great eliminator with Makemake, and the Sun manifests with Jupiter. Another gear shift as Vesta enters Pisces, moving from air to water. Our inner fire of devotion transitions from the awakened state of Divine Love to the limitless realm of infinite possibilities. Anything is possible, and when our devotion comes through the unified field on behalf of all, we experience synchronicity and sustainable support. When we remember why we’re here and why it matters, that awakened attunement communicates through the limitless realm in the divine orchestration of oneness.

The practice this week is reflection, review, and presence. Although there’s still a week to go in our completion of this epic passage, and more twists and turns are still available with every breath, it’s important to take note of how far we’ve come, who we’ve become, and what we’ve released, dissolved, and transmuted in the process. Honoring the journey, and celebrating the process, we’re consciously transitioning into the next new chapter, being called forth through divine initiation. From the New Moon in Libra on 9/25, our divine crystalline reflection in the mirror has been nudging us awake. As we’ve danced through the veils and greeted the distortions with unyielding presence and unconditional Love, we find ourselves now in a moment of truth and the ultimate deliverance, setting us free to elevate to a higher octave of divine purpose and embodied potential.

“Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis. If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae,’ there will never be a butterfly. The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.”

Alejandro Jodorowsky

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