Weekly Navigation Report: May 8 – 14, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of May 8 – 14, 2023

Get ready for a powerful week that’s literally off the charts. Now that the 2 eclipses of this season are complete, it’s integration time as we move through the birthing canal of deliverance. The New Moon in Taurus on 5/19 completes the wormhole/eclipse passage and ushers in the new chapter. The unexpected events over these last several weeks were (and still are) the catalysts for new ground, if we can trust, allow, and surrender to the highest manifestation and divine unfolding.

Oftentimes when unexpected curveballs arrive, it’s human tendency to grab on for safety and cling to the status quo. And yet, our willingness to catch the curveball, ride the wave, and allow the unexpected pivot to facilitate holistic transformation is key. Sometimes that wave prompts the release of attachments through turbulence and shake ups. Sometimes that wave reveals a deeper calling for inner resilience or new ways of being previously unimagined. If we keep our gaze centered through the awakened heart, and trust the inner calling of our deepest truth, we can defer to the soul blueprint that’s animating our being, and let go of the limiting threads of outdated muscle memory that has been driving our actions and perpetuating our stories for so long.

It’s not about the unexpected curveball; it’s about what awakens within us as a result, as we navigate multidimensionally, in the moment. That spontaneous event interrupts our “automatic pilot” and invites us into “conscious response” mode, which is also the doorway to conscious creation. We’re either reacting to what we didn’t expect (reaffirming and validating olds narratives, wounds, or stories) or we’re creating and manifesting with a new stream of consciousness that takes us to higher ground. Anytime we shift our gaze from triggered reaction to conscious awakened response/creation, we release the gravity from old stories and patterns that have previously defined us, shedding old skin and finding freedom.

The unexpected moments of chaos or change can (and do) trigger a temporary nervous system response of fight/flight/freeze. And in the midst of that activated nervous system response, we still have a choice. If we check out, shut down, or fall into old patterning from our wounded consciousness, we repeat the past, like wearing old skin. If we stay present, open and curious, we can see beyond the nervous system trigger, and realize a greater invitation unfolding beyond that landscape. We’re being birthed into a new octave, a new dimension of awareness that shifts our perspective of reality, offering new choices and options to manifest and create. Ultimately, we’re being birthed into a new embodied expression of our awakened mastery and soul blueprint.

Last week’s Scorpio Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse offered a bolt of lightning into the darkest uncharted waters of our unconscious/subconscious. That uncharted territory is the very dimension of untapped potential that has been locked up, hidden, and untouched. If we flinch at the idea of making contact with what has previously been held silent or labeled as unsafe, we may find ourselves in a nervous system response of anxiety, fear, and resistance. And yet, if we can see the potential within those hidden dimensions, and open with curiosity to a space of divine Love, we can move into those uncharted waters, while awakening and illuminating anything that has been previously buried, fragmented, or misunderstood. This relationship between the conscious and the unconscious sparks alchemy of the highest order.

Our presence of Love – the frequency we calibrate from our holistic beingness – is what permeates through the shadows, distortions, and illusions to transmute and reveal a higher version, higher vision, and new possibility for manifestation. When we check out and leave our seat, we give away that power to bear witness to the divine unfolding and the clearing of illusions. When we hold our seat, with unwavering strength and fierce Love, we become pillars of light in a greater grid system, cultivating sacred space for shadows to come to light, for all to be met with Love, so that all can be transformed and set free for a new possibility. If we resist what we fear, we forever remain separate from the parts of ourselves we haven’t reconciled. Love is the answer, Love is the bridge, and Love is the mechanism.

The week begins on Monday 5/8 with a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, leading to a grand cross activation this entire week with the Black Moon/Pluto bridge intersected by the Jupiter/Haumea bridge. At the crossroads between power and love, this grand cross reveals the awakened Power of Love, and the merging points of the conscious and unconscious spaces. If we look only at surface level appearances, we find reasons to separate and avoid, experiencing extreme polarization and conflict. And yet, when we honor the expansive nature of our multidimensional oneness, we find empowerment in every aspect, every unfolding, and every next step. Today’s stepping stone is the only aspect of the day, and paves the way for a dynamic unfolding this entire week. The steps we take today are manifesting the new ground of tomorrow.

On Tuesday 5/9, Juno forms a great eliminator with Ixion, followed by a Mars Ceres resource, Black Moon Sedna resource, Black Moon Haumea stepping stone, then a Sun Uranus conjunction/ new cycle, and the Black Moon enters Leo. Today’s Sun Uranus new cycle is an exact activation from last week’s Scorpio Full Moon/ Eclipse. Uranus is the Great Awakener through unexpected events, curveballs, and pivots that shake us out of our status quo automatic pilot. Uranus also delivers a high voltage of electricity – awakened Love – that needs to fully ground in order to find wholeness. Our capacity to ground, to find our seat and find our place through the heart, has never been more important. When we find our seat within the awakened heart, we open unconditionally to all that’s occurring, calibrating inner resilience and safety within the inner chambers of our heart. There’s nothing we can’t witness, observe, or hold space for. As we take our seat in the awakened heart, we cultivate sacred space on the planet, on behalf of All. Like pillars of Light, lightning grounds into the heart of the earth, awakening all beings through the divine frequency of Love. Fierce Love flows like potent electricity, awakening unconscious spaces and elevating to higher ground. The Black Moon enters Leo today, holding the brightest spotlight of transparency through each moment. It’s important to open with gratitude to every unfolding that occurs, whether comfortable or uncomfortable, in order to expand the presence of Love on the planet.

Wednesday 5/10 starts with a Black Moon Pluto bridge (completing the grand power cross with Jupiter and Haumea), followed by a Venus North Node (dharmic) resource and Venus South Node (karmic) manifestation. The brightest spotlight of awakened Love shines directly into the gatekeeper of unconscious unchartered territory, illuminating beyond the veils, seeing beyond the illusions of separation. This Black Moon Pluto bridge at 0 Leo/ 0 Aquarius activates the divine portal that unifies Love and Power, awakening the power of Love. When we fear the unknown, when we avoid the unfamiliar, we separate ourselves from the parts of ourselves that need to be seen in order to fully awaken and manifest. The activation of unconscious darkness into light is the activation of divine creation, the womb of higher vision. Today’s bridge is electric, and confronts the places and spaces we’ve avoided until now. Awakening the Power of Love is epic. By the end of the day, Venus finds resource with the dharmic node in Taurus, nurturing the empowered presence of the heart with unwavering grace and fierce love. This kind of presence not only awakens and transmutes the shadows, but makes music and divine manifestation through the multidimensional threads that have previously been misunderstood or unimaginable.

On Thursday 5/11, Venus forms a bridge with Ixion, followed by a Mars Eris stepping stone, and Juno Varuna resource. Venus and Ixion activate a 5D light bridge revealing and downloading the soul’s blueprint through the heart. When the heart welcomes and recognizes this blueprint, there’s an inner awakening through the cellular expression of embodied potential. When we embody the defining stories of our wounded consciousness, we forget the blueprint of our soul nature and divine potential. When we open our hearts to remember who we are, reconciling the wounds with our soul’s brilliance, that activation of light restores our cellular integrity. When we elevate to a higher frequency of consciousness, integrating at the soul level, our cells elevate to a higher octave of embodied expression – soulular to cellular. Without leaving our body, we can experience a radical awakening that elevates and changes the game, from the inside out.

Friday 5/12 begins as Pallas and the Black Moon intersect the Moon’s Nodes (dharmic and karmic), followed by a Mercury Saturn resource, Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, Saturn Juno stepping stone, Pallas Ixion great eliminator, Mercury Venus resource, and Black Moon Varuna communion. Another divine intersection/choice point as both Pallas and the Black Moon intersect the dharmic and karmic nodes. The brightest spotlight of transparency reveals wisdom through every experience, honoring our journey in the shadows as well as our journey in the light, with Love. If we’re unwilling to see from the heart, we miss the wisdom coming online. Wisdom extracted from any story elevates and transforms the story itself into medicine. When we feel victimized by our stories, we search for justice. When we find wisdom in our own stories, we transcend the wound, elevating the conversation, rewriting the narrative. The stories we’re living in become the fabric of our embodiment and the lens of our reality. As we elevate to a higher lens of vision, that fabric shape-shifts, revealing new options and possibilities previously unexplored.

On Saturday 5/13, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Mercury, Venus manifests with Saturn, then the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Saturn and a subtle intimacy with Venus, followed by a Black Moon Juno resource. Then Haumea forms a great eliminator with Sedna, followed by a Black Moon MakeMake resource and Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator. Today’s Venus Saturn manifestation reveals a deeper wave pattern from the Venus Saturn new cycle on 1/23 and the activation of new structures, new agreements, and new contracts from the heart. That new cycle in Aquarius in January shook up the status quo, delivering new consciousness and awakening a higher vision. That higher vision is now manifesting and taking shape, and the creative waters of collaborative energies are inviting new expressions and new potential to the table. It’s important to let go of historic limitations, fears, or boundaries in order to play in the uncharted territory of new expressions and new experiences.

And Sunday 5/14 starts with a Black Moon Astraea stepping stone, Black Moon Salacia manifestation, followed by the Jupiter Haumea bridge, Venus MakeMake stepping stone, Sun Ceres manifestation, then Mercury stations direct. There’s a Vesta Orcus manifestation, followed by a Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy and Black Moon Vesta stepping stone. The Jupiter Haumea bridge, part of this week’s grand power cross, activates the expansive expression of multidimensional wholeness – within and without. When we connect the dots and see the wholeness of any expression, our lens of vision expands, multidimensionally. There’s no ending to the interconnectedness of our universe, and the universe within each and every cell of our being. Today is a day of deliverance, as Mercury stations direct, finding a powerful still point in our seat of presence from the heart. Our Buddha nature is calibrated through the stillness of our awakened heart, and from there, all things are revealed. Today is a day of divine remembrance, integration, and calibration of Love.

The practice this week is patience. When events or circumstances facilitate shake-ups or interruptions to the current status quo, take a deep breath and go within the heart space before expanding outward. Plant within your seat of presence before responding or taking action. Let the heart lead the way, and allow the heart’s inner navigation system to reveal wisdom, insight, and clarity. Close your physical eyes in order to see through the eyes of the heart, and find that inner calling and divine blueprint of your soul nature. Find the spaciousness within each moment, and unlock the universe within. From there, choose.

“Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.” ~ Rumi

*** The Daily Calibrations, LIVE every morning via Zoom, will officially resume in June. Hear the daily aspects, channeled through a 5D lens of Cosmic Consciousness, and receive an attunement/calibration to integrate the daily themes into your cells. Calibrate your cells to the frequency of Love, every single day! It’s the daily practice you won’t want to miss!

Live participation is not required, recordings will be sent to all participants each morning.

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