Weekly Navigation Report: May 6 – 12, 2024


Week of May 6 – 12, 2024

The spring wormhole/eclipse passage is dissolving and coming to completion through the deliverance of the Taurus New Moon on Tuesday 5/7.  This week offers a massive still-point for grounding, reflection, and awakened expansion while consciously planting new seeds of Light into the Earth for the next wave of divine manifestation (and embodiment).


Our relationship with grounding and Earthing is key.  Our connection with the Earth, nature, and the properties of electromagnetic resonance and heart coherence allows our cellular expression and personal biology to experience quantum leaps.  The recent Uranus Jupiter conjunction/new cycle in Taurus delivered a massive lightning strike of expanded consciousness.  This week’s New Moon in Taurus grounds us into that expansive consciousness for regenerative repair/healing, new growth, and epic realizations that ultimately take us to higher ground.  


In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus reflects the nature of Gaia, the sacred Tree of Life, and the frequencies of the Earth that invite us to ground.  Finding stability and sacred space within, we begin walking the planet with an open heart, with reverence and compassion for all of Life.  When we feel safe, we ground (a key to embodiment).  When we ground, our nervous system can relax and discharge.  When we discharge and recalibrate, we simultaneously open through higher channels of connectivity and visionary gateways.  When we open and commune through higher channels of visionary potential, we begin to increase our capacity to channel and embody Light, manifesting a higher vision of possibility.  The more Light we bring in through an active grounding mechanism, the greater the capacity for Light metabolized and distributed through the inner grid system of the Earth, awakening a higher potential for alchemy and transmutation through the roots that connect us All.  


Taurus is disposed by Venus, the heart.  When we plant ourselves through the heart, our awakened presence activates a sacred Tree of Life, like an antenna of Cosmic Consciousness flowing through our vertical spine.  The heart becomes the gateway – equal access through the root and crown, activating a Taurus field of energy that is sustainable, resilient, and consistent.  When we look outside of ourselves for safety, we become conditioned by the circumstances of our environment.  When we go within to establish a cosmic connection through the heart, we become cosmically connected, dialed in, and divinely guided, wherever we are.  


The regulatory system of the heart harmonizes with the magnetic resonance of the Earth and the cycles of nature.  When we go against nature, we go against our divine essence, experiencing depletion, burnout, and fatigue.  When we fail to ground, we can experience anxiety and mental health issues that disrupt our natural potential for peace and harmony, within and without.  When we restore our relationship with nature, we nourish and recalibrate our inner foundation of wellbeing, which eases the mind, awakens the observer’s mind, and reveals higher states of consciousness.  The nervous system can relax and regulate with the inner navigation system of the heart.  We begin to release patterns of inflammatory resistance from fear based reactions, purifying ourselves and our environment in the process…becoming a beacon for sacred space in the unwavering presence of Love that we Are.  


Embodiment requires grounding…our physical cells belong to nature, and the Earth Element.  As we learn more and more about the importance of grounding and how to facilitate trust and safety in our environment (within and without), our capacity to fully embody Light expands, exponentially.  This is the beginning of higher consciousness taking root, in our bodies and on the planet.  This week’s New Moon in Taurus delivers a radical new beginning as we come back to our true nature through the awakened heart, planting ourselves in higher ground.  


The week begins on Monday 5/6 with a Black Moon Sirius stepping stone, Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect, Venus MakeMake great eliminator, then the Moon enters Taurus, and Mercury conjuncts Chiron for the 3rd and final time, activating a new cycle.  Today’s Mercury Chiron conjunction is a final manifestation of a new cycle, delivering communication that transcends any core wounds we may have been navigating throughout this wormhole passage.  Remember, the wound is the opening, the invitation for mastery.  When we attach ourselves to the wound, or label ourselves as the wound, we limit ourselves.  The experience of the wound is an opportunity to reclaim pieces and parts of ourselves as we step fully into our power and realize who we really are.  Any experience that challenges our sense of Self can feel threatening initially, however when we take a deeper look into ourselves as a result, we begin to explore and discover the mastery within, ultimately achieving Self Realization. We’re either reacting or creating, and when we realize our power to choose, we begin taking full responsibility for the choices we’re making, moment to moment.  The power to choose is the power to create.  


On Tuesday 5/7, there’s a Sun Saturn resource, Mercury Ceres stepping stone, Venus Quaoar manifestation, Sun Chariklo stepping stone, and Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, followed by the Taurus New Moon at 11:22pmET.  The New Moon is a final completion that ushers us through the deep seated presence of the heart, into a brand new beginning.  As we commit to fully planting ourselves through the sacred space of the heart, we begin to plant deep roots through the awakened frequency of Love.  Love is the mechanism that allows us to ground, and Love is the mechanism that allows us to feel safe – within ourselves, within our heart, and within the current unfolding.  No matter what is occurring, no matter where we are, we always have access to profound inner guidance and higher vision within our own awakened heart. 

Taurus represents the reverence, sacredness, and sustainable beauty of the Earth, and the power of presence.  This New Moon is part of a larger stellium involving Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter.  Disposed by Venus, Taurus represents the “docking station” or “safe harbor” of the heart – like a meditation cushion that invites the diligent practice of conscious presence.  When we bring our undivided attention into the docking station of the heart, the mind can relax, unwind, and recalibrate.  Mental health is optimized when we mind the heart, and tend to the inner garden of our own nervous system and inner navigation system.  The more supple that inner space is, the more awakened and elevated our lens of vision becomes.  We gain infinite access to higher realms the more deeply we ground into the nature of our heart.

Our greatest expansion requires a solid foundation of inner peace, and a strengthened presence that is unflinching, unwavering, equanimous, and resilient.  That kind of presence isn’t rigid, and it’s not a “mind over matter” kind of compartmentalization – it’s the willingness to be so present with all that is occurring, fully awake, seeing through the diamond lens of the heart.  When we can sit with truth and not flinch, we begin to unlock and access the secrets of the universe.  Nothing is hidden, nothing is separate, and the veils begin to dissolve.  If we flinch and react at every unfolding that makes us uncomfortable, we exhaust our nervous system with fear and anxiety.  The deeper the roots of the awakened heart, the more sustainable our presence, and the more elevated and expansive our vision becomes.

This New Moon is a landing pad; the activation of a new beginning and the integration of new consciousness from our recent journey.  When we plant seeds of Light in fertile soil, Light takes root and begins to grow.  When we tend to that sacred space like a master guardian/conscious steward, we witness the potential that’s alchemizing through the soil, observing the Earth and her divine properties of magic, like a crucible of divine heart medicine.  Anything can grow through a sustainable environment of Love, and a peaceful gardener holding watch.  We learn the power of meditation, and the mastery of the awakened observer (Buddha nature), through a compassionate heart of patience, Love, and peace.


Wednesday 5/8 delivers a Mars Ixion stepping stone, Black Moon Venus great eliminator, and Black Moon Salacia bridge.  Today offers a dynamic still-point for radical integration, allowing our systems to decompress and decongest, discharging the frenetic energy from yesterday’s landing and the completion of the wormhole passage.  We’ve covered a lot of ground, both horizontal and vertical, and it’s important to find our feet, find our roots, and take a seat in the heart.  Everything has changed.  In order to fully wrap our heads around that radical transformation, we must be willing to rest into solid ground and open through a higher lens of vision.  Coming back to our roots, it’s time to honor our true nature, and the nature of our Soul.  Let any moments of shedding, release, or discharge clear the filters and purify the heart.  


On Thursday 5/9, there’s a Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, Mars Varuna manifestation, Black Moon MakeMake communion, Pluto Pallas resource, Mars Juno great eliminator, and Black Moon Mars bridge.  In this period of integration, much is being unveiled and revealed.  Our access to a higher lens of vision, our access to the universal diamond mind, and our capacity to see ourselves in action from a magnifying lens of truth, support our greatest integration and realization of Self.  The truth sets us free, and the realizations allow us to shed our attachments, finding freedom and liberation in the letting go.  


Friday 5/10 starts with a Black Moon Juno subtle intimacy, followed by a Black Moon Varuna resource, Venus Vesta resource, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Orcus Great Attractor stepping stone, Venus Orcus manifestation, Venus Great Attractor great eliminator, and the Moon enters Cancer.  As the Moon enters Cancer, there’s a palpable gear shift of intuitive guidance, presence, and transcendence…to new found comfort, nourishment, and support.  When all is well within us, we can trust and allow the deepest current to flow, move, and release…at the core of our being.  The heart is stirring, reminding us why we’re here and what matters most.  Coming home to the heart is essential.  


On Saturday 5/11, the third and final Mercury Eris conjunction sparks a new cycle, followed by a Venus Albion conjunction/ new cycle, Venus South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Sun Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Pluto manifestation, and Black Moon Pallas resource.  Mercury and Eris have been actively sparking through both of the recent eclipses (Full Moon in Libra – Lunar eclipse and New Moon in Aries – Solar Eclipse) and today is the third and final activation, revealing a brand new cycle.  The inner messenger speaks clearly through the inner moments of discomfort.  While we’ve been navigating some patterns of reactivity through the recent eclipses, we can now allow any charged triggers to fully awaken divine creative potential that can be harnessed and elevated for new beginnings.  Any recent experiences of discomfort have expanded and refined our capacity to be present with fully activated energy, allowing us to transcend old patterns and loops of unconscious programs in order to consciously harness and manifest something new.  Once we awaken to the unconscious patterns of cause and effect, we no longer give our power away to the sources of discomfort in our lives.  Discomfort becomes a mechanism for radical awakening and conscious creation.  


And Sunday 5/12 reveals a Black Moon Haumea subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Black Moon Sedna manifestation, then the Black Moon retrogrades into Virgo.Next is an Astraea Jupiter resource, Mars MakeMake bridge, Vesta Orcus resource, Vesta Great Attractor great eliminator, and Black Moon Neptune bridge.  Today opens the bridge for enlightened clarity, if we’re willing to be present, grounded, and self aware.  So much has been brought to light, the opportunities for revelation and integration are off the charts.  When we learn to sit with truth without flinching, and as we learn to hold space for the highest vision without collapsing into temporary moments of discomfort or unexpected turbulence, we begin to master the landscape of our current reality.  Riding the waves while remaining centered and at peace within the sacred space of the heart is everything.  Today is a day for right action; committed action from our Soul Nature and divine purpose, moved and inspired by the heart.  Mercury leaves the retrograde shadow by tomorrow, and our lens of vision is crystal clear moving forward.  


The practice this week is grounding, meditation, and presence.  Spend some time barefoot in nature, or take a seat on the ground and imagine planting your tailbone into the earth, calibrating your vertical spine like the trunk of a massive redwood tree.  Take a deep breath in through your nose, breathing into the hollow empty space within your vertical spine, then blow your exhale out through your mouth while discharging your nervous system through the release valve of your tailbone, grounding into the Earth below.  As you continue to breathe through your vertical spine, feel your spine like a massive tree – solid, resilient, unwavering.  And allow your roots to expand and deepen, circulating Love through the deeper channels of connectivity, in the underground grid system of Light.  As you ground, notice an organic opening through your third eye and crown, accessing higher dimensions and a higher lens of vision – intimately connected to Source and Soul.  Then unify crown to root, grounding the Light that you Are into the heart of Mother Earth for sacred communion, new growth, and radical alchemy that awakens potential for a higher vision.


As I Walk With Beauty – 

As I walk, As I walk

The Universe is walking with me

In Beauty it walks before me

In Beauty it walks behind me

In Beauty it walks below me

In Beauty it walks above me

Beauty is on every side. “    ~Traditional Navajo Prayer



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