Weekly Navigation Report: May 29 – June 4, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of May 29 – June 4, 2023

Get ready to pick up the pace this week. There’s an acceleration in our overall rate of motion, and things are quickening multifacetedly – Gemini style. After last week’s integration and re-orientation from the eclipse passage deliverance, we’re full throttle now into new territory. Change is definitely in the air, even if it’s not yet concrete. Honoring divine inspiration as it comes, opening to the unexpected breath of fresh air, while swiftly releasing any attachments to distractions, interference, or incompatibilities. Alignment and discernment matter as we increase our capacity for this multidimensional expansion and rapid manifestation.

Mercury recovers his retrograde shadow this week on 5/31, revealing the newly recalibrated filters and lenses within our diamond mind. Every time we pause to refresh the inner landscape of the mind, we clear the debris of catalogued history, in order to open through new dimensions of possibility from a clean lens of perception. If we don’t practice the mental body hygiene of clearing our lenses and filters, clearing the bandwidth of our mental body search history, we end up projecting and reprocessing outdated information and assumptions on top of the current reality. Things can get confusing, distracting, and congested, like cobwebs scattered throughout the mind.

A clear mind allows us to fully embrace the multidimensionality of each moment, to see all possibilities and perspectives without attachment or reaction. That crystalline neutrality provides the spaciousness to breathe, explore, and digest all that is occurring through the various channels of input at lightning speed, while tuning into the highest frequency of Love.

We are constantly being inundated with information received through our auditory, visual, and kinesthetic channels of communication, as well as our empathic and subtle senses that are highly attuned to frequency, wave patterns, and light codes. When the mind is congested, fragmented, or burned out, anything new can trigger a stress response through the mental body operating system, creating flustered reactions that can agitate or inflame our sensitivity. When the mind is clear, we can be fully present, from the heart. From that seat of presence, we can witness and observe the greater unfolding and highest potential of each moment. That space is golden.

This week delivers the upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon on Saturday 6/3. In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is the sign of the Truth Seeker, and the highest victory that occurs when the truth sets us free. There is deliverance in any moment of Truth, if we have the courage to see clearly through an open mind/heart partnership. When we get triggered, oppositional, fragmented, or disconnected, we remain engaged and connected to those misaligned patterns and frequencies, and can repeat the spin cycle for lifetimes. Our unresolved conflicts become magnetized anchors that attract willing participants to revisit, review, and repeat until reconciled and transcended within ourselves. Sagittarius offers a final completion, an ending to the illusion of duality and suffering, in order to elevate to higher dimensions of clarity, and a brand new cycle of creation. Any completion opens the door for new beginning. Unreconciled patterns seek resolution, release, and freedom.

As we increase our rate of motion this week, there are many opportunities for new choices, new beginnings, and new manifestations. It’s important to be mindful of any unreconciled tendencies and motivating patterns, in order to clear the decks, return to a blank slate, and create from higher ground. Any moment of truth is an opportunity for completion of old patterns and a brand new beginning from higher ground. The truth sets us free to express and create in a new way, and that freedom is the solid ground for our next wave of expansion.

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The week begins on Monday 5/29 with a Black Moon Chariklo bridge (revealing a finger of God aspect including Orcus and Sirius), followed by a Black Moon Mercury stepping stone, Mercury Orcus manifestation, Sun MakeMake manifestation, Mercury Charklo stepping stone, Sun Quaoar great eliminator, and Black Moon Pallas communion. Today’s finger of god aspect unveils the higher octave of our divine purpose and authentic expression of mastery. There’s a lot of brilliance coming online, and our capacity to dial into that inner clarity and unleash the magic is off the charts. Respect for divine timing, universal connectivity, and the law of Love are required to fully tap into that higher octave of brilliance. We can’t force, push, or control the outcomes, but we can consciously choose our lens of consciousness and choose to unify through the higher dimensions of Love.

On Tuesday 5/30, Mercury forms a new cycle with Albion and a great eliminator with the Great Attractor, followed by a Uranus Vesta conjunction/new cycle, Mars Varuna conjunction/new cycle, then a Black Moon Salacia manifestation and Black Moon Sun resource. New cycles, new beginnings, and new doorways of potential are wide open and available today. Our inner fire of devotion is awakening with solid presence and purpose, and our actions are inspired by a higher lens of vision, giving access to new horizons and possibilities. If we take action from the old narratives, limitations, or perspectives of the past, we produce more of the same. When we shift our gaze and take an elevated quantum leap, our authentic expression takes on a whole new embodied frequency. Our actions produce results, and inspired action from that higher frequency can be a game changer.

Wednesday 5/31 starts with a Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator, Sun Salacia resource, Venus Eris stepping stone, then Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow, followed by a Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Mars communion, and Black Moon Varuna communion. This recent Mercury retrograde cycle has facilitated a profound upgrade/recalibration to our mental body operating system, simultaneous to the epic wormhole/eclipse passage we’ve all been through. Mercury entered the retrograde shadow on 4/7, journeyed retrograde from 4/21 – 5/14, and is now fully recovered, free and clear. As we discover the capacity of our newly expanded minds, more and more is coming online, and revelations abound. It’s important to discern distraction from revelation. Our diligent attunement to the highest frequency of Love is key.

On Thursday 6/1, there’s a Venus Ceres resource, Black Moon Ixion great eliminator, then the Black Moon intersects the Nodes (karmic and dharmic), followed by a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Mars Saturn great eliminator and Jupiter North Node (dharmic) conjunction/ new cycle. There’s a choice point today, and the beginning of a new cycle that leads to sustainable expansion. The choice is always Love…not as a conditional feeling or emotional attachment, but as a way of being, a frequency attunement. Love reveals transparency, Love facilitates transformation and alchemy of the highest order, Love is the universal language of oneness, Love awakens the path with clarity. Allow any decisions to come from an open heart and clear mind. If we’re not fully present, it’s challenging to hear the inner voice of the heart. If our mind is congested or distracted, we can go on automatic pilot and choose from historic conditioning. If we’re projecting limitations or fears, our mind can override the clarity arising from the heart, anchoring into the fear. When we bring our full self to the table, there is only Love, and the choice is crystal clear. When we trust and believe in the calling of the heart, there is always a way.

Friday 6/2 starts with a Mercury Astraea new cycle, Venus Galactic Center great eliminator, Black Moon Pluto bridge, Venus Neptune manifestation, then the Black Moon retrogrades into Cancer, followed by a Black Moon Sedna resource, Pallas Chariklo bridge, and the moon enters Sagittarius overnight. The new landscape of the mental body is exquisite with Astraea’s attunement of balance, justice, and sacred ground. When our thoughts come from sacred space, our communication becomes sacred. Our thoughts and words become prayers, and manifestation from that higher octave of potential becomes the new ground we operate from. As the Black Moon re-enters Cancer, it’s important to choose to feel empowered by our experiences, no matter what ebbs and flows from moment to moment. When we feel disempowered, our inner landscape shifts, and the quality of our thoughts can change on a dime. Empowerment elevates the frequency of our inner spaces, and regardless of what’s occurring, we are at choice. The thoughts we’re currently investing in become the fabric of our reality. Elevated wisdom forms a bridge to higher ground, if we choose it. As the moon enters Sagittarius overnight, we’re already stretching into the energetic of tomorrow’s Full Moon event.

On Saturday 6/3, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Haumea, followed by a Jupiter Ixion manifestation, Mars MakeMake resource, Chiron Juno resource. Then the Black Moon forms a communion with Venus, followed by a Mars Quaoar great eliminator, Sun Orcus stepping stone, Sun Chariklo manifestation, Black Moon Neptune manifestation, and the Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the Great Attractor occurs at 11:41pm ET.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who is currently conjunct the North Node (dharmic) in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus, who is currently in Cancer conjunct the Black Moon, in a bridge with Pluto. There’s a very heart centered expansion and reconciliation of truth occurring with this Full Moon event. The heart holds the roadmap, the blueprint, and the gateway to higher ground, universal oneness, and divine remembrance of Soul. The veils and masks are dissolving, the doors are wide open, and the choice is ours.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is a fire sign of the Truth Seeker, the highest victory for the one who ends the game of karmic loops and repetitive cycles. When we get to the heart of the matter, we find truth, and all of the illusions or distortions are laid to rest, reconciled, and set free. We don’t need to go back and repeat the lessons again. There’s a release of attachments to old identities, forms, structures, and spirit is released for a brand new expression. When we get to the truth, we find wisdom. From there, we enter the portal to transcendence and liberation, finding freedom – and a return to Love, our true nature.

The Sagittarius/Gemini polarity becomes a bridge of the ultimate transcendence – transcending the repetitive karmic loops and cycles. When we get off the karmic wheel, we become fully liberated as our infinite Soul and awakened Self. Until then, we engage in duality, polarization, and the karmic pendulum swings that can flip flop from lifetime to lifetime, bringing us back for another round as many times as it takes, until we finally reconcile and transcend the entire pendulum itself.

Sagittarius is a fire sign representing the ceremonial bonfire of sacred completion. There is wisdom in completion, and there is divine recognition of spirit in matter through the release of spirit from matter. When we place a physical item into the bonfire, there is transformation and transmutation. The physical form and structure, as well as the emotional and mental attachments we have to that form and structure, are dissolved and released. We can’t reclaim what’s been fully consumed by fire, but we can reclaim our spirit and our divine power by starting again from a clean slate, elevated by wisdom. As we let go of our attachments to form and structure, labels and identities, stories and narratives, we release the spirit behind those identities, and the greater spiritual cycle of creation begins again.

Sagittarius represents physical body wisdom, and the final integration of wisdom that occurs when we cross the threshold from ending to new beginning. When we jump ahead into the next chapter without consciously digesting the wisdom of our experiences, we can overlook the precious sweet spot of awakened Soul integration. When we hold on, cling on, or refuse to let go, we deny ourselves that same precious sweet spot of awakened Soul integration. Presence matters, and equanimity through the portal of endings and new beginnings is key.

Regardless of how things end (whether expected or unexpected, messy or beautiful) what matters most is how well we honor, celebrate, and integrate the wisdom of our experiences through every transitional doorway. Karma can deliver us back to the unfinished business that needs tending to, however karma can also deliver the accrual of Love from beyond the veils of time/space, carried forth into the next beginning. At the end of the day, Love is all there is, Love is what remains, and Love is what we carry forth. When our actions come from Love, we manifest the truth of our soul, leaving behind a legacy of Love in the greater ocean of oneness, as the new ground we return to in the next cycle. The fabric that we weave isn’t from our possessions or attachments, but from the contribution of spirit that lives and breathes through all that we do and all that we are.

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And Sunday 6/4 delivers a Venus Haumea stepping stone, Mercury Uranus new cycle, Black Moon Ceres resource, Pallas Albion stepping stone, then a Sun Pallas resource and Sun Great Attractor bridge. Now that Mercury has recovered his retrograde shadow, the new cycle with Uranus awakens us to new ground, like lightning bolts of Divine Love grounding into the foundation of our inner operating system. There may be unexpected news today that shake up the old status quo, but remember the truth always delivers us to higher ground, the new horizon for the next manifestation.

The practice this week is mental body maintenance and self care. Take the time each day to meditate, recalibrate the inner operating system to sacred silence, crystalline clarity, and a blank slate. When we clear the filters and lenses of our mind, eliminating any attachments to the search history catalogued in our inner landscape, we free ourselves up to be fully present in the current moment, experiencing the wholeness of our experiences, beyond anything we’ve ever known before. From our seat of presence and clarity, we’re free to see things as they are, hear what’s being said (and what’s not being said), read between the lines and see beyond the surface level appearances and projections. Take good care of your mental body operating system each day this week, and open the eyes of your heart to be fully present with all that’s being illuminated by the Full Moon. Any moment of Truth is an opportunity to elevate to higher ground and start again, expanding our horizons.

“When a problem arises in daily life, take a few moments to observe your sensations with a balanced mind. When the mind is calm and balanced, whatever decision you make will be a good one. When the mind is unbalanced, any decision you make will be a reaction. You must learn to change the pattern of life from negative reaction to positive action.” ~ S.N. Goenka


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