Weekly Navigation Report: May 27 – June 2, 2024


Week of May 27 – June 2, 2024

The current week provides some active gear shifts, new beginnings, and palpable initiations that stir the air and invoke change.  Consciously navigating the choice points ahead yields wisdom and unprecedented clarity moving forward.  Every moment is a choice, and the consciousness (or unconsciousness) that’s motivating our actions is creating our reality.  


Anytime we choose to consciously navigate the active choice points in our moment to moment experiences, we gain opportunities for growth, expansion, and elevation through the application of Love and the filtration of discernment.  When we check out or bypass from the current moment, we may find ourselves navigating unconsciously based on past assumptions, projections, or knee jerk reactions, perpetuating historic conditioning and limitations, producing unintended results.


The key is to remain awake and aware, moment to moment, and open unconditionally through our current experiences.  If we find ourselves resisting or closing off from fear, discomfort, or inconvenience, we may miss the precious sweet spot of choice available in every situation.


Even when it feels like events are occurring beyond our control, we always have a choice in our current attitude, beliefs, interpretations, and responses.  When we get reactionary or triggered, oftentimes we give up that power to choose, falling victim to our circumstances, and falling into old patterns that seemingly hold power (gravity) over us.  Finding the spaciousness within every moment to choose our response, and even challenge our initial interpretations and attachments, develops and refines our personal mastery.


This week’s most significant choice point involves a Mars Chiron conjunction/ new cycle holding the intersection/fulcrum/ balance point in the Ceres Vesta bridge.  The active choice to develop mastery through the core wound provides the higher response and call for action that delivers new possibilities.  If we remain stuck in the unexamined wounded consciousness, our knee-jerk reactions and triggers can take us into unconscious territory, where the wound runs the show.  From a wounded lens of consciousness, anything similar can trigger the old familiar story lines, activating more and more of the inflammatory expressions, ignoring the calling for new possibilities and a new outcome.  


When we make it our business to become self aware, we begin to see ourselves in action, as well as the price tags (karmic debts) we incur, and the bigger ripple effects our actions produce.  When we ask ourselves “what am I creating?”, we begin to shift the conversation from reaction to response, and our responsibility to be aware of our actions.  As conscious creators, we have infinite power.  When we remember how powerful we truly are, we remember that we have always the power to shift the narrative and change the course of action, on a dime.  To think otherwise is a resignation of power.  


We may not be able to change the events that are currently at play, however we can choose our response if we’re willing to be so present and aware.  The Mercury Uranus conjunction/ new cycle this week offers a radical moment of truth, or rude awakening, that shakes up our status quo, takes us off of automatic pilot, and brings our undivided attention to the current moment.  Then the Mars Eris conjunction/ new cycle delivers an activated moment of truth that unlocks and erupts from within; an inner revelation of Truth we can’t ignore or deny.  Our willingness to open unconditionally to the higher calling is key.


The week begins on Monday 5/27 with a Jupiter Sedna conjunction/ new cycle, Jupiter Haumea great eliminator, Mercury Chariklo stepping stone, Sun Varuna resource, Haumea Sedna great eliminator, Black Moon Venus manifestation, Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Mercury Saturn resource, and Mars Ceres stepping stone.  There’s epic expansion available in the higher realms of consciousness, if we can get out of our own way to access it.  When we limit ourselves by our own fears, doubts, and insecurities, we keep ourselves from seeing the brilliant truth of our limitless nature.  There’s a choice point emerging for each of us this week, and that choice is calling forth higher power and divine presence.  If we define ourselves by our historic wounds, we oftentimes can’t see ourselves beyond the wound.  When we recognize our greater awareness of Self, we find the possibilities for expansion and new creation.


On Tuesday 5/28, Venus and Ixion form a great eliminator, followed by a Black Moon Varuna resource, then Orcus stations direct.  The Black Moon manifests with the Sun, followed by a Venus Gonggong stepping stone, Black Moon MakeMake communion, and Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone.  Today’s power choice point is revealed through the higher mind, reminding us to transcend our personal attachments and triggers to find a more elevated perspective of ourselves and our situations.  Wherever we are, and whatever is occurring around us, is part of a greater wholeness.  There’s a divine reason in every unfolding, and a higher purpose in our presence.  If we judge our situations, we overlook that purpose, and the gift that’s unfolding.  


Wednesday 5/29 begins with a Black Moon Salacia bridge, Ceres Vesta bridge, Mercury Ceres manifestation, Mercury Vesta resource, Venus Varuna resource, followed by the Mars Chiron conjunction/ new cycle, and Sun MakeMake manifestation.  Today’s Mars Chiron conjunction is the new beginning of an important choice point.  Anytime we choose to act out our wounds, as if that’s who we are, we perpetuate the past and prolong the suffering.  When we choose to act/respond from our higher mastery, we begin to cultivate new possibilities as conscious creators, even in moments of unexpected discomfort.  We are not bound by the muscle memory of our past; when we’re conscious, we can choose a new beginning, becoming the masters of our reality in each moment, each choice.


On Thursday 5/30 (an 8:8 gateway), the Black Moon communes with the South Node (karmic), followed by a Black Moon Orcus subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Sirius stepping stone, Sun Quaoar great eliminator, Venus MakeMake manifestation, and Mercury Uranus conjunction/ new cycle.  The Messenger and the Great Awakener come together for an epic moment of truth that can feel earth shattering, but ultimately takes us to higher ground.  When we get present, we begin to hear what we need to hear, trusting our inner navigation system through all dimensions.  Unearthing the distractions, we begin to fully ground into Truth, developing solid roots of divine presence, from the heart.  


Friday 5/31 begins with a Sun Juno stepping stone, Venus Quaoar great eliminator, Sun Salacia resource, then Mercury forms a bridge with Pallas and Gonggong stations retrograde.  Gonggong will be retrograde through 11/22, just after Pluto re-enters Aquarius on 11/19.  The significance of this passage is epic in our overall journey of transformation, reinvention, and resurrection.  Oftentimes transformation requires temporary chaos and turbulence as the floodgates open and the deepest grid system unlocks and shifts.  The slightest change in our framework/paradigm can produce massive movement and reconstruction in all directions and dimensions.  Remaining open and equanimous, we can ride the waves and explore the new terrain as it’s being developed and revealed.  


On Saturday 6/1, Venus and Juno form a stepping stone, followed by a Chiron Vesta stepping stone, Venus Salacia resource, Pallas Eris great eliminator, and Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator.  Today is the first day of the “6” vibration month of June, moving into the feminine qualities of nourishment, compassion, and tenderness that support growth and wellbeing, on behalf of All.  As we allow ourselves to receive nourishment from the heart, we find fuel for passion, exploration, and inner awakening.  No matter how uncomfortable or unexpected our experiences might be, we can open through compassion in a way that takes the edge off and allows the Truth to emerge.  Every contraction leads to a greater deliverance.


And Sunday 6/2 reveals a Mars Pallas great eliminator, Juno Salacia great eliminator, Mars Eris conjunction/ new cycle, Jupiter Pluto manifestation, and Mercury Neptune resource.  Today’s Mars Eris conjunction sparks a new cycle of inner awakening and Self realization.  When we ignore our innermost truth, we may find ourselves bypassing or suppressing…until the floodgates open, the volcano erupts, and we can’t pretend we don’t know what we know.  Pay attention to whatever is being released and expressed through the unexpected moments of discomfort or disruption, and honor the clarity as it arises.  This is not a time for suppression or avoidance, not a time for reactivity or impulsivity….it’s time for conscious action motivated by Truth.


The practice this week is conscious creation.  Ask yourself moment to moment, “what am I creating?”  In times of heated inflammatory reactivity, ask the question, and take the time to answer honestly.  Wake up and pay attention.  In times of creativity and overflowing expression, ask the same question, “what am I creating” and take the time to connect with the greater movement, the greater current of flow.  In times where situations feel overpowering, ask yourself the question “what would I choose to create in this situation?  What’s the highest possibility?  And what am I choosing to believe is possible in this moment?”  And look for the opportunities for expansion through your current belief system.  If you believe you are powerless, your actions will reflect that.  If you believe you are powerful, your actions will reflect that.  Check in with yourself and fine tune your choices to the highest calling and highest possibility.


The Buddha teaches us that we have to master ourselves first. Before we can act, we have to cool these coals beneath us. To succeed doesn’t mean triumphing over the one who causes us to suffer, but over our own ignorance and resentment. No matter what has been done to us or how we’ve been wronged, we’re always responsible for at least fifty percent of our suffering, perhaps more.”

Thich Nhat Hanh


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