Weekly Navigation Report: May 22 – 28, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of May 22 – 28, 2023

Welcome to a brand new chapter and a blank slate! We’re officially out of the wormhole/eclipse passage, standing on new ground…higher ground. That “ground” reflects the inner stability and sacred space developed within ourselves over these last few months, and is now elevating us to new horizons, if we’re willing to trust and say Yes.

Things have shifted over the last several months. Those shifts reveal the newly refined calibration of our core beliefs, divine blueprint, and authentic nature. We’ve shed some skin from the misaligned attachments to anything incongruent, and the potential for expansion now is off the charts. The brakes are off, we’re ready to grow.

Where and how we plant matters. And how well we honor and support our divine growth process matters. Remember, growth and expansion are not linear; we can experience ebbs and flows through the process, and a healthy foundation of trust is important. Growth and expansion are relative to the foundation we’re rooted in and our overall commitment to daily practices like watering the garden, tending to the elements, honoring sacred space with intention and purpose. Consistency yields trust, and trust opens the veils to the invisible realm of magic, higher vision, and new potential.

The Sun is officially in Gemini now, the air sign of Conscious Wisdom, and the opportunity to transcend the illusion of duality and separateness. Navigating polarities, choosing bridges instead of oppositions, we find ourselves elevating and transcending through the higher dimensions of our diamond mind. There’s mental body brilliance in Gemini, the key is to consistently choose the mind/heart union as the primary lens of vision.

Mercury is recovering his retrograde shadow until 5/30, so there’s still more insight and revelation coming online about where we’ve been through this recent wormhole passage, and where we’re standing now; what’s new. Our diligence supports the overall integration process through reflection and current awareness. If we assume things are exactly the same as before, we might miss the newness that’s emerging and the available opportunities that were previously inaccessible (or even unimaginable). If we assume an old pattern means the same thing it did before, we might follow through with the same response of historic muscle memory without examining the new options and new potential in the current moment. As we meet ourselves and each other brand new, with the wisdom and insight of our diamond mind, we can see beyond the old patterns of limitation, into the wholeness of our universal nature, finding the empty spaces of uncharted territory.

If we hold ourselves and each other to the same narratives, labels, and expectations that we’ve grown accustomed to in the past, it can be difficult to see any other possibility or recognize new evolutionary growth. It’s important to remember that we are creating the current moment as we go…nothing is written or defined at this point. Potential is awakened, harnessed, and manifested in the moment, when we choose it. Our active participation matters. Our conscious discipline matters.

This recent eclipse season completed the Scorpio (karmic) and Taurus (dharmic) themes for the next 19 years. The Moon’s Nodes will change signs on July 17th, and the next several eclipse passages will involve the Libra (karmic) and Aries (dharmic) polarity. This is a significant gear shift. The transitional weeks between now and 7/17 offer a final integration from behind the veils of our unconscious/subconscious patterning in order to awaken, transmute, and manifest new potential. The presence of unconditional Love unlocks that potential and elevates the current expression to a higher frequency. It’s important to let go of assumptions, attachments, and expectations so that we can allow ourselves to be fully present with the current moment.

The truth is, our reality is fluid. Ever changing, constantly evolving and transforming. Nothing is set in stone. We are free to transform, shape shift, and elevate on a dime. The more comfortable we are navigating these waters of creative potential, the more dynamic we become as conscious creators. When we think we’re stuck, or forget to own our freedom, we can flatline into a heavy experience of limitation. And even from there, everything can shift on a dime if we choose it.

This week delivers a Love crossroads/ intersection/ choice point with Mars intersecting the Moon’s Nodes (Scorpio karma and Taurus dharma), and Mars bridging Pluto (from last weekend). Love is the agent of alchemy and transformation. Love is the facilitator and awakener of new possibilities. n When our actions come from an authentic expression of Love, we awaken and expand. When our actions come from fear or limitation, we contract. Noticing ourselves in action is key – what makes us open and participate vs what makes us contract, pull back, and withdraw.

Sometimes Love is fierce, and our actions are direct, unapologetic, and unconventional. Sometimes Love is gentle and compassionate, and our actions feel soothing, gracious, and generous. It’s important to tune into the many expressions and distinctions of Love – as a frequency – and give ourselves permission to be the embodiment of Love, motivated by the heart, moment to moment. Love requires an open heart and present mind in order to access the full potential of our authentic expression through embodied action and pioneering leadership. Our daily practice in mind/heart union matters, and our willingness to embody that practice through conscious action is everything.

The week begins on Monday 5/22 with a Mercury MakeMake great eliminator, Pallas Quaoar great eliminator, and Mars Jupiter stepping stone. Today’s Mars Jupiter stepping stone is an active choice to be empowered in our presence and allow that inner empowerment to inspire the next movement. When navigating periods of change and transition, we can experience overlaps of emotions and sensitivities. When our feelings override our choices and actions, we can feel limited, heavy, and small. As we bring our full undivided attention to the current moment, we can allow the wisdom of our emotions to flow, harnessing dynamic momentum into inspired heartfelt actions. There is wisdom in every situation, and there is potential awakening in every breath. The lens of consciousness we’re choosing determines the actions taken, and the ripple effects that follow. Actions taken from an open heart produce expansion of epic proportions.

On Tuesday 5/23, Mercury manifests with Quaoar, followed by a Venus Vesta resource, and Black Moon Uranus stepping stone. Our personal mind/ inner operating system (local consciousness) is harmoniously in resonance with the universal mind (non-local consciousness). This collaboration is part of the multidimensional brilliance we all have access to, and are learning to navigate with grace and ease. As we open our minds and elevate through a higher lens, we find ourselves in synch with the greater orchestration of the universe and nature. There’s a higher channel of communication occurring, and we are a part of that orchestration. Anytime we allow the mind to observe through the opening of the heart, we access the portal of divine Love and awakened vision.

Wednesday 5/24 starts with a Mercury Pallas stepping stone, Juno Orcus stepping stone, Juno Chariklo manifestation, followed by a Sun South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron manifestation, Black Moon Venus subtle intimacy, and Venus Chiron stepping stone. There’s a lot of activity today, and stepping stones always provide an opportunity to elevate. Remember, our reality is fluid, even when it seems like we’re confronted by limitation or challenge. The choices we’re making moment to moment produce the inspired movements through the greater ocean of oneness. Today’s Sun South Node great eliminator is a necessary choice to eliminate and let go of what is no longer serving our greatest evolution. We all have shadows, blind spots, and comfort zone tendencies. When faced with the moment of truth and moment of choice, to elevate and evolve or remain in the comfort zone of familiarity, be mindful. There is great healing to be had today, however that healing also requires the release of attachments to what has become so familiar and comfortable. Grieving our comfort zone while taking dynamic action is mastery.

On Thursday 5/25, Pallas manifests with Salacia, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Vesta, followed by a Sun Ixion great eliminator and a Ceres Eris great eliminator. Wisdom is limitless, and our devotion to uncovering wisdom in each experience is key today. Every choice we make delivers moments of truth and enlightened clarity. When we suspend judgment or expectation on how we navigate and integrate that wisdom, we are free to live each moment with an open heart, free to be in the moment without punishment or rigid expectations of “getting it right”. Every step offers a new calibration of truth, if we’re open, receptive, and devoted to that alignment. And every moment offers potential to pivot, fine tune, and elevate…if we’re present.

Friday 5/26 begins with a Venus Uranus resource, Juno Great Attractor bridge, then Mars intersects the Moon’s Nodes (karmic and dharmic). The intersection of Mars with the Nodes (karmic and dharmic) is huge today. Mars represents our connection to the physical dimension and the actions that we take – how we participate, engage, and create. Our motivation is important, because the consciousness behind our actions impacts the next manifestation. We might think we’re “doing the right thing” but if we carry suppressed or unreconciled emotions deep below the surface, our actions will carry that imprint, no matter what it looks like on the surface. What’s motivating and driving our actions matters. When we feel inspired and moved into action, called forth from an inner fire we can’t ignore, we find ourselves in an authentic expression of our true nature. If we go unconscious, we may not realize what’s driving our actions, and therefore our results may produce outcomes that can take us by surprise if we’re not fully present. In times of triggered reactions, it’s important to find our seat of conscious presence before making any big decisions or taking action. It is possible to be conscious and responsible for our actions, even in times of urgency and unexpected turbulence. If we go on automatic pilot when our rate of motion increases, we can lose traction and momentum from our authentic expression.

On Saturday 5/27, there’s a Sun Varuna resource, Mars Ixion great eliminator, and Orcus stations direct. The Gemini Sun offers multifaceted brilliance and conscious wisdom through a higher lens of vision. Take the time to open through the higher dimensions of the mind, and see what’s available from that higher octave of perspective and resilient clarity. We’re releasing the old muscle memory and comfort zone attachments that have kept us from fully embracing and embodying our divine blueprint, so be willing to shed and release what no longer supports or aligns, including attachments to ideas or perspectives. There’s a reason why we’re here in this moment in time, and as we attune to that higher purpose and blueprint, the alignment becomes crystal clear.

And Sunday 5/28 includes a Black Moon Salacia manifestation and Sun Saturn stepping stone. In the unveiling of our limitless nature, we navigate the Sun Saturn stepping stone today. When confronted with a limitation based on labels, identities, roles, and social expectations, we have the opportunity to transcend the limitations and elevate through our refined multidimensional clarity. Any situation that challenges us is simply an opportunity to refine ourselves while transcending the obstacles. Challenges call forth hidden dimensions of ourselves, and require us to step up and elevate. If we push back in the face of challenge or opposition, we feed into the struggle of polarity. When we elevate through the higher wisdom of the situation, we can transcend the duality of the struggle, and find a higher attunement that unlocks higher truth.

The practice this week is conscious integration and digestion. After any peak experience or event, the integration phase is what matters most. Where we’ve been, what’s been awakened, what’s been released, shed, or transmuted becomes the sustainable new ground when we consciously integrate and connect the dots moving forward. So often, we experience major life events that feel epic and transformational, and yet 3 months later, it’s back to status quo, same as before. Allow these recent eclipse activations to fully reveal and offer up the potential for profound transformation and sustainable elevation. Be willing to stand on new ground, without any expectations, attachments, or assumptions, and make each new conscious choice from the heart.

“At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.”n― Thich Nhat Hanh

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