Weekly Navigation Report: May 20 – 26, 2024


Week of May 20 – 26, 2024

Get ready for an incredible week ahead, filled with brilliant gear shifts, connections, divine timing, and right action. Coming out of the stillness that allowed us to fully ground and metabolize all that’s been shifting within us, now it’s time to connect the dots, and integrate conscious wisdom that motivates right action.


Movement from an unconscious mind produces unintended results and even chaos. But movement inspired from a deeply rooted, conscious seat of presence (mind/heart union) yields infinite possibilities, refined clarity, and ultimately transcends duality and reveals higher Truth.


This week not only ushers and incredible conjunction/ new cycle with Venus and Jupiter, along with several massive gear shifts as the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all transit from the earth sign of Taurus into the air of Gemini….but also delivers a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday 5/23. The mantra this week is “The truth shall set you free”.


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When we get to the Truth, there’s no struggle, there’s only freedom.  When we’re willing to get to the heart of the matter, nothing else matters.  The heart is the gateway, the portal, the divine connector and unifier through all dimensions, and if we’re operating from any place other than the awakened heart, we’re not standing in Truth.


The significance of the Gemini/ Sagittarius polarity is key to our overall transcendence of the illusion of duality and separation, and the key to our overall transcendence of karmic loops of repetitive suffering.  As the Sun (along with Venus and Jupiter) move into Gemini, there is a breath of fresh air that reminds us to breathe.  In every breath, we realize our interconnectedness with everyone and everything – beyond form and structure, time and space.  The breath connects us All, and the Truth is, we are One.


When we operate from an “either/or” narrative, or buy into the “me vs them, us vs them” lens of perception, everything has opposition.  There’s a struggle, which implies suffering.  There’s no way to win a repetitive scenario of “this or that” until we unify through our own mind/heart consciousness and see that we are all of it, we are everything.  There’s nothing outside of us that isn’t also occurring within us.  The awakened consciousness to transcend requires a willingness to be responsible with the thoughts we’re thinking, the meanings and interpretations we’re making, and the actions we’re taking.


The week begins on Monday 5/20 with the overnight Mars North Node conjunction/ new cycle, then the Sun enters Gemini, followed by a Jupiter Pallas bridge, Mercury Varuna stepping stone, Sun Sedna conjunction/ new cycle, and Sun Haumea bridge.  The Sun’s transit into Gemini is a major gear shift that stirs the energy and invites us to lighten up.  From the recent Taurus New Moon that grounded us into the stillness of the awakened heart, now it’s time to connect and transcend our brilliant channels of communication to unify polarities and extremes.  When we see things from an “either/or” perspective, we polarize possibilities.  When we transcend, we find unity through the portal of oneness, and all paths are available, always.  The choice to remain in polarized thinking can lead to fractures and separation.  The choice to unify and transcend opens the universe through our diamond mind, finding truth in action.


On Tuesday 5/21, Chariklo stations retrograde, followed by a Venus Galactic Center great eliminator, Vesta Chariklo great eliminator, Mercury Juno manifestation, and Mercury MakeMake great eliminator.  The great eliminator aspects today offer a clearing of our inner mind/heart filters, inviting us to let go of attachments, clear the debris, and expand through the greater flow that’s available.   When we attach ourselves to the past, or even the current, we resist the flow.  When we release the congestion and resistance, the flow increases, and we find our hearts awakening the inner fire of devotion.  Today is an 8:8 gateway, reminding us to unify and harmonize yin/yang through inner/outer, above/below, mind/heart, and spirit/matter.  That unified integration allows us to open holistically to the current of sustainability and divine creation, amplifying our capacity for abundance, vitality, and infinite flow.


Wednesday 5/22 starts with a Venus Pallas bridge, Black Moon Saturn bridge, Sun Pluto manifestation, Black Moon Vesta resource, then Mercury Quaoar manifestation, Saturn Vesta manifestation, and the Black Moon turns direct.  The bridges realized today create the transcendental foundation to walk upon…like walking on water through faith, wisdom, and trust, divinely guided by the awakened heart through the diamond mind.  When the surface level appearances look divisive, it’s important to remember our capacity to unify and build bridges.  In the divisiveness, we take sides.  In the unification, we transcend, cultivating new ground, standing on a new possibility, carving a new path.  This kind of transcendental choice point requires higher thinking from the heart, and divine guidance from a higher lens of vision.  When we let our emotions do the choosing, we find ourselves taking sides, identifying with our current triggers, wounds, and attachments.  The high road is built on unity.


On Thursday 5/23, Venus and Jupiter conjunct for a new cycle, followed by a Venus Neptune resource, then the Full Moon in Sagittarius activates at 9:53amET.  The Black Moon forms a resource with Vesta, Venus enters Gemini, followed by a Jupiter Neptune resource, Mars Chariklo resource, Venus Sedna conjunction/ new cycle, and Venus Haumea great eliminator.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who is currently stretching the heart’s capacity for divine presence into a new chapter of expansion and growth.  When the heart is stretched beyond our comfort zone, we have 2 choices…contract and get small, or surrender to the stretch and grow.  Sometimes both occur simultaneously, creating the necessary friction to expand.  Our willingness to surrender to the experience, trusting the process, and allowing ourselves to be stretched wide open delivers the highest outcome of the journey.  We learn and grow by experience.  When the rubber hits the road, what do we choose?  How willing are we to ride the waves, surrender, and let go?  When we hold on out of fear, attachment, or insecurity, we cling to our comfort zones of the past, and choose to recreate the wheel one more time, producing more of the same.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius represents the highest victory over limiting thoughts, ego attachments, and karmic loops and patterns.  When our experiences teach us wisdom, we can either integrate that wisdom and grow to the next level, or pretend we don’t know what we know, and go around again, repeating the same journey.  The truth is, we repeat whatever we need to learn as many times as it takes to finally realize that highest victory, and then we simply find ourselves at another threshold, a new beginning, the start of a brand new journey – not separate from the past, but transcending the past, stepping into the next.  There’s no ending; every completion delivers us to another new beginning.

Sagittarius reminds us to use the gift of hindsight at the end of any chapter…not for judgment, validation, or condemnation, but for review, insight, and integration.  When we can’t bear to look at ourselves in the actions we’ve taken or the results we’ve manifested, we can’t fully learn the golden nuggets of wisdom that each experience provides.  No matter how we played the game, the ending of every chapter offers a choice point to grow, to expand, to elevate.  If we judge ourselves, or hold ourselves to the labels and identities of the past, we can only repeat that again moving forward.  There’s no growth, only more of the same.

The highest potential of the Gemini/Sagittarius bridge is to transcend duality; to see the Truth, and set ourselves free from the karmic wheel of suffering by choosing something new.  We clear our karma through the throat and through the body – not through mental body analysis.  This Full Moon activates the throat chakra for a massive invitation to see the truth, speak the truth, and allow the Truth to set us free.  Once we see what we need to see, and find the courage to take action based in Truth, the next step is to release any attachments to the past while moving forward.  Forgiveness (letting go) can be a challenging practice if we’ve not yet found the freedom within.  Sagittarius is a fire sign that represents the ceremonial bonfire, inviting us to release and let go of what has come to completion.  As we place our attachments into the bonfire, the old forms and structures, even the old contracts, stories, and narratives can fully release our spirit, and deliver a brand new chapter, a new expression.  That’s the ultimate shedding of skin and all attachments to form and structure, in order to be born anew.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius activates a Star of David with all of the fire signs and air signs – the Divine Masculine (Yang).  The Full Moon in Virgo on 2/24 that holistically prepared us to into the Pisces wormhole passage also activated a Start of David, with all of the water and earth signs – the Divine Feminine (Yin).  There’s a greater calibration occurring in this sacred fire ceremony of completion and forgiveness, if we can allow our higher Self to lead the way (through the heart), and let go of our ego’s attachments to suffering.  When the lesson is completed and the wisdom fully integrated, we are delivered to the next chapter, embodying the wisdom from our experiences.  If we think we’ve completed but continue to repeat our patterns, there is more to learn.  We take as long as we take, no judgment…only Love.

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Friday 5/24 reveals a Black Moon Ceres manifestation.  This is the only aspect today, and the deliverance reflects the release from yesterday’s Full Moon.  The more swiftly we can learn to let go, the more gracefully we realize the higher deliverance to a new expression. “In the end, what matters most is…How well did you live?  How well did you Love?  And how well did you learn to let go?”  ~Buddha.    Remember…every release is a clearing, inviting new potential to manifest.


On Saturday 5/25, there’s a Venus Pluto manifestation, Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, Mercury Orcus manifestation, Mercury Great Attractor great eliminator, Mercury South Node great eliminator/ Mercury North Node subtle intimacy aspect, then Jupiter enters Gemini, followed by a Black Moon Eris great eliminator and Mercury Albion conjunction/ new cycle.  As Jupiter enters Gemini, we fully expand into the air sign of conscious wisdom.  Remember, this is the consciousness Sedna is now traveling through, until 2065.  Our capacity to expand through the diamond mind, accessing the crystalline records of universal truth is up to us.  The more we say yes to the things that stretch us, the greater our capacity to expand, grow, and access higher and higher realms of consciousness.  When given the choice to stay small or stretch, choose to grow.  Tiny incremental steps lead to massive quantum leaps, and every quantum leap requires tiny incremental steps to fully integrate.


And Sunday 5/26 starts with a Sun Ixion great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas resource, Mars Vesta stepping stone, Sun Gonggong stepping stone, Black Moon Neptune bridge, then the Black Moon enters Libra, followed by a Juno Quaoar manifestation, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, and Black Moon Sedna manifestation.  Today is a day for clarifying wisdom and enlightened Truth.  When we take our seat in the highest observer’s perch, we can review and reflect on all that we see, on all that has been created, and see the patterns and choices crystal clear.  What we do with that insight is up to us.  If we integrate the wisdom of what we see, we forever alter the matrix.  If we don’t integrate the wisdom of what we see, we cling to the past, and repeat the current.


The practice this week is a fire ceremony of completion and forgiveness.  Create a contained expression of fire, either in a fire pit, fireplace, burning bowl, or simply light a candle.  Spend some time in meditation, reflecting and journaling about what’s coming to completion – the cycles and stories that have run their course, that are dying off and ready to transmute and transform into a new story, new cycle, new possibility.  Clear anything that needs to be cleared…speak your truth from the heart, and forgive yourself and all involved in the lessons you’ve learned along the way.  If you can’t find forgiveness, you’re not done with the lesson yet.  See your Self in every side, as every participant, and remember that each of our situations and experiences are serving us in growing and healing, period.  The situations that challenge us the most are the greatest motivators of our evolutionary growth.  Honor the sacredness of the ongoing ceremony of Life, and choose to let go of the suffering.


Forgiveness is the healing of the perception of separation.” – A Course In Miracles


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