Weekly Navigation Report: May 15 – 21, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of May 15 – 21, 2023

Welcome to the final countdown of this spring’s wormhole eclipse passage that began on 3/21. Mercury is officially moving direct, no longer retrograde. We’re coming to completion, and this week’s Taurus New Moon on Friday 5/19 holds the portal of deliverance, the sacred grounding point that reveals new beginnings and the invitation to plant ourselves into higher ground. From there, anything is possible.

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Where we plant, matters. Not just physical or geographical through linear time/space, but through our current state of consciousness, state of mind, and the inner relationship with mind and heart. The lens we choose to look through, live through, and relate through, matters. When we own our individual power to choose that lens for ourselves – being fully responsible for what we see and experience through the lens we’ve chosen – we unlock magical potential for radical transformation, alchemy, and manifestation of the highest order.

The truth is, anything can shift on a dime. When we get stuck in old repetitive loops and cycles, stuck in limiting thoughts and attachments, we can forget the multidimensional suppleness of the moment and the freedom to choose higher ground. The moment our lens of vision elevates and transcends any perceived limitations, our fabric of reality shifts. That “shapeshifting” of our fabric of reality is the deliverance to a whole new world.

When we try to change what we don’t like by rearranging ourselves (or shuffling the content of our lives) without accessing and embodying a higher lens of consciousness, we often remain planted in the same consciousness that produced the old fabric of reality. We can spend lifetimes examining ourselves (and others) through a particular lens of consciousness, and nothing changes. We can push ourselves to move, we can force change, we can eliminate and purge…however, if we don’t awaken and elevate our status quo state of consciousness to find higher ground, we will continue to meet ourselves in the mirror with the same results. No matter what changes on the surface, nothing really changes until we sustainably shift our lens of consciousness.

The key to sustainable transformation, liberation, and transcendence is through the active portal of mind/heart union. That “eye of the needle” requires dynamic partnership and equality (yin/yang) to access. From there, the diamond lens awakens, providing clarity through non-judgment and non-attachment, and non-duality. Anytime we find mind/heart coherence within ourselves (as a consistent state of being), we tune into an inner navigation system that unlocks and reveals the highest vision and crystal clear voice of the heart.

Accessing the highest vision and voice of the heart is important. The heart holds the roadmap, the blueprint, the divine design that is encoded by our soul’s DNA. When we ignore this, either by separating within ourselves, battling between mind and heart, fragmenting or bypassing, we can spend lifetimes planted in altered states of reality (or alternate landscapes) that simply don’t fit or fully support our divine nature and the potential for exponential growth.

When the mind is spinning or charging ahead on its own accord, separate from the heart, it’s difficult to holistically ground, plant, or feel safe. Even though we may be productive (busy) on the surface, even manifesting tangible results, we can still be perpetuating a fragmented state of being within our core foundation of the mind/heart relationship. Our inner state of wellbeing depends upon this primary relationship. Oftentimes that imbalanced fragmentation comes from a lack of trust and safety within ourselves, our environment, or historical events, and the nervous system takes a toll. If the nervous system can’t recalibrate through yin/yang equality, we can’t sustainably flourish.

When the mind is at ease, resting within the sacred space of the awakened heart, we are home and all is well. When the mind plants and calibrates through that sacred space, there is an activation of the higher mind, the diamond mind, the awakened observer. That elevated attunement of the diamond mind reveals our inner Buddha nature. From that state of consciousness (universal wellbeing-ness) we have access to everything, crystal clear. We can observe our awareness (through a greater cosmic awareness) finding deep presence and offering undivided attention in the current moment. The multidimensional fabric of reality can be experienced from this transcendental space without disconnecting or separating from any part of ourselves. From here, we can begin to realize a profound soul integration through our cells.

When the mind elevates as the awakened observer, planted within the awakened heart, our presence activates the sacred tree of life. Planted within the rich fertile soil of the heart, roots stretching deep and wide, connecting universally through the oneness of Love. Our branches elevate and extend multidimensionally, like a divine antenna, connecting through the atmosphere to cosmic ocean of oneness. There is an activation of presence that bridges and unifies above and below, within and without.

That divine antenna attunes with and communicates through the higher cosmic frequencies of Universal Love – nothing separate, nothing lacking. When we plant through the heart, we elevate through a higher lens of vision and communication. When we listen, honor, and trust that frequency of Divine Love from the ever expanding awakened heart, we find ourselves in resonance with the universal unfolding of creation and manifestation. As we honor our divine nature, we honor the divine unfolding of creation.

If we insist on navigating through the historic limitations and assumptions from past wounds and karmic threads, we may experience gridlock in our best intentions to manifest something new. That gridlock continues as long as it takes to find the transcendental portal of deliverance, through the mind/heart union, planting through the diamond lens of the heart. It’s an inward shift, an inward upward journey through the heart that changes everything, ultimately delivering us to higher ground.

The week begins on Monday 5/15 with a Black Moon Chariklo bridge, Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, Venus Quaoar bridge, Vesta Chariklo stepping stone, Mars Neptune manifestation, Mars Galactic Center great eliminator, Juno MakeMake manifestation, followed by a Vesta Albion new cycle, and Venus Salacia stepping stone. The Black Moon Chariklo bridge reveals a finger of God aspect including Orcus and Sirius, unveiling the divine mastery in our highest alignment with why we’re here in this moment in time, and why it matters that we stabilize ourselves with that divine purpose. The diamond lens of the heart allows us to see clearly, inside and out, including the potential for cellular enlightenment (crystalline activation through our cells) when we embody the consciousness of our awakened heart. The body is a record keeper, not only of our personal stories and experiences, but also a divine cosmic record keeper, with multidimensional brilliance. Our consciousness in the current moment determines what records we have access to – how we’re experiencing, integrating, and embodying that information. If we believe our bodies separate us from each other, it’s time to consider an elevated perspective of embodied consciousness.

On Tuesday 5/16 the Black Moon manifests with Chiron, followed by a Pallas Varuna new cycle, Juno Quaoar great eliminator, Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, then Jupiter enters Taurus, and Mercury forms a stepping stone with Pallas. The highest lens of vision is refined by the wisdom integrated from all experiences, beyond judgments and attachments. When we practice equanimity as a way of living, our lens of wisdom opens, expands, and elevates. The truth is, every experience delivers golden opportunities for awakened elevation and expansion, if we can allow ourselves to open unconditionally as a consistent practice. At the end of anything, in the transition from completion to new beginning, there’s an opportunity to review and debrief through an awakened lens of hindsight. Sometimes we can’t see clearly while in the process, but if we can trust the process, eventually the completion/deliverance reveals infinite wisdom that takes us to higher ground. We are not the same at the end of each day, unless we ignore the changes that have occurred or fail to integrate the wisdom learned. Jupiter’s ingress into Taurus today provides an incredible opportunity to expand through new ground. The lens we’re looking through matters. Choosing love, equanimity, compassion, and grace as an embodied practice is key.

Wednesday 5/17 starts with a Vesta Great Attractor great eliminator, then the Moon enters Taurus, followed by an occultation of Jupiter by the Moon. Then Charkilo stations retrograde, followed by a Jupiter Pluto stepping stone, Juno Salacia resource, Neptune Galactic Center stepping stone, and the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Ceres. The upcoming Taurus New Moon becomes energetically active today, and the momentum of new beginnings and new growth is palpable. We are not who we were 2 months ago (although we may not be able to put a finger on what exactly has shifted…yet). Trust the process, trust the slow build of inner resilience, organic integration, and mind/heart stability, and allow the transformation to reveal a new beginning that sets the stage for epic expansion. When we try to push results into manifestation without tending to the necessary foundation and inner matrix of our operating system, we can overlook and override the primary keys to sustainability. Take the time this week to be present, go deep while elevating through a universal lens of mind/heart coherence, and see what is organically shifting, and the newness that’s already taking root, taking shape, and thriving.

On Thursday 5/18, Saturn forms a great eliminator with Pallas, the Sun forms a great eliminator with the Galactic Center, followed by a Black Moon Arcturus resource, Black Moon Eris manifestation, and Sun Neptune resource. There is profound clarity being unveiled and uncovered as we awaken from within. The divine guidance we’re seeking is within, and all is revealed when we unify mind/heart as our foundation of awareness. There’s an inner voice requesting our full undivided attention, and it’s important to listen. The universal heart is expanding, and nothing is more important than dialing into that frequency of Divine Love, and planting deeply. What grows from here is nothing short of divine manifestation.

Friday 5/19 begins with a Mercury Saturn resource, then the New Moon in Taurus at 11:54amET officially ends the wormhole/eclipse passage, ushering a new beginning. Mars forms a stepping stone with Haumea, the Black Moon turns retrograde, followed by a Venus Orcus resource, Mars Sedna resource, and Venus Chariklo great eliminator.

The New Moon occurs at the master degree of Taurus conjunct Sedna, offering a crystalline download of divine Love through our mental body operating system. When the mind tunes into the frequency of Love, there is a peaceful resonance of harmony and wellbeing. When the mind disconnects or resists the frequency of Love, there is friction, static, confusion, and disconnect. Ruled by Venus (the heart), Taurus is an earth sign representing mental body Love, and the importance of trusting and honoring the heart, unconditionally. When we plant deep roots from the mind through the heart, there is stability, consistency, trust and safety. Our mind becomes resilient, stable, and trustworthy in the sacred space of the heart. The awakened mind becomes the sacred tree of life, bridging heaven and earth, unifying all dimensions through Love.

It’s important to recognize the distinction between Love as an emotion and Love as a frequency. Our feelings and emotions ebb and flow, rise and fall, with every experience and encounter we participate in, depending upon the lens of consciousness we’re living through. It’s almost impossible to ground or root into our feelings. However, the frequency of Love is consistent, unwavering, universal, and sustainable. In fact, the only constant in this universe is the frequency of Love…everything else is in a state of flux and change. Love is the agent of alchemy, the facilitator of transformation and sustainable change. Divine Love is the visionary lens that allows us to see things as they are, multidimensionally – both the light and the shadow, the potential and the challenge. Love is the mechanism that calibrates the mind with the heart for universal coherence and divine partnership (above and below, within and without) as the foundation for all things to sustainably grow and expand.

It’s also important to recognize the distinction between the personal heart (local consciousness) and the awakened heart (non-local consciousness). At the personal heart level, we have feelings and emotions, we may find ourselves getting hurt, getting attached, or feeling sad from time to time. When the personal heart awakens and transcends, there is an activation of the diamond lens, the highest lens of vision through the awakened heart, where we find oneness and unity with all hearts, beyond time and space. This elevated lens of wholeness allows us to see clearly and connect universally, without getting attached, triggered, or overtaken by personal feelings or historic patterning from our local story. We still have feelings, but they don’t hold the primary lens of vision. When we’re triggered in a local story (human experience), it’s important to tend to our inner landscape by bringing our mind into the sacred space within the heart, taking good care of ourselves, equally tending to our minds and our hearts. When we get triggered, the nervous system is in a state of unrest, and our inner peace/wellbeing is disturbed. If we ignore or override that disconnect, imbalances can escalate and expand. If we can find our seat as the awakened observer, we can calibrate through a higher lens of Love that restores peace and stability. Mental health is restored through an atmosphere of Divine Love, in the calibration of sacred space. Love is fiercely clean, unattached, stable, and unapologetic in that sacred space, reminding us to be responsible with our current lens of consciousness, while encouraging us to grow and thrive to higher ground.

This New Moon reflects the completion of a 2 month long eclipse wormhole passage, an inward shamanic journey through merging timelines and dissolving orientation points, in order to liberate us from old roots that carried limitations, planting into higher ground for sustainable growth and expansion. Like walking blindfolded while navigating inner dimensions of unconscious and subconscious spaces, we’ve been through an epic experience of transmutation and awakening.

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On Saturday 5/20, Mars enters Leo, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Haumea, Venus forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor, followed by a Sun Sedna new cycle, Mars Pluto bridge, and Black Moon Eris manifestation. It’s a brand new day, and our holistic system is attuning to gratitude with an open heart. As Mars enters Leo, our cells open unconditionally to allow the brightest light to shine, shedding the old layers of skin that held the outdated or limiting beliefs of separation consciousness. The skin we’re living in contains and includes the stories and narratives we’ve been subscribing to and participating in – consciously and unconsciously. Beyond the stories, our bodies also hold the orientation points, anchors, and gravitational grooves of how we identify, take action, and function within those narratives. As we recognize the deliverance to higher ground, our body can fully integrate the blessing of the new beginnings while releasing and transcending any attachments to the old. Like being reborn, our skin is brand new, revealing the expansive consciousness that allows our brightest light to shine – authentically and sustainably.

And on Sunday 5/21, the Sun enters Gemini, the Black Moon is resourceful with Arcturus and forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Ceres, followed by a Sun Pluto manifestation, Pallas MakeMake resource, the Moon enters Cancer, and the Sun finds resource with Mars. As the Sun enters Gemini, our consciousness calibrates through mental body brilliance and conscious wisdom. In 3D, our Gemini lens can have us feeling split or torn in polarized struggles. When we find ourselves at odds within ourselves or situations, being pulled in too many different directions, or recognizing the mind in opposition with the heart, we’re living into 3D consciousness of separation and duality. In 5D, Gemini reveals the possibility to transcend duality and opposition, elevating through a higher lens of consciousness, and seeing through the illusion of separation consciousness. Instead of the either/or tug of war in our minds, we can open through the possibility of “both/and”, seeing the universal wisdom and multifaceted wholeness of all possibilities, and the bridges that connect the dots. When the mind is at odds with the heart, there is a polarized struggle that can fragment, fracture, or even disconnect or dislocate. When the mind and heart are in partnership, calibrated through the frequency of Love, we find the lens of universal vision that reveals the interconnectedness and multidimensionality of everything. Nothing separate, nothing missing, nothing lacking…no polarity or opposition. Wherever we are, there’s a bridge and an open door to everything and everyone, beyond time/space. It’s a whole new world that offers prime conditions for soul integration and universal embodiment.

The practice this week is to allow sustainable change and transformation to take root. Before pushing the pendulum hard to produce a result, go inward to find the mind/heart resonance and balanced partnership as the solid foundation and fertile ground. Spend some time in that sacred space, and observe what is currently growing, what’s shifting, what’s moving. Notice what’s ending and releasing, and what’s coming online and taking shape. Without trying to push anything into manifestation, and without formulating any assumptions, projections, or attachments, honor the new growth, and allow the organic unfolding to occur.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ~ Einstein

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