Weekly Navigation Report: May 13 – 19, 2024


Week of May 13 – 19, 2024

The week ahead provides a much deeper dive into the new consciousness and awakened realizations from this recent wormhole/eclipse passage.  We’ve been delivered to new ground, everything has shifted, and we’ve just barely scratched the surface… exploring and understanding the newness that we’re planted into and becoming.


In times of radical change and transformation, the lightning bolt of new consciousness can strike in a nanosecond, forever altering the terrain.  However, it can take some time to fully integrate and holistically realize what that means, and the deeper implications moving forward.  When we shed old patterns and attachments that have been embedded and encoded in our cellular structure, suddenly our cells begin to express and metabolize in new ways, awakening inner dimensions of Light, revealing messages of Light from previously hidden realms.  The actions we take become more and more resonant with our divine nature.  


The awakened Light within begins to speak even more clearly, as we allow ourselves to navigate the path with divine intelligence and discernment, trusting in the newly awakened frequencies of Love from the inner navigation system of the heart.  As we begin walking with (and as) the awakened presence of Love, we see how things have shifted by the new actions and ways of being we begin to exhibit.  Witnessing ourselves in action, we begin to see the newness emerging.  


If we’ve been historically conditioned to suppress our deepest truth or deny the inner messaging system of the heart, we may find ourselves now walking in accordance with our highest voice and our inner truth, in ways that might feel surprising, even liberating.  We may organically begin to operate in resonance with our soul nature, instead of repeating patterns of disconnect or interference, fear or avoidance, suppression or denial.  As we restore unity with nature, we restore unity with our wholeness, integrating every piece and part of our divine Light in order to manifest fully from the heart.  Alchemy and transformation occur within an awakened heart.  


Coming home to the heart, coming home to the roots of our Soul nature, we begin to fully awaken to the inner magic and divine Light that lives within every cell of our being.  When we honor and respect that Light, we begin to fully embody and manifest an expression of Light that feels brand new, and yet exquisitely familiar.


The more deeply we ground, and the more willing we are to tune into the voice of the heart, the more profoundly we begin to grow and expand through the multidimensional brilliance of our awakened Self.  This week delivers some potent (and dynamic) new beginnings that support the greater realization of our awakened Self, and the organic expansion that occurs from each unfolding.


The week begins on Monday 5/13 with a Mercury Galactic Center manifestation, then Mercury leaves the shadow phase, followed by a Sun Uranus conjunction/ new cycle, Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, Black Moon Astraea resource, Mercury Astraea stepping stone, Mars Quaoar stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, Venus Saturn resource, Venus Chariklo stepping stone, and Jupiter Galactic Center great eliminator.  There’s a lot to behold here, significantly Mercury’s completion of the shadow phase, and this epic Sun Uranus new cycle.  Unexpected events stir us to an awakened state of profound expression, transcending old patterns of reaction.  Beyond the words that we’re speaking, our divine presence is potent, communicating volumes, verbally and non-verbally.  When our actions come from this powerful seat of presence, we can trust in the divine intelligence of the heart to know when to move and when to be still.  Sometimes stillness is right action, and sometimes movement is.  Discernment matters.


On Tuesday 5/14, Mars and Salacia conjunct for a new cycle, followed by a Vesta Albion resource, Black Moon Eris great eliminator, Black Moon Sun manifestation, then Ceres stations retrograde.  There’s a profound unveiling of higher consciousness through the body.  When we remember the body is a record keeper, we begin to unleash the limitless realm of cosmic codes contained within us.  With Ceres now retrograde from 5/14 – 8/26, there’s a greater deliverance occurring, an inner gestation process that has the power to usher us into a higher purpose or higher calling.


Wednesday 5/15 begins as Mercury enters Taurus, followed by a Mercury Pallas great eliminator, Pallas Sedna bridge, and Mercury Haumea bridge.  As Mercury enters Taurus, we begin to bring our full undivided attention towards the heart.  Minding the heart is key, and trusting the heart with our full awareness matters.  When we transcend the need to know or the need to understand, we are delivered through the alchemy of the heart, finding universal oneness through sacred silence within.  When we plant the mind in the heart, we cultivate a state of wellbeing that opens the mind to the frequency of Love, and new realms of consciousness become available as we explore the universe within.  


On Thursday 5/16, the Black Moon manifests with Uranus, Chiron forms a stepping stone with Ceres, Pallas retrogrades into Scorpio, and Venus manifests with Ceres.  Chiron is active today, reminding us that the wound is an initiation for mastery, and anytime we revisit a core wound, we find ourselves refining the inner bridges that restore wholeness, unifying every step of our soul’s journey through the sacred medicine of the heart.  When we honor our wholeness (the light and the dark), we begin to realize that every step of our journey has been refining and delivering us to the mastery within.


Friday 5/17 reveals a Mercury Pluto stepping stone, Sun Galactic Center great eliminator, Black Moon Venus manifestation, and Black Moon Moon communion.  There’s an unveiling of the heart that allows for deeper reflection and holistic integration.  When we reclaim the voice of the heart, we reclaim the divine power of our wholeness (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).  The instrument of the heart expresses through the instrument of our 4 body system.  Fine tuning our instrument matters, and today offers the reflection of that holistic attunement.


On Saturday 5/18, Venus conjuncts with Uranus for a new cycle, followed by a Neptune Pallas manifestation, Sun Jupiter conjunction/ new cycle, Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, and Black Moon Ceres manifestation.  Today’s Venus Uranus conjunction offers a dynamic new beginning within the awakened heart.  Unexpected surprises spark our attention in a way we can’t ignore, and it’s important to listen and trust the inner calling of the heart.  Blessings are extraordinarily abundant today, if we choose to believe in magic.  The more present we are, the more we can receive and expand.


And Sunday 5/19 starts with a Mars Orcus great eliminator, Mars Great Attractor manifestation, Sun Pallas bridge, Sun Neptune resource, Mercury Ixion manifestation, Mercury Gonggong resource, and Mars North Node (dharmic) conjunction/new cycle.  Any recent experiences of turbulence or chaos now reveal a greater healing process of realignment and higher attunement.  All is made clear when we’re present enough to see it.  When we see the bigger picture from a higher lens of vision, it’s clear to see how every step of the journey unlocks a pivotal piece of wisdom that eventually brings us home to the wholeness of our infinite Soul.


The practice this week is inner wellbeing and reverence.  Go within to find the inner landscape and expressions of nature, spend time in the inner garden, and tend to the restoration of reverence, respect, and sacred space.  Water what needs watering, bring sunlight to whatever needs light, calibrate Love through the various dimensions and aspects that remain hidden or untouched, and cultivate music, chanting, and prayer to welcome the blossoming of new growth.  Let your daily practice be a sacred communion with all that is awakening, transforming, expanding, and expressing…from the heart.


“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”




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