Weekly Navigation Report: May 1 – 7, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of May 1 – 7, 2023

Welcome to May, a “5” vibrational month of radical change and transformation. We’re at the midpoint between 2 eclipses, the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde journey, and heading into a Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Friday 5/5 that holds lightning potential for alchemy and transformation of the highest order. The fact that Pluto stations retrograde at the beginning of this week means we’re all being ushered beyond the veils of attachment, into the rich inner landscape of pure potential, beyond our wildest imaginings. What matters most is our presence and undivided attention, from the heart.

There’s magic to behold when we let go of our attachments to surface level appearances and the illusion of material safety and comfort. Safety is established within, anytime we choose to align mind and heart through the sacred oneness of Love. That inner choice point reveals the highest potential in any moment, crystal clear. Like a hidden portal opening through the heart space, a birthing canal to divine manifestation and realization, beyond boundaries or limitation.

This week’s Scorpio Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse provides the unveiling of our inner cosmic womb, the divine spaciousness of universal potential that always exists, beyond the shadows of polarity and the projections of historic fears and doubts. The only way to navigate this inner world of multidimensional potential is through the elevated vision of the awakened heart. The heart holds the roadmap, the blueprint, and the diamond lens that can see through illusions, shadows, distortions, transforming distractions into doorways, revealing the hidden portals of new possibility.

When we engage at surface level appearances, through the logical linear 3D mind of perception only, we can get triggered into false narratives that spin past lifetimes into a dream-like projection on top of the current moment of potential. This active state of “deja vu” can become a familiar distraction that activates old muscle memory from altered states of consciousness. If we can’t orient ourselves to the correction of those altered states, it can be a confusing twist of reality that keeps us from accessing our divine potential and manifesting our highest dreams. Love is the frequency that offers the correction to any distortions or altered states of consciousness, in a nanosecond.

As we expand and transcend the old barriers and limitations of our fabric of reality, it’s common to confront even more epic distractions and projections from the uncharted spaces of our own sub conscious landscape. It’s important to remember, there is nothing outside of us, nothing beyond us. The infinite universe is within us. The infinite capacity to expand and awaken is within us, and every doorway and portal of cosmic consciousness and quantum time are within us, not separate. Getting distracted by our own multidimensional mastery is like getting caught up in the magic of our overwhelming beauty. Staying present is key, no matter what we find. Holding our seat without flinching, no matter how exquisite or uncomfortable a scenario might seem, until we learn to recognize truth, and unleash magic.

Every thinning of a veil reveals hidden potential to manifest and create. If we get too caught up in our attachments to what’s thinning or dissolving, if we get emotionally attached to the labels, identities, and false narratives of outdated forms and structures, we find ourselves swimming in a sticky cobweb of entanglement and emotional debris, like getting stuck in dense mucous. Yet when we trust, allow, and witness the greatest dissolution of our own limitations, every moment is a rebirth into new potential, the manifestation of a new fabric of reality that is ever changing, ever fluid, ever conscious…and ever expanding. Allowance requires trust, and trust requires mind/heart coherence – inner partnership of yin/yang.

A fear of change reveals a lack of trust in the untapped potential, the mystery. Surrendered transformation requires the ultimate trust, of the heart….trusting the process, trusting the inner navigation system from a universal lens of clarity, trusting the temporary chaos that occurs in any moment of transformation or evolutionary upgrade. When the old structures and forms dissolve, that “loosening up” of the threads of attachment and historic orientation and identity can feel like death and dying. And yet the larger cycle of returning to the cosmic womb as infinite potential to manifest is one of the most epic realizations our soul can consciously choose to witness and navigate. We are infinite creative potential, in motion, in action.

The truth is, the entire universe is constantly changing, rebirthing, reinventing. We live on the cutting edge of new potential unfolding and manifesting, in every breath and every heartbeat. When we cling to ideas of stability from fear of letting go, we hold ourselves back from our evolutionary birthright. Our true power isn’t found in the tight white knuckled gripping of old expressions and experiences as our solid identity and presence…our true divine power comes from our capacity to reinvent and resurrect beyond and through every experience. There’s innovation in where we’ve been, and there’s innovation in the next unfolding. Our greatest power is in our formless consciousness that is free to expand and create, as Love, on a dime.

Love is the frequency that facilitates alchemy and transformation. Love awakens, Love restores trust and safety, Love inspires, Love heals…not by fixing what’s wrong or broken, but by fully seeing into and making visible every piece and part, through the multidimensional oneness of any experience. Through that visibility, all threads are met with Love, all dimensions are subject to alchemy, and the ultimate rebirth through transformation can occur. Not by force, but by nature. Our divine nature is Love, and our divine presence holds the capacity for shape shifting and evolutionary change, as a fixed constant.

The week begins on Monday 5/1 with a Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, then Pluto stations retrograde, followed by a Juno Haumea great eliminator, Black Moon Varuna communion, Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, Sun Mercury conjunction, Venus Ceres stepping stone, Pallas Haumea stepping stone, and Astraea North Node (dharmic) new cycle. Pluto’s station at 0 Aquarius is extremely powerful and relevant in the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse event on 5/5 this week. The archetype that ushers us into the deepest hidden dimensions, beyond status quo, surface appearances, and social norms is retrograding from 0 Aquarius to 28 Capricorn on October 10th. The dynamic portal between Aquarius and Capricorn offers an evolutionary awakening that reveals higher vision to see through the outdated limitations and historic hiding places within our structures, contracts, and agreements, both personally and collectively. The release of attachments to the status quo allows us to awaken a higher vision, allowing that highest version to manifest and take shape, uncensored and uninhibited. The deliverance is electric, and requires the highest frequency of Divine Love to navigate. When Love is the consistent frequency in the atmosphere, we can collectively distill and dissolve the misaligned frequencies of doubt, fear, insecurity, and control, in order to reveal the divine magic of possibility that’s always been right here, within us. Both Venus and Ceres are significant participants in Pluto’s retrograde journey, and our inner reconciliation of power and permission to surrender through the awakened heart is important. Pluto can’t take us anywhere we aren’t destined to be, and our ultimate faith and trust in a higher vision is found within the awakened heart. Today’s Sun Mercury conjunction signifies the halfway point in Mercury’s retrograde journey this spring, as Mercury stations direct on 5/14 and recovers his retrograde shadow on 5/31, just after the completion of the wormhole passage on 5/19.

On Tuesday 5/2, Juno enters Gemini, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Ixion, stepping stone with Astraea, and then intersects the Moon’s Nodes (dharmic and karmic). Pallas enters Leo, then Pluto manifests with Juno, followed by a Venus Eris resource, Saturn Varuna great eliminator, and Albion Orcus manifestation. The Black Moon’s intersection of the nodes reveals a balance point in the dharmic/karmic polarity of Taurus and Scorpio. When we uncover the still point of universal trust through the awakened heart, all things are revealed and uncovered. That active exchange of Love is the mechanism of transformation and alchemy that unlocks the highest potential for manifestation. If we can’t find inner safety, we can’t allow the highest potential to unlock and manifest. The choice is ours, and the balance point of trust comes through the courage to unconditionally open the heart. When we disconnect, shut down, or check out, we not only miss the moment, but we also ignore the potential that’s waiting to awaken and manifest. The courage to open, to allow, to participate is what makes all the difference. We may not always trust certain situations, people, or conditions, but it’s important to restore trust in our own hearts as the guiding light and voice of inner navigation and the portal to universal creation, which is limitless.

Wednesday 5/3 starts with a Pluto Pallas bridge, followed by a Black Moon Juno resource, Black Moon Pallas communion, Black Moon Pluto bridge, then the Black Moon retrogrades into Cancer. Vesta forms a great eliminator with MakeMake, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Haumea, followed by a Sun Chariklo stepping stone, Sun Orcus manifestation, Sun Albion new cycle, Chariklo Orcus great eliminator, and Black Moon Sedna resource. Today’s bridge with Pluto, Pallas, and Black Moon reveals awakened wisdom from within. The brightest light illuminates from within, shining through all of the layers and dimensions of shadows and debris. There’s wisdom in all that we’ve lived through, especially in the uncomfortable moments of transformation and transcendence. As we allow that inner light to shine, all is revealed and cleared, and wisdom is offered as a generous contribution to All. Honoring our experiences of Light, as well as honoring our experiences in darkness (including the profound dark nights of the soul) there is multidimensional wisdom to be found in all of it. Every situation is a gift, and every experience contains universal gold to pass forward.

On Thursday 5/4, Jupiter manifests with the Galactic Center, followed by a Venus Neptune stepping stone, Vesta Quaoar manifestation, and Sun Great Attractor great eliminator. Then Venus forms a bridge with the Galactic Center, followed by a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Venus subtle intimacy aspect, and Venus Jupiter resource. Today is a day of epic expansion, and it matters that we choose to be empowered by our experiences. Empowerment elevates through a higher lens of vision, allowing the horizon to unfold with grace and abundance. When we feel disempowered by our circumstances, we can dip into a lower horizon of reality, and that lens of vision also expands our perception of limitation. Owning our power is the golden key to an elevated lens of vision, revealing a higher dimension of possibility and perspective that changes the landscape from limitation to expansive new beginnings and universal connectedness.

Friday 5/5 starts with a Black Moon Neptune manifestation, followed by a Mercury Vesta conjunction, and the Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse. The Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse at 15 Scorpio occurs at 1:34pm ET. Disposed by Pluto who is now retrograding at 0 Aquarius, this lunar event is themed with electrical awakening of higher vision to see through the veils of social conditioning and limitations, in a way that invites the activation of higher potential for the ultimate manifestation. When we see through and beyond what is, and tap into the golden potential of what’s possible beyond our current fabric of reality, things can change on a dime. When we resist that untapped potential, or cling to what we’ve done before or known before, eventually the universe nudges us into an unexpected wake up call or moment of truth that ushers us into that realm of transformation, whether we like it or not.

The Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus and Albion deliver a super charged voltage of electricity to the moment of awakening. If we’re present and attuned, we won’t miss a beat by resisting the moments of change and transformation. If we’re checked out, on automatic pilot, or pushing our agenda to bypass the current unfolding, we might experience that “rude awakening” that simply nudges us into the birth canal for radical change. Whether we think we’re choosing it or not, we are. Our soul calling us nudging us wide awake, and pulling back the veils to our highest possibility, beyond anything we’ve known or considered before.

Scorpio invites us into the alchemical metaphysical waters, out of our comfort zone, and into the deepest dive of unknown mystery. If we’ve been historically taught to fear the unknown, hide from the shadows, or resist what we don’t understand, this deep dive might flush up a bit of anxiety. Remember that trust and safety are a choice, an invitation for the mind to surrender to the inner dimensions and sacred chambers of the heart. When we are at home and at peace within the heart, we can trust and let go of the need to control, the need to know, or the need to understand. All is well, and the nervous system finds a state of suppleness and fundamental wellbeing, able to be fully present to the greater unfolding and alchemical transformation on tap.

When we bring our undivided attention of Love into any event or unfolding, there is Love in the atmosphere, and Love is the force of nature that orchestrates the highest realization of awakened potential into manifestation of new form and expression. When we let go of the need to control or grab on for safety, we find ourselves in the still point of universal peace and loving kindness, trusting the process and allowing the magic to fully unfold. Our supple state of inner peace calibrates sacred space for miracles to manifest, spontaneously. What we think we know so well can be transcended and elevated to new possibilities when we allow the universe to show us the mystery behind the veils of untapped potential. When we think we already know it all, or think we need to control it all, we actually limit the outcomes based on outdated insights and thought forms. Innovation on the cutting edge of creation reveals the newness in each available moment of truth. There’s nothing more exhilarating than that.

The relationship between Taurus and Scorpio opens the 3rd eye chakra to higher dimensions of vision for the boldest dreams to manifest and take shape. When we feel scared or limited, or forget to trust in the highest outcome that’s already in motion, we limit the potential by grabbing onto pre-determined certainties that we’ve known before, through an illusion of safety and solid ground. If we can allow ourselves to meet our greatest potential in a whole new orientation of reality, we can be blown away by the intuitive and spontaneous flow of magic of the universe. Anytime we initiate a process of transformation or radical change, there’s the initial moment of surrender, letting go of attachments to what we’ve known, in order to open the space of potential for something new to take shape.

Oftentimes, transformation reveals an initial healing crisis, or moment of chaos, where we don’t yet recognize the potential being called forth. If we flinch at the temporary chaos, or cling to what was “solid” from before, we may confuse ourselves into believing we are rock solid when actually we’re playing small, holding stagnant energy, afraid to awaken our full potential. To let go of what we’ve known, while leaping into the uncertainty of universal mystery, trusting the process and trusting our inner navigation system, we become collaborators and divine dreamers/architects of a whole new world. It may require temporary destabilization of our familiar holding patterns and status quo, but the gift of reinvention and resurrection is breathtaking. The moment the caterpillar experiences life as a butterfly, the magic unfolds into surreal possibility and the horizon forever changes. Scorpio represents the metaphysical, metaphorical, multidimensional wholeness of our experience, beyond just the superficial surface level appearances. The infinite universe lives within that empty space.

The Sun, Uranus, Albion, Vesta, Mercury, Astraea, and the North Node (dharmic) stellium in Taurus is manifesting with Orcus, the reminder of why we’re here and why it matters. That moment of soul recognition and divine remembrance of what matters most, is the voice of wisdom that heralds the manifestation of a higher calling in to new expressions and new outcomes. Trusting that voice, trusting that calling, trusting the awakened heart….we are being ushered and delivered through the portal of divine transformation and manifestation. We may not recognize it at surface value, but the journey of deliverance is nothing short of a full bodied quantum leap and radical reinvention.

Saturday 5/6 reveals a Mercury Quaoar manifestation, then the Black Moon turns direct, Ceres turns direct, and Mercury forms a great eliminator with MakeMake. After the eclipse, now the direct motion that forwards the deliverance of transformation and dynamic change. The cosmic midwife turns direct, integrating wisdom of where we’ve been with the wisdom of our soul’s integration and divine integrity through our 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). In divine timing, all is made clear, all dots connect, and wisdom is revealed. Like a time release capsule, we are manifesting the divine truth of our soul blueprint through the universal mind of oneness and wholeness.

And Sunday 5/7 begins with a Venus Haumea manifestation, then Venus enters Cancer, Venus forms a great eliminator with Pluto, and the Black Moon repeats the manifestation with Neptune. When in doubt, trust the heart. The awakened heart holds the roadmap, the blueprint, the divine portal to the soul and the womb of the universe. When our personal heartstrings get triggered, it’s important to feel our feelings while choosing empowerment in each situation, so that the heart remains open no matter what. This activates the awakening of the high heart, and ushers us into the center of universal Love, our seat of divine power in each moment. From here, we can see clearly. From here, all is well, and we are Love…the force of nature that facilitates alchemy of the highest order, transformation and radical shape shifting to reveal wisdom, light, and truth.

The practice this week is equanimity. Be willing to see things as they are, without craving, controlling, resisting, or denying the change that’s occurring in organic unfolding, in divine timing. Remember, the nature of the universe is dynamic change and transformation. We live in an ongoing cycle of death and rebirth, ongoing evolution and elevation through the awakening of potential and the alchemy of Love. Be willing to look beyond surface level appearances, trust the process, and allow the highest vision to fully manifest. As we bring our full undivided attention to the moment, as Love, we become agents of alchemy and transformation of the highest order. As we transcend the need to push, control, or force an outcome, we transcend the cycle of death and rebirth, finding our seat at the cutting edge of universal creation, beyond time/space, beyond boundaries and attachments.

The secrets of alchemy exist to transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of enlightenment and bliss.” nDeepak Chopra

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