Weekly Navigation Report: March 4 – 10, 2024


Week of March 4 – 10, 2024

This week ushers the Pisces New Moon on 3/10, which initiates the upcoming spring wormhole/eclipse passage.  From 3/10 – 5/7 we’re traveling at warp speed through the invisible realm of limitless possibilities – no borders or boundaries, no brakes…..and nothing off limits.  Anything goes!
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When traveling at warp speed through the unified field, it’s important to have a sense of discernment and inner alignment/integrity.  The recent Virgo Full Moon on 2/24 provided just that: an epic attunement that calibrated unprecedented holistic integration that would prepare us for the journey of a lifetime.  When we tune into the heart and elevate through the high heart, we find the frequency attunement that restores structural integrity of our holistic system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical).  That multidimensional integrity is a frequency harmonic that regulates our cohesive unification through the moment-to-moment shifts and adjustments that can happen in the blink of an eye.
Ongoing regulation of that holistic attunement with heart coherence is key.  Anytime we travel through a wormhole/eclipse passage, we transcend our familiar orientation through the fabric of time/space and form/structure.  That transcendental state can unlock pieces and parts of our awareness previously inaccessible.  Without context or reference, it could feel overwhelming at times.  The inner alignment, holistic integrity, and sustainable coherence of our 4 body system is what allows us to consciously travel at accelerated rates of motion while remaining present, awake, and aware…embodying dharmic potential while transcending karmic patterns.

The experiential expansion that’s available in this upcoming journey is literally mind blowing.  As we allow our minds to be blown through epic quantum leaps, it matters that we have a rudder, a spiritual grounding chord, and a solid filtration mechanism that can support us through the ups and downs, twists and turns, and unexpected loops and curveballs.  Our inner clarity and spaciousness is important.  Our inner alignment becomes the rudder for quantum speed navigation
Ultimately, this Pisces Wormhole Passage is an extraordinary invitation to move into the unexplored aspects of ourselves as we journey beyond any of the fear-based limitations, insecurities, or conditioned programming that have historically kept us inside the parameters of familiarity, comfort, or safety.  As we give ourselves permission to stretch outside the box, color outside the lines, and transcend the inner matrix of our belief system, we begin to remember who we really are, the nature of our Soul and the creative potential of our divine essence and God-Spark of Light.  It’s time to release ourselves from the old constrictions or fear-based patterns, setting our spirit free in order to be birthed through the vastness of infinity into a brand new expression that’s relevant and fine-tuned, here and now.
Connecting to the reason why we’re here and why it matters, remembering the commitments our Soul made through divine contracts of higher purpose.  These higher callings are manifesting now, calling us forth into unfamiliar territory, beyond our comfort zone, into the realm of possibility and higher vision.  We’re awakening to the highest realization of our Self, soul to cell, and beyond.  As above so below: as within so without.
The realm of magic where dreams manifest – the Piscean Infinite Ocean – includes every dream, every promise, every spark of creative potential, and every possibility for new growth and new revelations.  That’s the new cycle of expansion we’re all stepping into.  The inner discernment to know our Truth and walk with Integrity while unapologetically following our heart is key.  Dreams come true when we choose the holistic alignment and integration of the dream –  walking our talk, living the dream, ushering it in, before any tangible evidence can even validate that it exists.  Seeing through the veils, beyond the old narratives and conditions, into the heart of the universe, and the heart of our Soul.  Magic exists because we believe.  Magic manifests and reveals when we live into that belief and take action congruent and consistent with that highest vision.  Belief inspired action from the heart delivers miracles and reveals our true colors and authentic expression.  As we walk in Love, we find ourselves walking on water….the essence of navigating the Pisces Limitless Ocean with faith and trust.
The week begins on Monday 3/4 with a Sun Great Attractor stepping stone, Ceres Salacia stepping stone, Black Moon Astraea stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea subtle intimacy aspect, followed by a Mercury Uranus resource, Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Juno Albion manifestation, and Mars North Node (dharmic) resource, Mars South Node (karmic) manifestation.  Any karmic patterns that have historically driven or motivated our actions comes up for review and witnessing.  As we see ourselves clearly in action, we awaken to the moment-to-moment choices that either affirm the old patterns or releases us from that disposition.  When we learn to harness that momentum in the moment, we can witness the knee jerk reactions of familiarity and choose with a current awakened lens of vision, elevating and upgrading our steps, literally shifting our reality on a dime.
On Tuesday 3/5, there’s a Sun Orcus bridge, Chariklo Orcus great eliminator, then the Black Moon retrogrades back into Virgo, followed by a Black Moon Sedna manifestation and Sun South Node (karmic) great eliminator.  The reason why we’re here and why it matters is highlighted today, bringing us into discerning integrity to choose accordingly.  When we sway from this alignment, or pretend we don’t know what that is, we create distractions and distance between ourselves and that higher commitment.  When we reflect and remember, our alignment becomes a rudder in the vastness of opportunity, honing in our available options, and filtering out the misaligned incompatibilities.
Wednesday 3/6 reveals a Black Moon Neptune bridge and Mars Chiron resource.  Today’s bridge reveals the potential for enlightened clarity.  When we’re equanimous and unattached, we can see much more clearly than when we’re personally triggered or invested in what we want to see.  The truth is, we can manifest limitless potential if we’re willing to be in right relationship with our current reality.  When we bend that lens, we distort the possibility for something new.  If we only see what we want to see, we ignore or bypass the learning opportunities or invaluable feedback that can take us to refined excellence and higher ground.  Let go of any attachments, allow the moment to fully reveal every dimension of clarity, and then take action from the clarity and wisdom of the heart.
On Thursday 3/7, Mercury and Vesta form a stepping stone, followed by a Venus Vesta manifestation, Venus Eris resource, Black Moon Mercury bridge, Vesta Eris resource, Black Moon Venus great eliminator, Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, Black Moon Eris great eliminator, Ceres Quaoar conjunction/new cycle, and Jupiter Juno manifestation.   The heart receives a breath of fresh air and divine inspiration that stirs a powerful moment of truth from within.  If we ignore the clarity that’s awakening, we limit ourselves.  When we elevate to a higher universal lens of vision, above and beyond our personal preferences and default settings, we can see the higher vision and bigger picture emerging.  We’re being delivered through the universal mind, and that lens of vision changes everything.
Friday 3/8 starts with a Mercury Neptune conjunction/ new cycle, then a Pallas Varuna manifestation, Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone, and Ceres MakeMake stepping stone.  A new beginning in our capacity to access higher wisdom through the inner messenger.  When we’re willing to see the writing on the wall, we can open ourselves to see the bigger picture and unify ourselves with the higher universal orchestration.  If we ignore the writing on the wall, we may find ourselves pushing against the current, trying to alter the universe to match our limited perspective.  Relax, receive, and restore the inner suppleness of unattachment.  From there, all things become crystal clear.
On Saturday 3/9, Venus and the Galactic Center form a resource, followed by a Black Moon Uranus manifestation, Black Moon Mars great eliminator, Black Moon Sun bridge, Mercury Sedna resource, Mars Uranus stepping stone, Sun Uranus resource, and then Mercury enters Aries.  Today’s Black Moon Sun bridge reveals a Finger of God aspect with Chiron (Aries) and Mars (Aquarius).  The revelations of old patterns, wounds, and limitations can provide the medicine and healing that promotes expansion beyond anything we’ve ever known before.  If we can see clearly the current dynamic, through every thread of attachment, we can explore the empty space beyond that attachment, beyond those patterns and narratives.  Pisces invites us to swim where we’ve never been before, and find ourselves in new territory through that expansion.  When we meet our edge, and transcend it, we begin to realize personal mastery.
And Sunday 3/10 delivers the New Moon in Pisces that activates the wormhole passage, along with a Mercury Pluto resource, Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, and Mercury Haumea great eliminator.  The clocks change in the US, highlighting the social agreements and orientation through the shared structure of time.  Time is a contract, agreed upon by all participants.  When we realize this, we begin to also realize the fluidity within that structure.  Time is fluid, and all timelines converge when we have the consciousness to observe that oneness.  The Pisces realm of unity and oneness is a great place to explore the fluidity that transcends limits of time/space.
The New Moon occurs at 5amET/ 2amPT at 20 Pisces 17′.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents Spiritual Wisdom, Unity Consciousness, the unified field, and the limitless realm of Unconditional Love.  When we give ourselves permission to explore our own Piscean nature, we find ourselves stretching beyond the limitations, borders, and boundaries, transcending any fears or doubts, and discovering our true mastery through the consciousness of Love.  As we transcend separation consciousness, we find our Christed Self and the mastery of Love.
Swimming in the Pisces limitless ocean requires faith and trust.  Navigating the unexpected highs and lows, the wave patterns of unified potential, we learn to surf as a meditative practice.  Riding the waves with trust and faith is the divine essence of applied spiritual wisdom, trusting in the unknown, trusting in the greater divine universe, and trusting that we are enough.  No matter what we find, no matter what we experience along the journey, our capacity to travel with an open heart, attuned to the infinite realm of possibility, unleashes the creative potential in any moment.  Miracles appear in the blink of an eye when we believe that miracles exist.  When we begin to appreciate and accept the magic of the universe, we learn to walk on water, trusting in the fluidity below our feet and the spiritual of Love within our heart.
Pisces is disposed by Neptune, and this New Moon is conjunct Neptune.  Our capacity for clarity, enlightened truth, and higher wisdom is available in any experience we find ourselves in, as long we we’re attuned to Unconditional Love as a way of being, practicing equanimity, acceptance, and non-attachment.  When we let go of our attachments to what we think “should be” and allow ourselves to see into what is, there is clarity – crystal clear.  When we impose our agenda or attachments on top of the current situation, our lens of vision tries to bend the current moment in order to make that attachment appear.  Anytime we try to bend or alter the universe in order to see what we want to see (from a personal, local lens of vision), we create distortion in the cosmic ocean of oneness, resulting in confusion and lack of discernment.
Seeing things as they are (not as we wish they would be), accepting the current reality without losing faith in the highest possibility, is a healthy approach to living in the universal realm of Unconditional Love and spiritual wisdom.  That allowance for imperfection, and the freedom that comes from non-attachment, reveals the fluidity to explore all possibilities while trusting in the magic of Love.  When all that we see is met with Love, transcending any attachments, judgments, fears, or doubts, we begin to unify with the greater orchestration that is always at play – the creative current of Love that is the Universe.  As we synchronize ourselves with that greater divine orchestration, a greater momentum and potential for magic becomes accessible.  Love is the way, Love is the mechanism, Love is the answer.
This Pisces New Moon initiates the entire wormhole/eclipse passage that delivers us on 5/7 through a Taurus New Moon conjunct Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus.  That “new ground” is being called forth now, awakened and stretched through our own imagination.  If we can imagine a world of Love, and if we can imagine ourselves as the embodiment of Divine Love, we can begin see a future for the planet that is Love – on behalf of All – unconditionally.   When we believe in miracles, we begin to realize that each moment is the miracle, unfolding in divine perfection, in divine timing.
The Lunar Eclipse on 3/25 and the Solar Eclipse on 4/8 deliver incredible opportunities to shift the lens of our worldview, the way we see ourselves, the way we see the world, and the way we relate and unify with the possibilities we see.  If we prejudge any situation or event, if we make up our mind that there’s nothing possible or available, we will be right.   When we make up our mind that Love is present, that Love is the answer, the medicine, and the non-negotiable way of living, we begin to unlock the magic of the universe and see into the invisible realm of unity, wisdom, and grace.  All things are possible when we choose to believe, and when we choose Love.
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The practice this week is honesty, authenticity, and equanimity, from the heart.  When we tell the truth about where we stand in our current situations and take ownership for our inner alignment and integrity, we begin to see into the universal realm with enlightened clarity.  When we ignore our deepest truth, bypass our intuition or override our authentic alignment of the heart, we create distortion, confusion, and lack of clarity.  If we pretend not see the obvious, it doesn’t make the message go away….it gets louder until we stop ignoring.  When we acknowledge the truth of the moment, and practice compassionate acceptance and equanimity, we begin to unlock the limitless potential for universal magic.  Anything is possible, and anything can shift on a dime.
“As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself… Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility.”
― Nelson Mandela



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