Weekly Navigation Report: March 27 – April 2, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of March 27 – April 2, 2023

Welcome to the rapid fire journey within this spring wormhole/eclipse passage. Prompted by last week’s Aries New Moon, disposed by Mars who recently recovered from the retrograde shadow and then transitioned into Cancer, it’s time for evolutionary action…from the heart. Movement from the heart inspires a greater movement of Love that ultimately takes us to higher ground revealing brand new horizons.

When our actions are motivated and informed by old triggered reactions, the muscle memories of old wounds and historic narratives, we repeat the past as if it’s current. History keeps repeating again and again as we experienced the suffering of familiarity once more with shock and awe. Forward movement backslides, projecting the old ground of familiarity, inducing separation, duality, and frustration.

However, when our actions are motivated and inspired by a new possibility, a new option that arises from the higher vision of the awakened heart, we become pioneering leaders of a new future, blazing trails and taking conscious steps with committed action. Our horizon expands, and we find ourselves as activists, alchemists, and advocates for a brand new world. When our actions arise from the current moment – a blank slate of limitless potential, an empowered choice to create – our consistent choices and movements generate sustainable evolutionary growth. Committed action, from the heart, delivers a greater movement that shifts the tides and elevates the foundation for new growth, new expansion.

The information coming online from the awakened heart transcends duality, separation, and the pain and suffering of the past. The information ignited from the muscle memory of chronic wounds and unresolved traumas can keep us anchored, weighted down in duality and separation consciousness, however our willingness to open unconditionally through the heart to witness ourselves in action is key.

The light that shines from an awakened heart can permeate through the deepest threads of fears, doubts, and wounds from the past, unearthing and untethering the historic patterning and programming that has been embedded into the fabric of our skin, in order to shed layers and lifetimes and step fully into a new possibility.

When we start to realize the codes and algorithms – the patterns of information that run the show in our subconscious/unconscious muscle memory – we can access the power to rewrite the script, shift the algorithm, and access new information. New thoughts inspire new actions, producing new outcomes and embodied experiences. We are the ones with full permission and power to choose those codes and patterns, and to shift them on a dime. It requires discipline, awareness, and presence.

Regardless of what’s occurring around us or within us, no matter how long ago the old stories began or how deep the roots run through our biological and ancestral DNA, our power to interrupt and shift within is the golden key…the golden ticket and the rainbow bridge to a brand new possibility and new horizon.

If we don’t know what the patterns are that hold weight within our unconscious mind, all we have to do is wake up and pay attention anytime we find ourselves in a triggered, agitated, or frustrated state of being. Those inflammatory triggers or hot spots are brilliant neon signs in the moment of activation. If we can access the courage and curiosity, we can go deeper, look below the surface and explore the heart of the matter. When we get to the root – the heart of the matter – we find what really matters. Underneath anger, there’s hurt, and underneath hurt, there’s Love. We don’t get hurt by things that don’t matter, and we don’t get angry unless we care about something. It may not be about the surface level expressions or experiences in the moment, but if we have the courage to look deeper, we can find the code, and find the key for liberation and reinvention.

Getting to the heart of the matter is important. If we try to just ignore or “rise above” our feelings and emotions without examining the deepest resonance of authenticity (and the integration of wholeness within ourselves) we might miss the opportunity to take ownership and shift the narrative through an empowering elevation of mastery and freedom. Every trigger is an invitation to see ourselves, reclaim our power, and find the deepest meaning and highest calling of the soul.

At the root of everything, there is Love…and the highest calling in each moment is an active initiation to higher frequencies of Love. Above and below, we’re returning to Love in a way that ignites our full potential as Love in Action. Embodied Love, through the unified fabric of our past, present, and future. Integration is key as we move forward, evolving and transcending with every conscious step.

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The week begins on Monday 3/27 with a Ceres Sedna manifestation, Mercury Pallas stepping stone, and Black Moon Juno stepping stone. There’s a deliverance of crystalline activation and divine remembrance as our inner operating system elevates to higher frequencies of wisdom. Today’s stepping stones are invitations to elevate to higher ground, rise up to the calling, and shift the conversation into a new thought. There’s amazing power within the mind to choose loving thoughts, recalibrating the lens of reality we’re looking through to reveal higher vision.

On Tuesday 3/28, the Black Moon forms a resource with MakeMake, Mercury and Jupiter conjunct for a new cycle, and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Quaoar. Then Venus manifests with Orcus, Venus forms a great eliminator with The Great Attractor, the Black Moon manifests with Salacia and the Sun, and the Sun activates a new cycle with Salacia. Today’s Mercury Jupiter new cycle is a new beginning, a new possibility, as we choose to expand the mind and access new thoughts. When we stretch the old barriers and limitations to see what else is possible, we expand our horizons and access new creative potential otherwise out of reach. When we remember the truth of who we are – infinite creative potential of the heart – we begin to see that potential awakening, responding, and manifesting through our moment to moment actions.

Wednesday 3/29 offers a Sun Quaoar stepping stone and Sun MakeMake bridge, activating a massive power choice point. The Aries Sun activates a divine initiation, awakening the realization of our participation in the divine unfolding of universal oneness. Quaoar reminds us to elevate through the universal mind, the higher octave that transcends personal attachments or limitations. From the personal/local lens of consciousness to an elevated universal/non-local lens of consciousness, we find a unified perspective and realization of who we are, owning our greater I AM presence. This light bridge with MakeMake transcends the personal stories and attachments, finding higher ground and higher power. When we honor the universal orchestration of all that’s occurring, we honor our divine nature in that unfolding, and the necessary steps that connect the dots to a greater wholeness.

On Thursday 3/30, there’s a Mars Saturn manifestation and a Venus Uranus conjunction/ new cycle. The activations today are super potent. There’s divine shape-shifting that occurs when we allow ourselves to embody the fluidity of water. Unattached, honoring the ebb and flow of the heart, we become the manifestation of music, taking action and taking shape from the unedited and uncensored expression of Divine Love and Sacred Space. The heart reveals everything. As we awaken through the heart, a lightning rod connection unifies the seat of our Soul with the heartbeat of the universe, grounded and calibrated through our cellular structure, expressing freely from the inside out. That divine heartbeat can move mountains. Unwavering presence, crystal clear.

Friday 3/31 activates a Mercury Eris new cycle. Our inner messenger meets the inner awakener, and sparks fly. We are activated and awakened, from within. Sometimes that messenger comes online through moments of discomfort or discord, but make no mistake about it, it’s time to tune in and tune up to a higher frequency of the heart. That voice is coming on strong, crystal clear, and ready for action. Today is an epic moment of truth, the page turner that initiates a new beginning. It’s time.

On Saturday 4/1, Venus forms a resource with Pallas, the Black Moon communes with Varuna, and Mercury manifests with the Galactic Center. Our higher lens of vision is calibrating through the heart, and that attunement takes the mind to expansive (galactic) realms of creative manifestation. When we open to a possibility beyond our comfort zone, we stretch the inner landscape and the filters of our belief system to take new ground. That expansive stretch is what calls forth new creative potential, innovative ideas and original artistry. Today activates the “4” vibration of April, initiating the new foundation for elevated expansion to flourish and grow.

And Sunday 4/2 starts with a Juno Chariklo stepping stone, followed by a Mercury Ceres great eliminator, Sun Chariklo resource, Black Moon Ixion great eliminator. Mars manifests with the South Node (karmic) and is resourceful with the North Node (dharmic). The Black Moon forms subtle intimacy aspects with both Mars and the Moon for a moment, while intersecting the Moon’s Nodes for a beautiful Love Choice Point. Our actions matter, always. When our actions come from a disempowered state of being, we find ourselves swimming in the dense waters of distortion. When our actions arise from evolutionary vision, we harness the power to transmute old patterns into a higher version, manifesting new outcomes, building new bridges. When we take that leap of faith to let go of the distortion and see a new possibility, that leap of faith through the higher lens of Love connects with a higher vision, calling forth new energies. Without any evidence on the ground, we can harness the possibility of something new and integrate that newness into embodied action, connecting the dots through our conscious steps…deliverance to new ground. When Love is the motivator, Love is also the visionary, the alchemist, and the awakener of creative potential.

The practice this week is personal power to choose a conscious response. Be mindful of the thoughts you’re thinking throughout the day. Be mindful of the moments of unconscious triggers that induce thoughts and feelings of limitation, separation, agitation, or fear. Take responsibility for the power of your own mind, and consciously choose the next thought, the awakened response. Ask yourself what the highest possibility could be, and be willing to get to the heart of the matter. Remember you have the power to shift the narrative on a dime. Moment to moment, we are always manifesting and creating the next frame, the next wave. Notice any tendencies to indulge in negative thinking or wounded patterning. No judgment, just observe yourself in action from the universal mind. Find the creative opening from the heart, then choose. The power of the mind is available in each moment, and any activation of energy is an opportunity to harness and elevate, from the heart.

“When you make a choice, you change the future.”n― Deepak Chopra

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