Weekly Navigation Report: March 25 – 31, 2024


Week of March 25 – 31, 2024

This week begins with a potent Penumbral Lunar Eclipse/ Libra Full Moon at 3amET/ midnightPT, recalibrating our lens of reflection through the mirrored self, and reminding us to look up through the awakened heart in order to see our divine Light and infinite Soul reflected.  Get ready for a magnetic week of expansion, breakthrough, and radical realignments that have the potential to shift our reality forever.  


It’s important to remember that eclipses always offer the possibility for sideways elevator rides, the unexpected invitation that takes us places we never imagined, transcending our current grid system of consciousness, and accessing new realms.  Any opportunity can take us there, if we’re willing to trust, surrender, and have faith.  


In this Pisces wormhole passage, anything goes, anything is possible, all timelines exist, and we’re not bound to any historic labels, conditions, narratives, or even identities.  When we travel through soul consciousness, we find ourselves in the current moment as the divine expression of Love, uncensored and uninhibited, with freedom and authenticity to be as we are, however that reveals.  This kind of freedom to create and express is exhilarating, and deconstructs the inner agreements that have kept us bound and tight under the guise of safety and security.  


When we explore our soul’s passion for freedom and divine expression, we liberate ourselves to be that, in motion, in the moment.  Our embodiment of soulular (soul to cell) freedom is the key, and it takes us to new dimensions of Self Discovery and Self Reflection.  As we loosen up our attachments to historic conditioning, previous patterns and labels, assigned roles and contracts, we find the freedom to remember who we really are.  


The week begins on Monday 3/25 with a Black Moon Uranus manifestation, then the Full Moon in Libra/ Lunar Eclipse, followed by a Pallas Salacia manifestation, and Sun Ixion stepping stone.  The first of 2 eclipses in this spring wormhole passage is here, and the opportunities for life changing (mirror shattering) realizations and reclamation of divine power are off the charts.  


The Full Moon in Libra occurs at 3am ET/ midnight PT.  In 5D Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is disposed by Venus, Sedna, and Astraea.  Our access to those archetypes in the mirror depends upon our current state of consciousness as we look through the lens of our reality (world view).  The Aries/Libra axis represents our horizontal axis, the relationship axis, and the lens of our worldview.  How we see ourselves, what we believe to be true about ourselves (conscious and unconscious), is projected onto the moment in time that we’re living into, and realized through the wholeness of our experiences.  The moment we shift our thoughts, or shift our lens of consciousness, we begin to see a new reflection in the mirror.  


When we engage in the world based on our emotional attachments, wounds, and fears/doubts, we see those beliefs manifested in the experiences we’re navigating.  When we see through the lens of the awakened heart, we begin to see through the lens of Love (equanimity) which transcends any personal attachments or preferences, and expands our worldview to see more than we might understand at a personal (local) level.  When we see through the awakened heart from the center of the universe, accessing the highest lens of vision from Universal Love and Unity, we begin to see through the lens of Awakened Love, accessing the crystalline codes and Light Codes of creation, through the eye (I) of Source.  From that seat of consciousness, we realize ourselves as conscious creators of all that we allow ourselves to behold.  


Libra represents Physical Body Power, and our entry point into the tangible realm of form and structure.  When we remember that the physical realm includes 99.9% empty space, which represents the infinite realm within all of matter, we begin to realize the limitless potential within the physical dimension.  If we think physical matter is separate from spirit, we need to learn to see into the invisible space within any manifestation of form and structure, and remember that 5D consciousness unifies the dimensions.  When we stop short at surface level appearances, or let our attachments and assumptions run the show, we forget that there is limitless possibility everywhere.  When we hold a current expression or experience within a well defined box of labels, attachments, and assumptions, we limit the possibility for that divine expression to evolve and shape shift in the current flow of creation.  


The form and structure something takes doesn’t limit the divine potential, unless we choose to believe it does.  Our belief system has everything to do with the available possibilities we allow ourselves to experience and manifest in the world of physicality.  The truth is, we are not bound by anything in form and structure, even if a definition or diagnosis is accurate in the current moment.  We need accurate measurements of information in order to see clearly into the current wholeness.   However, that snapshot of wholeness reveals a universe of feedback, and infinite options to choose to recalibrate on a dime.  Moment to moment, our choices give birth to the next possibility.  


The Aries/Libra axis also represents the MInd/Body connection, and the limitless power of our mind to choose.  When we unify mind and body, honoring the accurate feedback being revealed by the body, and when we learn to digest that information and truly listen from an open space of equanimity, we begin to decode the unconscious patterning that’s being expressed by recurring or chronic symptoms in the body.  The relationship is key.  If we tune out, force our own agenda, bypass the truth, or disconnect/disassociate, we only delay and prolong the messaging system that can only increase in volume to get our attention.  This is true in any relationship.  


This Full Moon is conjunct MakeMake and the South Node (karmic Earth Star Chakra), which offers a sideways elevator ride that can eclipse karmic patterns and emotional attachments expressed through recurring somatic sensations and choice points.  When we head the messaging system, and honor the holistic relationship within ourselves and our choices, we begin to transcend the unconscious patterns and clear the lens we’re looking through.  That clearing is like “windexing the lens”, and “windexing the mirror”, allowing us to see clearly and awaken to the reflection in the mirror of our results.  


Equanimity is key, and restoring equality through our willingness to unify mind/heart, spirit/matter, inner/outer, above/below, yin/yang is paramount.  This multidimensional reconciliation with the mirror can shatter old patterns of limiting attachments from the mirror itself, like shedding vibrational skin from the fabric of reality, freeing us up for epic realizations that reflect our highest Soul blueprint, instead of limiting ourselves to repeating limitations.  


The Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse offers a Grand Power Cross with the Sun/Salacia/North Node in Aries, the Moon/MakeMake/ South Node in Libra, intersected by Astraea in Cancer and Quaoar/Ixion in Capricorn.  The power within to choose to attune through the heart and look up though a higher frequency attunement to recognize our Soul’s blueprint reflected back in the mirror of our reality.  When we find ourselves, no matter where we are, we are home…always.  There’s power in that knowing, in that choice point, and in that divine realization.  


On Tuesday 3/26, Ceres manifests with Orcus, followed by a Mercury Eris conjunction (1st of 3), BLack Moon Eris great eliminator, Pallas Juno stepping stone, and Sun Varuna manifestation.  The themes for this upcoming Mercury Retrograde cycle are already being initiated, and and disruptions or discomfort through the mind is activating some divine messages coming up for review.  Our capacity to “know thyself” is key, and anything that has been historically unknown, avoided, or unexamined is stirring within the discomfort, in order to fully awaken.  When we see ourselves clearly, we become empowered to be responsible for the results we’re living in.  Today’s Ceres Orcus manifestation offers a deliverance of the reason why we’re here and why it matters.  


Wednesday 3/27 reveals a Black Moon Neptune bridge, Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, Black Moon Sedna manifestation, then the Black Moon enters Libra, followed by a Jupiter Chariklo stepping stone.  There’s a lot unveiling today, themes and deeper messages coming online through pockets of temporary confusion.  As the Black Moon enters Libra (physical power), we begin to tap into the feedback loop of the mind/body connection to clearly understand the higher messaging systems of our physical reality.  In any process of transformation or expansion, there is a temporary destabilization that eventually recalibrates to a higher frequency of visionary potential.  If we can’t let go of where we’re standing, we can’t fully experience the quantum leap of evolutionary potential that’s calling us forth.  Freedom and evolution require letting go of our attachments to stability, in order to find new ground in higher consciousness.  


On Thursday 3/28, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Haumea, followed by a Black Moon Pluto manifestation, Sun Juno great eliminator, Venus Uranus resource, Sun Astraea stepping stone, Astraea Pallas great eliminator, Sun Pallas manifestation, and Black Moon Mars great eliminator.   Divine wisdom is being revealed through the subtle realms, for those willing to see.   Once wisdom is acknowledged, it must be integrated and applied as daily practice.  It’s not enough to know, we must commit to fully embodying the wisdom of our holistic experiences.  The way to restore justice from previous misaligned experiences is to apply the evolutionary consciousness moving forward, so that the fabric of reality begins to reflect the multifaceted integration of embodied wisdom.   Everything changes as a result.  


Friday 3/29 starts with a Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, then Pallas stations retrograde, followed by a Black Moon Varuna resource, Sun Salacia conjunction/ New Cycle, Black Moon Juno subtle intimacy, Sun MakeMake bridge, Mars Gonggong conjunction/ new cycle, and Black Moon Pallas resource.  Today’s Mars Gonggong new cycle is profound.  It’s important to remember, the temporary chaos experienced through Gonggong is not the focal point, it’s the symptom of a much greater awakening occurring, changing everything.  When we attune to a higher frequency of consciousness, or awaken to the Truth of who we are, we can’t go back to the way things were.  Our reality is forever altered.  In that alteration, everything must change, in order to reflect the new alignment, the new grid system of consciousness.  When the floodgates open and the water breaks, we find ourselves navigating radical release while revealing the new landscapes – within and without.  Everything changes in the blink of an eye, however the process of transformation takes time and space to fully recognize the new expression.  


On Saturday 3/30, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Quaoar, followed by a Black Moon Astraea stepping stone, Black Moon Salacia bridge, Black Moon MakeMake communion, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, Mars Ixion resource, and Black Moon Sun bridge. The Black Moon Sun bridge illuminates the grand power cross that’s been activated all week long, with the Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse intersected by Astraea and Quaoar/Ixion.  The divine power of our physical reality lies within our capacity to see ourselves clearly, to know ourselves as the divine Light and Godspark that we are.  How we see ourselves is reflected in the way we see the world, and the world becomes a divine reflection of our consciousness.  When we fully awaken and Self Realize, we become the masters of our reality, through our greater I AM presence, and from there, we embody and express as that awakened Light to the World.


And Sunday 3/31 starts with an Astraea Salacia stepping stone, then Vesta enters Cancer, followed by a Mars Varuna great eliminator, Mercury Galactic Center manifestation, and Astraea MakeMake stepping stone.  Today is a day of higher attunement, rising up through a higher law, calibrating to higher Love.  We are not bound by any of the historic limitations, fears, or doubts when we transcend and believe in the higher frequency of consciousness that WE ARE…LOVE.  Love is the law, Love is the language, Love is the medicine, Love is the contract….and Love is our essence and divine nature.  Embodied as Love, we transcend the karmic imprints of anything other than Love, initiating a brand new way of being human and walking the planet.  


The practice this week is equanimity and inner alignment.  When the symptoms of transformation and radical change come on strong, it’s important to not react, but to honor and allow the wholeness of the process.  Finding peace in the discomfort, balanced vision in the ebbs and flows of turbulence, and clarity in the chaos.  Our inner peace is calibrated in the moment to moment breath of Love, as we open and expand from the inside out, releasing attachments, fears, or limitations while surrendering to the greater current that is the wave of creation.  


“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?”   ~ Rumi


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