Weekly Navigation Report: April 1 – 7, 2024


Week of April 1 – 7, 2024

Get ready to deep dive this week into the activated still-point that unlocks infinite creative potential in all dimensions, through the potency of the awakened heart.  Mercury stations retrograde on Monday, and this week delivers us to the full blown Solar Eclipse next Monday 4/8.  Although it may appear that we’re moving backwards, we’re actually quantum leaping multidimensionally at lightning speed, and that “sling-shot” activation propels us into new territory in the blink of an eye.  

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During times of change, we often tend to look through that horizontal axis for the available options, which brings our quantum leap into the 3D physical arena of form and structure.  We can change our location, change our surroundings, change our role/title/position, or even change our relationships.  However, if we don’t realize the opportunities for vertical leaps in consciousness, we end up repeating the same stories and scenarios, no matter how much “change” we facilitate along the horizontal axis.  


True sustainable change (alchemical transformation) occurs when we have a shift in consciousness that forever alters and expands our awareness of Self, that takes us to higher ground where the landscape changes.  That kind of change is dimensional, not just structural.  In other words, we can move the furniture around a space for a new expression, but it’s still the same space.  When we awaken and transcend the space, we begin to access new spaces within our Self, which brings to light new possibilities and creative openings.  


Anytime we shift the conversation to a higher octave of universal Love, we engage our awareness through unity with the cosmic realm of Oneness.  There are infinite possibilities in that higher conversation, as well as the integration and resonance with our divine blueprint, Soul Calling, and highest attunement.  Everything changes in the blink of an eye.  


When we try to push against the current options (like pushing furniture around a room trying to make it look different than what it is), we can get caught up in attachments to the physical realm only, shuffling the options until we see something we like, and oftentimes accruing unnecessary inflammatory resistance in the process.  The higher path is to attune through the cosmic field of limitless potential, and allow the highest vision to manifest from there, into form and structure.  


This week brings us through the stillpoint of Mercury’s RX station, manifesting with the Galactic Center, inviting us into a deeper introspective journey that clears the mind from any attachments to limiting thoughts, beliefs, or judgments.  That clearing of the mind actually heals the mind from conditional trauma based thinking, accessing a transcendental state of awareness and acceptance that reveals our infinite power to create from a blank slate (or empty mind).  As conscious creators, we begin to take full responsibility for what we’re generating through the power of our mind.


When the mind is unified with the heart, and the heart awakens as the portal to the unified field and universal oneness, we can use that power to create through and as the frequency of Divine Love.  Our conscious choice unlocks the spiral sequence of divine creation, and the expression is Love.  Whatever is manifesting or expressing in any moment is the divine expression of Love – uncensored, uninhibited, unapologetic.  The power to choose that lens of creation is key.


The truth is, we’re always creating and manifesting, whether we’re conscious or not.  Unconscious creation can oftentimes produce unintended results, based on historic conditioning, fear based patterns, and trauma imprints.  When we wake up to those patterns that are holding so much power within us, we begin to free ourselves from that gravitational spin cycle, and reconcile to choose from a higher place of awareness moving forward.  Reclaiming our power, we commit to being aware of our thoughts, words, and actions…and the ripple effects of creation that those thoughts generate in our fabric of reality.  


Conscious thoughts from the frequency of Divine Love weave a pattern of Love through the fabric of reality.  Unconscious thoughts from fear-based separation consciousness weave a pattern of distortion through the fabric of reality.  No matter where we look, there we are.  As we begin to see clearly, we realize the choice points, moment to moment.  The clean-up reveals an elevation in consciousness and awareness, as we begin to participate and collaborate in a much more conscious way, forever altering our horizontal axis and lens of worldview.  


The week begins on Monday 4/1 with a Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, Mars Juno bridge, then Mercury stations retrograde and the Black Moon turns retrograde at 14 Libra.  Mercury will be retrograde through 4/25, heavily connected to the upcoming solar eclipse, in a 3 part communion with Chiron and Eris.  As with any Mercury RX journey, it’s important to let go of attachments, be patient, and allow the mind to clear, expand, and reboot.  In the midst of turbulence, chaos, communication glitches or delays, stay in the heart and observe any reactionary tendencies from a lens of equanimity.   This is not the time to react or get caught up in impulsivity or defensiveness; it’s time to witness ourselves in action as we clear out the triggered patterns of the mind/body connection, liberating ourselves to consciously create from the magic of our divine power.  


On Tuesday 4/2, the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Saturn (repeat from yesterday), followed by a Venus Galactic Center stepping stone, Black Moon Sun bridge, and Mars Pallas stepping stone.  The Black Moon is revisiting the Grand Power cross with Salacia, MakeMake, Quaoar, and Astraea this week, reviewing before the Solar Eclipse and shift in consciousness.  When we own our personal power by unifying our 4 body system through the heart, we awaken to divine power through the unified field of Oneness and Divine Love.


Wednesday 4/3 starts with a Venus Neptune conjunction/ new cycle, followed by a Sun Great Attractor manifestation and Sun Orcus great eliminator.  The potential for clarity arising from the heart is earth shattering.  When all is clear, the path emerges, and the highest alignment is the “of course”.  When we remember why we’re here and why it matters, there’s nothing else to think about.  Our innermost alignment of the heart is the guiding light and divine attunement from Soul that calls us into each moment and each breath.  


Thursday 4/4 activates a powerful 8:8 gateway, revealing a Saturn Albion resource, Mars MakeMake great eliminator, Black Moon Astraea stepping stone, Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone, Black Moon Mars great eliminator, Mars Quaoar resource, Venus Sedna resource, Black Moon MakeMake communion, Black Moon Salacia bridge, then Venus enters Aries, and Vesta manifests with Haumea.   The 8:8 gateway reflects a sustainable foundation of heart/mind, spirit/matter, inner/outer, above/below.  The ongoing 5D grand power cross gets recalibrated today, and deeper dimensions can be realized and embodied.  As Venus enters Aries, the heart awakens the ultimate fire of creation.  When the heart lights up as the divine portal of power and creative potential, anything is possible.  When we let the heart do the thinking, the heart does the manifesting.  Hearts on fire, we are awakening to a higher octave of conscious creation as we pioneer new possibilities.  


On Friday 4/5, Ixion stations retrograde, followed by a Black Moon Pallas resource, Black Moon Juno subtle intimacy aspect, and Sun Chariklo resource.  There’s stability in the fire of transformation today, if we can awaken to the higher potential for creativity and release any attachments to reactions.  When we react, we give our power away to circumstances.  When we consciously choose, we find stability within our heart to choose something new, of a higher accord.  The highest stabilizer is the atmospheric frequency of Divine Love.


Saturday 4/6 begins with a Venus Haumea great eliminator, Venus Vesta stepping stone, Venus Pluto resource, followed by a Sun Ceres stepping stone, Salacia MakeMake bridge, and Pluto Vesta great eliminator.  The 5D grand power cross continues with the Salacia/MakeMake bridge today, reminding us of our limitlessness in any and every situation.  When we remember who we are, and the divine nature of our Soul, we can lean into any situation or circumstances and find right alignment/right timing/ divine messaging, instead of trying to push through, manipulate, or force something different.  When we own our limitless nature and the power to create from nothing, we recognize ourselves in any situation, any circumstance, and any time/place.  We are always at choice.


And on Sunday 4/7, Saturn forms a stepping stone with the Great Attractor as we prepare for tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse/ Aries New Moon.  These next 24 hours deliver the full blown Solar Eclipse activation, and Saturn’s stepping stone with the Great Attractor today invites us to “step up” into a higher octave of power and authority that transcends any current limitations, narratives, definitions, or contracts.  When the box we’re living in begins to confine the true nature of our Soul, it’s time to step up, breakthrough, and expand beyond those confines.  We are not here to play small, it’s time to remember who we are, and choose to come from that magnificence instead of shrinking to our circumstances.  Allow tomorrow’s eclipse to recalibrate and redefine the lens of reality we’re looking through and living through.  How we see ourselves, how we see the world – who we believe we are in the world and what we believe is possible – is up to us.  It’s time to surrender our attachments to historic wounds and traumas that have shaped and defined our belief system towards limitation, and fully reclaim and rebirth ourselves as the divine Light that we are.

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The practice this week is patience, compassion, and equanimity.  Let the natural unfoldings reveal the innermost beliefs and interpretations that have been running the show and driving the actions.  With a patient seat of presence and equanimity, witness the full spectrum of inner conversations at play, and consciously choose the highest possibility and the voice of divine power, from the heart.  Remember, Mercury is retrograde, so anything that’s coming up will be reviewed and taken to a higher octave of mastery, if allowed.  Watch any tendencies to push through, force an outcome, or bypass a current sensation or experience in order to get where you think you “should” be.  Meet yourself as you are, exactly how you are, and be willing to see that mirrored reflection, crystal clear.  Both the shadow and the Light.


“Sometimes the elements of our life present us with a challenge that is an initiation in disguise, a fire walk that burns your lower nature right out of you so that you are able to adapt to a higher level of consciousness.”

Caroline Myss, Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice



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  1. I love these Weekly Navigation Reports and use them as a map to guide me through the week. I do wonder though why the last few that have come out post toward the end of the week they are highlighting? This posted on 4/5 for the week ending 4/7. Last week’s posted on 3/30 for the week ending 3/31 and previous ones have been posting with similar timing. Receiving them at the end of the week defeats the purpose of having them as a guide.

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