Weekly Navigation Report: March 20 – 26, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of March 20 – 26, 2023

Get ready for a dynamic, active, and super charged week ahead. Calibrating the Equinox balance point of yin/yang equality as our new horizon, we’re swiftly launching into the upcoming wormhole/eclipse passage. Spring is officially here, and the current crescendo of creative potential is off the charts. Remember, anything goes inside of a wormhole passage, and nothing is off limits or out of the realm of imagination/possibility. We’re making it all up as we go, so choose Love and attune the mind through the heart.

Conscious discipline matters when traveling at warp speed, traversing transcendental time lines and multifaceted merging points of unity and oneness. The quality of our thoughts matter. The thoughts we give power to matter. Our actions are taking us to higher ground, if we remain diligent in our practice of thinking from the heart and trusting the inner navigation system for guidance. Moment to moment, we are choosing the fabric of reality we’re living into. While we may not always have control over the events that are occurring or the content that’s arising or dissolving, we always have a choice of the interpretations, meanings, attitudes, and beliefs we’re subscribing to and taking action from. We choose our narratives within the structure of our own mind, moment to moment. With so much power, it matters to be conscious as we’re creating the next frame.

The lens of consciousness we’re choosing to live into, the context of reality we’re orienting through, reveals the available options and outcomes we allow ourselves to experience moment to moment. If we have a narrow lens or cynical attitude, our fabric of reality will reflect the options compatible with those beliefs and narratives. If we have a vastly open mind and live into the limitless potential of each moment, our available options and outcomes will reflect that. It’s up to us to choose, and to be mindful of the times we give our power away to limitations, doubts, worries or fears. As we calibrate our lens of vision to the highest frequency of Love through Unity and Oneness, our fabric of reality reflects that elevated dimension, revealing the interconnectedness of everything in crystalline clarity.

The Equinox offers a still point of balance and equality of yin and yang, and essentially recalibrates our entire horizontal axis, relationship axis, and lens of worldview. How we see the world, how we relate to the scenarios and events unfolding before us and within us, is determined by the lens of vision we’re choosing. No two people see the world exactly the same, and no two people share the exact same perception of reality. However, when we attune to Love and elevate our lens of vision from the heart, there is wisdom and truth revealed in the divine unfolding of each moment.

In order to see clearly, we must learn to calibrate our lens to equanimity and non-attachment. As we open unconditionally, fully present with all that’s here, we can clear the filters of our mind, distilling and dissolving attachments and projections, fine tuning our own diamond lens of clarity and truth. Enlightenment becomes a way of living, by choosing to open and expand, allowing the wholeness of ourselves and our situations to be met with Light. Love becomes the mechanism for higher vision. The more masterful we become at opening unconditionally from the heart, the more fine tuned our channels become at recognizing truth and dissolving the distortions. Our presence becomes resilient and unshakeable, and our actions arise from that clarity of presence and inner peace.

This week’s Aries New Moon on 3/21 brings us into the awakened power of the disciplined mind to choose loving thoughts, to think from the heart, and to be a conscious creator vs unconsciously reacting through our personal attachments, limiting beliefs, and conditioned/programmed responses. It’s time to wake up, get present, and find our power as original thinkers, pioneering leaders, and conscious creators. The world is in our hands, and our current thoughts about the world are producing ripples and vibrations through the ethers (and embodying through our cells). As we look into the world, and look into the mirror, it matters that we feel empowered to choose what comes next.

The wormhole is initiated by the Aries New Moon on 3/21, delivering 2 eclipses this spring on 4/20 and 5/5, concluding on 5/19 with the New Moon in Taurus. Because Aries is disposed by Mars, this season is all about conscious thoughts that inspire new actions, manifesting as divine creation and authentic expression. Mars recently completed his retrograde shadow on 3/15, and our capacity for cellular transmutation and soul integration is top of mind as well. Soulular to cellular, we’re embodying higher frequencies of consciousness and experiencing radical quantum leaps like never before. The game changes when we transcend the illusion of duality and separation, and choose to live into an evolutionary context of holistic integration – within our own 4 body system, and beyond. Every cell contains and includes the wholeness of the universe, we all have what it takes to manifest limitless potential in collaboration with the wholeness of the universe.

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The week starts on Monday 3/20 with the Black Moon/Saturn finger of God including Mercury and Pluto continuing from the previous day, as Sedna holds the balance point in the Black Moon Saturn bridge. Venus forms a new cycle/conjunction with the North Node (dharmic), manifesting with Ixion, followed by a Sun Pluto resource, then the Sun enters Aries sparking the entrance to Spring and the calibration of the Equinox. Astraea forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Uranus, followed by a Black Moon Mars resource. The potent reset/reboot of yin/yang equality offers an embodied experience that takes us into the upcoming spring passage from higher ground. The Equinox holds the balance of light and dark, as the light awakens the darkness, and the darkness invites in the light. There have been several finger of God aspects recently involving the Black Moon Lilith (the great Unveiler) as she relentlessly oscillates back and forth, retracing her footsteps in order to reclaim and integrate what has previously been hidden, suppressed, or forgotten. As Venus conjuncts the North Node, our divine presence of the heart calibrates sacred space. That presence allows us to sit with anything that might arise from the shadows, meeting it all with Love, and witnessing profound alchemical transformation as light transmutes shadows and awakens potential for a higher version, higher vision. As the Sun enters Aries, we cross a portal of truth that unifies the limitless potential of the infinite realm with the power of the mind to choose an original thought, the spark of new creation. We can choose to operate from automatic pilot, recycling old narratives, limiting beliefs, and conditioned patterns and outcomes….OR we can remember our power to choose a new possibility, shifting our thoughts to a higher context of creative potential.

On Tuesday 3/21 the Sun forms a bridge with Ceres at 0 Aries/0 Libra, followed by a Mercury South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Mercury Ixion stepping stone, Sun Haumea great eliminator, Juno Varuna stepping stone, Venus Varuna stepping stone, then the Moon enters Aries and Venus conjuncts Juno for a new cycle. The New Moon in Aries occurs at 1:23pm ET, followed by a Mercury Varuna manifestation and Astraea Jupiter new cycle. Today’s Sun Ceres bridge is a reactivation of the Jupiter Ceres bridge at the recent Winter Solstice and New Moon in Capricorn on 12/23, that pivotal choice point/inner calling to elevate within, revealing new horizons with expansive potential. We’re standing at that bridge now, initiating action through the birthing canal of that new horizon. Welcome to the wormhole passage activation.

The New Moon occurs at 1:23pm ET, in the sign of mental body discipline and conscious creation. Aries is a fire sign, the strike of a match that initiates potential. What we do with that potential is up to us. Anything is possible, we just came from the Pisces limitless realm of unconditional Love and infinite possibilities. Once we light the match, we’re playing with fire. Every thought we think sparks the match of creative potential. Even the limiting thoughts or disempowering narratives. It’s our responsibility to choose wisely, to pay attention to the thoughts we give power to. We can use our conscious thoughts as prayers, poetry, declaration, and manifestation. Or we can use our thoughts as weapons, firing off unconsciously every time we get triggered by old historic wounds or traumas. Aries reminds us to be responsible for our thoughts and creations, and take ownership of the power we have within us. Aries is disposed by Mars, representing the actions we take, and the consciousness that motivates and inspires our actions. It’s important that we tune in to ourselves, taking inventory and elevating up through our infinite capacity to awaken and expand. We don’t have to believe every thought that arises within our mind, especially the thoughts of judgment, criticism, and fear-induced limitations. When we wake up, we can filter through the mind, distill and fine tune through the heart, remembering our divine potential to think independently.

This Aries New Moon is part of a massive stellium/crescendo of creative potential that has been building for over a month, including Mercury, Salacia, Chiron, Jupiter, Astraea, Vesta, and Eris. It’s time to expand, and in order to expand into new horizons, we must be willing to transcend the old limitations and barriers within our own minds. The truth is, we are infinitely powerful and free to choose the inner landscape of our belief system, which manifests the fabric of reality we’re living into. Those default settings that maintain the structure and landscape of the mind are free to shift and recalibrate. It’s up to us to be the designers and architects of our own mind and our reality.

Wednesday 3/22 starts with a Black Moon Neptune great eliminator, Black Moon Eris manifestation, followed by an occultation of Jupiter by the Moon, then Ceres retrogrades into Virgo, Mercury and Salacia conjunct for a new cycle, and Pluto manifests with Ceres. The Mercury Salacia new cycle is a reminder that we come from the infinite realm of limitless possibility. The only limitations we ever encounter are within our own minds. When we shift our minds, we shift our reality. Today’s Pluto Ceres manifestation is incredibly powerful, as these two archetypes have historically held conflict from upset and woundedness. The truth is, Pluto simply lifts the veils and invites us into the spaces and places we’ve historically been afraid to look…the mystery. Ceres has the power to usher us through that metaphysical birthing canal, through the previously closed doors into the hidden dimensions of ourselves as we reclaim full access to every piece and part. This is a manifestation aspect, a harmonious collaboration that opens doors and delivers untapped potential for a higher possibility to take shape.

On Thursday 3/23 Mercury forms a stepping stone with Quaoar, Pluto enters Aquarius, Mercury forms a bridge with MakeMake, and Venus manifests with Quaoar. As Pluto enters Aquarius, the archetype of death/rebirth/transformation/alchemy moves into the higher frequency of Divine Love, awakening the highest vision. Pluto shows us how to transform by letting go of attachments to form and structure of old expressions, in order to call forth a higher version/higher vision. Pluto reminds us that we must be willing to let go in order to be free, and that freedom is simply a return to the universal realm of limitless creative potential where all things are birthed, brand new. The only endings we really encounter are the endings of old forms and structures. The connection point (or melting pot) of universal oneness is realized through every alchemical moment of transformation and shape shifting. The season ahead is full of death and rebirth, calling forth a higher version and the highest vision to manifest through divine alchemy and transformation.

Friday 3/24 reveals a Black Moon Vesta manifestation, Venus MakeMake great eliminator, occultation of Venus by the Moon, Mars Ceres stepping stone, then the Black Moon manifests with Astraea and Jupiter, and Mercury finds resource with Chariklo. The heart is eclipsed today, initiated into a higher realm of sacred presence. Venus in Taurus reveals our Buddha Nature, the enlightened presence of the heart, and the calibration point of inner peace that eventually resonates as outer peace. We don’t have to look outside of ourselves for peace, and we don’t have to wait for peace “out there” until we feel safe within. Safety and trust are inner expressions of our deepest presence of the heart. As we trust the heart, we tune into an inner navigation system that takes us to higher ground through our deepest multidimensional roots of Love.

On Saturday 3/25 the Sun and South Node (karmic) activate a great eliminator, followed by a Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Sun Ixion stepping stone, then Mars enters Cancer, activating a great eliminator with Pluto. Uranus and Pallas form a resource, followed by a Black Moon Chiron manifestation and Black Moon Sirius subtle intimacy aspect. Then Mercury forms a great eliminator with Orcus, the Black Moon manifests with Mercury, and the Black Moon forms a great eliminator with Orcus, initiating another finger of God with Chariklo by tomorrow. As Mars enters Cancer, our physical body (and our mechanism for action) enters the emotional body realm. The body has deep empathic channels of connection, emotionally dialed in through the waters of oneness to feel sensations, communication, and higher wisdom and truth. There’s power in our capacity to feel our emotions, and those emotions can move us into dynamic action. It’s extremely important to be empowered by our emotions, in order to take empowered action. Cancer brings us into the heart of what matters most, and into the core foundation of our home, family, tribe, and community. Empowered action is key. Mars and Pluto form a great eliminator today, and transformation is occurring. Be willing to release what no longer serves and find what matters most, in a way that motivates and inspires actions from the heart. Our actions can inspire a greater movement towards what matters most.

And Sunday 3/26 begins with a Mercury Great Attractor manifestation, Mars Haumea manifestation, Sun Varuna manifestation, followed by the Black Moon Chariklo bridge and the finger of God with Orcus and Sirius from yesterday. Mercury conjuncts Chiron for a new cycle, and Venus holds the balance in equal stepping stones with Black Moon and Charklo in that finger of God aspect. Then Juno manifests with Quaoar, and Juno forms a great eliminator with MakeMake. Today’s finger of God aspect highlights the reason why we’re here and why it matters. That highest attunement of remembrance and awakened clarity is like a tuning fork that stabilizes the atmosphere within us and around us like a home coming, from the heart. The heart takes us where we’re meant to be, and the heart holds the roadmap and blueprint that reminds us of our highest calling and reason for being here. The Mercury Chiron new cycle offers healing through the mind, transcending old wounds through refined mastery, accessing the rainbow bridge to higher soul communication and divine messaging.

The practice this week is mindfulness and presence. Try a candle gaze mediation. Light a candle, find paper and a pen, and set a timer for 10 minutes. Hold your gaze and your undivided attention with the light of the candle. Attune your mind and attention to the Light, and find your seat of presence. Anytime your mind wanders or slips into unconscious territory, gently bring your attention back to the Light, and start again. Each time you consciously redirect and start again, make a hash mark, and record that action. Find the intimate connection within your mind, and take loving action when it wanders. It doesn’t matter how many times the mind wanders, what matters is that you are aware, and take action to come back to the Light. Every redirect is strengthening focus and mindfulness, and every redirect that comes from Love is a manifestation of Love on the planet.

“This moving away from comfort and security, this stepping out into what is unknown, uncharted, and shaky – that’s called liberation.” – Pema Chödrön

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