Weekly Navigation Report: March 18 – 24, 2024


Week of March 18 – 24, 2024

We’re in a dynamic week leading up to the first eclipse activation on Monday 3/25, the Full Moon in Libra/ Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse.  Between now and then, Mercury enters his pre-shadow phase on Monday 3/18 (preparing for retrograde 4/1 – 4/25), the Spring Equinox balance point calibrates on Tuesday 3/19 as the Sun enters Aries, and Mars enters Pisces on Friday 3/22.  Sparks are flying, options are stirring, and possibilities are endless.  What we do with all of this creative energy is up to us.


Where we choose to invest our mental body energy and attention is important, especially while traveling at warp speed through a Pisces wormhole/eclipse passage.  When we recognize the power of our thoughts and the power of our attention, we begin to wake up and hold ourselves responsible for what we’re choosing – especially in our unconscious/subconscious mind.  


When we are clear about our focus and attention, we become conscious creators.  With the limitless possibilities of the infinite realm flowing through us (as us) in any given moment in time, there’s nothing we can’t create, there’s nothing we can’t manifest.  When we’re unclear about our focus and attention – if we’re spinning in the unconscious realms or allowing our thoughts to go unchecked or undisciplined, we may find ourselves swiftly manifesting the very thoughts that we didn’t intend to say yes to.  


The amazing power of the mind is incredible to comprehend…and when we realize the momentum and velocity of our creative potential, we begin to take seriously the practice of mental body discipline, bringing the mind into coherence with the heart, and ultimately thinking with the heart.  When we defer to the heart, we can trust the creations that manifest, even if we’re being ushered into unfamiliar territory or unforseen possibilities.  


When the heart does the thinking, we begin to trailblaze.  We become pioneering leaders of a new quality of consciousness, and the power within us begins to sparkle, revealing the God Spark of Light that we Are.  New possibilities never before imagined begin to activate and illuminate, initiating potential that otherwise would remain dormant or invisible to the 3D eyes.  


Our Aries consciousness is the catalyst for a spark of new creation, reminding us that wherever we are, we’re manifesting.  Our thoughts matter, our attitude matters, and the consciousness we’re choosing to live into and embody matters.  What we choose to focus on becomes the lens of reality we’re looking through, taking action from, and relating through.  How we’re choosing to see ourselves and our situations is important too.  We can shift our reality on a dime by owning the power within to choose the way we’re seeing ourselves and the world.  The current attitude, paradigm, and belief about what’s occurring determines the available options we’ll allow ourselves to see and take action from.  


When we realize the immense importance of that personal choice, we begin to step into true power of the mind, which is to focus our undivided attention through the lens of the awakened heart.  No matter what situations we find ourselves in, no matter what the current conditions are, if we’re choosing from the heart, that lens of vision is expansive, crystal clear, and full of possibility.  When we choose to live from the mind, we can only realize what the mind has known before, which limits us to historical experiences and points of view.  


When we develop the strength of mind to stay present in the heart, we find the power to transcend any knee jerk reactions from triggers or attachments.  The more resilient we are through the mind/body lens of the heart, the more elevated and expansive we become in our consciousness.  The personal heart awakens to reveal the high-heart, ushering us to the center of the universe through the One Heart, and when our attention is there, we have access to everything, and the courage to fully embody that consciousness.  The clarity is powerful, magnetic, and mind blowing.  


The week begins on Monday 3/18 with a Venus Pallas stepping stone, Mercury Orcus great eliminator, Mars Vesta manifestation, Black Moon Astraea resource, then Mercury conjuncts the North Node (dharmic) and finds resource with the South Node (karmic), just before entering the pre-shadow phase, and finds resource with Chariklo.   Mercury’s pre-shadow phase is the period of time before the retrograde station on 4/1.  Anything that occurs between now and then will be repeated and revisited as part of the retrograde theme.  Remember, Mercury will retrograde through Aries, activating a 3 part conjunction with Chiron, and a significant connection to the Solar Eclipse/ Aries New Moon on 4/8.  The potential to radically shift our consciousness and change our mind about how we see ourselves, the world, and the possibilities for limitless creativity are off the charts.  Whatever is coming up during the pre-shadow phase is only part 1 of the 3 part transformation, and what matters most is what’s available in our newly calibrated lens of consciousness after 4/25.  


On Tuesday 3/19, the Black Moon manifests with Ixion, followed by a Juno Quaoar manifestation, Mars Galactic Center resource, Sun Sedna resource, Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect, Venus Juno stepping stone, Venus Quaoar resource, Venus MakeMake great eliminator, and the Sun enters Aries, activating the Equinox balance point.  The Equinox point always offers a dynamic calibration and invitation to rebalance the yin/yang wholeness within each of us.  When we find ourselves out of balance, our lens gets distorted or disturbed.  That lens of our world view, the horizon of our consciousness, requires balanced wholeness of yin and yang – mind/heart, spirit/matter, inner/outer, above/below.  We each embody the wholeness of the universe, in our own divine blueprint and expression.  Nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing to resist, bypass, or ignore.  When we come into our balanced harmonic of beingness, we come into harmony with nature, with the universe, with the oneness of All.  


Wednesday 3/20 starts with a Pluto Haumea stepping stone, Quaoar MakeMake stepping stone, Jupiter Orcus manifestation, followed by a Vesta Galactic Center bridge, Mercury Chiron conjunction (1st of 3), Black Moon Salacia great eliminator, and Black Moon Juno communion.  Today’s Mercury Chiron conjunction is the 1st of 3, that will eventually result in the manifestation of mastery from any of the historic wounds, reactions, or points of tension.  When we master the mind, we free ourselves to transcend the limits of the mind, consciously creating through any circumstance or situation, from the consciousness of Love.  Today’s conjunction may reveal the healing crisis that opens the door for healing, transcendence, and eventually mastery.  


On Thursday 3/21, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with MakeMake, followed by a Black Moon Quaoar manifestation, Ceres Albion manifestation, Sun Haumea great eliminator, Sun Pluto resource, Venus Saturn conjunction/ new cycle, and Neptune Vesta stepping stone.  The Venus Saturn new cycle offers new negotiations from the heart.  When the heart speaks clearly, there are infinite possibilities to accommodate and collaborate with Truth and Wisdom.  When we try to negotiate terms that don’t resonate with the heart, we feel the overwhelming sensitivity that calls forth higher alignment and integrity.  It’s never in our best interest to override the heart, no matter how much we think we’re doing ourselves or others a favor.  By trusting the heart, we can take the brilliant leaps of faith into new narratives, new agreements, and new ways of structuring our social fabric of reality.  Through that greater lens of possibility, everyone wins.  


Friday 3/22 reveals a Black Moon Saturn bridge, Mars Sedna stepping stone, Juno Salacia great eliminator, Black Moon Venus bridge (finger of God with North Node and Chariklo), then Mars enters Pisces, and the Black Moon manifests with Ceres.  There’s a finger of God with the Black Moon (Virgo) pointing to Venus and Saturn (Pisces), including great eliminators with the North Node (Aries) and Chariklo (Aquarius).  The new contracts of the heart reveal dharmic potential as a stabilizer that awakens the highest possibility.  Trust, take the leap of faith, and then allow it all to be revealed (and delivered) in divine perfection.  


On Saturday 3/23, the Black Moon and Orcus commune, followed by a Black Moon North Node (dharmic) great eliminator, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, Jupiter South Node (karmic) great eliminator, then another finger of God with the nodes and Jupiter/Venus, and a Venus Orcus bridge.  Our dharmic purpose is being illuminated and called forth as the portal of expansion.  While it’s true that we can go in any direction we choose, when we align with our heart’s purest integrity, we gain clarity on the divine alignment of our authentic expression.  There is expansion of the heart revealing the reason why we’re here and why it matters….and that divine remembrance expands our hearts even more.  


Sunday 3/24 starts with a Venus South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Black Moon Chiron great eliminator, then Venus Jupiter resource, and Mars Haumea manifestation.  The Nodes have been very active this weekend, and tomorrow’s lunar eclipse speaks into that illumination.  When we find the courage to eliminate whatever is not in full resonance with the heart, we find ourselves expanding through mastery, and new creative options manifest in the blink of an eye.  The emotional attachments we hold onto keep us small, and prevent the brightest unveiling of universal magic.  When the heart stretches beyond the personal attachments into the universal realm of oneness, we can expand into our greatness without compromise.  Leaps of faith manifest miracles in the blink of an eye.  


The Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Libra occur overnight into Monday 3/25 at 3am ET.  

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The practice this week is heart coherence.  Open and stretch beyond the attachments to the personal heart strings, and explore the limitless realm of expansion through heart resonance.  Be willing to let go of anything that isn’t in natural resonance with the purest clarity of the heart, and trust in the expansive universal realm of limitless possibilities.  When one door closes, the universe is recalibrated and reinvented, birthing new potential not yet realized or even imagined.  Trust, have faith, and let the heart lead the way.  


My invitation, my challenge to you here, is to journey into a deeper intimacy with the world and your life without any promise of safety or guarantee of reward beyond the intrinsic value of full participation.” ~ Oriya Mountain Dreamer


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