Weekly Navigation Report: March 11 – 17, 2024


Week of March 11 – 17, 2024

Welcome to the spring eclipse season, otherwise known as a wormhole passage!  From now until May 7th/8th (New Moon in Pisces to New Moon in Taurus) we’re traveling at warp speed through this wrinkle in time/space, a fold in reality that gives us unprecedented opportunities to travel outside the lines, beyond our familiar paradigm, and into a transcendental state of unity consciousness where quantum leaps are abundantly accessible.  All possibilities exist, and anything goes.


What normally could take a lot of linear time and space to realize can manifest in the blink of an eye, if we’re willing to play by the rules while traveling through the wormhole.

1.  Stay in the heart, let the heart lead the way.  Maintain an unwavering presence of the heart, let nothing compromise or shake that alignment and attunement.  Make the commitment to maintain a healthy relationship with mind/heart awareness, and let the rest unfold.

2.  The alignment and attunement of the heart becomes the rudder – honor where it leads, and let go of any fears, doubts, or insecurities.  This is not a journey that the logical/linear mind can fully understand (yet), so don’t defer to logic while navigating this epic fold in the time/space continuum.  When opportunities arise (and the heart says Yes), take a leap of faith, and see where it takes you.  If the heart isn’t moved, don’t force the leap.  That’s not a leap of faith, that’s an attachment.

3.  Surrender any judgments, comparisons, or expectations.  Leave your agenda at the door and go with the flow.  Ride the waves.  Sometimes the most radical and rapid path of awakening can look confusing on the surface, yet every twist and turn reveals a holistic combination of shedding, purifying, and fine tuning…eventually revealing the mastery within.  Without the wholeness of any journey (light and dark), we wouldn’t have the fullness of wisdom by experience that we’re meant to have.  If we pre-judge or try to control every circumstance along the way, we actually end up limiting ourselves and slowing down the process.  Remember, the brakes are off, we’re traveling through rapidly accelerating waves (non-linear) that transcend the familiar time/space orientation, so trust the process.  Let it show you what’s possible when you choose to believe.

4.  Allow yourself to play in the creative flow that is ever expanding, calling forth your inner magic and inner brilliance.  This is an opportunity to take leaps of faith, color outside the lines, go beyond the historic mapping system, and trust the innermost calling of the soul.  Take some risks, find the inner strength and resilience of your heart, and let yourself play in the field of dreams while unleashing your spirit.


The upcoming eclipses occur on 3/25 – Lunar Eclipse occurring at the Full Moon in Libra, conjunct MakeMake, and then on 4/8 – Full Solar Eclipse occurring at the New Moon in Aries, conjunct Chiron and the North Node (dharmic).   It’s important to note that the eclipses always coincide with the Moon’s North and South Nodes, which represent our dharmic and karmic potential, and the collective Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras.  The Aries/Libra nodal bridge highlights the relationship axis, the lens of our worldview.  How we see ourselves and how we see the world – and the possibilities we see for ourselves and for the world…determined by the matrix of our inner belief system, which we are responsible for creating and fine tuning.  If we don’t like what we see, we have the power to shift our own lens through our inner belief system, remembering that all options are always available.


If we find ourselves living into limitation through fears and doubts, or reacting through aggravated triggers from old core wounds, it’s important to remember that our capacity to imagine the highest vision for ourselves and humanity will be shaped by those very circumstances.   When we find ourselves living into the fluidity of possibility, finding faith in ourselves and humanity, trusting the universe and the infinite realm of limitless potential, we see brightness ahead for us All, and acknowledge the Light within each and every one of us.  Our current belief system dictates the lens we’re looking through, and the possibilities we’ll allow ourselves to see, moment to moment.


Living into possibility and acknowledging the Light within doesn’t mean we ignore the current reality we’re living in.  On the contrary, we must be willing to operate from a healthy relationship of discernment through our current reality and current results in order to see things as they are, without attachment or personal preference.  When we know where we stand, we are free to choose the next step from a blank slate.  If we can’t see where we’re standing, we can’t see the feedback of what’s working and what’s not working…and if we can’t see ourselves in the mirror, we don’t have any feedback to reflect on.  That clarity from healthy feedback allows us to see ourselves in the mirror, and recognize when we’re embodying our highest alignment and integrity, or when we’ve collapsed into a limitation, forgetting who we are in the moment.  There’s no judgment in feedback, it’s simply information that we can use in order to fine tune and shift.


Feedback is extremely valuable when traveling at warp speeds through the infinite realm.  Feedback is also necessary to fully manifest the dreams that live within the heart.  The most readily available feedback is found within the mind/body connection, which activates our relationship axis and lens of world view (where the nodes are currently transiting).  When we learn to tune into our bodies, we can begin to assimilate the information from our current sensations as feedback, letting us know when we’re aligned with the heart and when we’re not.   It matters that we live into that alignment and integrate our dreams/visions through the mind/body connection, aligning our thoughts and actions with the possibilities we see for ourselves and the world.  If we imagine a world of limitless possibility, but don’t live into that as a daily practice, believe in that for ourselves, or take congruent actions in our own personal life, that dream will never materialize.


Part of the mastery that’s currently being developed is the integration of honest clear feedback through our inner messaging system, without needing to look outside of ourselves for answers.  Trusting our inner alignment, and trusting the indicators that reveal when we’re out of alignment is important.  When we recognize the potential for brilliance in our crystal clear messaging systems, and make it our business to clear out the distortions and distractions so that we can see, hear, and feel with accuracy, we begin to truly master the journey we’re navigating.


During this wormhole/eclipse passage, Mercury will retrograde through the sign of Aries.  From 4/1 – 4/25, the inner messenger will take an inward journey of review and refinement of our inner operating system through the sign of mental body power, and the discipline to choose our thoughts from Love, and choose our reality as Love.  This powerful seat of choice is where we elevate beyond any reactionary cycles into the realm of conscious creation.  The power is within us, and the choice is ours.


The week begins on Monday 3/11 with a Venus Sedna stepping stone, and then Venus enters Pisces.  Today is all about the heart.  When Venus enters Pisces, the heart reveals the portal of unconditional Love, where all things are possible.  Nothing off limits, no borders or boundaries, only Love.  When the heart swims freely as our true nature of beingness, we remember who we are and the limitlessness of our Soul.  Creativity abounds and miracles blossom.


On Tuesday 3/12, there’s a Black Moon Orcus communion, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, Neptune Galactic Center stepping stone, Saturn Juno bridge, followed by a Jupiter Albion conjunction/ new cycle, and Saturn Ceres resource.  Anytime we remember who we are and why it matters, we find alignment and integrity in the current scenario or choice point we’re navigating.  Whether the experience is pleasant or unpleasant, familiar or unfamiliar, comfortable or uncomfortable, we know who we are, maintaining clarity, wisdom, and discernment.  From that alignment, all things are possible, and our greatest expansion manifests, crystal clear.  Without the distractions, illusions, or distortions, we find ourselves living into the Truth of our Soul, and the limitlessness of the Universe.


Wednesday 3/13 offers a Mercury Ixion stepping stone, Venus Haumea manifestation, Black Moon Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Saturn bridge, Black Moon Juno communion,  Black Moon Moon manifestation, and Mercury Varuna manifestation.  Amazing aspects for higher reflection and attunement, ultimately creating collaborative harmony on all levels, all dimensions.  There’s a grand earth manifestation today with the Black Moon, Moon, and Ceres, delivering new ground through the divine feminine reflection and integration of our wholeness.  When we release any attachments to expectations or outcomes, we begin to see clearly where we stand in the current moment, expanding through the lens of wholeness, realizing all dots connect and unify in the current expression.  That level of awareness and reflection offers clarity that we couldn’t see if we only look at surface value from our local lens of awareness.  There’s always infinite possibilities available within any moment.  The entire universe expresses in every inhale and exhale.  


On Thursday 3/14, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with MakeMake then manifests with Quaoar, Mercury manifests with Pallas, followed by a Black Moon Salacia great eliminator, Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, Mercury Salacia conjunction/ new cycle, and Black Moon Pallas stepping stone.  The inner Messenger and ruler of our inner operating system is expanded through the limitless realm of infinite possibilities.  We all have access to this realm; this expanded consciousness is our true nature, our birthright, and our origin.  When we stretch beyond any fear based or narrow minded limitations, we return to our true nature, and find resonance with universal oneness and the laws of the universe.  Today’s adjustment stretches our capacity to see and believe in the possibilities that live within us and around us, always.  


Friday 3/15 begins with a Mercury Quaoar stepping stone, followed by a Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect (part of a finger of God with Venus tomorrow), Mercury MakeMake bridge, Venus Astraea manifestation, Mars Eris resource, and Black Moon Ixion manifestation.  Today’s Mercury MakeMake bridge brings us into conscious realization of universal law and order, divine timing, and the greater movement already in flow.  There’s an awakening today at the personal level, within any temporary discomfort or disruption we might be sensing from within.  Allow that discomfort to dislodge or unstick patterns that need to be seen in order to be released and set free.  What matters most is what awakens after the clearing.  Venus and Astraea manifest, bringing some incredibly powerful divine feminine energies into potent harmonized collaboration for the restoration of justice, through the divine open heart of Oneness.  Love is a unifier, bridging the gaps in any perceived separation.


On Saturday 3/16, the Sun forms a stepping stone with Vesta, followed by a Venus Gonggong conjunction/ new cycle, Black Moon Venus bridge (finger of God with Venus, including MakeMake and Varuna), Venus Ixion resource, Black Moon Astraea resource, Astraea Gonggong manifestation, Mercury Ceres stepping stone, and Jupiter Great Attractor great eliminator.  Yesterday’s Venus Astraea manifestation is elevated to a whole new level with Gonggong today.  Gonggong reveals the temporary healing crisis (chaos) that results in times of radical evolutionary growth and quantum leaps in consciousness.  When the heart awakens, everything connected to the old patterns must now change – like a grid system being recalibrated. That change is unavoidable, and may appear to be disruptive on the surface, but actually it facilitates the greater orchestration of a new possibility.  Stay focused on Love through the heart, and allow the tides to shift, move, and clear as they may.  After the clearing, only Love remains.  New possibilities emerge through the Love that remains.


And Sunday 3/17 begins with a Sun Galactic Center stepping stone, Sun Neptune conjunction/ new cycle, then the Black Moon turns direct, followed by a a Mercury Great Attractor manifestation.  Neptune reveals our capacity for enlightenment or confusion, and oftentimes there’s confusion before clarity.  That confusion can trigger a lot of reactionary residue that clouds our vision even more.  Limitless possibilities can emerge when we “windex the lens” we’re looking through.  If we cloud our own vision by congesting the space with our personal judgments, attachments, or reactions, we’ll never be able to fully embrace or even acknowledge the magic that lives all around us.  The invisible realm is filled with every possibility, and when we get out of our own way, we begin to see that magic, and live into it.


The practice this week is equanimity.  Notice any situations where the ego has strong attachments to outcomes, or fixed judgments on current reality.  Recognize that from a lens of attachment or judgment, we can’t see clearly.  Meet yourself and the situation with unconditional Love and compassion in that moment, and let go of any judgments, let go of any attachments.  Find neutrality in the current moment that allows you to lighten up and see the wholeness, without reacting to what you like or don’t like, agree or disagree with.  From that state of neutrality and equanimity, honor the wholeness that is being revealed (the shadow and the light) and find gratitude for the emerging clarity.  Whether we like what’s being revealed or not, clarity itself is a gift.  There are clear options to navigate consciously from a state of clarity.


“A much more interesting, kind, adventurous, and joyful approach to life is to begin to develop our curiosity, not caring whether the object of our inquisitiveness is bitter or sweet. To lead a life that goes beyond pettiness and prejudice and always wanting to make sure that everything turns out on our own terms, to lead a more passionate, full, and delightful life than that, we must realize that we can endure a lot of pain and pleasure for the sake of finding out who we are and what this world is, how we tick and how our world ticks, how the whole thing just is.” 

 Pema Chödrön, The Pocket Pema Chodron



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