Weekly Navigation Report: June 5 – 11, 2023

Weekly-AstrologyWeek of June 5 – 11, 2023

Get ready for an epic journey of the heart that takes us into uncharted dimensions of new potential, walking through the fire of alchemy and transformation. When the heart leads, we take inspired action, motivated by authenticity and truth. It takes courage to walk the planet with an open heart, and the journey ahead requires nothing less. The exchange rate of that courage is the ultimate transformation and liberation, awakening the unconscious shadows and hiding places with fierce brilliant Light, meeting each moment with grace, and manifesting new possibilities that were previously inaccessible.

Venus enters Leo this week, preparing for her upcoming retrograde passage, taking the heart into the spotlight / as the spotlight, for authentic expression and sustainable contribution. The authentic light from an awakened heart literally shines as bright as the Sun. Choosing to open to Love as Love, choosing to open to vitality and abundance, choosing to see the blessing and the golden thread of universal magic, delivers gratitude of the highest octave. Gratitude fuels sustainable life force energy that becomes the motivation for our actions that never grow old, wear out, or lose meaning. When we live from an open heart, we find meaning in the small things, and celebrate with gratitude the opportunity to be fully present for all of it…the ordinary and the epic.

When we open unconditionally to our daily experiences, we allow ourselves to see and be seen, while also offering the generosity of our soul in heartfelt communion. We become active participants and valuable contributors when we participate fully from the heart. When we hold back, shut down, disconnect, or withdraw, we separate our authentic light from the greater unfolding, diminishing our contribution and disengaging from the divine flow of universal oneness. Even in times of aloneness, when the heart is open and engaged, we find universal oneness and divine magic in every unfolding.

The heart invites us to experience intimacy, transparency, vulnerability, and connection through the divine current of life force energy. There is an ongoing exchange and ebb and flow of abundance, miracles, and blessings. When we stop or limit the flow, we limit the exchange and fall out of resonance. Our connection with the invisible realm is made visible through the authentic expression of our heart. The heart holds the roadmap, the divine blueprint, and the portal to universal oneness and soul integration. Every time we access the courage to keep the heart open, we live into that integration of our soul’s essence, and our divine light is embodied and in action.

In every situation, there is the potential for light and dark. If we get reactionary or resist the darkness, we limit the potential for Light to illuminate and expand. If we become conditional or polarized in our expression, our fabric of reality reflects that polarized separation by limiting our vitality and suppressing the abundance that is ever present, always. The truth is, darkness holds the potential for Light, and Light awakens the potential within darkness. When we allow ourselves to see the wholeness of every situation, and let go of our conditioned fears or projections about the unfamiliar or the unconscious, we can be the bridge that unifies all.

When we hide ourselves, or hide our heart, we withdraw into the shadow. When we open and participate, we become generators of Light. If we’re attuned to seeing only limitations, darkness, or suffering, we negate the ever present existence of Light that is infinite. The choice is ours. Where we focus, we invest our energy. When we choose to invest in the possibility of alchemy and transformation, we become conduits and beacons for a whole new world to manifest….not by force or resistance, but by collaborative alchemy, the expansion of Light, and the presence of Love.

It’s important to remember, the heart expresses through authenticity. Our true nature lives and breathes from the heart. If we’ve become conditioned by the inauthentic patterns, expectations, and projections of the world, we may feel disoriented at times by our innermost authentic soul expression. The more and more we choose to consciously open, elevate, and fully express our divine nature, the more powerfully we embody our truth, effortlessly. Shedding the old layers of resistance or fears, we can transcend the hiding places we’ve built for ourselves, revealing the gift of Light that we are, in collaborative symphony with All.

The week begins on Monday 6/5 with a Pallas Great Attractor manifestation, Venus Sedna resource, then Venus enters Leo and forms a bridge with Pluto, followed by a Chariklo Orcus great eliminator, and Black Moon Eris stepping stone. Venus shifts gears from 29 Cancer (a power sign) to 0 Leo (a love sign) while in a bridge with Pluto, who is currently retrograding from 0 Aquarius (love sign) to 29 Capricorn (power sign). The Power of Love is a theme right now for all of us, as we allow the heart to lead the way towards alchemy and transformation of the highest order. When Pluto calls the heart, there’s potential for radical transformation, reinvention, and resurrection. Venus and Pluto have a dynamic relationship, and as we trust the power of our own heart, we can trust the calling to step into the deep waters and alchemical fires of alchemy. Pluto pulls the veils back and invites us into the deeper layers of unconscious realms…the invitation for Light to permeate through all of it, unconditionally. Love is the facilitator of awakening, shapeshifting the misaligned qualities of consciousness into divine expressions of authentic light. Venus will enter her pre-shadow phase on 6/19, and will journey retrograde from 7/22 – 9/4, all within the sign of Leo.

On Tuesday 6/6, Mars is manifesting with Salacia, and Mercury conjuncts Vesta for a new cycle. Our actions are limitless when we come from authenticity. Our greatest heroic acts of courage arise when the heart is open. Courage doesn’t mean fearless…courage transcends the limitations of fear. Courage moves us, whether there’s fear or not. Unconditional courage will take us places that inspire and awaken greatness, through our fierce passion and devotion to the soul’s higher calling. When we surrender ourselves to that kind of passion, we are unstoppable and limitless in every way.

Wednesday 6/7 reveals a Black Moon Mercury resource, and Black Moon Vesta resource. There’s more to be revealed today in the conversation of passion and devotion to the soul’s authentic calling. When the heart calls, it matters that we respond. That primary channel of communication is essential to our evolution, our health and wellness, and the manifestation of our highest purpose and contribution. Nothing is more important.

On Thursday 6/8, Venus intersects the Moon’s Nodes (karmic and dharmic), and Ceres forms a stepping stone with the Galactic Center. The balance point of karma and dharma is the transcendental elevation from the heart, the bridge that unifies both extremes to higher ground. When we swing the pendulum to one side or the other, it takes incredible momentum to swing back to the polar opposite expression. When we honor and allow both to reconcile, there’s an activation of unity through the heart, and all doors are open. The choice is always Love, and when we live through the courageous opening of the heart, the ground we’re standing on is always elevated, no matter what the circumstance or situation looks like on the surface. It may not be easy, pleasant, or convenient, but we can see the golden tread through all of it, and find gratitude.

Friday 6/9 begins with a Venus Ixion great eliminator, Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator, Mercury Neptune resource, followed by the Astraea Uranus new cycle, and Black Moon Astraea resource. The Astraea Uranus conjunction/new cycle is a bolt of lightning that awakens the highest attunement of justice, restoring balance, and transcending polarities of unreconciled karmic density. This new cycle is a massive game changer, and those who are attuned to the highest frequencies of Love that are available in our consciousness can feel it. The fact that Astraea and Uranus are meeting in Taurus – the earth sign of sacred space and solid ground – is huge. Higher consciousness is grounding, like lightning striking the planet, unapologetically shaking up the status quo, and allowing new ground to manifest. Divine sacred space allows the necessary transformation and shapeshifting to occur, through fierce unwavering Love.

On Saturday 6/10, the Black Moon turns direct (refraining from a resource with Uranus), followed by a Sun Chiron resource, Neptune Ceres bridge, Mercury Haumea great eliminator, and Black Moon Astraea resource (repeat from yesterday). The great unveiler pivots in the sign of Cancer, requiring self empowerment in all that we’re experiencing. There’s potential for healing, clarity, and deliverance today, if we can keep our hearts and minds open through equanimity and grace. Any moment of truth is a gift, no matter how unexpected or inconvenient. Truth sets us free to manifest a new possibility, previously unimagined or unrealized.

And Sunday 6/11 starts with a Mercury Sedna new cycle, then Pluto retrogrades into Capricorn. Mercury manifests with Pluto, then enters Gemini, followed by a Venus Jupiter stepping stone, Venus Varuna new cycle, and Mars Chariklo bridge. Mercury’s ingress into Gemini is a divine homecoming for the mental body ruler and messenger. Mercury belongs in Gemini, the sign of conscious wisdom. Like a gentle breeze sweeping through the multifaceted diamond mind, there’s ease and quickness in the brilliance of Gemini, and we’re ready for the highest expression of that consciousness. Gemini invites us to transcend the illusion of duality, the illusion of polarized points of tension, in order to see the bigger picture and stretch the mind open to the universal lens of oneness. There is complexity, diversity, and varying paths and points of view, however the true Gemini mind can remain seated at the center of all of it, without losing it’s awakened state of conscious awareness and wisdom.

The practice this week is to walk the planet with an open heart. Noticing the times when we disconnect, shut down, pull back, or resist. Noticing the times when inauthenticity runs the show, from discomfort, old patterns, or social norms. Find the courage to take a deep breath, open and stretch through the heart, and allow the authentic expression to emerge. We’re preparing for an epic journey of the heart, and it matters that we choose to open, unconditionally.

“I believe we each hold within us what I call a “coin of God,” a piece of the eternal energy of the universe, the essence of Buddha nature. A coin is a minted piece of value from the greater system to which it belongs, and each living being is a priceless treasure piece, molded from our greater universe. May we each cherish ourselves and extend this kindness to all living beings with whom we share this blessed planet.”n― Tina Turner

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