Weekly Navigation Report: June 26 – July 2, 2023


Week of June 26 – July 2, 2023

Welcome to a dynamic week ahead, activating divine power through the emotional body as a mechanism for movement and elevated communication. With the Sun in Cancer, and Mercury entering the water this week too, there’s ultra sensitivity on tap. Our capacity to feel empowered by whatever we encounter in the water yields a rush of energy to harness through authentic expression and dynamic movement.

Sensitivity can be a gift, increasing our intuitive connection as we streamline through the liminal space between the moments of connection at lightning fast speeds. However, sensitivity can also be overwhelming or inflammatory if we react personally to what we sense or feel, running those sensations through our personal operating system, producing sensory overload and emotional burnout. The invitation is to elevate through a non-attached lens of equanimity as we honor the movement that’s occurring through all dimensional currents within the water. The gift of sensitivity allows us to be open to all of it, experiencing the rush of vitality as water moves, gaining momentum. When we get triggered, overly sensitive, inflamed, or resistant, we stagnate or congest the process, blocking the flow of water, holding back the river and losing steam.

If we use our sensitivity to try to filter everything from a personal perspective, we can exhaust ourselves, and bend the current of universal flow by running it all through our personal filtration system. When we alter our lens to equanimity, we can observe what’s in the water, without making it personal or attaching ourselves to the story within the flow. Noticing what’s in the water is insightful; harnessing the available power within the current is where the mastery lives. Dynamic action is possible in that flow, and our presence calibrates the entire body of water with Divine Love.

Honoring the flow (calibrating sacred space that allows any and all emotional expressions), supports the overall purification of water and the increase of momentum rising through the movement. Empowerment through any experience reveals the true power of the moment, through conscious movement. When our emotions take us out like a tidal wave, in an overwhelmed or debilitated state, we can lose our ground and lose power. Opening ourselves up as the vessel – like the pitcher of water with a wide opening to pour forth without blockage – the stream can flow with amazing ease, as we purify ourselves through the movement. The more open we are, the more movement we can facilitate.

This week highlights Mercury – the messenger and the overall intelligence of our inner operating system. The Messenger sends information through the holistic system that informs our actions, reactions, and non-actions, however if the information coming online through the messaging system is limited, disempowered, or stagnant, our actions may become stagnant, congested, or limited.

Freedom within the channel opens the joints and valves to allow for fluidity and supple expansion in our holistic system. Freedom is power, and true freedom requires personal empowerment. Actions that arise from the heart reveal authentic expression. When the mind honors and allows that current, we find freedom through any movement that comes from the heart.

Speaking of the heart, Venus is preparing for her upcoming retrograde journey July 22 – September 3. Everything that’s occurring now through the lens of the heart will be repeated and reviewed during the retrograde season. This week sparks a Venus Chiron manifestation, the 1st of 3, and reveals the necessary healing of the heart that’s required in order to fully embody our divine authentic mastery. Our greatest gifts from the heart require freedom, permission, and authenticity to fully awaken, embody, and express.

The awakened heart is the gateway to the soul, our divine blueprint, and universal connectivity. If we’ve been conditioned to suppress, hide, or deny the heart in any way, this period of awakening will stretch out the comfort zone of familiar programming, opening the heart unconditionally, and allowing the heart to lead the way with courage, vulnerability, and authenticity. The new leadership on this planet comes from the awakened heart, fully visible, and attuned to unity. Unifying by building bridges, connecting and communicating through the gateway of the heart. Actions taken from the heart inspire greater movement and momentum, increasing the dynamic flow through our shared oneness.

“Movement creates movement. When we move the body, we can move the mind, we can move emotions, we can move communities, and we can move mountains.” ~ Krista Petty Raimer

This week also delivers the “7” vibration month of July, in a “7” vibration year of 2023. The esoteric journey of spiritual evolution and transcendence is amplified this month. Going inward through the heart, the gateway to the soul and the center of the universe, we find the upward spiral to a new horizon. A whole new world is available when we find the portal of the heart and rise up to a higher dimensional frequency of Love. Everything changes when we see the world with new eyes. As we ride the waves, we harness dynamic energy in motion, elevating to higher ground for new actions and manifestations.

The week begins on Monday 6/26 with a Mars Uranus stepping stone, Mercury Haumea manifestation, Black Moon Mars communion, Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Mercury Pluto great eliminator, and then Mercury enter Cancer. Actions get sparked and possibly triggered today as momentum builds through unexpected pivots. Our agility matters as we navigate curveballs while remaining open and present through a higher lens of perception. If we get agitated by the unexpected pivots, we may find ourselves inflamed or stagnant in resistance, prompting emotions that remind us of the past. If we can move with the pivot, and spiral upward through our seat of awareness, we can harness that energy into dynamic flow without getting tripped up by the temporary circumstances of unexpected change. As Mercury enters Cancer today, our sensitivities are high. Take good care of the personal nervous system to stay grounded and at peace as the floodgates open through the current.

Tuesday 6/27 starts with a Vesta North Node (dharmic) subtle intimacy aspect and Vesta South Node (karmic) great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Ceres stepping stone, Mercury South Node (karmic) manifestation, Mercury North Node (dharmic) resource, and Black Moon Chiron manifestation. Today offers a surrendered release while deconditioning the mind from historic patterns of suppressing or denying the deeper movement of emotions in the water. When we learn to play in the water, with curiosity and explorative joy, we find pleasure in the greater movement without getting locked up, congested, or rigid. Anything can inspire movement, if we allow it. When we choose empowerment through whatever water we’re swimming in, the greater current can inspire a bigger movement of elevation, communion, and participation. Nothing is off limits, everything has texture, contrast, beauty, and purpose. When we engage with an open equanimous mind, we return to the innocence of our spirit, from the heart. There’s deliverance through any challenging situations if we can allow… trusting the intuitive flow of the river.

On Wednesday 6/28, the Black Moon communes (conjunction) with Venus, followed by a Juno Ixion bridge, Mercury Ixion bridge, Mercury Juno new cycle/conjunction, and Sun Saturn manifestation. As Venus prepares for her upcoming retrograde journey, today’s conjunction with the Black Moon shines a bright spotlight into the multiple dimensions and innermost chambers of the heart. Whether we feel comfortable allowing the heart to reveal our innermost authentic expression of our Soul or not, that’s the journey ahead. We’re being called into the light. Finding comfort in the discomfort, it’s time to stretch. Our divine blueprint is activating, and if we’re dialed into the innermost channels of the heart, we’ll feel it. Let the movement inspire a bigger movement of realization, witnessing ourselves in action as that blueprint activates. New ways of moving, expressing, and collaborating eventually reveal the new distinctions, narratives, and contracts of the next chapter. If we try to define what’s coming before we’ve moved through it, we miss the opportunity to fully realize the potential that’s here. We must feel our way through the current transitions, instead of thinking our way through. This is the way of the feminine, and the current invitation from the Soul.

Thursday 6/29, there’s a Venus Chiron manifestation (1st of 3), Sun Quaoar bridge, Pallas Eris manifestation, Sun MakeMake stepping stone, and Saturn Quaoar resource. We’re stepping into the fire of our heart’s journey to mastery. While the master path isn’t always easy, there can be ease and grace in our experience. Awakening the authentic expression of the heart requires vulnerability, transparency, intimacy, and fierce courage…all of which can challenge our core wounds and the past experiences that created a disconnect or denial of the heart. The only way out is through, and as we move through the current triggers of discomfort, we find the gift in every moment of discomfort, experiencing gratitude for the stretch marks and the wholeness of our situations that bring us back home to the heart. This Venus Chiron manifestation will be repeated 2 more times, on August 14 and September 23. This is a significant theme for all of us, as we navigate the healing of our hearts so that we can fully awaken the divine instrument we came to play in this multidimensional orchestration of Universal Love. The Sun enters a Grand Power Cross with MakeMake, Quaoar, and Salacia, leading the way for Mercury to follow tomorrow. Empowerment through the current movement is key, and elevation through the higher dimensions of our universal mind reveals the higher intention and divine purpose of the moment. If we take things personally, we’ll find ourselves in limitation and old muscle memory, which isn’t the point right now. This is an evolutionary moment of epic potential to rise up, tune up, and navigate through a higher lens of vision. We are limitless in every way, and divinely supported beyond belief.

On Friday 6/30, the Black Moon forms a subtle intimacy aspect with Orcus, followed by a Mercury Saturn manifestation, Mercury Quaoar bridge, Mercury MakeMake stepping stone, Vesta Ixion great eliminator, then Neptune stations retrograde, followed by a Sun Mercury conjunction. Orcus gently reminds us of who we are and why we’re here, in this current expression, in this moment in time. There’s a reason (a promise or an agreement) that brought us here at the soul level, that transcends the personal stories, attachments, and limitations that we may tend to get caught up in. As Mercury joins the Grand Power Cross, there’s communication coming online through the current, if we can feel it and allow it. Our relationship with the abstract, esoteric, subtle realms of the fluid body is key right now. Neptune stations retrograde, in his home sign of Pisces, taking us all in a deeper journey through the waters of the infinite ocean, with the intention of enlightened vision through the water. Water can get slippery at times – water holds memory, and the collective water holds a complex body of emotions along with inflammatory congestion. When we bring equanimity into the water, when we operate with trust and faith, the water becomes enlightened, like liquid light. Light in water can bend, showing us new possibilities, imagining new dimensions, and opening new doors of possibility and creativity. Trust and Faith in what emerges through the Light is key, not to be limited or distorted by fixed beliefs or agendas from those who can’t see or don’t believe.

Saturday 7/1 ushers in the “7” vibrational month of July with a Mercury Jupiter resource, then Astraea enters Gemini, followed by a Black Moon Mercury subtle intimacy aspect, Black Moon Sun subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Jupiter resource, Astraea Sedna new cycle/ conjunction, Black Moon Salacia manifestation, Mercury Salacia stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, and Sun Salacia stepping stone. The “7” vibrational month amplifies this “7” vibration year 2023 with an invitation into the esoteric, sacred, spiritual inner atmosphere that reveals the infinite cosmos and universal oneness. Nothing is outside of us or beyond us. As we take the inward upward spiral, we find new horizons and new possibilities in that open field of unity and oneness. Today offers a gentle expansion of our mind and belief system, reminding us that the only limitations that exist are woven in the fabric of our own minds. When we elevate through the upper dimensions of our mind, we remember how expansive we truly are. Astraea enters Gemini today, meeting up with Sedna – the cosmic librarian/record keeper – for an exquisite crystalline activation of our highest truth and divine Light. When we come home to our divine reflection in crystalline clarity, the remembrance calibrates a divine spark of magic that illuminates the cosmos. Like a single twinkle of diamond light sparkling in the eyes, revealing the soul’s recognition of Divine Love. Within every situation, every encounter, every unfolding, there’s a divine spark of Light, a twinkle that awakens the remembrance of Divine Love, all around us.

And on Sunday 7/2, there’s a Black Moon MakeMake resource, Black Moon Quaoar great eliminator (finger of God with Saturn/Quaoar pointing to Chariklo), Mars Eris manifestation, Venus Uranus stepping stone (1st of 3), Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, Mercury Chariklo great eliminator, Black Moon Varuna communion/conjunction, Black Moon Juno subtle intimacy aspect, and Mercury Orcus resource. More magic unveiling today, if we have the courage to look for the crystalline spark, the calibration that reminds us of our truth, our divinity, and the path to Love. The Black Moon activates a Finger of God with Saturn and Quaoar, including the bridge with Chariklo from Friday. Both Awakeners (inner and outer) are active today, at the personal level. Pay attention to inner disruptions, inflammation, or discomfort, as there’s information to be integrated and realized. Unconscious actions taken from discomfort produce unintended results. Wake up and pay attention. Discomfort can be a motivator for change, if integrated and harnessed through the heart, in resonance with the soul’s highest purpose and vision. Unconscious reactions can trigger inflammatory currents that disrupt the flow for all involved. Feel what’s there, without checking out or numbing out, and stay present. There’s more awakening through the heart if we have the courage to see it and step into it.

The practice this week is a mirror gaze meditation. Find a full length mirror, and take a seat, meeting yourself in the mirror. Gaze into your eyes, looking into the window to your own Soul. Find the crystalline spark of Light, the magic flame within your eyes, and hold your gaze for 10 minutes. Let every inhale open your heart to see the reflection of your Soul within this eye gazing meditation. Let every exhale surrender and release and resistance or limitations as you open your heart fully and embrace the Light within. Nurture that connection throughout the day, and honor the movement that comes as a result.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” ~ Rumi

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