Weekly Navigation Report: June 19 – 25, 2023


Week of June 19 – 25, 2023

We’re navigating a significant calibration point this week – the Solstice on Wednesday 6/21 officially ushers us through still point of extremes, the longest day of Light (for the northern hemisphere), and the entry point into our Cancer yin energy – bringing us into the heart of what matters most, at the deepest core of our being. When we get to the heart of the matter, we find our root system, our foundation, our core values. We find what’s important, release the rest, and recalibrate.

It’s important to remember, we are multidimensional beings. Moment to moment, we experience shifting lenses of perception, dimensions of consciousness, and converging timelines that can change our point of view in the blink of an eye. There is truth in all of it, however, our attunement with the consistent Light that shines through the heart and soul is what matters most.

The complex fabric of reality isn’t flat or linear, there are multiple threads in flux and flow. A shift in any dimension reveals a shift in the wholeness, and as we sift through the moving pieces and parts, we filter through our primary lens of the heart. Our attunement through the heart keeps us aligned with Truth, in the moment.

When we try to think our way through available options or choices, it’s easy to project our perception into situations from the mind’s logic eye to see what the outcomes will be, and determine if we like those experiences or not, without ever even taking a step. Oftentimes we find ourselves on a pendulum swing or metaphoric “fence”, with opposing sides and pros and cons. We can spend lifetimes in the mental body gridlock assessing the same conversation, or asking the same question, over and over again. When we bring the intelligence and wisdom of the mind into the multidimensional lens of the heart, we start to feel our way through the available options, in the moment. As we transcend the logic of “this or that”, we begin to find the current, trust the direction of the flow, and tune into the heart.

The solstice points (summer and winter) offer an opportunity to calibrate the extremes of yin/yang through still points of full expression. Only be embracing the fullness of our yang can we begin to appreciate and integrate the contrast of the yin. And only by experiencing the extreme accessibility to yin can we appreciate the contrast of yang. If we only live in the extreme of light, we miss the opportunities to balance with the contrast of shade, shadow, and restorative hibernation. If we only live in the flow of rest and receptivity, we miss the opportunities to initiate, take charge, and implement a new thought or direction. The fullness of each reflects the absence of the opposite, and yet the yin/yang wholeness is transcendental in nature, inclusive of both, and ever expanding.

In order to expand and transcend our familiar patterns and set points in the current fabric of reality, we must be willing to stretch through the polarities of yin and yang, while also integrating and complimenting the opposite through innovative wholeness. While we’ve been taught to avoid extremes, to find the middle path, there are times when we may find ourselves navigating and negotiating the line of extremes that can potentially take us over our “edge”. Resistance to the edge can be inflammatory; surrender through the edge can deliver us to a brand new dimension of awareness and conscious integration. That edge of deliverance is also an ascension point, where transcendence unifies and elevates to a new dimension of consciousness.

The edge we’re navigating through the is Summer Solstice calibration point is the merging point of yin/yang through mind and heart. Gemini brings the full blown active state of the multifaceted mind into Cancer, the power of the emotional body felt through the heart, the entrance to the feminine. Gemini invites us to think from the heart and observe our reality through the multidimensional lens of the diamond mind. Cancer invites us to feel our feelings, to go with the flow, honor the current, and nourish what matters most. If we’ve been taught or conditioned to bypass our emotions, override the heart, and only live in the mind, we might have a tendency to fragment from what matters most, pushing through our heart’s calling from the mind’s attachments or fixed beliefs. The merging point of mind/heart requires equal respect of both, and a willingness to explore the edges of both. “Only those willing to go too far can know how far they can go.” ~ T.S. Elliott

The parts of ourselves that have been kept separate, guarded or protected for fear of losing ourselves or crossing the line, are the very parts requiring attention, love, and complimentary grace. When we give ourselves permission to cross the historic lines of “too much”, we begin to connect in vulnerable new ways that reveal authenticity of the highest order. Being stretched too thin can feel like breaking down, however the breaking point of old muscle fibers reveals the potential for new growth, new expressions, and new possibilities….stronger than ever.

The truth is, we live in an ongoing cycle of inhale/exhale, increase/decrease, expansion/contraction…while continually evolving, transforming, and transcending the old narratives, reference points, and limitations. Our experiences aren’t linear, and aren’t defined by black or white fixed labels. As we navigate our experiential journey of wholeness, we begin to realize the movements that stretch us to the edge, breaking through to new ground, transcending what was available even a moment ago.

This week, the Sun enters Cancer, marking a significant gear shift from yang to yin, mirroring the similar transit in the winter solstice from Sagittarius to Capricorn, yin to yang. The solstice points activate the vertical axis of the Cosmic Clock, representing our pure formless consciousness, and the infinite spiral sequence that elevates up or down. The solstice points bring us to active ascension points, most notably, the Gemini/Cancer connection of mind heart, and then the Sagittarius/Capricorn connection of matter/spirit. The Equinox points calibrate the balance of equality, the yin dot within the yang, and the yang dot within the yin.

The week begins on Monday 6/19, as Venus enters her retrograde shadow phase overnight, then a Mercury Great Attractor bridge, Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Jupiter Saturn resource, and Venus Chariklo bridge. The Venus shadow phase is now open through 7/22, to be repeated and revisited through 9/3, and fully recovered on 10/8. The upcoming journey of the heart is nothing short of extraordinary and magnetic, taking us beyond our normal comfort zone and into uncharted territory. The Black Moon slows her pace this week, only covering a degree before turning retrograde on Saturday. The stepping stone with Uranus reveals an awakening that requires courage to navigate. Opening unconditionally, we can see what needs to be seen, while standing authentically in the open spaces that have yet to be defined. There’s stability in the unwritten, undetermined ground that we’re navigating. That clearing allows for new expansion, new creation, and new horizons to appear.

On Tuesday 6/20, the Sun and Juno conjunct for a new cycle, followed by a Vesta Haumea great eliminator, Sun Haumea manifestation, Pluto Ceres manifestation, Juno Haumea manifestation, and Uranus Pallas stepping stone. Today’s Sun Juno new cycle brings a nourishing quality to our mirrored reflection of unity all around us. When we take care of what matters most, we all thrive. This new cycle ushers us into the Solstice activation tomorrow and the Sun’s ingress to Cancer, the sign of the Mother, and the power of the heart. There’s manifestation energy in multiple waves today, and transcendence is key. Riding the waves of seemingly extreme polarities or opposites, the bridges we make become portals of creative potential, ready to awaken and activate in divine timing.

Wednesday 6/21 starts with a Sun Pluto great eliminator, then Ceres re-enters Libra, followed by the Solstice activation as the Sun enters Cancer at 10:58am ET. Then Mercury and Mars find resource, followed by a Sun Ceres stepping stone, Ceres Sedna manifestation, Venus Great Attractor manifestation, Mercury Chiron resource, Pluto Juno great eliminator, and Venus Albion stepping stone. As Ceres enters Libra and the Sun enters Cancer, there is a powerful stepping stone that provides a foundation for growth, development, and ultimate deliverance. Ceres was involved in a stepping stone with the Sun during the last Winter Solstice, just before retrograding back into Virgo, and now returning to balance the scales and integrate the highest intention through the potential for growth and expansion. Where we go from here is up to our capacity to integrate the lessons learned from the last 6 months, and find our footing on new ground. As the Sun enters Cancer, we enter the yin aspect of consciousness, the waters of the emotional body, and the heart of the mother. Sensitive, intuitive, empathic, compassionate, and in-touch…it matters to feel our feelings and acknowledge our needs – for support, connection, tribe, purpose, and vitality. When our needs are met, we grow and thrive. When we ignore our needs, bypass or distract, we can fragment the potential for growth or stagnate our divine expression. Taking care of what matters most is primary, and bringing our full undivided attention and multidimensional presence into the heart is key.

On Thursday 6/22, Pluto and Vesta manifest, Juno enters Cancer, MakeMake stations direct, Vesta enters Gemini, followed by a Black Moon Pallas communion, Jupiter MakeMake great eliminator, Jupiter Quaoar manifestation. Then Vesta and Sedna conjunct for a new cycle, Mars manifests with Chiron, and Ceres forms a stepping stone with Juno. More gear shifts today, and increasingly important to take good care of what matters most. When we honor our home base, we see the interconnectivity of everything. When we lose our center, we can easily fragment or split our attention away from what matters most, feeling further away from the universal connectivity of oneness. Our inner fire of devotion becomes multidimensional today, connecting the dots and seeing the potential for unity everywhere. There’s an active moment of healing today, and if we can honor the sensitivity and open to the experience, there is divine mastery in motion.

Friday 6/23 starts with a Black Moon Mercury resource, then a Mercury Pallas resource, Quaoar MakeMake stepping stone, and Sun South Node (karmic) manifestation and Sun North Node (dharmic) resource. The Quaoar MakeMake stepping stone holds space for the upcoming Grand Power Cross next week involving the Sun and Salacia. Our personal power depends upon our capacity to feel empowered through our experiences, and consciously elevate to higher ground by unifying with the divine orchestration that’s already in motion. When we try to push our way through or force events to manifest the way we want vs the way nature is in flow, we can find ourselves in power struggles. When we elevate through a higher universal lens of oneness, in tune with the laws of nature and in flow with the higher orchestration of events, we can ride the waves, go with the flow, and use that momentum to take us farther than imagined. When we work with what’s available instead of pushing against, we find momentum and expansion that honors the evolutionary potential of the moment.

On Saturday 6/24, there’s a Mercury Eris resource, Ceres Vesta manifestation, then the Black Moon turns retrograde, and the Sun forms a bridge with Ixion. Communications provide helpful inner awakening as the Black Moon pivots and takes a deeper dive from the heart. There’s more to reclaim and more to uncover as we tune towards the light, with gratitude. The Sun Ixion bridge illuminates our divine blueprint, in a way that nourishes and intuitively supports that attunement and alignment. As we mother ourselves in that highest attunement, we begin to uncover the highest purpose and possibility of our experiences and expressions.

And Sunday 6/25 reveals a Juno South Node (karmic) manifestation, Juno North Node (dharmic) resource, Mercury Galactic Center bridge, and Mercury Neptune stepping stone. Divine communication is available today, truths are revealed if we have the capacity to elevate to a higher channel of connectivity and communion. When we elevate through a higher frequency of Love, all things are revealed, nothing remains hidden, including our divine light and higher purpose. When we distract ourselves or remain hidden from the truth, our channels of communication can become cloudy and scattered at best.

The practice this week is surrender to the fullness and extremes being activated through the multidimensional fabric of our awareness. Honor the expansion beyond the edges of comfort and status quo, and find the openings for Light to shine through, revealing spaciousness and possibility beyond the edge of limitation. Any limitations that come to light simply reveal the potential to breakthrough and transcend.

“Where there is Love there is Life.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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